​Election Theory Apportionment Project Mathematics Assignment Help

​Election Theory Apportionment Project Mathematics Assignment Help. ​Election Theory Apportionment Project Mathematics Assignment Help.

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Election Theory

Apportionment Project

While visiting the planet Mars, scientists discovered a small, isolated region consisting of 45,000 aliens! In order to establish government, U.S. politicians began to divide the region into 10 different states with a total of 30 representatives (not 30 each!). Your duty is to determine how many representatives each state should be apportioned. You will support your decisions from research on apportionment and the U.S. election process.

Part a: Research and report on the effects of apportionment on the presidency. 1.How does the power of the Senate compare to the power of the House of Representatives?

2.Does the number of representatives per state fluctuate with the population of each election year? 3.Which method of apportionment benefits which kind of state (small or large)? 4. Has the apportionment method ever made a difference in who was elected for president? The research paper must be one page typed. A reference page must be attached.

Part b: Create a Timeline that displays the changes and controversies throughout history. Be creative and original. The following questions should be addressed on your timeline: 1.Why and when has the apportionment method been changed? 2. Why has the size of the House been changed? 3. Did paradoxes occur with any methods? Explain.

4. What method is currently being used?

Part c: Develop an excel spreadsheet to do each of the four apportionment methods for the 10 states. The spreadsheet must contain formulas for: Standard Divisor, Quota, Upper quota, Lower quota, each Initial Apportionment, Arithmetic mean, Geometric mean and each Critical Divisor as needed. Also include a statement about which method you will use to determine the apportionment.

You may work with a partner, but your papers and spreadsheet must be done individually. IDENCTIAL PAPERS OR EXCEL FILES will not be graded!

Research Paper


One page typed




Timeline (2 pts for each)






Neatness & Organization


Use of formula


Submitted draft 3 days before the due date


Total Points


Please NO Plagiarism

Please use MLA style and intext citation

​Election Theory Apportionment Project Mathematics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

The Summary/Responded Essay Writing Assignment Help

– I attached the file of the instruction and the article below.

– The essay must have an following ogarnization:

* Introduction: Summary the article and write the strong thesis statement which we will use to expand the idea for following body paragraph.The thesis statement of our idea not the thesis statement for the article.

* Body: 1.List example: you can just focus into 1 or 2 examples ( the reality example )to make the essay more strong and clear. Don’t use too much example from the article because an essay is all about our thoughts. If you use example from the article you have to explain it to show her your thoughts.

2. Refutation.

3.Exemplification ( 2 and 3 can be switch the place)

* Conclusion

But the most important is an essay has to meet all the requirements in the instruction file.

Please use specific words, correct grammar, and logical organization. Need to set up quote and explain it right after. Each paragraph need the topic sentence and the whole paragraph will connect with that topic sentence. The whole essay have to match with the thesis.

This is 3 pages essay so you should make the main point clearly. MLA Format ( Double Spaces ) and provides Work Cited please. Thank you.

https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2013/11/india… the link of an article


part 2 of Photo Essay Writing Assignment Help

attached are the files

the proposal is already submitted and the photos are available and will be sent when a tutor is assigned

Please read the pdf file first then the proposal to get a full understanding of the project and i’ll be here for help


Formatting: Your artist’s statement should be double-spaced with citations in MLA or Chicago, and it should include a works cited. Your final project should be submitted in PDF format with the pictures coming first, followed by your 2-3 page artist’s statement. You can create your entire project in a Word or Pages document, but you will need to convert it to PDF before submission. Some wors processing programs can do this for you using an “export” function. If yours can’t do this, please Google and use a PDF conversion website.

Topic/theme: Our readings throughout the semester have exposed us to some of the many, various ways that gender circulates through society, shaping individuals’ relationships to their bodies, their families, their romantic partners, and their sense of self. Your primary goal for this project is to reflect on how your experiences as a gendered person are shaped by society and by the stories our culture tells about gender. Though you will pick a primary theme for your project, your work may naturally cut across multiple themes. This is totally okay. What you don’t want to lose sight of are 1) connections to the course readings and 2) the ironies and complexities of gender as a spectrum of ideas and experiences that defy easy categorization as singular and homogenous phenomenon. Please be sure to locate your own experiences within the broader melieu of society, identity, and experience.


Write a program that manages processes in c. Programming Assignment Help

Write a C program called runsim.c. The program takes exactly one command-line argument that specifies the maximum number of simultaneous execution. The runsim program runs up to pr_limit processes at a time. The executable must be called runsim. Follow the outline below for implementing runsim.

