2 page case report

2 page case report. 2 page case report.

Help me study for my Psychology class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

You can use any theory but id prefer if you use the Alfred Adler theory.

In the Case Report that follows, you will take on the role of a counselor and write the report of your meeting with the client.

The paper should include:

The presenting problem.

Any other issues that could be addressed besides the presenting problem.

A description of the theory/approach that you have been reading about, learning, and discussing in class that you will use with the client.

Describe how your chosen theory applies to your client’s issues. Mention, also, those aspects that may not fit.

Present the approach and techniques you would use with your client and give examples as if you are in session.

Your Report of two pages should be submitted in your Assignment Folder by midnight 3/1.

2 page case report

2 page case report

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