3 part assignment Humanities Assignment Help

3 part assignment Humanities Assignment Help. 3 part assignment Humanities Assignment Help.

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Creative Options

  1. Create a 4-5 page graphic novelization of any scene from any selection in the textbook, even a poem, but you must use original text, like the Dracula graphic novel.

Select one of the Victorian Issues



3.The Woman Question

4.Empire and National Identity

and then write a 2 page explanation of how that issue is manifested in one or more of the assigned readings in the Victorian section of our textbook (Volume E). Be sure to use internal citations and Work Cited entries. These should be cited as a Work in an Anthology. Don’t forget to cite quote from and cite from the issue reading you choose. Do not use sources other than those assigned in class.

  1. The decades before and after the turn of the twentieth century saw a rejection of Victorian optimism and a move toward skepticism and resignation. The new century brought with it a sense of flux and indeterminacy—a perception that truth and certainty no longer existed and that identities, social relations, and meaning structures, could be made and unmade according to need, opportunity and inclination. Some writers responded to these changes with dark pessimism, stoicism, or outright despair, while others cheerfully embraced the chance to experiment with new forms. Choose one of the works below, and fully discuss it as a modernist text.

Minimum 2.5 pages – Do not use outside sources, just your textbook or other materials assigned for the class. Be sure to quote from the work and text intro on Modernism or other class-assigned materials as you develop your examination of the “heart of darkness” as a Modernist text. Include Internal Citations and a Work Cited page. Do not include a summary of the work.

Conrad – Heart of Darkness

The Norton Anthology of the English Literature.

Ninth edition. Package 2.

M.H. Abrams, General editor.

W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.

New York 2012.


Stoker, Bram (adapted by Jason Cobley). Dracula: The Graphic Novel, The Original Text. 2012

Stoker, Bram. Dracula

3 part assignment Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

textbooks review- Linguistics Writing Assignment Help

I need a textbooks review between 15-20 papers between these textbooks below. It is for a linguistics pedagogy course. Please compare and contrast between these textbooks in terms of topics covered in each of them and a general look at which is better and more inclusive to choose as a textbook for a class.


O’Grady, William, et al. Contemporary Linguistics: an Introduction. 7th ed., Bedford/St. Martins, 2017. Referred to hereafter as O’Grady.

Dawson, Hope, and Michael Phelan. Language Files: Materials for an Introduction to Language and Linguistics. 12th ed., The Ohio State University Press, 2016. Referred to hereafter as Language Files.

Plag, Ingo, et al. Introduction to English Linguistics. 3rd ed., De Gruyter, Inc., 2015. Referred to hereafter as Plag.

Hazen, Kirk. Introduction to Language. Wiley, 2014. Referred to hereafter as Hazen.

McCabe, Anne. Introduction to Linguistics and Language Studies. Equinox Publishing Ltd, 2011. Referred to hereafter as McCabe.


A media analysis question. Only original work acceptable. Business Finance Assignment Help


You will need to get your hands on a copy of this book: De Zengotita, Thomas. (2005). Mediated: How the media shapes your world and the way you live in it. New York: Bloomsbury Publishing. You are required to use the APA writing style and include at least 10 academic peer reviewed references in your paper.

Think back to your favorite commodity from your childhood (book, cartoon, movie, song, etc.) OR your favorite hero from your adolescence and take a deeper look.

Using the arguments presented in De Zengotita’s Mediated about the products of our childhood and their deeper meanings OR the twilight of heroes, construct a 5-page essay (1,500 words maximum) that offers a detailed reflection on the significance of your chosen commodity or hero. Spend the first ¼ of the paper describing the product or hero in detail. Use the balance of the paper to address the key questions listed below. Be sure to use the Blob, mediation, and other key concepts from Mediated as a framework:

• What does this media product or hero say about our larger cultural experience?

• What about your cultural experience as a child? (or as an adolescent)?

• What is this cultural object’s (hero’s) significance? Or upon deeper reflection, is it (or him/her) insignificant?

• What can you offer in terms of a critique of the cultural product’s mode of production/the media’s treatment of your hero?

• What is the “real experience” of interacting with this media product or hero as a child/adolescent? Now as an adult?

• How has your perception of this product or hero changed from childhood/adolescence given your reading of Mediated?


