400 world limit MLA format on Congressional procedure Writing Assignment Help

400 world limit MLA format on Congressional procedure Writing Assignment Help. 400 world limit MLA format on Congressional procedure Writing Assignment Help.

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This is an argumentative essay on congressional procedures!!

Please answer each question as a political scientist because this essay is worth 100 points

Questions are below

What is an existing rule or procedure you would change? (For example, what senate or house procedure you would like to change. What would you change about it?)Please be specific and detailed!!! For example, filibuster procedure!! Please use the Filibuster procedure for the assignment.

Why change it the way you propose? (Why do you think you change is propose is better or worth considering?)

What would be the consequences of the change? (think of the possible consequences of your change)

Which consequences would be negative or undesired based on your values? Think of which consequences would be positive or desired on your values?Given the pros & cons, why propose this change?Finally, is this a change that is possible, i.e. enacted in the Congress?Discuss. 400 Word Limit.

The link below is sources you will need for the assignment



400 world limit MLA format on Congressional procedure Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

reflection of testing Humanities Assignment Help

This week you will be working within the CCA practice materials tab (located in the left-hand navigation pane). You will be taking the exams on domains 5 and 6 and sharing your experiences. You will also use the information you gained to outline the information needed in domains 5 and 6 to be successful on the CCA examination. Remember, there is valuable study material within each domain folder. Make sure you review the material.

Week 6 Discussion


This week we will continue to work with the CCA Practice materials. We will be focusing on Domain 5: Information Technology and Domain 6: Confidentiality and Privacy. Use the review materials in this week’s CCA Practice Materials to prepare for the practice exam.

Domain 5 – Information Technologies Content:

1. Navigate throughout the EHR

2. Utilize encoding and grouping software

3. Utilize practice management and HIM systems

4. Utilize CAC software that automatically assigns codes based on electronic text

5. Validate the codes assigned by CAC software

Domain 6 – Confidentiality & Privacy Content:

1. Ensure patient confidentiality

2. Educate healthcare staff on privacy and confidentiality issues

3. Recognize and report privacy issues/violations

4. Maintain a secure work environment

5. Utilize pass codes

6. Access only minimal necessary documents/information

7. Release patient-specific data to authorized individuals

8. Protect electronic documents through encryption

9. Transfer electronic documents through secure sites

10. Retain confidential records appropriately

11. Destroy confidential records appropriately

You will use the practice exams in Module 3 in Cengage for Domain 5. There isn’t a module that provides review for Domain 6 so this week we will work on Module 2 in Cengage which covers Medical Science and will provide feedback on your knowledge. In order to review for Domain 6, review the Study Materials for Domain 6 under the CCA Practice Materials.


English paper help Humanities Assignment Help

I need help to edit and revised my paper. I have already wrote the paper but there were many issues with it.

This is for literary superheroes class. The paper was about Iron man movie

The goal is to write a focused, thesis-driven essay that features your close readings of, and citations and quotations from, the film(s). Draw from your notes and class discussions. This is not a research paper; it is your formal analysis of the primary source(s). Do not consult other sources.

The professor said the main issue in this paper is that a lot came from secondary sources and it wasn’t my own analysis

fix this I have to go back to include all the citations and quotations
that I have borrowed and browsed from secondary sources. ( I am working
on this now)

I need help to come up with more scenes from the
movie ( Iron man1) and comic book ( I have attached it) that support my
thesis. It is all most be 100% personal analysis don’t counsel any
secondary sources at all ( net browser, youtube, etc)

Also i need help to strength this paper because it counts as a final paper ( long paper ( revision of a short paper)

Thank you


my digital life Writing Assignment Help

“My Digital Life” Project

The purpose of this assignment is to reflect upon your own use of social media, and to critically analyze how social media has affected (and/or is affecting) your sense of self and the identities you hold. This is a creative project that should utilize key concepts and terminology from class, but also personal examples to communicate your vision of the connection between your own self and the digital arena. The assignment is not structured as a typical research paper, in that you are not expected to follow an introduction-body-conclusion format. Instead, the paper should be split into the sections outlined below. If you so choose, you may integrate visual examples (e.g. screen captures) in your project. In any case, you should use a number of detailed examples to illustrate your points.

