1,000 words 8 questions in APA format Business Finance Assignment Help

1,000 words 8 questions in APA format Business Finance Assignment Help. 1,000 words 8 questions in APA format Business Finance Assignment Help.

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I have attached the assignment with the elements so you can choose as it relate to my paper. I have also added my assignment from unit 4 which this is an add to assignment answering the questions.

This is in outline format, your work NEEDS TO BE IN PARAGRAPH FORMAT.

First: Discuss your position and the proposal you want to work on. This is your introduction. Remember, do not use an abstract.

Second: Described three (3) potential grants that would work for your proposal.

  1. Be specific on the grantors/funding opportunities, if you can find exact matches I will accept funding opportunities that could relate to your program.
  2. Provide a good overview of each opportunity; what it does, money it provides, etc.
  3. Rank them in importance for your proposal. In short, which funding opportunity works the best (1st place), and so on.
  4. Feel free to use the Internet to find potential grants. If you have problems finding grant opportunities just use examples that are as close as you can find, I’ll accept those.

Third: Describe the four (4) elements you discussed in the Phase 3. If you discussed more than one you can either 1) pick your favorite four (4) or, 2) described all of the elements you discussed in Phase 3 as they relate to your task.

Fourth: Wrap up your discussion with a conclusion briefly reiterating what you just discussed for this assignment.

  1. Remember to do a word count (do not include the title or reference page) making sure you met the 1,000 – 1,500 word requirement).
  2. APA everything, in-text citations, references, font, etc. Use the General Template as a resource.

1,000 words 8 questions in APA format Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Homeland Security Research Paper Computer Science Assignment Help

The textbook defines critical infrastructure as “the assets’ systems and networks, whether physical or virtual, so vital that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on security, national economic security, public health or safety.”

Please create a report that answers the following questions:

  • Provide a brief description of 3-5 CIKR that exist within your community.
  • Select one CIKR and identify the private and public partnership structure.
  • What Sector-Specific Agency would be responsible for providing institutional knowledge / and specialized expertise for your CIKR?
  • Conduct a risk assessment by identifying the threat (natural and manmade), vulnerabilities and consequence to your CIKR.
  • What activities would you implement to help manage your risk?
  • How would you evaluate the effectiveness of your activities?
  • How would information be shared throughout the process?

The paper should contain at least 4-5 pages of content not count the title page and a reference page.

Resources for Assessment:

This activity is matched to the following Learning Outcomes: Be able to identify and discuss specific CI/KR sectors, and the Government agencies responsible for their protection. Discuss and debate the strategic importance of each CI/KR, and the likelihood of loss of each due to natural disasters or terrorist acts.

*Introduction, Conclusion, and subheadings are mandatory

*No Plagiarism

*APA format


Hazard Mapping Project Humanities Assignment Help

Why maps?
Maps are something that we all use in our daily lives whether we are using Google Maps to divert our way around traffic, or trying to find a new restaurant with our in car navigation, or we are trying to follow a hand drawn map to get to a wedding reception. For this project the maps you create must be original, that is you just didn’t search Google images for maps already created by other people. You will be creating maps of areas that you choose, using data you choose, and you will format it with a scale bar, north arrow, title, and paragraph caption that are all original.

What is a Physical Geography Hazard?
A Natural Hazard is any naturally occurring event that can have a negative effect on people or the environment. Examples include hurricanes floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tornado’s. These events are natural because they are a part of earths systems, but when they occur where people live, than they become a hazard to people. Find out more about hazards by checking out information from the USGS (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and the U.S.Federal Government (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

Possible Hazard Topic Ideas include (but are not limited to):

Climate Change
Snow blizzards
Sea level Rise
Storm Surge
Ground Water Pollution
Sinkholes & Subsidence

What should your THREE Original DIGITAL MAP SETS include?

Each individual will submit THREE MAPS focusing on a chosen hazard from the list above.

  1. You should map the SAME HAZARD data set at three different scales starting with the local scale (shows 1 city), zooming out to a regional scale (shows 1 state or small country), and finally zooming out to a global scale (shows 1-2 continents).
  2. Your map set (3 Maps, 3 descriptive paragraphs) should be submitted on ONE single pdf.
  3. The descriptive paragraphs should explain the hazard pattern (Where is the hazard occurring and not occurring?), process (Why does the hazard occur some places but not others?), and proposed solutions (How dangerous is this hazard? How could this hazard be managed?). Outside research should be conducted and cited.

This part of the project is basically asking you to create a series of thematic maps. Watch this short video (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. which explains what thematic maps are and what they look like.

How will you make an original map set?

