​Draft and Peer Reviews for Resume/Cover Letter Humanities Assignment Help

​Draft and Peer Reviews for Resume/Cover Letter Humanities Assignment Help. ​Draft and Peer Reviews for Resume/Cover Letter Humanities Assignment Help.

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Draft and Peer Reviews for Resume/Cover Letter


Click the link, find your name, and open the thread. This will be your peer review group.

By end of day Friday 11/4:Post your job posting and cover letter AS A PDF. Do not simply copy/paste it into the forum.

By end of day Monday 11/4: REPLY TO YOUR OWN THREAD and Post your resume as a PDF

By end of day Friday 11/

  • Complete the peer review worksheet for EACH of your group members.
  • Make sure each file is clearly labeled using the following formula: Michaels peer feedback by Siobhan.pdf. SAVE ONLY AS PDF FILES.
  • Upload each completed worksheet AS A REPLY to that classmate’s thread posts.
  • ​Draft and Peer Reviews for Resume/Cover Letter Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    Question R Studio Programming Assignment Help

    Chipotle Data Key

    In 2016, management sought to understand consumers’ attitudes toward Chipotle. They designed a digital survey and asked 500 people in a single city’s central park to complete it using an iPad in exchange for a $5 generic gift card. Over 350 people completed the survey. This is a key to understanding the survey results.

    Q1. What quick-service restaurant have you visited most in the last six month? _______

    Variable name: top1

    Description: Participants typed text responses; therefore, some words may be misspelled.

    Q2. How did you first hear about Chipotle? Check one or more boxes.

    1. Word of mouth
    2. Social media
    3. Walked by
    4. Billboard

    Variable names: wom, sm, walk, billboard

    Description: participants could choose any of these options by checking a box, including the option to check none. A data column was created for each possible response (wom = word of mouth, sm = social media, walk = walked by), so that 1 meant the participant had checked the box and 0 meant the participant had not checked it.

    Q3. How many times have you eaten at Chipotle in the past three months? ___

    Variable name: patronage

    Description: participants entered a number from 0 to 10.

    Q4. What is important to you when you visit a restaurant? Rate the following items as unimportant or important.

    very unimportant




    very important

    Convenient location

    Variety of food options

    Good prices

    Healthy menu options

    Food taste

    Pleasant ambience

    Variable names: importantconvenience, importantvariety, importantprice, importancehealthy, importanttaste, importantambience (corresponding to the items above in order)

    Description: The participants rated the response to each item and the responses were recorded in the data set using a scale from 1 = very unimportant to 5 = very important. Each item could only have 1 response. Some participants chose to skip some items ratings and the data are blank.

    Q5. How well does Chipotle perform on each of the items below? Rate Chipotle on each item as poor or good.

    very poor




    very good

    Convenient location

    Variety of food options

    Good prices

    Healthy menu options

    Food taste

    Pleasant ambience

    Variable names: chipotleconvenience, chipotlevariety, chipotleprice, importancehealthy, chipotletaste, chipotleambience (corresponding to the items above in order)

    Description: The participants rated the response to each item and the responses were recorded in the data set using a scale from 1 = very poor to 5 = very good. Each item could only have 1 response. Some participants chose to skip some item ratings and the data are blank.

    Q6. What is your gender?

    • Male
    • Female

    Variable name: female

    Description: The participants rated their own gender as male or female (note that this team did not include an “other” option). The data are recorded as 1 = female and 0 = male.

    Q7. What is your age? ___

    Variable name: age

    Description: The participants entered a number that was verified to be between 18 and 115.

    Q8. What is your gross annual income in dollars? ___

    Variable name: income

    Description: The participants entered a number that was verified to be between 0 and 1000000.

    Q9. Please agree or disagree with the following statements about yourself.

    strongly disagree


    neither agree or disagree


    strongly agree

    I plan things carefully

    I have trouble controlling my spending

    I like to buy local

    Eating healthy is important

    Variable names: plan, spending, buylocal, healthyimportanttome (corresponding to the items above in order)

    Description: The participants rated the response to each item and the responses were recorded in the data set using a scale from 1 = strongly disagree to 5 = strongly agree. Each item could only have 1 response. Some participants chose to skip some item ratings and the data are blank.


