2 pages, read the case study and answer the questions. Business Finance Assignment Help

2 pages, read the case study and answer the questions. Business Finance Assignment Help. 2 pages, read the case study and answer the questions. Business Finance Assignment Help.

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hree questions

Q 1. Develop One process map and one Gantt chart for the entire process described

in the above mentioned case study.
Use, only the following symbols in your process map.

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Start / Stop



Prepare Document page2image1818848

Q2) Imagine / Assume that you have visited and studied the market. Based on assumption, select a company/process of your choice and perform the following task

a) Write a paragraph on description about the company /process / scenario selected for the questionnaire.
 Alternatively you can also select one of the department and its process from

the above mentioned case study and discuss elaborately about it.

b) Develop Ten questions covering all the measuring areas for the selected process.

Q3) Develop excel tables with data based on assumptions for each question.

2 pages, read the case study and answer the questions. Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

develop a possible (mock/draft) Section 1 Introduction of a doctoral study that should align with your intended DSP topic using the outline Business Finance Assignment Help

Submit at minimum a 5-page paper (excluding cover sheet and references, figures, sections with bullets, and tables unless the tables are specified in the instructions), double spaced, no extra spaces, and 1-inch margins, that answers the questions using past readings and references.

The paper will have a proper main heading stating the name of the class, module number, and title of the paper. The paper will generally follow the outline above.

All assertions and key discussion points are properly cited using APA format. In other words, any sentence or paragraph that contains material derived or synthesized from the background reading or other sources will be cited. References are in APA format. All references are cited at least once.


Option 2 Observation Writing Assignment Help


This week, record yourself teaching a lesson. You will need to ensure with your administration that this will be acceptable since there will be students in the video. This video will only be for personal use during this course, and will not be posted online. If filming yourself is a problem or you are not currently teaching, the following alternative options are also available:

Option 1: Film a colleague or friend who is a teacher.

Option 2: Select a video from the follow link: http://search.alexanderstreet.com.proxy1.ncu.edu/ediv/search?ff0=educational_topic_facetTeachingMethods

Record one class lesson (or choose one of the alternative options). Review the lesson using the observation guide, available in this week’s resources, to make notes and help you reflect. The observation guide is based on the Model for Structured Reflection (see Figure 1) (Johns, 2017). Then reflect further on this lesson through writing the same evening in your online journal/blog making sure to address the following questions in your reflection:

  • How has reading about reflective practice affected you, and how has this changed your beliefs about the ways you teach?
  • What specific parts of the readings changed, or did not change, the way you think about your teaching?
  • How will what you have learned change or not change the way you approach teaching?
  • Were you effective in terms of consequences for others and yourself?
  • What factors influenced your response?
  • How were you feeling?
  • How were others feeling?
  • How does this situation connect with previous experiences?
  • What would be the consequences of alternative actions for the students and yourself?
  • What Factors might stop you from responding differently?
  • How do you now feel about the situation?

Length of blog: 1000+ words


case study i need the all thing like from introduction to coclusion, analysis ethical issues, ethical value like Computer Science Assignment Help

“Sarah was recently promoted to a managerial position at her industrial engineering company.
With her new position, she is now responsible for overseeing the company’s production factory,
meaning approximately 50 factory workers now report to her. Although Sarah previously
worked as an engineer and does not have any experience running a factory, she is excited to
begin her new position”.
“At the end of her first day, Sarah is confused to see her factory workers continuing to work well
past the end of their 8-hour shift. She then goes to the factory supervisor (who reports to her) to
express concern because the factory does not have the budget to pay so many workers
overtime. The supervisor smiles at Sarah and explains that the factory meets production goals
by making the factory workers work off the clock. The workers are well aware of this
expectation and went along with it in order to keep their jobs. Sarah is shocked to learn this
illegal practice had become part of the company culture, but the supervisor explains that the
company’s CEO (who is Sarah’s boss) is well aware of this expectation” (Bartlett, Markkula
Center for Applied Ethics 2020)


Brand Competitors Writing Assignment Help

We’re doing Adidas and Nike, focusing on streetwear but not excluding their sportswear influence

Field Research/Surveys (50 pts) 10 surveys with 10 questions each will be conducted on each competitor. The results of the surveys will be analyzed in the written report for each competitor using pie charts, bar charts, etc. with relevant customer comments and insight. This needs to be done at the beginning of the project .

Written Report Showing Full Analysis of Competitor Brands (25 points) The written presentation follows Industry Standards of professionalism and presentation. Report is well organized with through, thoughtful and convincing writing. All research in this section must be footnoted (MLA format), work cited page and include at least three independent resources for each competitor.



