3 Pages Story Review Humanities Assignment Help

3 Pages Story Review Humanities Assignment Help. 3 Pages Story Review Humanities Assignment Help.


Go to this web site and choose any story that written by Guy de Maupassant then do as the following:

Required components:

  • Read any story written by Guy de Maupassant (but not “The Necklace”)
  • Write 750 words (3 pages), double-spaced
  • Include a “Works Cited” page using correct MLA formatting for the textbook and the work you found the other story in.

Information to include:

  • Write a one-paragraph summary of the plot
  • Decide if the story focuses on plot, character, setting, or irony.
  • Explain why you think so.
  • Pick one significant quotation from the story and explain what you think it means fully. Cite the quotation with the page number.
  • Finally, write about three different things that are similar about the story you read and “The Necklace” story.

3 Pages Story Review Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Write an analytical critique of the film Crash Humanities Assignment Help

Write an analytical critique of the film Crash. Your critique must do the following:

  • Give overall impression of the film while mentioning the movie’s title, director, and key actors.
    (This information can be found in the following link: IMDB: Crash)
  • Briefly summarize the plot or overall point of the film. (No more than a few sentences.)
  • Give specific positive/negative aspects from the film. Use descriptive words to discuss the plot, characters, dialogue, themes, structure/form, setting, visuals, music, etc.
  • Form a thesis statement that conducts critical analysis of the film. (The body paragraphs of your essay will develop this thesis statement.)
    • Consider the following questions when developing a thesis statement:
      • How are different cultures, subcultures, races, religions, social classes, neighborhoods, etc. clashing (or “crashing” into each other) in this film?
      • What are some of the overt assumptions made by characters about those different from them? What effects do these overt assumptions have?
      • What are some of the more subconscious assumptions hidden within cultures in the film that make the characters act and believe the way they do? What effects do these subconscious assumptions have?
      • What conflicts occur? What resolutions (if any) occur?
      • What message(s) or lesson(s) about society are being expressed through this film?
      • How does the film represent these different groups of people and their intermingling and why?


  • Must be at least 2 pages in length
  • Must use APA formatting, including a citation for the film
  • No need to conduct research, but if you use researched sources you must cite them in APA format


Utility Ethics Business Finance Assignment Help

Utility Ethics

In the Module 3 SLP, you will choose an organization with which you are familiar, and you will write a 2- to 3-page paper, in which you discuss the extent to which your organization embraces Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR).

Required Reading

Read the following article, which provides examples of socially
responsible companies (this website includes a number of quite excellent
articles pertaining to the merits of CSR). You may also want to explore
the optional readings provided below, as they may be useful to your
understanding of CSR:

Fallon, N. (2014, December 4). 20 great examples of socially responsible businesses. Business News Daily. Retrieved from http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/5499-examples-socially-responsible-businesses.html


In a well-written, 2- to 3-page paper, discuss the extent to which an organization with which you are familiar pursues CSR.

Keys to the Assignment

  1. In 1-2 paragraphs, describe your organization – what it does, how many employees, how much revenue, etc.
  2. Select some aspect of CSR, and discuss how your organization employs CSR in its operations.
  3. What are the specific advantages to your company in its use of CSR?
  4. If your company does not presently pursue a form of CSR, please
    identify a specific CSR practice (e.g., environmental consciousness,
    community welfare, etc.) from which your company would benefit.
  5. Be sure to use at least two sources from the library to support your discussion and analysis (choose sources that are not included in the Background section of this module).
  6. Follow the guidelines in The Student Guide to Writing a High Quality Academic Paper
  7. You are expected to demonstrate evidence of critical thinking – as defined in the Module 2 background materials and the grading rubric.
  8. Save your completed paper, and upload your assignment before the due date.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Your paper will be evaluated using the grading rubric.

