5-6 slide presentation on creating visuals Mathematics Assignment Help

5-6 slide presentation on creating visuals Mathematics Assignment Help. 5-6 slide presentation on creating visuals Mathematics Assignment Help.

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The purpose of this assignment is to use skills you have learned throughout all five weeks of the course. You will be able to apply what they have learned to solve a real world problem that you could use to in your future career.

Create a 5- to 6-slide presentation that must include:

  • One slide on the Introduction
    • Introduce your topic and question that you chose in Week 2.
    • Why did it interest you? How does it relate to life?
    • What should the audience learn from your presentation?
  • Three to four slides of your visuals
    • Show your tables, scatter plot, other 2 visuals, calculations, and any other evidence to support your conclusion(s) that you created in Week 3.
    • Explain what information in the data tables is not needed for your analysis.
    • Discuss what you can conclude from the visuals. How do these visuals support your conclusion?
  • One slide for a conclusion
    • Restate your topic and question and give your answer to the scenario.
    • How confident are you that your conclusion is sound?
    • What work would need to be done to increase your confidence?
    • Discuss what you learned from this project.

Attaching the data set, I have chosen Topic 4 -Predicting Teen communication preferences. I will attach other data after selecting tutor.

5-6 slide presentation on creating visuals Mathematics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Need forms 1120 and 4562 filled out for this corporation Business Finance Assignment Help

The Snap-It-Open Corporation incorporated and began operations on January 15 of the current year. Its address is 3701 Commerce Drive, Baltimore, MD 23239. Its employer identification number is 69-7414447. It elects to file its initial tax return as a calendar-year corporation and uses the accrual method of accounting. It elects the FIFO method of inventory valuation.

Jason Sprull (SSN 333-33-3333) and Martin Winsock (SSN 555-55-5555) formed the business. They each contributed $250,000 cash for 50 percent of the 100,000 shares of $1 par value stock issued and outstanding.

The company was formed to assemble and market a unique, compact, snap-open umbrella and its business activity code is 339900. These umbrellas are sold to a variety of organizations as premiums. The company purchases the umbrella frames and several types of waterproof fabric for the umbrella material and covers from various manufacturers. It prints the organizations’ advertising logos or other designs on the umbrella material and covers. It then assembles these on the umbrella frames for delivery to the customer along with the covers.

On January 16, the company placed in service two new machines that they had purchased for $250,000 each for printing and cutting the fabric for the umbrellas and two used umbrella assembly machines purchased for $200,000 each. The company obtained a bank loan of $750,000 secured by the machines. Jason and Martin were required to personally guarantee this loan that has an 8 percent annual interest rate on the unpaid balance. The first principal and interest payment of $160,000 is not due until January 16 of next year.

During the year, the company purchased $250,000 of fabric and $310,000 of umbrella frames. It returned one order of frames valued at $5,000 because of a defect in the snap-open mechanism and received a cash refund for that amount.

Both Jason and Martin work full-time in the business. Jason is the salesperson for the company and Martin manages the office and the printing and assembly operations. Each receives a salary of $60,000 per year. They have six employees with the following incomes for the year: $45,000 for an accountant; $21,000 for a receptionist; $28,000 for each of two print machine operators; and $25,000 for each of two assembly machine operators. There are no accrued salaries or taxes as of the end of the current year. FUTA taxes are assessed on the first $7,000 of wages at a rate of 6.0 percent.

By the end of the year, the company had $1,935,000 in umbrella sales, collected $1,430,000 on these sales, and paid the following expenses in cash:

Rent $240,000
Repairs and maintenance 20,000
Utilities 80,000
Taxes and licenses (excluding FICA and FUTA taxes) 10,000
Health insurance 16,000
Advertising 40,000
Travel (excluding meals) 20,000
Meals and entertainment 15,000
Group term life insurance 2,000

As an accrual-basis taxpayer, the company recognized $57,500 in interest expense on the note ($750,000 × .08 × 11.5/12) and established an allowance account for bad debts equal to two percent of sales.

They recognized depreciation expense for financial accounting equal to 10 percent of the purchase price for the new printing machines and 12.5 percent of the purchase price for the used assembly machines.

Their inventory at year-end consisted of $65,000 of fabric and $68,000 of umbrella frames based on the FIFO inventory method. (For simplicity, you are only required to allocate the factory salaries to the calculation of cost of goods sold.)

The company made estimated tax payments of $40,000 for the year.

  1. Complete a Form 1120 and Form 4562 for Snap-It-Open Corporation using the following additional information. The corporation wrote off no bad debts for the year and it maximized its cost recovery deductions on the four machines purchased. Use the latest available tax forms from the IRS Web site at www.irs.gov.


spousal support petition Business Finance Assignment Help

Using the portfolio fact pattern provided, draft a Petition for Spousal Support on behalf of your client. Research the spousal support guidelines in your state as a starting point. Use any worksheets or guidelines available to assist you in preparation of your document. When drafting the petition, pay careful attention to the wording of the allegations and the relief sought based on your state’s rules, keeping in mind that every allegation should be based in relevant facts and should comply with your state’s guidelines for child support to support the relief sought.