    The empathy diaries and hiroshima and the inheritance of Trauma Humanities Assignment Help

    Paper 3 Sherry Turkle, “The Empathy Diaries” and Sarah Stillman, “Hiroshima and the Inheritance of Trauma” Conversation is a basic practice that teaches and bonds individuals. However, technology is changing traditional conversation and connections. Turkle acknowledges the benefits of technology, but cautions of the “fiight of conversation” that is reducing deep and personal relationships. She believes the connections made are superficial and do not emphasize listening, engaging in a true conversation and developing empathy for others. Therefore, Turkle wants to change the trend and proposes a return to traditional interactions that stimulate personal growth, and understanding of others as well as society. Meanwhile, Stillman writes of her interview with Shoji at which time she recounts her traumatic experience. The aftermath of the bombing affects Shoji tremendously that her granddaughter Keni Sabath inherits the trauma also. Shoji as a survivor is asked to talk about her experiences and she refuses until later in life which helps her deal with her trauma. Both technology and trauma inhibit individuals and reshape their lives. Yet, conversation is the essential element that benefits ourselves, society and the world. For this essay please address the following: Given Turkle’s cautions about the need to preserve conversation for future generations, how does Shoji’s experience extend on Turkle’s ideas of the importance of meaningful conversation? Thinking ideas: *Why is listening important? *How can we realize the “power of communication”? *How does conversation play a role in solving problems? *What is the price we pay without meaning conversation?


    Case study and Journal Article Analysis Writing Assignment Help

    1. CASE STUDY: The Case of Plant Relocation

    Go to the below Link and answers the questions with word length of all together 400 words for all questions.

    Link: https://www.scu.edu/ethics/focus-areas/business-ethics/resources/the-case-of-plant-relocation/


    a. plagarism free

    b. APA Format

    2. Journal Article Analysis: Decentralization


    The topic should contain the below format

    1. DEFINITION: Brief definition of key word Decentralization followed by APA reference

    2. SUMMARY: summary should be 150 to 200 word length

    3. DISCUSSION: 300 to 350 word length discussion

    4. REFERENCES: Need 3 references in APA format


    I need a hypotheses, introduction, Significance of Proposed Study​, Purpose of the Proposed Study​, method section complete, complete powerpoint. Mathematics Assignment Help

    The purpose of this study is to explore the different barriers to green card naturalization that make immigrants in the United States Virgin Islands to keep their green cards as they are rather than naturalizing them to gain permanent American citizenship. The study will be conducted through the use of interviews and questionnaires, with its main goal being to increase the amount of knowledge on the existing as well as the emerging barriers to green card naturalization that Caribbean immigrants in the US Virgin Islands face on a daily basis whenever they attempt to acquire permanent American citizenship through naturalization.

    Research Topic: (Barriers to Naturalization for green-cardholders in the United States virgin islands who desire to naturalize)

    I will be focusing on persons who have their green cards for 5-10 year green-card holders and would not naturalize. find out what their barriers are. perhaps education, low income etc.

    (what are the reasons people do not naturalize, and what are most common barriers. Have you applied, do you want to naturalize, what is preventing you from naturalizing)

    I need a hypotheses, Significance of Proposed Study, Purpose of the Proposed Study, method section complete.

    the powerpoint attached needs to be completed as well.

    I am going to be investigating a population of green card holders from the US Virgin Islands. The participants will come from the Virgin Islands because most of the population in these regions consist of green card holders looking to achieve permanent US citizenship after the naturalization of their green cards (“United States Virgin Islands – Citizenship, Emigration, Immigration & Nationality,” 2018). The participant age range will be between 18-60 years. They will include different ethnicities, especially the immigrants, who don’t have English as their primary language, with a middle class economic status and a high school education level; and have moved to the US Virgin Islands from their home countries seeking permanent residence and US citizenship. Those immigrants who have English as their primary language and higher education levels will be left out because they might have lived in the US for more than five years, achieved enough education to climb the economic ladder and therefore avoid some of the major barriers to Green Cards naturalization.



