1500 Word Questionnaire Construct Essay Humanities Assignment Help

1500 Word Questionnaire Construct Essay Humanities Assignment Help. 1500 Word Questionnaire Construct Essay Humanities Assignment Help.

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Write a 1500 word (excluding the reference list) essay describing the steps/procedures involved in the construction of a questionnaire to measure Machiavellianism. The essay should (a) identify and clearly define Machiavellianism, (b) describe how such a questionnaire would be constructed including different tests to assess the reliability and validity of the instrument, and (c) critically consider the strengths and weaknesses of this type of questionnaire for predicting future behaviour or outcomes, and explain how any limitations might be avoided/addressed. Use reliable sources to reference your examples of the different types of validity.

Note: For this assignment you do not have design or produce a questionnaire. Instead, the essay should outline and explain the different stages and procedures involved in designing a valid and reliable questionnaire.

Please use the outline provided and use reliable outside sources (articles) for any examples. The outline has all the questions that need to be answered throughout the essay. The outline also has the first paragraph written.

•You do not have to construct a questionnaire for this essay.

•Simply describe and discuss the different steps in the process, the different decisions that have to be made at each step, the strengths and weaknesses of different options, etc.

•You do not have to make such decisions – you simply have to be aware of them and the pros/cons associated with each decision.

•It is an essay not a report – use standard essay format with paragraphs logically flowing from each other.

•Avoid writing in first person.

•Provide a comprehensive references list.

1500 Word Questionnaire Construct Essay Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

description is in the word file. Computer Science Assignment Help

just Highlight the path, put some description and signals, the figures are in the word document.

You should write your answers as clearly and concisely as possible. For each instruction, use figure 4.35 and add the control signals as shown in figure 4.50. One copy of figure 4.35 for each instruction should be enough. see the attashement.

1. Implement the li I-type instruction on the multicycle datapath. Include your diagram, a description, and the control signal values.

2. Implement the lui I-type instruction on the datapath. Include your diagram, a description, and the control signal values.

3. Implement the jal J-type instruction on the multicycle datapath. Include your diagram, a description, and the control signal values.

4. Implement the jr R-type instruction on the multicycle datapath. Include your diagram, a description, and the control signal values.


Argument Essay Humanities Assignment Help

Because of the AIDS crisis the College Administration at Camden County College has decided to install condom dispensers in all of the rest rooms.

Assume the following:

that this decision has created a major controversy on campus,

that you currently commute to the College.

Write an essay in which you argue for or against the College Administration’s decision. In your argument you must cite at least two sources; include a Works Cited page. Use the format for citing that is common in your major.

(Underline the thesis (or the major proposition of an argument) of your essay. If you submit an essay in which the thesis (or major proposition) is not underlined, five points will be subtracted from the grade you receive for the essay.)

Commentary on topic 2

Because you are writing your first argument, you should check the course URL for the following: the form of an argumentative thesis, the parts of an argument, and the use of citations. For the citations, you will need to follow the go to the Purdue OWL.

Remember, the issue here is not AIDS or the effectiveness of condoms. The issue is the College Administration’s decision to install the dispensers. Assume that a vending company much like the companies that install soft drink and snack dispensers at school would install these dispensers. Also, don’t forget that you must assume that the college is Camden County College OR the college you currently attend.


1. The following bonus is worth 3 points.

2. To receive the bonus, you must submit your response with your essay as part of the same document.

3. If you submit the essay late, you may not submit the bonus.

4. There is no partial credit. If your response to the bonus topic is incorrect or is poorly written, you will receive no credit.

Instructions: Write a Works Cited page for the following publications.

1. The article “The New Magic Machines” by David Fischer appeared in U.S. News & World Report (March 18, 1996, Volume 120, No. 11), pages 60-64.

2. Semantics: Arriving at Meaning was written in 1993 by Richard Ambacher. It was published by Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, located in Dubuque, Iowa.



connect this paper to the reading (edit) Humanities Assignment Help

Can you please connect the writing to chapters or concepts from the book below,

Morling, B. (2018). Research Methods in Psychology (3rd ed.). New York: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.

Thank you.

Original assignment:

This is a podcast that focuses on the question of ethics in research. It turns out that facebook is constantly engaged in social engineering studies to examine and explore how little changes they make impact how you feel and what you experience. It is a really interesting podcast. I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts on it. you need to write a 1-2 page reaction paper that includes a brief summary of what you listened to as well as your reaction to it



2 Quick assignment help, one is a cross-words puzzle and the other will be explained in more detail in requirments. Humanities Assignment Help

1. Cross-word: Complete the cross-word puzzle

2. Advocate for a Day: Pick a controversial topic (racism, sexism, ageism, etc.) or a cultural group this is likely to experience stigmatization, prejudice, and discrimination. Using the information learned about persuasion, your job is to work together with your team to create a campaign/advertisement that changes the mind of your opponents. Your campaign/advertisement should consider, (1) attitudes toward that particular topic/group, (2) the communicator (expertise and credibility) and why you chose them, (3) the medium (live images vs. print), (4) the route (central/peripheral), (5) the message (rational vs. emotional), and (6) the audience. There’s no need to make an advertisement but the guidelines included have to be completed.