Infant Development Humanities Assignment Help


Choose a topic from the list below (or choose a topic of your own) to use as the foundation for this assignment. Use the Capella library and Internet to locate academic and professional articles on the topic. Use a minimum of three (at least one academic and one professional) recent (within the last 5 years) articles as resources for this assignment.


  • The effect of maternal stress on prenatal development.
  • Prenatal exposure to drugs and the effects on brain development.
  • Environmental influences on prenatal development. Please select only one:
    • Diseases.
    • Outside environmental hazards.
    • Medications (legal and illegal).
    • Alcohol and tobacco.
  • The effect of maternal post-partum depression on newborn infant development.
  • The effects of premature birth on the developing infant.


For this assignment:

  • Describe the problem as it exists today in the United States. Be sure to include any statistics on frequency, geographic distribution, cultural distribution, and so on.
  • Explain how the problem affects the developing infant.
  • Explain how the research findings have influenced both social thinking and social policies with regard to the problem.
    • Describe the research methods used to reach those findings.
  • Offer one intervention you would recommend if a client came to you with the selected problem.


creating access and excel files Business Finance Assignment Help

Part 1 – ACCESS – Update and add content to the database

  1. Each student has a unique file for this assignment.
    Click the button to agree to the conditions of this assignment and create your data file downloads.
  2. Save the file with the name xxxx.xxxxxx_Exam5 (your file should automatically be named)
  3. Start Access and open the database file you downloaded.
    If you see the yellow security warning then click the Enable Content button.
  4. Open the tblCustomers and verify that there are 3830 records in the table. – View Example
  5. Create a new table named tblTours with the following database structure

    Field Name Data Type Size / Type Primary Key? Description
    TourID AutoNumber Long Integer Yes Tour ID key field
    TourName Short Text 22 Name of Tour
    Capacity Number Long Integer Maximum Per Tour Group
    Expense Currency Currency Cost to Provide Tour
    TicketPrice Currency Currency Ticket Price
    FuelSurcharge Yes/No Fuel Surcharge Applicable
    SurchargeAmount Currency Currency Amount of Fuel Surcharge

    Figure 1 – tblTours Structure

  6. Input 7 records of data into tblTours

    TourID TourName Capacity Expense TicketPrice FuelSurcharge SurchargeAmount
    1 Canyon Narrows 6 19 55 No 2.10
    2 Eagles Landing 6 22 55 Yes 3.25
    3 Painted Canyon 18 26 75 No 1.50
    4 River Float 12 31 65 No 1.00
    5 Silver Springs 12 21 45 Yes 2.50
    6 Sunset Photo 24 15 30 Yes 3.10
    7 Valley Explorer 50 10 25 Yes 4.50

    Figure 2 – tblTours Data

  7. Create a filter to display only the records which have FuelSurcharge set to Yes
  8. Save the changes to the table

Part 2 – Import Data

  1. Import the tblReservations text file you downloaded in step 1 as a table named tblReservations.
    – Do not add an additional field as a key field or index during the import.
    – You will select a key field from the existing data in the imported file contents the table design update.
    – Any ImportErrors tables will be a deduction and indicate you had an error during the import. B
    – Be sure to correct the import error and delete and ImportErrors tables if they exist.

Part 3 – Update Table Design

Modify table design following for tblReservations following database design methods covered in your text. See your Access e-text chapter 2 SLO 2.1 & 2.2 to review setting PK and field properties.

  1. Set appropriate field types, format, and sizes.
  2. Analyze the fields in the table and select the field which would be a logical choice for key fieldfrom one of the fields you imported.
  3. Save changes to your tables.

Part 4 – Create Relationships

Note: Use the following as a guide in creating your relationships.

  • Customers make reservations.
  • The reservations are for tours.
    For additional information see youre Access e-text chapter 2 SLO 2.6.
  1. Create a relationship between the tables by analyzing the fields in each table and creating appropriate relationships.
  2. Add Enforce Referential Integrity and Cascade Update Related Fields to all relationships.
  3. Save the changes to the relationships

Part 5 – Create 4 Queries

Note: Sorting queries must be done in the query design grid not on the datasheet.