    Week 2 Assignment – The Facets Model of Advertising Effects Business Finance Assignment Help

    Week 2 Assignment – The Facets Model of Advertising Effects

    Learning Objectives Covered

    1. Define the Facets Model of Advertising Effects



    Brand Communication

    Brand Communication is how a company sends a message to consumers
    about their brand. During the 2016 Summer Olympics, Nike launched an
    advertising campaign focusing on the unlimited potential of both
    everyday and professional athletes. According to a study by Google,
    Nike’s ads were the most remembered by consumers during the Olympic
    games, beating out other companies like Coca Cola, Tide, and McDonald’s.
    Take a look at this video from that campaign:

    Nike: Unlimited You (2:58)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IA7ULX_V4jk (Links to an external site.)

    When you watched the video, what kinds of emotions did you feel? Did
    it get you to think? Did it inspire you to do anything? As the campaign
    title “Unlimited” implies, Nike did a great job with this campaign of
    breaking through expectations and delivering thought-provoking material
    that caught their audience’s attention and engaged their emotions. In
    this particular video, for example, rather than sticking with familiar
    motivational lines about average, or even less than average, athletes
    eventually excelling at their chosen sports, they broke off from the
    script and took defying expectations to a whole new level, really
    driving home the idea of being unlimited.

    So, what kinds of factors are important to consider when spreading
    the word about your brand? We can determine advertising goals and
    analyze the effectiveness of brand communication using a six-factor
    model called the Facets Model of Effects.

    Facets Model of Effects

    The Facets Model of Effects focuses on the various aspects of a
    consumer’s response to the brand message in order to determine what
    strategies will engage their attention. This model focuses on what the
    consumers see/hear, feel, think/understand, connect with, believe, and
    act/do to determine how the consumer can be effectively reached by the
    brand message. Depending on the type of impact desired, different facets
    of the model may be focused on more heavily in any given campaign.

    See/Hear – Perception
    In order for an ad to be
    successful, it needs to be noticed. Perception is the process by which
    we receive information through our senses. Consumers are constantly
    being bombarded by various sources of stimuli. Ads that stand out and
    “break through” all of the other stimuli competing for the consumer’s
    attention will leave a more lasting impression on the audience.

    Feel – Emotion
    This facet of the model focuses on
    how the brand communication affects the consumer’s wants, emotions,
    mood, and feelings. Emotional responses are powerful in the way that
    they can push past disinterest. By creating a positive response to the
    brand, the audience is drawn in. Alternatively, emotions can be used to
    create negative feelings towards a problem the brand can solve.

    Think/Understand – Cognition
    Another strategy
    that can be used for effective brand communication is creating material
    that will make the consumer stop and think. Cognition refers to how the
    consumer learns about and gains understanding of information.
    Advertising can draw on a consumer’s thinking and understanding by
    providing information about the product or sharing comparisons with
    other products.

    Connect – Association
    Association often utilizes
    symbolism to create a connection with the consumer, relating the brand
    to some type of quality or characteristic that the intended audience
    values. The result should be to transform the brand into something
    unique or more special than other similar products. Products may be
    advertised as something specially suited for athletes, teenagers,
    traveling, or any variety of other options that may best reach the
    targeted consumers.

    Believe – Persuasion
    Persuasion focuses on trying
    to influence the audience to believe or do something. It can draw from
    people’s motivations, outside influences, engagement with the brand, and
    ultimately tries to produce conviction in the consumer. Trying to
    create or change attitudes is crucial to brand communication.

    Act/Do – Behavior
    The act/do facet of the model
    aims at trying to inspire action. This may be direct action, or an
    immediate response, or more often it aims for indirect action, or a
    delayed response. Creating a behavioral response from the consumer is
    often the most important goal in brand communication because it drives
    the consumer to invest in the brand whether that may be through sales,
    advocating for the product, or engaging in social action causes.


    Which TV Ads Made the Podium During the 2016 Olympics? (2016, August 23). Retrieved from https://analytics.googleblog.com/2016/08/which-tv-ads-made-podium-during-2016.html (Links to an external site.)


    For this assignment, you will need to choose a brand and review one
    of their recent advertising or marketing campaigns, then write a 600
    word paper in proper IWG format discussing how the campaign utilized the
    facets model of effects.

    Please follow this outline for your paper:

    I. Title Page
    1. Your name
    2. The Assignment name
    3. The course name
    3. The date

    II. An overview of the facets model of effects
    1. What are the facets model of effects?
    2. How do they work?
    3. What are size effects?
    4. What is one sentence that will describe each effect?