Module 04 Discussion – Response to Virtual Museum Tour with replies Humanities Assignment Help

For this discussion, visit the Smithsonian Explore Art & Design

Answer the following questions related to this Module’s virtual museum tour assignment. State which virtual tour you engaged in and respond to the following:

  • Name two works of art viewed in your virtual tour and explain what subjects, themes, and stylistic characteristics enhanced your appreciation of art. (You can choose whatever two art projects you like)
  • Describe the level of enjoyment the experience afforded. Share one or two details about your emotional response.

Then respond to these student replies with at least two hundred words and one source

First reply:

Kailee Gordon

Module 1 Virtual Museum Tour

The artworks I chose for my discussion post are “Among the Sierra Nevada, California” By Albert Bierstadt, and “California Spring Landscape” By Elmer Wachtel.

The artworks are similar in their focus on the peaceful true beauty of nature. “Among the Sierra Nevada, California” combines waterfalls, trees, mountains, wildlife (deer), and landscape to create a beautiful realistic breathtaking theme. The oil on canvas medium and the artist’s use of realistic details enhanced the painting making me feel like I was standing in the mountain scene. I was immediately drawn to this painting. The most prominent theme is realistic/ representational.

My second artwork is “California Spring Landscape” by Elmer Wachtel. The calm, peaceful setting drew me in and I wanted to rest in the flower field with my morning cup of coffee. The use of the watercolor medium is one of my favorites I have personally used as the way it blends colors bring art to life. Mr. Wachtel’s focus on the wildflower and daisy field combined with the trees, landscape, and dirt roads showcase the absolute beauty of nature.

Each painting is breathtaking and beautiful in their own way. I enjoyed the focus on the simple beauty of nature that provided a peaceful, calming feel with no uncertainty or chaos. These paintings reminded me of growing up in Colorado, camping in the mountains, and hiking to see the waterfalls and wildflower fields making me feel I was home again. My family enjoyed our time spent in the calm, relaxing beauty of nature.

Second reply:

Michael Barringer


After looking at all the art works, the first one that really grabbed my attention was the piece The South Ledges, Appledore. I loved how the artist used different levels of blues and whites and greens to give the illusion of waves rolling in and smashing against the rocks. To me I like how the artist portrayed the level at which the rock ledge closest to the ocean is darker from the rock ledge above, giving it a wet look from the ocean water splashing upon the rock. To me the woman sitting on the ledge is relaxing and enjoying the sounds of the ocean crashing against the rock, and enjoying the fresh sea breeze.

The second piece of art that really took me back to my child hood memory of my grandfathers cabin in the woods in Michigan was Up the Hudson. This piece has fascinating levels of perception. I liked how the artist blurred finer details on the cabins further away then the closer ones. I like how it is portrayed that the sun is above and casting the shadows of the trees down on the land, and how the shadows behind the structures really gives this picture a 3D sense of perception. I like how the snow in front of the house is matted down and tracks of some sort are imprinted to give an illusion of some sort of disturbance from travel.

I really enjoyed both pieces. The South Ledges picture takes me back to when I was a kid growing up in Michigan and going up to St Claire river walking along the edges of the river stepping on the huge pieces of rock watching and listening to the water roll in and smash up against the rocks. After going back in memory, I still can smell the aroma of the lake. And the picture of the house reminds me of my grandfathers cabin in Farwell, Michigan. It was from what I can remember a small cabin standing in front of the woods along with a few more spread out very far from each other.

Module 04 Discussion – Response to Virtual Museum Tour with replies Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Roles and portrayals of Roman women Humanities Assignment Help

Roman women, just like women in much of the ancient world, had an ambiguous status. While not citizens, they gave birth to citizens. Women from aristocratic families, furthermore, exercised significant power behind the scenes in such capacities as benefactors of cities and individuals (see, for example, the information on the Building of Eumachia at Pompeii below). Your task in this paper is to consider the many possible roles and portrayals of Roman women based on any THREE of the primary sources below (please note that while some of these primary sources are literary, others are artistic or archaeological):

1. The Building of Eumachia: https://sites.google.com/site/ad79eruption/pompeii/public-buildings/building-of-eumachia

2. Epitaph (tombstone inscription) in memory of a Roman wife:

“Stranger, my message is short. Stop and read it. This is the unlovely tomb of a lovely woman. Her parents gave her the name Claudia. She loved her husband with all her heart. She bore two children, one of whom she left on earth, the other beneath it. She had a pleasing way of talking and walking. She tended the house and worked wool. I have said my piece. Go your way.” (Corpus of Latin Inscriptions, CIL 6.15346)

3. Juvenal, Satire 6: https://sourcebooks.fordham.edu/ancient/juvenal6.asp

4. Martyrdom of the Saints Perpetua and Felicity: https://sourcebooks.fordham.edu/source/perpetua.asp

5. The love poems of Sulpicia: http://www.stoa.org/diotima/anthology/sulpicia-anth.shtml

Respond to all of the following questions in the paper:

How do your selected sources portray Roman women? Do your selected sources seem to contradict each other, and/or in which areas do they agree? How would you explain any contradictions or agreements? Finally, what are your conclusions, based on your selected sources, on the place of women in Roman society?