For the purposes of this particular paper, you may discuss any media space that is (a) interactive/social, (b) digital, and (c) one-to-many. Avoid discussing media usage that is solitary (e.g. playing Candy Crush), non-digital (e.g. television consumption), or primarily one-to-one (e.g. texting, for the most part). Kidd’s discussion of the social media landscape is a good place to start. Though Kidd does not include virtual worlds, interactive video games (e.g. World of Warcraft), or online dating sites/apps on his list, you may include these spaces if you would like. You may also discuss past usage of sites/apps that you may no longer use. If you do NOT and have NEVER used any social media in your life, you should discuss your lack of usage and how that lack of usage reflects who you are and your various identities.

The assignment is worth 150 points.

Paper Components

  1. Introduction (approx. ½ page) – This section does not need to be very long, but you should think of a creative way to introduce the project and illustrate your connection to social media. You should also outline the main idea of your paper and the different sections.

  1. Social Media Use (approx. 1.5 pages) – In this section, you should discuss your use of social media. What types of social media do you commonly use? For what purposes? How often? You might also consider what types of interactive media you choose to avoid, how often you use interactive media, and how long you have been reliant on interactive digital communication. Be specific in discussing the online spaces and tools you use, and why/how you use them.

  1. Social Media and Your Self (approx. 2 pages) – How does social media impact your sense of self? Recall the three components of the self (cognitive, emotional, social) and discuss the impact of interactive media on these three things. Be sure to use the terms (e.g. self-concept, self-esteem, self-awareness, looking glass self, self-consciousness, self-complexity, etc.) Also, discuss how you present yourself online in social spaces. Do you present yourself in different ways in different spaces? How conscious are you of how you present yourself online? Do you disclose more about yourself in some spaces over others? You are not limited to only these questions, but they should be a starting ground.

  1. Social Media and Your Identities (approx. 1 page) – Which of your identities are visible in the various social media spaces you use? Which identities are hidden/not actively portrayed? Are there differences across various locations/spaces? What do you think your various profiles say about your identities (think broadly – images, posts, likes, groups you are in, connections you have, who you follow, etc.)? Might your interactive media presence alter how others view your identities? You are not limited to only these questions. You may discuss any aspect of interactive media and identity.

  1. Overall Contributions to Your Identity/Self (approx. 1 – 1.5 pages) – In this section, you should reflect on the positive and negative role that social media plays in your life, specifically in relation to your sense of self and the identities you hold. Summarize both the positives and negatives and then determine which you feel is stronger. That is, do you feel that interactive media brings you more good than bad, or that it contributes to your sense of self in more negative ways than positive ones? Which side outweighs the other? Be sure to take a clear side.

  1. Conclusion (approx. ½ page) – Conclude your paper with a brief summary of what you said in each section, and an interesting and impactful clincher.


No outside research is needed for this paper, though you are encouraged to reference both course readings and lecture. If citing a lecture slide, I am fine with you simply citing my lecture rather than the originating source (but, of course, you must cite lecture in APA-style). All references need both in-text citations and a mention on your reference page. All sources should be cited in APA-style. When in doubt, cite your source. Do not rely solely on one course reading for terminology/core concepts.

Also, please use quotations sparingly. The goal of this paper is for me to hear your own take on your interactive media use. While you can use a couple of quotes to illustrate a connection between your thoughts and the course material, do not rely on quotes as space fillers. Paraphrase when possible and limit your use of the course material to where it is appropriate. I am not expecting an extensive amount of citations in this short paper.

Length and Format

This paper should be between 6 and 7 pages, double-spaced. In accordance with APA-style, you should use 12-point Times New Roman Font. Margins, sub-titles, pages numbers, and all other format elements should be in APA-style (7th edition).

Title Page

You should include an APA-style title page with your paper. Note that the 7th edition of the APA style guide has specific guidelines for student papers that differ from scholarly title pages. You do NOT need an abstract.


Papers are due by August 2 at 11:59 PM. There are no exceptions. You must upload a copy to our Blackboard site by this time on this date.


FIN330 Milestone Two Business Finance Assignment Help

Hello again, since you did my Milestone one i thought you would be perfect for milestone two.

This milestone requires you to write a draft of the Capital Structure and Valuation sections (Sections III and IV) of Final Project I, the corporate valuation report. In this assignment, you will use the same corporation you focused on in Milestone One to expand upon the capital structure of the organization and the valuation of the corporation through forecasting.

Let me know if you want me to resend you milestone one, or if you still have it.



