!3th movie, argumentative essay help Humanities Assignment Help

!3th movie, argumentative essay help Humanities Assignment Help. !3th movie, argumentative essay help Humanities Assignment Help.

i need an outline for the 3 point thesis.

topic is : “13th” movie/documentary can be found on Netflix

” use movie as the main source for the essay ”

thesis statement :

the us correction system is not a place for rehabilitation but a place for big business enterprises , unsafe environment and a corrupt institution

1- correction system

2- unsafe environment

3- corrupt institution

(( will also upload my 1st draft/introduction and please add the thesis statement to it, as the one in the paper is not correct. ))

(will upload an example for the outline from one of my classmates paper )

!3th movie, argumentative essay help Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

The Tempest Essay: displaying Prospero’s magical powers, English homework help Humanities Assignment Help

So here’s the question: why does he make so much of these powers and why does he decide to give them up? In what way does magic ensure that the romance plot reaches its desired end?
The three critics you have read—Orgel, Hulme and Skura—have theories about his magic and the purpose that it serves in this play. What are they? Which theory do you find most satisfying?
It could be that you don’t find any of these descriptions satisfying. Perhaps these critics have missed something important. If that is the case, what have they missed?
Your mission
Your mission is to write a reasoned, reasonable account of this speech and its place in the play,


Keynesian Theory, political science assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

This is one question please use the references as I have provided them. I have pasted the Keynesian Theory according to Dye. Use in-text citation.

Only use 6 sentences to answer the question.

Explain which perspective, Keynesian or Austerity, is better policy for government during a recession.

Keynesian Theory.

But the Great Depression of the 1930s shattered popular confidence in classical economics. During that decade, the average unemployment rate was 18 percent, rising to 25 percent in the worst year, 1933. But even in 1936, seven years after the great stock market crash in 1929, unemployment was still 18 percent of the work force, raising questions about the ability of the market to stabilize itself and ensure high employment and productivity.

According to the British economist John Maynard Keynes, economic instability was a product of fluctuations in demand. Both unemployment and lower wages reduced the demand for goods; businesses cut production and laid off more workers to adjust for lower demand for their goods, but cuts and layoffs further reduced demand and accelerated the downward spiral. Keynesian theory suggested that the economy could fall into a recession and stay there. Only government could take the necessary countercyclical steps to expand demand by spending more money itself and lowering taxes. Of course, the government cannot add to aggregate demand if it balances the budget. Rather, during a recession it must incur deficits to add to total demand, spending more than it receives in revenues. Government borrowing—and the national debt—would grow during recessions. Borrowed money would make up the difference (the deficit) between lowered revenues and higher spending. To counter inflationary trends, the government should take just the opposite steps. Thus government would “counter” economic cycles, that is, engage in “countercyclical” fiscal policies.


Dye, T.R. (2010). Understanding public policy (13th ed.). Longman: Pearson Prentice Hall. ISBN: 9780205757428. Custom ISBN: 9781256054160


Is merck mectizan being socially responsible?, social science assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

1) Using each thinkers idea, examine their theories and argue whether they justify merck’s actions (giving out millions of free medication/treatment) or not.

I have already done three thinkers, So i want you to follow that outline. I explained their theory, then argued according to their theory whether they would justify Mectizans Donation Program or not. Use quotes from the reading and include the page number as well!

2) then you must consider your position. Alternatively, you may wish to present your position and preferred theoretical approach at the outset and then demonstrate how it effectively evaluates the program. In the course of your argument, you would bring in the other approaches/thinkers as sources of counter-arguments/counter-claims which you must rebut or, if possible, assimilate to your position.

200 words for each thinker.

The thinkers are Jensen, Greenfield and Drucker.

Drucker is a instrumental (strategic) stakeholder theory advocate –> He believes doing good for society will help the corporation do well. A strategic business solution.

Greenfield is a instrumental (strategic) stakeholder theory advocate and focuses on DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE–> he believes that executives work for all stakeholders of a firm and their job is to advance and balance the interests of ALL stakeholders, not only shareholders.

Jensen is a normative stockholder theories –> he believes that executives work for shareholders and their job is to maximize profit.

I’m attached the 3 readings, my unfinished essay (with the 3 thinkers ive already done highlighted in yellow), and some points about the three thinkers to help you write the paragraphs


Monster in America , english assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Only chapter 2,3,4 if u don’t have the book don’t take it ..even me I don’t have it ..u have to write essay for each chapter

Monsters in America Project

As W. Scott Poole’s text will serve as the conceptual framework for the course, this assignment seeks to promote regular critical engagement with the text.