  1. Create and save a query named qryAllReservations. This query will include the following fields in this order, CustomerID, TourName, FirstName, LastName, State, Adults, ReservationMonth, PaymentType. Sort the query on the CustomerID field in ascending order.
  2. Create and save a query named qryNMMayRiverFloatCustomers.
    This query will include only River Float reservations in May from New Mexico (NM) customers displaying only the following fields in the query results: FirstName, LastName and number of Adults.
    Sort the query
    by LastName in ascending order.
    See example (your data may be different)
  3. Create and save a query named qryMayTourTotals.
    This query should be grouped by Tour Names with the total number of Adults having reservations in May and listing the number of adults in descending order.
    Change the Caption of the SumOfAdults to Adults.
    The query results should only display the Tour Name and number of Adults fields.
    See example (your data may be different)

    California requires companies to collect tax if they make sales and have an office in California.
    The tour company has an office in California so you need to calculate how much to collect.
    The California tourism tax is $1.85 for each adult ticket sold to Californians.

  4. Create and save a query named qryCaliforniaTax from tblCustomers and tblReservations tables for the total of Adults from California.
  5. Add a calculated field to the qryCaliforniaTax query by adding an expression multiplying the total of the of Adults from California times the $1.85 tax amount.
  6. Set the name of the calculated field heading to Tax and and the caption of the SumOfAdults to Adults.
  7. Format the calculated Tax field as currency. See example (your data may be different)

Part 6 – Create a Form

  1. Create a form named frmReservations including only the following fields:
    ReservationID, FirstName, LastName, State, TourName, Adults, ReservationMonth, PaymentType.
  2. Select to view your data by tblCustomers as a single form.
  3. Change the title of the form to Red Rock Reservations. See example

Part 7 – Export Data to Excel, set option to compact on close

To perform further analysis and create a chart you need to export the reservations to a new workbook.

  1. Export the query qryAllReservations to Excel
  2. Name the new exported workbook file xxxx.xxxxx_Exam5
  3. Set the compact on close option for the database.
  4. Exit Access

Part 8 – EXCEL – Format Workbook

  1. Start Excel and open the spreadsheet you exported from Access
    Verify that you have 3830 rows of data, if not then you have an error in your Access export.
  2. Add the following 3 document properties via the Document Properties panel.
    Author: xxxxx.xxxxx
    Title: Exam5 Spring 2018
    Comments: location where you completed the exam examples
    if you completed it at home then list – “my home system
    if you complete it on campus then list the room and computer number
    using room E206 system 32 would be entered as – “E206 system 32
    using the Tech Mall system 15 then list – “Tech Mall system 15
  3. Change the worksheet tab name to All Reservations
  4. Insert a new row 1 (moving all the data down 1 row)
  5. Enter the title All Reservations into the inserted row, add a background color and increase the size.
  6. Format the column titles in row 2 to look exactly like the example below using line breaks and setting the column widths as follows: Customer ID 11, Tour 15, First Name 11, Last Name 11, State 8, Adults 8, Reservation Month 11, Payment Type 15. These widths are in pixels not inches.
    Note: Adding spaces to make the titles look correct will be graded as an error.
    row format
  7. Insert the current date header/footer element in the left header area and insert the file name header/footer element in the center header area and type your name in the right header area.
    Header Footer
  8. Freeze rows 1 & 2 and column A so they do not scroll.

Part 9Import Access Table into Excel

  1. Import all tblTours records from your Exam 5 database – xxxxxx.xxxxxx_Exam5 into a new worksheet.
    If you do not import the database table using the import command there will be a deduction.
  2. Adjust the column titles adding a space to split the words.
  3. Calculate the Profit for each tour in column H. The profit is the difference between the Ticket Price and the Expense.
  4. Calculate the Surcharge Total in column I.
    The surcharge total is the Capacity times the SurchargeAmount.
  5. Insert a column between H and I. Enter a column title of Total Profit.
  6. Calculate the Total Profit for each tour where the total profit is the Profit times the Capacity.
  7. Hide columns F and G.
  8. Insert a new row 1 moving all the data down 1 row
  9. Enter the title Tour Calculations in row 1 and format it
    the first 2 rows in your worksheet should look like this
    tour calculations
  10. Calculate the following for the Surcharge Total column, Minimum in row 11, Average in row 12, Maximum in row 13. Should look like this:
    rows 11 - 13
  11. Format the values for the Minimum, Average, and Maximum with 0 decimal places
  12. Name the worksheet tab Calculations