In order to make a map you need a base map, and data. You will use a variety of sources such as National Map (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., National Geographic Map Maker (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., Google Earth (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., Weather Underground Mapper (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., ArcGIS Explorer (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (requires creating a free account) to get base maps and data, NOAA National Hazard Viewer (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., Historical Hurricane Tracker (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., Tornado History Project (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., Water Risk Atlas (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., and Windyty (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

There are 4 steps to this part of the assignment:

  1. Choose a free map maker and play around with the available data. Decide which hazard you want to map.
  2. Once you have mapped the hazard data, look for patterns at local (1 ctiy), regional (1 state or small country) and global (1-2 continents) scales.
  3. If interesting patterns emerge, then you will want to do some research so you can explain the geographic pattern & process. If no patterns emerge, then you may want to map a different data set or look in a different area (zoom in/out or focus on a different area).
  4. Finally you will capture an image of your completed map (or just a screen shot) and import it into a word processing program like word where you can add a title, legend, any labels, and a paragraph caption.

Map Set Examples:
Atmosphere Map Set_small.pdfView in a new window

Hydrosphere Map Set.pdfView in a new window

Lithosphere Map Set_small.pdfView in a new window

Your INDIVIDUAL Map Set Should

  • Be original, and cite all outside data and sources
  • Map the hazard at local (1 city or county), regional (1 state or small country) and global (the entire U.S., a continent, or the world) scales.
  • Contain a descriptive paragraph caption (5-10 sentences, college level writing) which describes the hazard patterns, process and proposed solutions.
  • Contain a scale bar, north arrow, legend and descriptive title.
  • Be easy to see and read.

Here are some pointers to help you create your maps and start thinking about your Map Sets:

  • Your map needs to be original, meaning you created it using an online tool where you chose the data to be mapped, the area and zoom level. You should not use an existing (e.g., jpg, png, gif) image of a map that has already been created by someone else.
  • You need to do research to explain the patterns that you see. That is, you will need to discover the processes that create the map pattern. For example, if you see a line of volcanoes in the Pacific coast of Central America you will need to explain how the Cocos plate is subducting beneath the Caribbean plate in an oceanic-to-continental convergent plate boundary, how the sinking oceanic plate melts and rises, etc.
  • All the information that you use in the descriptive paragraphs needs to be properly cited. It is best if you have a separate reference section at the end of your map set. You also need to cite the source or sources of your maps.
  • Your maps need to have a scale bar, north arrow and descriptive title. In some tools such as the National Geographic Mapmaker, the scale bar shows up automatically. In others, you may need to draw it in. You may also need to draw in the north arrow. A descriptive title is one that describes the area covered by the map and its content. “Regional map” is not a descriptive title, “Volcanoes on the Pacific coast of Central America” is.
  • You need to describe the hazard patterns, process and proposed solutions. Describe the pattern you see in each map (e.g., Most tornadoes occur in the South and lower Midwest). Describe the process that causes this pattern (e.g, Clashes of cold and warm air masses, moist conditions, formation of thunderstorms, flat,open land, etc.). Describe proposed solutions (e.g., Practice a tornado drill, keep safety supplies, heed warnings, go to the basement, etc.). Again, you will need to do research and cite your sources.
  • There should only be one hazard or physical geography phenomena per map set. Do not use more than one layer in a map set. If your local map shows areas of landslide susceptibility, then your regional and continental/global map should also show areas of landslide susceptibility.
  • Make sure that each of your maps provides somewhat different information (different patterns and/or processes) so that you have something new to say for each of the different scales (zoom levels).



i need help with project Autocad Engineering Assignment Help

Architecture / Interior Design Development Projects

The purpose of these projects is to:

  1. Apply the basics of CAD
  2. Effect a collaborative effort between the majors as it exists in industry
  3. Apply the practice of design to projects.

The deliverables for these assignments will involve the design and development of a commercial (or residential non-single family) building of the team’s choice in various stages. The structure can be single or multi-story. Examples can include but are not limited to:

  1. An office building
  2. A bank
  3. A three story apartment building
  4. A library

Starting with the development of the site plan, teams will utilize their respective talents to develop their project. The deliverables will be broken down as follows:

  • Floor Plan
  • Site plan
  • Foundation Plan
  • Framing Plan
  • Structural Details
  • Structural Section
  • Electrical and Lighting
  • Plumbing OR HVAC
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Interior Elevations

Given the nature of these drawings, each student will incorporate their talents based on their major in the development of this building. For example, the site plan will be drawn by the architect, but the floor plan for the site will be developed by the architect and space planned by the interior designer if the group has one. Another scenario, the architect will specify what floor system. The interior designer will examine the materials for the floor. Another scenario, the architect will consider the electrical plan while the interior designer designs appropriate lighting so that the electrical plan can be drawn.