Optional Reading

The following resources provide a very good overview of CSR, and how
companies use CSR initiatives to increased the organization’s

2014 corporate social responsibility report (2014). Hershey Company. Retrieved from http://www.thehersheycompany.com/social-responsibility/shared-goodness/goodbusiness

Corporate social responsibility. (2013). International Institute for Sustainable Development. Retrieved from https://www.iisd.org/business/issues/sr.aspx


Interpersonal communication project Humanities Assignment Help

The purpose of the Interpersonal Communication Project (ICP) is twofold: first, to develop an interpersonal communication design that demonstrates your commitment to develop and maintain healthy, healing, and holy relationships through effective communication and, second, to demonstrate your ability to compose and effectively deliver a message with clear, purposeful, and well-organized content and attention to both verbal and nonverbal communication principles.

The content for your ICP will be built throughout the course. You will be responsible for producing a 9–10-minute video recording of yourself presenting this project and create an accompanying PowerPoint presentation that highlights your main points and clearly discloses your sources. The video file will be uploaded to YouTube and the PowerPoint presentation will be submitted on Blackboard along with a link to the video.

Your presentation must include the following sections/main points:

Introduce yourself and provide a very brief preview of your project in a way that engages the audience.

2.Overarching goal:
Articulate an overarching goal for your life. This goal should, ideally, be succinctly formulated as a single phrase. Identify of the role and importance of interpersonal communication for enlarging your conversation in the context of this goal.

3.Background and behavioral blend:
Describe how your background and behavioral blend influences your communication style, both positively and negatively.

4.Communication barriers:
Identify the most significant communication barriers and/or challenges that you have discovered in your interpersonal context.

5.Resources and strategies:
Describe the most helpful resources that you have discovered and explain how these provide strategic solutions to overcoming your communication barriers/challenges.

6.Action plan:
Discuss the steps you will take in order to enlarge your conversation and make your overarching goal a reality.

  • 7.Conclusion:

End with a memorable closing statement or quote.

For this project, you must incorporate all the required course texts and 2 scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles in a meaningful, effective, and significant way. Attribution to these sources must be clear throughout, ideally by oral reference. Evidence of self-reflection, critical thinking, interaction with the course material, and synthesis of the literature is expected. The language and terminology used in your presentation should be familiar to the audience and appropriate for the setting. When organizing your presentation, make sure each required section/main point is sufficiently developed given the time limit. Transitions between subtopics should be clear and maintain flow of thought. All content must be applied, personalized, and clearly linked to your overarching goal.

The video must be of sufficient quality for a professional setting and show you speaking, ideally from the waist up. Your PowerPoint must not be featured in the video; instead use verbal cues to indicate to your audience when to advance to the next slide. Your delivery should demonstrate a willingness to communicate with attention to audience engagement, articulation, pronunciation, tone, absence of vocal fillers, eye contact, posture and movement. Your presentation must not exceed 10 minutes, or you will be unable to upload your video file.

Your PowerPoint presentation must include a total of 15–20 slides that have a consistent look, font usage and style throughout. The slides should effectively and professionally communicate key points and provide visual support for your oral presentation, rather than “stand alone” with an over-abundance of text. Make sure graphic elements and images add interest rather than distract from the overall content. Use the last one or two slides for a complete APA style bibliography.


essay 4 pages including reference Humanities Assignment Help

Part 1: Understanding Human Trafficking

In this part of your paper your goal is to demonstrate you understand the topic of human trafficking and can connect it to the course material. Specifically address:

  • How is human trafficking an issue in the United States?
  • What are the different types of human trafficking?
  • Who does this effect? Which people are likely to be victims of human trafficking?
  • How does this relate to the course material?

Part 2: Understanding your connection to modern day slavery

Calculate your slavery footprint by using the following website: http://slaveryfootprint.org/survey/#where_do_you_live

  • What was your slavery footprint?
  • What are your reactions to this?
  • Do you believe something needs to be done to solve this?


  • Times New Roman font
  • 1” margins all around the page
  • APA or ASA in-text citations and reference page



800 words essay Humanities Assignment Help

Write an essay that shows that you understand what cultural norms and values are.

Purpose: To define and give examples of cultural norms and values.

To synthesize information from the source texts, class discussion, and your own life.

To practice moves to make in an introduction.