FCS1133 Perceptual Motor Assignment Humanities Assignment Help

Perceptual Motor Assignment

The purpose of the assignment is to assist students in understanding the goals, benefits and use of assessment. Students will design, implement and evaluate a gross motor activity for toddlers and preschool children based on developmentally appropriate practices to include age, individual and cultural. The assignment and its evaluation emphasize elements of NAEYC’s Standard 1: Promoting Child Development and Learning (1a), Standard 3: Observing, Documenting, and Assessing (3a, 3b, and 3c), Standard 4: Using Developmentally Effective Approaches (4c), Standard 5: Using Content Knowledge to Build Meaningful Curriculum (5c), and Supportive Skills (SS) 1, 3, and 5.

Attached are the indtrto complete the assignment.

FCS1133 Perceptual Motor Assignment Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Washington Discussion Assignment Humanities Assignment Help

watch the George Washington videos. You are also to read the information at the follow websites:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Presidency_of_George_WashingtonLinks to an external site. and http://www.mountvernon.org/george-washington/the-first-president/ten-facts-about-washingtons-presidency (Links to an external site.)/ (You can use a lot of information from this website about these facts concerning his presidency) and http://www.history.com/topics/us-presidents/george-washingtonLinks to an external site.(this website also has videos on Washington).

You are to make the transformation to become George Washington who has just been elected. You are going to show you he created the present system of government by making a series of administrative decisions that became traditions of government. You are also going to describe what he thought about the formation of political parties. You are going to show how he worked with Hamilton on setting up economic policies. Finally you are going to describe in his second term his foreign policy.


Streaming Analysis 4: A Pro Event Writing Assignment Help

For this assignment, you will watch an Esports event being streamed with official casters. It doesn’t have to be live, but the newer, the more relevant. This can be a league or tournament game. I will go so far as to say the larger the event the better, but you should also think about watching a game you know/like. You will write up an analysis that answers the following 5 questions:

  1. What’s the audience and how does the caster appeal to/create for that audience?
  2. Does this cast cater to hardcore fans or do you see ways in which there is an attempt to help people who don’t understand the game follow the action? Why?
  3. Think about production value. An event cast will look different from a solo caster in numerous ways. Where do you see that polish and the use of effects?
  4. How do the casters use the time built into the event where nothing is happening? It’s key to not lose the interest of viewers, but almost every tournament has lengthy portions of downtime (or slow time, like pick/ban or early game). What is being done during that time?
  5. Think about what each caster does (assuming your event has multiple casters– most will. If not, just think about the one). What are the roles of the casters and how do they craft their commentary to fulfill those roles.

Each criterion will be worth 2 points of your final total for the assignment.


American government pj Writing Assignment Help


Please respond the essay question in an organized, 500-word essay

Question for the essay:

Many people feel that there is room for improvement in the area of campaign finance spending. What is the current status of campaign finance reform? Is reform a realistic expectation of the American political process? What is the role of soft money? Should there be limits on independent campaign spending by corporations and labor unions? Why? Why not? Be specific. Provide concrete examples.

Possible Site Trips

  • For detailed information about current campaign election laws and for the latest filings of campaign finance reports, go to http://www.fec.gov. This site has lots of good information.
  • To find excellent reports on where campaign money comes from and how it is spent, be sure to view the site maintained by the Center for Responsive politics.
  • Another excellent site for investigating voting records and campaign-finance information is that of Project VoteSmart.


An analysis from three perspectives in Voices from Chernobyl. The Oral History of a Nuclear Disaster. by Svetlana Alexievich Humanities Assignment Help

You will write about the Chernobyl disaster and the weeks following it from three voices/three perspectives: Pick three of these four or five: a) from the perspective of a nuclear scientist in Chernobyl, b) from the perspective of a wife of a liquidator, c) from the perspective of Mikhail Gorbachev, d) from the perspective of a child in Pripyat, e) from the perspective of an abandoned dog in the exclusion zone or f) (for the environmentally minded) from the perspective of a tree or plant in the exclusion zone). In writing from these people’s or beings’ perspectives, consider 1. what they can and cannot know at the time of the accident, 2. what nuclear power means to them, what they value in life and what’s not important to them, 3. consider the tactile or physical information accessible to them: where are they when the accident occur and in the weeks after; what do they see, smell, hear, observe, feel? How does the story, the explanations and the important information change depending on who’s perspective you are trying to comprehend?

The analysis will be 1-2 pages. The answer needs to be based on the reading and include quotes. SOURCES MUST BE CITED USING PAGE NUMBERS TO GET A PASSING GRADE.


1500 Word Questionnaire Construct Essay Humanities Assignment Help

1500 Word Questionnaire Construct Essay Humanities Assignment Help

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