Part 1: Chapter by Chapter Engagement. For each chapter of the text, students will maintain comprehensive, written dossiers separated into three components as follows.

Component 1: Annotated Reflections. (1.5-2 pages) Students will compose written reflections on the material covered, using annotation as a strategy to highlight their perspective and response to the readings. Keeping the principles outlined in Adler’s “How to Mark a Book” in mind while reading, students should seek to identify moments/passages in the text that were illuminating, confusing, instructive, dubious, biased, fascinating, problematic, and so forth.

The written reflection itself should be both specific and representative of the whole range of the required reading, and not simply be from the first few pages of the reading. This piece is a reflection of how the reader interacts with the text; there is no right or wrong, only different levels of academic curiosity and critical thought.

The reflection should include a series of insightful, well-developed entries of select annotations the student has made. Each entry should begin by citing the first few words of the relevant phrase or passage, followed by the page number. The remainder of the entry should examine the significance of the passage. Entries can clarify a reference and explain its significance, explore something that is unclear, or explain why something resonates with the reader, etc. (There is a reason that you made the annotation, and each individual will annotate something different.)

Reflections will be submitted according to the due dates outlined in the weekly schedule. Those students scheduled to present for a given chapter are not required to submit a reflection (see Monsters in America Presentations assignment). An individual grade is not assigned to each reflection; however, reflections will be graded collectively upon the completion of the project. Failure to submit a reflection will result in a 10 point reduction from the overall project grade.

Component 2: Summary. (1 page) Students will compose a summary of the chapter, highlighting the key elements of Poole’s text. These summaries should not exceed one page in length.

Component 3: Vocabulary. Students will maintain a list of unfamiliar words they come across in the chapter. The list should also include the page on which the word was found. Once completing the chapter, students will define these words using a college dictionary and observing the definition appropriate for the word’s usage in context.

Part 2: Comprehensive Reflection. The comprehensive reflection will be a culminating work composed at the end of the semester. Prior to the class, students will have their chapter reflections returned to them for review. The comprehensive reflection will call upon students, using their chapter reflections as their only reference, to treat Monsters in America in its entirety, focusing on their overall impressions of the work as well as anything learned from the text with long ranging applicability beyond the context of the course.

The comprehensive reflection will be graded in conjunction with the previously submitted chapter reflections to determine the final grade for the project



Statistics Psychology, assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Complete the questions below. Be specific and provide examples when relevant.

Cite any sources consistent with APA guidelines.



Salkind (2014) describes statistics as a set of tools. How do behavioral scientists use those tools?

How would you use descriptive statistics to report the effectiveness of a baseball team? How would you use inferential statistics to report the effectiveness of a baseball team? In this example, what is the sample and what is the population?

What does a measure of central tendency tell us about a data set? Identify the three common measures of central tendency used in descriptive statistics and give an example of each. How do you calculate them?

What is variability in a data set? Identify three measures of variability used in descriptive statistics, explain how to calculate each, and give an example of each.

Statistics Psychology, assignment help Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Humanities 102 – Response to classmate, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

For this portion you will write a 500 word response to an essay that a classmate wrote, write a response pertaining to the text that you read in the last post. stay in context with the reading, with the essay that you wrote and also the one your classmate has written dont simply say i agree with what you said for example. Below is the question that my classmate chose and her answer.

  1. Gaddis tells us in his first chapter of The Landscape of History that time travel, like what we might see in ascience fiction story, will not actually benefit the work of historian. However, his theories suggest that in adifferent way a historian is involved in time travel. Describe and explain his reasoning.

One of the most interesting topics that Gaddis talked about is his deep belief in the complex reality throughout history. The importance of understanding history and the importance of human actions and intelligence involves a sort of need to understand the mind of a man in a certain point in time. The interesting ideas in discussing history is the need to understand the recognition of patterns and that idea often times leads Gaddis to end up finding similarities in other parts of his life. A lot of Gaddis and his reasoning for not relying or time traveling to the past to try and make sense of detail is the problem with not being able to analyze and make ideas about the future, even though it is the job and habit to look to the past, the future is equally as important and it is equally important to find pattern or predict pattern there as well. He makes great points about only being able to represent the past and not actually be able to obtain it or go back to it, there is not changing it so what good is it really to stay there or “time travel” back to it. Gaddis has reasoning leading back to the fact that living a certain experience is much different from understanding it and that this is where historians find their faults, in not being able to completely understand something because they are busy trying to live things that are in the past instead of study the human intent or human involvement.