Part 10Create the Filtered Reservations Worksheet

  1. Copy the All Reservations Worksheet into a new worksheet
  2. Change cell A1 text to Filtered Reservations and set the background using a different color than the All Reservations worksheet
  3. Create a table from the data in the Filtered Reservations worksheet
  4. Sort the Sales data by Tour in ascending order
  5. Add a filter to display only River Float sales where the number of Adults is 1. See example
  6. Change the name of the worksheet tab to Filtered

Part 11 – Create the Pivot Table

  1. Create a Pivot Table from the All Reservations worksheet
  2. Set the pivot table as follows:
  • ReservationMonth as the Row Labels
  • Sum of Adults as the Values
  • Tour and State as the Report Filters
  1. Apply a filter to display only the River Float reservations.
  2. Name the worksheet tab Pivot Table. See example

Part 12 – Create a Tour Chart

  1. Create a Column Chart of the monthly totals from the Pivot Chart worksheet.
  2. Use the Move Chart command to move the chart to a new new worksheet and name it Tour Chart
  3. Add / Change the Chart Title above the chart to Monthly Totals
  4. Delete the chart legend. See example

Part 13Finish and Submit

  1. Create a new worksheet.
  2. Add a title to the worksheet and worksheet tab using the name Links.
  3. Move the Links worksheet tab so it is the first tab on the left.
  4. Add the name for each worksheet and then link the name to the respective worksheet.
    You don’t need to have a link to the Tour Chart.
  5. Format your links worksheet to look professional.
  6. Change the color of each worksheet tab as follows and arrange them in this order from left to right with Links being first and Tour Chart last.

    Links Red
    All Reservations Light Gray 25%, Background 2, Darker 25%
    Calculations Blue, Accent 1, Lighter 40%
    Filtered Gold, Accent 2, Lighter 40%
    Pivot Table Green, Accent 6, Lighter 40%
    Tour Chart Orange Accent 2, Lighter 40%

    view Theme colors

  7. Upload your Exam 5 files by clicking the
    Exam 5 Access link for your Database – xxxxx.xxxxx_Exam5 and
    Exam 5 Excel link for your Spreadsheet – xxxxx.xxxxx_Exam5



editing essay Humanities Assignment Help

Compare and contrast Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun with TaNihisi Coates’ “A Case for Reparations.”

Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun


TaNihisi Coates, “The Case for Reparations.”


Comments: The main weakness is that your comments are more general than specific. Can you make and support a specific claim? You say both texts suggest that the desire self-improvement is universal, but suggest different routes to self improvement. Can you develop this idea with specific evidence from both texts? Also, there are historical errors to correct.

According to this comments, please make some changes.

editing essay Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Methods II Humanities Assignment Help

Part II: You will complete a detailed proposal, using your proposed group and the information presented in your final group analysis paper

See pages Appendix for examples of your proposal. Be sure to include a cover page along with the format presented in your book.

Cover page (APA)

Title of the Group


Statement summarizing major points of the group


Brief statement of purpose

How the group will conduct its work

Job description of the group leader/workers

Agency Sponsorship

Agency name and mission

Agency resources (physical facilities, financial, staff)

Geographic and demographic data of the agency


Specific population of the Group

Why population was chosen/need services


Methods used to recruit


Criteria for member inclusion/exclusion


Specific procedures to be used


Number, frequency, length, and time of meeting.


Physical arrangements (room, space, materials)

Financial arrangements (budget, expense, income)

Special arrangements (child care, transportation)

***This is an extension of your final paper and group development based on your field placement.

My purposed group is child abuse mainly verbal child abuse


Power point IP3 Alcohol Use and Abuse Business Finance Assignment Help

Your supervisor is impressed with the medical knowledge you have as to the health effects/risks of alcohol/substance abuse and asks that you prepare a PowerPoint presentation to present to the probation department staff. He tells you that the presentation should have some color and some graphics associated with the topics. He wants you to use the notes section for the presentation. Prepare a 5–8-slide PowerPoint presentation specifically on at least 3 different birth defects or birth-related problems shown by newborns whose mothers used alcohol, nicotine, or other substances during pregnancy. Be certain to use in-text citations and to have a reference slide at the end in addition to an opening slide. You will be giving this presentation to the probation department staff, so remember to check for errors in spelling and grammar.