    III. An overview of your chosen brand
    1. What brand did you choose to profile?
    2. Why did you choose this brand?
    3. What advertising or marketing campaign are you writing about?
    4. Why did you choose this campaign?

    IV. The facets model effects and your chosen brand
    1. Which of the effects do you think is shown by this marketing campaign?
    2. What specific parts of the campaign make you think this effect is shown?
    3. Do you think the chosen effect is the most effective? Why or why not?
    4. Is there another effect you think they could have used? If so, what? If not, why not?

    V. References
    Use at least two outside sources for your references and citations.

    Week 2 Assignment – The Facets Model of Advertising Effects Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    Essay based on fiction story Writing Assignment Help

    Choose one of the topics below and write an essay applying that topic to

    “The lottery” by Shirley Jackson, attached as files.


    Topic A (Narrative Point of View and/or Tone)

    When reading and analyzing fiction, it is important to consider who is telling the story.

    In some stories, the narrator is a character (perhaps the main character); in others, the

    narrator is an observer outside the story, describing and sometimes commenting on the

    events as well as the characters’ thoughts and emotions. Although there are “neutral”

    narrators, most have a distinctive “voice” that contributes in some way to the stories

    they tell, even if the narrators do not take part in the events. In all cases, the narrator’s

    point of view—the vantage point from which the story is told—guides how the reader

    sees the events and characters.

    Choose one of the stories listed in the Short Fiction Reading Assignments and write an

    essay that describes the narrator in it and discusses how he or she affects the reader’s


    Topic B (“Insiders” and ”Outsiders”)

    Many literary works incorporate (and may be based on) a comparison or an outright

    opposition between “insiders” and “outsiders.” Sometimes, a stranger—“the new

    guy/girl in town”—provides the reason why some important event or a shift in

    perceptions and attitudes occurs; in other cases, an “insider” changes in some way and

    becomes an “outsider,” thereby generating conflict and a story. In a piece of literature,

    the insider/outsider paradigm can show itself in many different ways: not only in the plot

    and theme, but also narrative point of view, character, and even tone and language.

    The terms “insider” and “outsider” are typically used to refer to “belonging to” or being

    “left out” of localized social groups, but the basic idea has many other psychological and

    social dimensions. Much has been written about this concept in the fields of

    psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, and political science. The

    terminology and descriptions used in connection with the paradigm vary, depending on

    the field of study and/or the focus of a particular book or article.

    Consider the stories in the Short Fiction Reading Assignments in light of the

    insider/outsider paradigm, with a view to choosing one of them as the subject of your


    Write an essay that describes how the insider/outsider paradigm applies to one of the

    assigned stories. Your essay should also address the extent to which a focus on the

    insider/outsider idea contributes to an understanding and appreciation of the literary


    * * * * *

    Write this on “The lottery” by Shirley Jackson attached as files. If you think it is important and really adds something to

    your essay, you can refer to other stories by the same or another author, but keep the

    focus of the essay on the one story below as the subject of your

    analysis. Whichever topic you choose, because the essay is a short one, narrow down

    the topic and address a particular aspect of it that fits well with the story you are writing


    Your essay should be approximately 1,000 words in length; it cannot be less than 800

    words or more than 1,200.

    Be sure to provide concrete examples from the story. Whenever you use a quotation

    from a story or refer to a particular part of it, cite to a specific page number from the

    textbook/anthology. If you use any source other than the text of the story, provide an

    appropriate citation to that other source. At the end of the essay, provide a list of the

    work or works cited, using the MLA format.


    Microsoft excel slideshow with 12-15 slides on organization structure Business Finance Assignment Help

    Assume you are a small manufacturer of hypodermic needles. You have sixty employees, and sales are $23 million. You are nervous about overseas competitors, whose products are getting better. You want to further improve your quality and may be interested in applying lean thinking to your operations.

    Evaluate several software packages and identify in 4 slides specifying why you support the acquisition of this package

    Evaluate several computerized time-management systems and identify in four slides covering your selection process.

    Evaluate several creativity packages and select one or two that you might consider and address why you selected this package. Listing pros and cons in four slides.

    3 Scholar Sources Needed; MLA Style; 12-15 slides bullet points 12 words Footnotes needed


    Practice: Social Worker Interview Writing Assignment Help

    Introduction and Alignment

    In the previous activity, you reflected on your engagement competency and your areas for growth. In this discussion activity, you will observe the engagement phase by watching two provider-client interactions. Then you’ll learn first hand about engagement and the change process from a current social worker.