  • • Check the appropriate command-line argument and output a usage message if the command line is incorrect.
  • • Initialize pr_limit from the command line. The pr_limit variable specifies the maximum number of children allowed to execute at a time.
  • • The pr_count variable holds the number of active children. Initialize it to 0.
    • o If pr_count is pr_limit, wait for a child to finish and decrement pr_count.
    • Read a line from standard input (fgets) of up to MAX_BUF characters and execute a program corresponding to that command line by forking a child and execute the file.
    • Increment pr_count to track the number of active children.
    • Check to see if any of the children have finished (**). Decrement pr_count for each child that has completed.
  • • After encountering end-of-file on standard input, wait for all of the remaining children to finish and then exit.
  • • For each terminated child, prints out its exit code value.

** A parent process can check if one of its children terminated without blocking itself by using waitpid() system call as follow waitpid(-1, &status, WNOHANG). The system call returns 0 if there are still children to be waited for, or the pid of the terminated child.

In this exercise, use runsim to run multiple copies of the testsim program. The testsim program is given below. It takes two command-line arguments: the sleep time and the repeat factor. The testsim program loops repeat factor times. In the loop, testsim sleeps for the specified sleep time and then output a message with its process ID to standard output.


Compensation and Benefits: Evaluate the Role of Performance Measures Assignment Help

Compensation and Benefits:Evaluate the Role of Performance Measures

Write an analysis of the essential components of job standards. Assess these components and analyze why job standards are difficult to incorporate into performance evaluations. Support your analysis based on current research incorporating three journal articles or publications into your response. Think about the importance of performance measures in compensation practices, particularly in pay for performance programs. Are they necessary and useful in the overall compensation strategy which attempts to link performance and pay?

Support your paper with at least five (5) resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included. Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

Length: 5-7 pages (not including title and reference pages).

Upload your document and click the Submit to Dropbox button.

Assignment Rubric

The following shows the criteria used to grade this Assignment:

Grading Rubric


Content (300 points)



Analyzes of the essential components of job standards



Assesses the components and analyzes why job standards are difficult to incorporate into performance evaluation



Demonstrates the importance of performance measures in compensation practices, particularly in pay for performance programs and addresses the usefulness in the overall compensation strategy which attempts to link performance and pay?


Organization (40 points)


Organized and presented in a clear manner. Included a minimum of five scholarly references, with appropriate APA formatting applied to citations and paraphrasing.






Math Project Mathematics Assignment Help

For this project, you are tasked with the following:
You’ve been contacted by the CSM advertising department. They want to promote this MTH-1010 course, and let more students know about what is taught in it. They are asking current students to act as representatives of the course to give a first-hand point of view of their experiences.
Your job is this- to create some sort of advertising material (it may be a sign, commercial, podcast, pamphlet, etc.) so that you are letting other students and community members know about this course and why they should take it.
Your advertising material must include the following:
• At least two specific references to material in MTH-1010 (What did you learn in this class that you think other students would be interested to know about?) • At least two personal reflections to your learning process of the material you learned in MTH1010 (What did you learn about yourself as a learner and as a mathematician that surprised you?) • At least two complete, correct, worked out problems from chapter material we covered in the text (These can be similar to homework or exam problems. Show off what you know!) • At least two real-world connections (How can you use what you learned in your own life?)

Math Project Mathematics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

read the attached files then answer the following Business Finance Assignment Help

answer the following point about the 5 papers that i attached which is about a business plan:

Amendment Paper to Business Plan

This is designed to align Modules 1 through 5 and correct any inconsistencies.

1) is the Name of Company, tagline and logo are consistent throughout Modules 1-5

2) is the target market description and numbers are consistent. Module 1 should match all others in geographic location, number of members and size of facility, and age groups targeted (if applicable).

3) is theMembership fees should match throughout (especially in Module 1 and Module 5 according to proposed income statement).

4) is the Description of Business that outlines programs should match the programming indicated in Module 4. This should also match the proposed staffing (to support this programming) in Module 5.

6) is the Module 4 programming for Profit Centers should match Module 5 description and revenue from Profit Centers (Spa, Food Services, Pro Shop, Childcare).

7) is the Module 4 list and description of classes (free and charged ones) and schedule should match Module 5 (staffing) and Module 5 space allocations.

8) is the Total payroll line item in budget (Assignment 5) should match the payroll list, descriptions and pay allocations in Assignment 4.

9) is the Rent cost should be consistent with the geographic location stated in Assignments 1-5.

10) is theLegal form of business should be the same in any of Assignments 3-5.

11) is the If your Profit Margin was out of the range of what is considered “healthy” (between 5% and 25%) in Assignment 5, please explain why you believe that happened.

12) If your Net Income in Assignment 5 was in the negative, explain why you believe that happened.


sexual harassment Humanities Assignment Help

Create a PowerPoint, Prezi or some other presentation(4-5 slides) using one of the major theoretical perspectives (functionalist perspective, conflict perspective, and interactionist perspective) to explain social problems related to gender (male, female, trans, non-gender conforming etc.) discrimination.
Your presentation should examine the issues and propose solutions.