Thesis Paper Edits Humanities Assignment Help

Please review edits needed from professor. I need the edits corrected; especially when it comes to the formatting of the paper as this is main thing that I was marked off for. There are also some content issues that need to be addressed. I have also submitted the professor’s feedback and would like any content concerns addressed. Also, I have attached the end of course manual that needs to be used. I need about 3 pages added is my guess due to content issues. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions.

Thesis Paper Edits Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Sullivan University Journal Response Discussion Writing Assignment Help

Assignment 6.2 – Journal Response
This is an opportunity to process and apply both new and familiar concepts. Write a journal response discussing your thoughts on this week’s course material. Be sure to address the assigned video clips and readings. Did you strongly agree or disagree with any particular concepts or ideas? Did you find any aspects surprising? Were there any concepts that you plan to apply or implement to your life? Feel free to include any other thoughts or responses. Upload this assignment to the appropriate Drop Box by the date listed on the course schedule. Your journal response should be sufficient in length to fully address the question, double spaced, written at the college level, adhere to APA guidelines, and include a reference list. Any sources used must be cited properly using in-text citations and referenced at the end of the paper.”


this homework contains 5 subpart and one project Programming Assignment Help

does a least square fit of the thrust data used in Homework 1.

Use your thrust data x = 0.0 0.1 0.2 ... 1.9
y = 0.0 6.0 14.1 ... 0.0
Be sure time 0.0 has value 0.0, time 1.9 has value 0.0

Do the least square fit with 3, 4, ... , 17 degree polynomials.
Compute the maximum error, the average error and RMS error
for each fit. If convenient, look at the plots of your fit
and compare to the input.

Print out your data. Remove excess printout, print:
Print out your polynomial order for each degree 3..17 and
print out maximum, average and RMS error for each.


Counseling Skills Humanities Assignment Help

Write a 10-15 page paper in which you will reflect on your philosophy of counseling. Your philosophy will include characteristics you think are necessary of counselors, your view of the role as a counselor, how you view the role of the client, and how your relationships, spirituality, and counseling practice will interact as a career in counseling is pursued. In the paper, the student should reflect on:

1) How your current and past relationships might impact your practice of counseling.

2) How your own spirituality, theology, and worldview may impact your practice of counseling.

3) How other life experiences may impact counseling practice.

4) How this class has impacted your understanding of counseling.

5) What strengths do you have that may help for future counseling.

6) What weaknesses/issues need to be addressed by you as you pursue a career in counseling?

7) How you will implement self-care strategies.

8) Evaluate how your background and personality influence the helping relationship.

9) Discuss how you will (or will not) use technology in counseling, and address the role of technology on the counseling process.

You should extensively reference a minimum of five scholarly sources in the paper without using block quotes. The paper will follow APA format for title page, reference page, double space, one-inch margins, and Times New Roman. The paper will also be graded on grammar and punctuation.


Counseling and Therapy Skills


D.G. Martin

ISBN 13:


Edition/Year Published:

4th ed, 2016


Waveland Press


Interviewing and change strategies for helpers


Cormier, S., Nurius P.S., & Osborn, C.J.

ISBN 13:


Edition/Year Published:

8th, 2017


Cengage Learning

Is Access Code Required?


must insert page number when using references or quotations


I think you should find the book online. Business Finance Assignment Help

Life Skills Final Paper – Case Analysis relates to chapter 15 “Selecting, Appraising, and Discipline Employees”

Supervisory Management

Mosley, Mosley & Pietri

Current Edition

Exercise Content

  1. Your Life Skills – Case Analysis relates to chapter 15 “Selecting, Appraising, and Discipline Employees” by Mosley, Pietri and Mosley, designed to reinforce the learning objectives of the course, and in conjunction with the final exam will provide a measure of your material’s knowledge and critical thinking skills.
    Your questions analysis and preparation will require for you to complete the reading for Chapter 15 * Answer the following questions 1-5, related to Chapter 15 Case 15-1 “When a Transfer Backfires” Each question must be in An APA format, at least 300 words (full page) of writing, and properly cited APA. Also it should be at least 30% Original, the paper will be submitted via “Turnitin” This is a research paper based on the case analysis and requires at least 4 to 5 academic references


400 world limit MLA format on Congressional procedure Writing Assignment Help

400 world limit MLA format on Congressional procedure Writing Assignment Help

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