These are all examples of the collaborative efforts between the majors. The actual drawing responsibilities will be governed by the group. Since these projects involve design, students will need to do research online and collaborate on the best possible solutions for their projects. My role will be providing lectures and illustrations of how these types of drawings are generated discussing the theory behind them.

It is the intent of this project to expose students to the types of activities found in the industry as well as develop mutual accountability in project design and development.


Architectural design process Business Finance Assignment Help

By now, you have read about the architectural design process, including reasoning about the system decomposition and the selection of architectural styles. In this assignment, you will need to create a detailed breakdown (“Level 2” architecture) for the C4 subsystem. C4 is a reference to a selected or provided subsystem.

In other words, “expand” the C4 box shown in the figure from page 1 of the Case Study into a more detailed architectural description comprising components, connectors, and their interconnections. While designing the C4 architecture, use one primary architectural style (other styles can be used for some parts, but one main “theme “should exist). Your specific assignments are as follows:

  1. Provide an architectural diagram of the “Level 2” C4 architecture. Make sure that you show both the connectors internal to C4 as well as connectors that connect C4 with other systems (DB, etc.).
  2. Specify the types of connectors in the diagram and briefly describe the role of different components (1-3 sentences per component). To keep the architecture easy to understand, try to decompose C4 into approximately 10 components (this is just a generic, reasonably large number; we do not have a specific solution in mind and just want to make sure that you do not put too much or too little effort in the design).
  3. Deliverables: an architectural diagram with brief descriptions of the component functionalities.
  4. Explain your style selection in terms of the qualities that your system gained by using the style. Furthermore, discuss the appropriateness of the selected style for the problem at hand.



Absence of Bias Assignment Writing Assignment Help

Locate a test that you have given, taken or from another source, and identify any elements of bias (offensiveness, unfair penalization) as mentioned in chapter 5. I would like for you to attach the test or bring it to class next week when we meet on campus. I want you to submit a separate document on BB that identifies the problems with the test. Please refer to the test items by number or section such as (multiple choice item #4) and state the element of bias. You may also discuss any other problems you see with the test that are not mentioined in your text.

Popham, W. J. (2014). Classroom assessment: What teachers need to know (7th ed.) Pearson.

chapter 5

Please attach the test too.

Absence of Bias Assignment Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

​Lesson 10 Research Assignment Science Assignment Help

Lesson 10 Research Assignment

Internet Review: Search the following Forensic Science websites for information:

Assignment: Based upon information learned from your text, in the websites listed above, and your own research, discuss the importance of the crime scene investigator’s knowledge of these types of evidence. For example, what if the investigator was unaware that metal ions may be transferred to human skin during prolonged exposure? How could this impact an investigation?


  • Your response should be in APA format and 450 – 550 words in length plus resources.


Feedback from work just completed Computer Science Assignment Help

This is the feedback I got from the work just completed

Slow down a bit Grace and carefully review my Week3 announcement and the project template. I just reviewed your first draft and I think you need a lot of work. Please consider the following pointers for Part1:

1. You need to use the correct proposal template. I am attaching one here for your use. Carefully review this as this indicates what information is required in your proposal.

2. You have to include a network diagram which shows how all of your devices are connected. This include classrooms, lab, library, office, as well as wireless connections.

3. I need to see some more details on each of your network component. This also include end user systems.

4. No assumptions of how the network will be used?

5. Wrong usage of IEEE style citation.

Your Part2 is the give away that you used the wrong template. I’d recommend you to focus on Part1 first.



Operations and Supply chain Management Business Finance Assignment Help

Describe the challenges faced by the company (Starbucks) from a Global Perspective in producing its products or services, including scheduling. What are the options? Which is the best option? Make recommendations to resolve the challenges. should be a minimum of 4 pages and contain enough detail to show that you understand factors about the company that will permit you to specify high-level recommendations to develop and/or improve the company’s operations. Think of yourself as a newly hired employee charged with improving operations, or a consultant being retained to make recommendations to the President and his/her senior level staff. Your recommendations should show a level of professional expertise that will impress the management team.


wells fargo strategy- strategic managment Business Finance Assignment Help

Prepare a researched power point presentation and a written summary (word doc) for the following parts ( make sure to provide speech notes with every slide, so that this can be presented for the oral presentation)

> Remember powerpoint with speech notes & executive style summary (word doc), and finally provide a recommendation (you can post them here that you come up with whilst doing the research)

details of the strategy instructions will be provided later

the recommendations have to be bold and creatibe and outside of the box (keeping in mind the recent scandal of wells fargo)



Assignment: Based upon information learned from your text, in the websites listed above, and your own research, discuss the importance of the crime scene investigator’s knowledge of these types of evidence. For example, what if the investigator was unaware that metal ions may be transferred to human skin during prolonged exposure? How could this impact an investigation?


  • Your response should be in APA format and 450 – 550 words in length plus resources.