  • PowerPoint presentations should be between 5-8 slides.
  • Presentations should include color, graphics, title slide, and references related to topics.
  • Use the notes section for the presentation.
  • PowerPoint slides should specifically include birth defects associated with alcohol/substance abuse.


str/581 Week 4 Discussion Questions Business Finance Assignment Help

What is a business-level strategy?

What is the relationship between a firm’s customers and its business-level strategy in terms of who, what, and how? Why is this relationship important?

What are the differences among the cost leadership, differentiation, focused cost leadership, focused differentiation, and integrated cost leadership/differentiation business-level strategies?

How can each of the business-level strategies be used to position the firm relative to the five forces of competition in a way that helps the firm earn above-average returns?

What are the specific risks associated with using each business-level strategies?

What is corporate-level strategy and why is it important?

What are the different levels of diversification firms can pursue by using different corporate-level strategies?

What are three reasons firms choose to diversify their operations?

How do firms create value when using a related diversification strategy?

What are the two ways to obtain financial economies when using an unrelated diversification strategy?

What incentives and resources encourage diversification?

What motives might encourage managers to over diversify their firm?

What incentives influence firms to use international strategies?

What are the three basic benefits firms can achieve by successfully using an international business-strategy?

What four factors are determinants of national advantage and serve as a basis for international business-level strategies?

What are some global environmental trends affecting the choice of international strategies, particularly international corporate-level strategies?

What are the three-international corporate-level strategies? What are the advantages and disadvantages associated with these individual strategies?

What five entry modes do firms consider as paths to use to enter international markets? What is the typical sequence in which firms use these entry modes?

What are political risks and what are economic risks? How should firms approach dealing with these risks?

What are two important issues that can potentially affect a firm’s ability to successfully use international strategies?

Must be original and 100 to 200 words


Transcriptions: Conversation Analysis Research Paper Humanities Assignment Help

Guidelines for Final Research Papers

I. Overall Outline of Your Paper:


(topic of your paper, what will you show?)

Data & Methods

(brief description of C-Span data; brief description of conversation analytic method)

Analysis of Data

(largest section of the paper)

Summary & Conclusions


(the textbook and any articles within the textbook that you quoted or paraphrased in your


II. Citation formats:

The only source you will need for this paper is the class textbook (Garcia, 2013). Here is a summary of how to cite the text for quotes and paraphrases:

A. In-text Citations: In your paper use the author’s last name and year of publication followed by page numbers. Citations must be given for both quotes and paraphrases. Failure to provide citations for quotes/material/ideas/anything obtained from another author’s work is plagiarism.

a. Here is how a quote should be cited:

“Blah blah blah blah” (Garcia, 2013, p. 45).

b. Here is how a paraphrase should be cited:

Summary summary summary summary (Garcia, 2013, pp. 46-48).

c. If you use a quote of another author’s work which is cited in the text, cite that author (e.g., Schegloff, 1979, p. 45), and include that citation in your list of references. Use the format for references that is used in the text book.

B. Example for citing quotes: Direct quotes require quotation marks and citation (author, year, page). If the quote is longer than three lines of text, set it off from the text with space above and below, and indent both right and left. For example:

Regini (2002, p. 2) writes that crisis negotiation team “leaders must be experienced, knowledgeable, and articulate supervisors or senior investigators.” They must have knowledge of behavioral sciences and human behavior and work effectively with other team members:

“training in handling manipulative subjects, reframing techniques to put a ‘different spin’ on negative thoughts and perceptions of hostile subjects, and using guided discovery-questioning techniques to augment a negotiator’s basic problem-solving skills.” (Regini 2002, p. 4)

The ability to defuse intense emotions is also an important skill for crisis negotiators….

III. Analysis Section of Paper:

Use what you have learned about conversation analysis to analyze the class data set. You can cut and paste excerpts from the data set as needed to illustrate your analysis. Transcript excerpts should be indented .5 inches left and right, and set off from the text with a space before and after each excerpt. Number the excerpts and be sure to refer to specific line numbers in your analysis of the excerpts.

IV. Formatting of Paper:

1. Double Space

2. 12 point type (Times New Roman font)

3. Indent paragraphs; do not leave extra space between paragraphs

4. Your nameand Sectionon first page of paper (separate cover page notneeded). Do notuse headers/footers, except for the page numbers (add page numbers to the upper right hand corner).

5. Length of paper: 12-15 pages


3 part assignment Humanities Assignment Help

3 part assignment Humanities Assignment Help

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