To practice organizing an essay.

Length: 800 words.

Genre: You must write an essay, but you can choose what type of essay. You should define cultural norms and values, and give examples to illustrate the definitions. You could write a straightforward explanation (This is what norms are, and here are some examples) or you could incorporate your definitions and examples into an essay with your own main point (e.g., As an international student in the USA, American cultural norms are new to me, or, Cultures may have the same values but still vary a lot if the norms associated with the values are different, or…)

Source texts: M. Nair (Dir.). (2006). The Namesake. Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Gibson, Margaret A. (1993). Cultural barriers and the press to Americanize. In H.S. Wiener & C. Bazerman (Eds.), Side by Side: A Multicultural Reader (pp. 65-69). Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

You must draw examples from at least two places. You can use both source texts, or one source text and your own life.

Structure: Your essay should have three parts: introduction, body and conclusion. If you are writing a straightforward explanation, make the following moves in the introduction: capture the readers’ interest, introduce your topic by defining cultural norms and values and explaining the connection between them, explain why we should care about norms and values (why it can be important to know about them), give your own perspective as a student from X writing to an American audience, state your main point, and give an overview of the examples that you will discuss in the paper. Then go on to discuss one example in each body paragraph, showing the connection between norm and value in each example. (One norm may be supported by several values.) In the conclusion, review your main idea, and push it a little further to suggest something you want your readers to consider; it could be an application or an implication.

800 words essay Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

When faced with a problem, what do you do to solve it? Humanities Assignment Help

This assignment asks you to apply a six-step to problem solving process to a specific problem scenario. You will write a paper that presents a synthesis of your ideas about solving the problem using this systematic approach. Choose one (1) of the problem scenarios as a topic choice for your paper

Scenario 1: You have worked at your company for eleven (11) years. You have returned to college to earn a Bachelor’s degree in order to increase your chances for a promotion. You are nearly finished with your degree, when a supervisor’s position in a competing company becomes available in another state. The start date is in two (2) weeks, during your final exam period for your courses. The position offers a $15,000 per year salary increase, a car allowance, and relocation expenses. Your former supervisor works for the company and is recommending you for the position based on your outstanding job performance; if you want the job, it’s yours. All of the other supervisors at this level in the company have Master’s degrees, so you know that you would be expected to earn your Bachelor’s degree and continue on to a Master’s degree. Your present company offers tuition reimbursement, but the new company does not.

Scenario 2: Your child comes home from school with an assignment sheet for a school project. He / she is very excited about the project and begins work immediately, doing research on the Internet and gathering materials. You read over the assignment sheet and notice that your child is not including all of the required items in the project, and you have some ideas for how to improve the quality of the presentation. You recently read an article in a parenting magazine about the importance of a child developing responsibility for his/ her own learning. You recall the many ways in which your parents took over your school projects. You, on the other hand, want to encourage your child’s confidence in his / her ability to complete a project independently. The next day, you are at the grocery store when you see a parent of a student in your child’s class. That parent has spent over $30 in supplies for the science project and is taking a day off of work to put the pieces of the project together.

Scenario 3: You have two jobs—one during the week from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, and one on Saturday from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm. You are taking two classes—one that meets from 6:00 to 10:00 pm, and one class online. You have two kids—one who plays soccer, and one who is in band. You have two elderly parents who no longer drive. You have two siblings—one who lives two (2) miles away, and one who lives in another state. You have two (2) papers due in your classes the same week that one (1) of your children has a soccer tournament, and the other child has a band concert. You are coaching the soccer team, and you are in charge of fundraising for the band. You have a goal to complete your degree in two (2) years. Your doctor tells you that your blood pressure, your cholesterol, and your weight are too high and recommends several medications that cost you nearly $200 per month after your insurance co-pay.

Scenario 4: You are a sales representative for a company that encourages staff to log time in the field and away from the office. You are expected to begin and end your day at the office. You notice that each day when you arrive and return another co-worker is already there, and you wonder whether this person spends most of his / her time at the office. At your weekly sales meeting, you are informed of your co-workers’ outstanding sales performance. You suspect that this co-worker is spending more time flattering the boss instead of working leads in the field, and as a result is getting the best client referrals. Your own sales numbers have steadily decreased since this other sales representative was hired.

