1 paragraph on argument analysis paper

1 paragraph on argument analysis paper. 1 paragraph on argument analysis paper.

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After using the questions in the Argument Analysis Lecture to analyze one of the supplemental readings for this week, write a well-developed paragraph that addresses the following questions:

  • Which type of appeal is most important to the article’s success or failure?
  • Why do you say so? Provide 2 reasons with evidence from the text

Upload your paragraph to the Week 3 Argument Analysis Dropbox.

Submissions will be evaluated on:

  • Completion: Did the student write a paragraph that addresses the appeals of argument?
  • Support: Does the paragraph provide adequate support for its claim?
  • Grammar/Mechanics: Was the paragraph edited for correct grammar, punctuation and spelling?

Now that you’ve learned about the rhetorical situation, the appeals of argument, and learned to classify arguments, we will practice argument analysis. To ground you in the process of analysis, I’ve provided two items to round out your study from the last two weeks.

The File below is from an assignment previously used in the class please us the same concept and ideas in this argumentitve paragraph

1 paragraph on argument analysis paper

1 paragraph on argument analysis paper

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