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Please include the numbered questions with your answers. 1. Think College and Disability Services Office- a. Many people in the film speak positively about including students with ID in college. What do you think others might say who have concerns about including this population? How might those concerns be addressed? Do you think that college students without disabilities benefit from these inclusive initiatives? Consider these questions after viewing the video and summarize your opinion about Think College. b. And, after watching the video about disability services, describe the services you didn’t realize were available to students through disability service offices, then describe Universal Design for Learning explained in the text and discuss how it meets the diverse learning needs for everyone, including those with disabilities. 2. Lonely Highway Documentary – Describe at least two experiences or opportunities the school/educators could have provided to Andy, based on your readings, to better prepare him for transitioning to postsecondary education, considering his need for developing friendships and independence. I will include all resources needed to complete this assignment (Videos, links, pdfs) Links: Lonely Highway Link- https://youtu.be/WKmDmHelatk Post-Secondary Education Options Link- https://www.coadmissionstool.org/admissionstool#/criteria/pathway Disability Service Offices Information Link- https://youtu.be/5ktQbYIzpQQ Think College – Post-Secondary Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities Video Link (Click on “Play the Movie” on the right hand side to watch the film.)- https://thinkcollege.net/resources/rethinking-college

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