Writing Guidelines:

  • Your completed assignment should be 2-3 pages in length (500-750 words)
  • You must write in complete sentences and paragraphs. Bullet points or lists will not be accepted.
  • Your essay should have a clear introduction and thesis statement that provides your proposed answer to the question prompt; body paragraphs; and a conclusion.
  • Please cite your sources internally using parenthetical citations or footnotes, and include a complete bibliography at the end of your paper.
  • Formatting MLA
  • Be original – All papers submitted in this class are reviewed via Turnitin.com, a proprietary software database that identifies unoriginal material in papers.
  • Submit your citations and bibliography within the paper Everything should be saved and submitted in one document.


Entrepreneurship assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

In this class you are going to turn a business idea into a business using the Disciplined Entrepreneurship (DE) process. In this assignment, you will communicate your business idea to your instructor. The instructor will give you feedback and suggestions to improve your idea.


Please complete the following steps:

1. Review these videos to better understand what type of business you should be working on: Module 1 Videos

2. In two paragraphs clearly state what your business idea is and how it is different from all similar businesses out there. As you saw in the videos, the focus of this course is on Innovation Driven Entrepreneurship (IDE). Innovation requires both invention and commercialization. You do not necessarily have to come up with a new product or service. You can offer an existing product or service but come up with some way to offer it differently. For example, you can start a clothing business or an event planning business but you have to come up with an idea to make your business DIFFERENT from so many clothing or event planning business out there. If your business idea does not have the innovation component, I will have to ask you to resubmit your work.

I recommend you work on a for profit idea. If you want to pursue a non-profit you have to complete all the steps twice. Once for your non-profit business and once for fundraising. Our semester is too short for that. So, select a business idea that is for profit.


Group Assignment: Organizational/Operational Feasibility (Ross) Writing Assignment Help


  • I have provided the business case we have written so far and it contains the proposed solution we are to USE (SEE Alpha Group_Sections II, III, and IV.docx). Below is my assign section
  • assignment attached: Week 3 Alpha Group Assignment – Sections V & VI.docx
  • -follow the Grading rubric (Feasibility Analysis) — you can find it in the attached assignment doc
  • In the attached doc my assign section is “ROSS”. You look at the sample I attached but this does not correspond with out chosen software. IT IS JUST A GUIDE
  • follow the Grading rubric (Feasibility Analysis) — you can find it in the attached assignment doc
  • Please read:

– Case study:

– Business case, specifically week(3);

– What my team and I have done so far: Alpha Group_Sections II, III, and IV.docx

– read Feasibility Study from Conger text.pdf

– read HHS Feasibility Study and Alternatives Analysis (1).pdf

Note: the below approach will guide in answering my section. PLEASE FOLLOW ALL GUIDELINES STRICTLY, IS A MUST

Approach to Developing this Section

Read Sue Conger’s introduction to feasibility analysis located under Content>Course Resources>Feasibility Study.Also, read section 2.7 of the HHS Feasibility Study and Alternatives Analysis, located in Content>Course Resources.Develop a paragraph or two for each area of feasibility, incorporating responses to each of the questions asked above.Include a convincing argument for the likelihood of success of the proposed solution.


ranj-assignment-bigdata Computer Science Assignment Help


  • Write you response as a research analysis with explanation and APA Format
  • Share the code and the plots
  • Put your name and id number
  • Upload Word document and ipynb file from google colab

HW04 Cover Sheet – Analyze the following dataset

  • Apply the KNN, Decision Tree and Random Forest algorithm on the iris data set
    • Apply KNN algorithm work with iris dataset (knn_iris.ipynb)
    • Plot the Decision tree and feature importance for iris dataset (Decisiontree_Randomforest.ipynb)
  • Heart Disease Dataset

Deliverable – your own research paper with analysis

Predict heart disease in patients –



Start with exploratory data analysis

  • KNN
  • Decision Trees
  • Random Forest

You should have your own conclusions and references in the end



Start with exploratory data analysis

  • KNN
  • Decision Trees
  • Random Forest

You should have your own conclusions and references in the end



Start with exploratory data analysis

  • KNN
  • Decision Trees
  • Random Forest

You should have your own conclusions and references in the end



Start with exploratory data analysis

  • KNN
  • Decision Trees
  • Random Forest

You should have your own conclusions and references in the end


2 pages, read the case study and answer the questions. Business Finance Assignment Help

2 pages, read the case study and answer the questions. Business Finance Assignment Help

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