4.3 Chapter 8

4.3 Chapter 8. 4.3 Chapter 8.

I’m trying to study for my Psychology course and I need some help to understand this question.

  • Define the term learning and discuss how the process of learning differs from instincts and involuntary reflexes
  • Explain classical conditioning including the important terminology for this type of learning. Provide an example of how to apply classical conditioning to our everyday lives
  • Distinguish between associative versus nonassociative learning
  • Explain the difference between extinction and spontaneous recovery
  • Explain how operant conditioning works, giving an example for each of the 4 types of consequences. Provide several examples of how to apply operant conditioning to our everyday lives
  • Explain the theory of observational learning, including Bandura’s bo

4.3 Chapter 8

4.3 Chapter 8

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