Gaddis goes on, in great detail, describing the way that someone who is living and studying the current moment in time is in no way lacking knowledge as compared to a person who is studying the past or past events. Gaddis believes that an important detail of historians or an important feature of what they do is that they look at the bigger picture of things or the whole “landscape” this means that they understand the past for what it really ended up meaning to us now as opposed to how it used to mean then. This may give us more insight then it would have meant to just experience something a long time ago, there is more detail in the understanding then in the act. There is a lot of similarities between what we are experiencing now and what we learn from the past in the large spectrum of things, in the “landscape” of things. There is a lot in the idea that as we grow older into our own lives and our own futures we are bringing in a lot of ideas and understanding more in life and we live it and this is similar to the idea of people studying the past and looking at the bigger picture of things. It is like reliving certain moments of your life when all that mattered is what you learned from it.


Essay Latino Studies based on book, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Chapter 6, 7 & 8 (“How Children Fare,” “The Consequences of Long-Term Family Separation” and “Valio la Pena: Is Family Separation Worth It?”) in Leisy Abrego’s book Sacrificing Families assesses the impact of undocumented Salvadoran migration on the children that are left behind. Abrego offers a sobering and nuanced summary of the status of the children in El Salvador who have undocumented parents now living in the United States.

Question One: Please summarize Abrego’s key finding about the condition of the children left behind in El Salvador discussed in these chapter and assess whether or not the family separation and sacrifice was worth it.

Your 1,000 word essay will be evaluated on how
carefully and successfully you directly draw from these course readings in crafting
your essay. It is the quality of the
engagement with and use of the assigned readings that is key to this assignment
. Please make sure that you include concrete examples
taken from them and correctly cite the readings in writing your essay. I am
only interested in you telling me what the authors of these essay have to say
about these issues. Please make sure to include
a word count and bibliography at the end of your essay.



Technical Paper: Object-oriented Programming (OOP) , computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

Technical Paper: Object-oriented Programming (OOP) / Event-Driven
Programming (EDP) versus Procedural Programming (PP)

  • Due Week 10 and Use the Internet or Strayer databases to research the advantages, features,
    and common examples of OOP and EDP. Note: You may use the Association for
    Computing Machinery (ACM) Digital Library to support research on the above
    topics. Instructions detailing the necessary steps to access the ACM Digital
    Library are located at the end of the Course Guide.Write a three to five (3-5) page paper in which you:

    1. Identify at least two (2) advantages to using OOP as compared to using only
    2. Create one (1) original example of a class with at least one (1) attribute
      and one (1) method. Identify what the class in question represents, the
      attributes the class stores, and the purpose of the related method. Next,
      examine the relationship between the class, attributes, and methods that you
      have identified.
    3. Describe at least one (1) feature of object-oriented programming that Visual
      Logic lacks.
    4. Identify at least one (1) advantage to using event-driven programming, as
      compared to using purely procedural programming.
    5. Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment.
      Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality

    Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

    • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch
      margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or
      school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional
    • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s
      name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and
      the reference page are not included in the required assignment page
    • NB: – Student Be serious on you point no need of copying from other paper (Avoid plagiarism) and I need a nit and organize work.

    The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment

    • Explain and identify object-oriented concepts.
    • Identify object-oriented classes and also the attributes and methods they
    • Explain the use and benefits of object-oriented programming and event-driven
    • Use technology and information resources to research issues in computer
      programming design.
    • Write clearly and concisely about computer programming design topics using
      proper writing mechanics and technical style convention.


Innovations in iMED, health and medical assignment help Health Medical Assignment Help

Your job is to read HSV700_ ACHE FutuerScan Document and analyze and answer the questions for the four chapters. Try to concisely, but comprehensively address the questions for each of the four chapters. The chapters that you are to analyze and use for this assignment are: 1- chapter 2 – Transparency, p. 10. 2- Chapter 4 – Volume to Value, p. 23 3- Chapter 5 – Innovation in Primary Care, p. 33 4- Chapter 8 – Innovations in iMED, p.43 Note: You will notice that each chapter required to answer the same tow questions, so each question requires one page with single spaced for each chapter. I already created to you the document that you will use it to post your answers.


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