4.7 Chapter 9 (ASSIGNMENT)

4.7 Chapter 9 (ASSIGNMENT). 4.7 Chapter 9 (ASSIGNMENT).

I need support with this Psychology question so I can learn better.

In a few sentences, please respond to each of the following questions. Up to 10 points can be earned for a completed assignment, with partial credit available for incomplete responses.

  • Explain the three basic processes involved in memory
  • Distinguish between the 3 stages of memory in the Atkinson-Shiffrin model of memory including storage capacity and length of storage for each of the 3 stages
  • Explain the difference between declarative and nondeclarative memories. Provide an example of how each type of memory works
  • Explain how we draw information out of long-term memory. Discuss the cues that we rely on in our everyday lives
  • Identify and describe the 3 theories of “forgetting”
  • Discuss the various strategies/suggestions for improving our memory

4.7 Chapter 9 (ASSIGNMENT)

4.7 Chapter 9 (ASSIGNMENT)

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