Your presentation should have the following:

1. sexual harassment

2. Scholarly Review. Find at least three (3) relevant scholarly journals and document factual data to support evidence of discrimination and possible proposed solutions

3. Introduce a major theoretical perspective and define it. Use a major perspective as a lens to explain your social problem.

Ex) …Using an interactionist perspective. one may say that people have high credit card debt (social problem) because they are exposed to images and symbols that are associated with wealth and power. With credit cards, people are able to purchase symbolic items that they would otherwise be unable to afford. People want to be perceived as wealthy and powerful because these interactions and perceptions are meaningful and important (Brown, 2018).

4. Incorporate the use of relevant images.

5. Cite your research in APA format


Gross Income: Inclusions Business Finance Assignment Help

It is important to not only know and understand various tax laws, but it is necessary to ascertain how they apply in real life decision-making situation. The following Discussion allows you to apply your knowledge of these tax exclusions.

George, a wealthy investor, is uncertain whether he should invest in taxable or tax-exempt bonds. What tax and nontax factors should be considered?

George needs assistance understanding the different application of prepaid income under tax law and financial accounting. Explain this difference to George.

Please respons # 1 to 3 posted below.

1. From: Rebecca Willis posted May 5, 2018 2:02 AM

  1. Tax and non tax items for George to consider:

Tax: Tax exempt bonds are just that. they are tax exempt from local and state taxes, however are not exempt from federal taxes. Even though the tax rate is lower, it serves the public with the earned interest such as school and public services. Taxable bonds do not benefit the public and are taxable by local and state taxes.

Rate of return: tax exempt bonds offer a lower rate of return where taxable bonds yield a higher rate.

Net taxable income: there is the possibility that you could make more money even earning a lower yield with a tax exempt bond than with a taxable bond.

2. Under financial accounting, the GAAP recommendations are for income to be recorded in the period it is earned not payment received. This is called accrual accounting. Prepaid income means that the income will extend to the next taxable year and the money is taxable upon receipt.

2. From: Shaun White posted May 5, 2018 10:32 PM

Tax-exempt bonds are exempt from regular income tax, but are subject to an alternative tax rate. The tax rate is subject to change. On taxable bonds, the bonds are subject to all regular taxes but on the plus side, they offer a higher interest yield than tax-exempt bonds.

Under Financial Accounting, income isn’t counted as income until it is earned. So, if a company is hired and prepaid to complete a project in 6 months, at the end of that project is when the income would count and be taxed. However, under the tax law, any money received at any time is counted as income and subject to the taxes of that period. As another example, a company could get prepaid on day 1 for a 6-month project and the taxes would be imposed as is on that day.

3. From: Latosha Graham posted May 2, 2018 10:24 AM

If George invests in tax-exempt bonds he will get a small return and that is small in the time value of money of the years of the bond. Taxable bonds have a higher yield but also higher risk. He could lose the investment if the company should default with a taxable bond. Tax-exempt bonds are only issued by the government.

When reporting taxes, you must use accrual accounting or cash accounting methods in your business and report as of the method used. You have to inform the IRS which method you use when you report income. When using accrual accounting, you are considered accounts receivable to have the income on your books. You would report your accounts receivable, minus bad debt as income. In cash accounting you would consider income as when you are actually paid, as in cash or credit card payment. Goods paid for but not delivered would be an inventory accounting issue and has nothing to do with simple prepaid and tax laws. You must indicate which inventory method is used to the tax liability, FIFO or LIFO.


Digital Forensics Analysis Computer Science Assignment Help

You have been hired by Acme Corporation to conduct a Computer Forensic examination of the computer workstation of a recently terminated employee, Wile E. Coyote. It is suspected that Coyote, prior to his termination, stole intellectual property for several patent pending destructive devices being developed by the R & D division of Acme Corp. It is suspected that while employed as an accountant for Acme Corporation, Wile E. Coyote stole secret plans, blue print, and product sketches for the purpose of starting his own Destructive Devices company and developing his own products based on the Acme pending patents.

In the performance of his accounting duties at Acme, Coyote was not involved in R&D at any time, nor had any connection to the R&D department, and should not have been in possession of any plans, sketches, or other intellectual property for any products.

You have been provided a 4G zipped (16 unzipped) “dd” forensic image of the hard drive Coyote’s Windows 7 computer workstation. It is your job to try to find digital evidence of the suspected theft. The evidence may include a variety of Windows 7 OS artifacts and/or actual computer files containing product sketches, blue prints, materials lists, or any other related digital evidence supporting the allegations that Coyote stole sensitive Acme Corporation intellectual property. You will be expected to use the tools and techniques you learned in CSF410 and CSF412/512 to conduct a thorough forensic examination of the hard drive image and answer the questions in the final based on your examination findings.


https://anyessayhelp.com/ the link of an article