    Upon completion of this assignment, you should be able to:

    • Create empathic client engagement that leads to empowerment and growth. (PO6)
    • Utilize reflection and self-regulation to manage effectively the intersection of personal and professional values. (PO 1)


    • Textbook: Social Work Skills for Beginning Direct Practice
    • Video: Demonstrating a Therapy Appointment with Kati Morton
    • Video: Deiandra A. Mock Social Work Interview
    • File: Case Study Scenario.pdf
    • Website: NASW Code of Practice: Interview a social worker within your community

    Background Information

    Practicing your engagement skills is key to your ongoing development as a social worker. Empathetic engagement skills and strategies are not only effective, they are also a matter of best practice and ethical practice. Skilled and empathetic engagement reflects social workers’ respect for the dignity and worth of the person and demonstrates an overarching value for human relationships (NASW, 2008). Practicing your engagement skills and strategies can lead to ongoing social work competency and success.


    1. In your textbook, Social Work Skills for Beginning Direct Practice review Chapter 5 “Basic Skills for Direct Practice,” “Advanced Social Work Skills for Direct Practice,” and “Intake and Engagement.”
    2. Watch the following videos that depict a helping professional’s engagement with a client. For each video, reflect on the helping professional’s use of engagement skills and strategies, as well as their demonstration of key relationship qualities and their use of power.
      1. Click the video icon below to watch the video “Demonstrating a Therapy Appointment with Kati Morton,” or you may read the optional file Demonstrating a therapy appointment with Kati Morton Transcript.pdf.
        Thumbnail of Video – Click to Play
      1. Click the video icon below to watch the video “Deiandra A. Mock Social Work Interview,” or you may read the optional file Deiandra A. Mock Social Work Interview Transcript.pdf. Thumbnail of Video – Click to Play
      1. Review the assessment criteria in the grading rubric below to gain an understanding of the grading guidelines for this activity.
      2. Review the Case Study Scenario.pdf, which details the case of Hector, a 15-year-old boy in a juvenile detention center
        1. Choose a social welfare agency of interest to you. Interview a social worker at the agency.
        2. Find out the person’s educational background, i.e., BA, MSW. Ask them to comment on how and whether their academic background prepared them for this position.
        3. Ask questions that will help you understand that person’s role and work activities within the agency as well as the client population that is serviced.
        4. Ask the social worker to describe an experience when the engagement of the client went smoothly as well as a time when it was challenging. How does the social worker describe and explain the difference between the two situations? What are strategies social workers use to manage their internal responses to clients as they engage them?
        5. Ask questions related to how the social worker uses the change process within their work (Engagement, Assessment, Treatment Planning, Evaluation, and Termination).
        6. Find out what causes the person satisfaction or frustration in their job.
        7. Ask other questions, relating to class materials or to your personal interests.
      3. Turn in a 2-3 page typed report summarizing this agency visit. On the heading of your report, list the name of the person you talked with, include his/her educational credentials, the name & address of the agency, date of the interview. In your report include responses to the above outline and any other areas of interests that were discussed.
      4. Within the paper, compare and contrast the approach taken by the social worker from the interview in comparison to the videos within the workshop as well as the chapters from the textbook for this week.
      5. The paper should be written in APA formatting.


    Lab exercise Computer Science Assignment Help

    Goal of the Lab

    You will analyze pre-created Wireshark packet captures and identify the bad actor.

    Lab Overview

    You will access the virtual lab environment to start up the CST 630 lab area. The WINATK01 VM server will be used for this lab. This VM has the necessary pcap files and tools to complete the lab. The two pcap files will be located in the Wireless pcap folder that you will create on the desktop of WINATK01. These include: 802.11 state machine.pcap and fake access point beacons.pcap. The software tool needed is Wireshark. It can be found in Lab ResourcesApplications folder on the desktop of WINATK01. Using these tools and files, determine if a rogue WAP exists and details of its operation. An approved whitelist is provided to help you determine what is a good device or what is a bad one.


    ​Draft and Peer Reviews for Resume/Cover Letter Humanities Assignment Help

    ​Draft and Peer Reviews for Resume/Cover Letter Humanities Assignment Help

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