1. Introduction Component a. In this part of the paper, you will describe the sociological topic that you are

1. Introduction Component
a. In this part of the paper, you will describe the sociological topic that
you are covering. First off, please decide what your sociological topic
will be (i.e., Modern Fads and Fashions, Gangs, Technology Use, Cults,
White Collar Crime, School Cliques, School Bullying, etc.). After you
have identified a topic, please provide an operational definition for
the phenomenon and emphasize the sociological relevance of this
subject (Choose topics YOU are interested in or reference textbook).
2. Sociological Theory Component
a. In this section, you are tasked with connecting your topic to the “big
3” sociological theories (conflict theory, symbolic interactionism,
functionalism). You must include a discussion of how your chosne
social topic would be viewed by each one of these theories.
3. Reflective Component
a. The focus of the final component is for you to consider what you may
have learned from the experience. Please provide an honest and open
discussion on the following:
i. Sociological connection: Considering the issues covered,
please connect what you have found with what we discussed in
this course—how would sociologist go about studying this
topic. Think of creative ways you may research this issue.
ii. Personal connection: Include your personal perspective and
experience with the topic. How do social issues intersect with
our personal lives?
4. Format
a. The papers are to be 6-8- typed, double- spaced with a 12-point font.
The paper needs to be in APA format and MUST include a title page
and works cited page with at least 3-5sources (including textbook).
To assist, please refer to the following resources:
• APA formatting-
• Research databases-
5. Points
a. The assignment is worth 50 points. I encourage you to have fun and
be creative with this assignment. Please consider me as a resource
throughout the process! Due date on syllabus.

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