Review the six-step problem solving process outlined in the webtext, based on the article “The Problem Solving Process” located at http://www.gdrc.org/decision/problem-solve.html:

  • Step One: Define the problem
  • Step Two: Analyze the problem
  • Step Three: Generate options
  • Step Four: Evaluate options
  • Step Five: Make your decision
  • Step Six: Implement and reflect

Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you:
1. Define the problem in the scenario that you have chosen.
2. Analyze the problem in the scenario.
3. Generate options for solving the problem in the scenario.
4. Evaluate the options for solving the problem.
5. Decide on the best option for solving the problem.
6. Explain how you will implement the decision made and reflect on whether this option was the most effective.

The paper should follow guidelines for clear and organized writing:

  • Include an introductory paragraph and concluding paragraph.
  • Address main ideas in body paragraphs with a topic sentence and supporting sentences.
  • Adhere to standard rules of English grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and spelling.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA Style format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.


Choose a Fortune 500 company discussing asset-liability management (ALM). Assignment Help

For this assignment, you will choose a Fortune 500 company and write a three to four page research paper in which you discuss asset-liability management (ALM). Make sure to look over the lecture material as well as the readings this week and answer the following questions.

  • In your own words describe what asset-liability management is and who is responsible for the five aspects of Asset-Liability Management: liquidity, interest rates, currency, funding of capital projects, and planning for profit and growth for the Fortune 500 company you have chosen?
  • Describe how management for this organization is responsible for mitigating these risks, and give an example of a strategy that may be used to mitigate a specific risk.



Review the APA Citation Online Guide for assistance with citing sources using APA format.

  • Be sure to include an introductory paragraph at the beginning and a concluding paragraph at the end of your paper.
  • Because your paper is required to be more than one page in length, you should use subject headings to label your paper as appropriate.
  • Keep in mind that this is a research paper; and, as such, should be informed by your research articles.
  • Be sure to include APA citations to support your assertions and to inform your paper.
  • You will need to include a reference page with this paper.
  • Be sure to proofread your paper to ensure that is free from all grammar and spelling errors.

Submit your completed assignment to the drop box below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document. (Mac users, please remember to append the “.docx” extension to the filename.) The name of the file should be your first initial and last name, followed by an underscore and the name of the assignment, and an underscore and the date. An example is shown below:



Popular culture Humanities Assignment Help

Consumption of popular culture can be a conscious decision. Awareness of your reasons for consuming particular popular culture texts can give you insight into the formation of your identity and worldview.

Watch the advertisement below for the Disney Princesses entitled “Dream Big, Princess – Be A Champion” AND/OR read the following article, “Fairy Tale Dreams (Links to an external site.), Disney Princess’ Effects on Young Girls Self-Images” and blog post response, Disney Princesses, Girl Identity & Imaginative Play (Links to an external site.)

Then discuss how you believe the consumption of the advertisemet can create and reinforce worldviews and stereotypes about female beauty and ability.

Finally, comment on other popular culture texts (websites, TV shows, movies, music etc) reinforce worldviews and stereotypes about other components of cultural identity.


find sources Humanities Assignment Help

. Find at least six relevant peer-reviewed books and scholarly articles, relevant to the source(s), the author(s), or the event(s) covered by the source(s). The secondary sources must be from printed books and journals, namely scholarly, biographical, detailed works, written by professional historians and which closely examine the rulers or their times). [Journal articles may be full-text versions from an appropriate database, such as Academic Search Premiere/EBSCOhost. N.B. make sure you use full articles, not abstracts or book reviews.]
2. Make identification copies of your sources to be handed in (you may/should also make fuller copies for your own research purposes). For books, use the title page; for journal articles, the first page of text with the article’s author and title.


3 Pages Story Review Humanities Assignment Help

3 Pages Story Review Humanities Assignment Help