Analysis writing -01 Writing Assignment Help

Total word count: 350, the reading is attcahed in file,please check. no outside resources needed.

The questions below are designed to help you
read and take notes for the assigned articles. Make sure you apply them to each
article you read.

1.What is the main point or central argument of this article?
What is the author’s purpose in writing this article?

2.What evidence does the
author present to support her main point/central argument?

3.Are you convinced
by the author’s argument? Why? Why not? What evidence,if any,is missing?

did you learn from this reading that you didn’t know before?


anth writing essay -xiongyut Writing Assignment Help

Need to add 500 more words to on my original work. My original work is post on the attached file, the writing instruction for the final paper is also attached in file, please check.

This is our third and final progress paper. This progress paper should focus on creating a draft of your Energy Balance project (e.g. a rough draft), and illustrate that data collection has been completed and progress is being made. This paper is due online this Friday (June 1st), by 11:59 PM, Pacific Time.

Your third progress paper should be 2 to 10 pages in length. It should be a rough draft of your project, now due in less than two weeks! This should be a partially completed draft of your final paper, i.e. your outline from week 7 with more parts and pieces added, and paragraphs drafted. You will also need to show rough drafts of your tables, graphs, and data calculations. As before, this should include a list of your references, which should be consistent and illustrate that you have continued to read and gather new resources (e.g. articles, interviews, books, etc.). Grading will be based on progress made from the previous paper and the quality of your rough draft as detailed by the general rubric below.

To help me better evaluate your paper, you need to upload your paper as a pdf or word file. Progress papers are worth 10 points total. Late submissions are penalized per day/late. Finally, a general rubric that I’ll use to grade this last progress paper is as follows:

  • Following draft and format directions
    • 2-10 pages and considering quality (1 pt)
    • Rough Draft that demonstrates progress towards your final project (i.e. goes beyond your outline as addressed above) (5 pts)
    • Includes references which are referenced consistently, including new references if only a few were used in the previous outline, and demonstrates you have continued to research and draft your topic (2 pts)
  • Illustrates proper writing skills and organizational skills, including graphs and tables (2 pts)



Comparison on Calculus of Real and Complex Numbers Mathematics Assignment Help

The main goal of this project is to observe the main differences of calculus of complex numbers in C over the real numbers and what advantages these differences brings to other fields of mathematics and to science.

Obj.#1 & Obj.#2 & Obj.#3 is already completed. I going to put at the end the details about first 3 objectives if you would like to know what were about.

You are going to work on Obj.#4.

ATTENTION: I will submit the “Obj.#4 – Report” to my instructor and he will give me some feedback about it. Then I will share his feedback with you. You should be ready to fix and update the paper based on the feedback if needed.

Check with the example report I attached, and please, arrange the references in a similar format.


Obj. #4: The aim of this objective is to compare the complex functions and real functions from techniques of integration perspective and from the series representation prespective.

– Check whether the integration by parts still works for complex integrals.

– There is a mean value theorem for definite integrals. Check whether there is a such theorem for the complex counterpart.

– Check from the power series epension prespective.

– ?!!! Write a report on Obj. #4, about 7−8 pages with proper citations, and on a separate page(s) the references (only the ones used in the report), in an MS Word file.


You can use the following classical books [PS06],[GK06],[Rud87],[CB84],[MH87],[Ahl78], [Lan99], [Nee97].


[Ahl78] Lars V. Ahlfors, Complex analysis, third ed., McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York, 1978, An introduction to the theory of analytic functions of one complex variable, International Series in Pure and Applied Mathematics. MR 510197

[CB84] Ruel V. Churchill and James Ward and Brown, Complex variables and applications, fourth ed., McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York, 1984. MR 730937

[GK06] Robert E. Greene and Steven G. Krantz, Function theory of one complex variable, third ed., Graduate Studies in Mathematics, vol. 40, American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI, 2006.

[Lan99] Serge Lang, Complex analysis, fourth ed., Graduate Texts in Mathematics, vol. 103, Springer-Verlag, New York, 1999. MR 1659317

[MH87] Jerrold E. Marsden and Michael J. Hoffman, Basic complex analysis, second ed., W. H. Freeman and Company, New York, 1987. MR 913736

[Nee97] Tristan Needham, Visual complex analysis, The Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, New York, 1997. MR 1446490

[PS06] S. Ponnusamy and Herb Silverman, Complex variables with applications, Birkh¨auser Boston, Inc., Boston, MA, 2006.

[Rud87] Walter Rudin, Real and complex analysis, third ed., McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York, 1987.


Obj.#1 & Obj.#2 & Obj.#3 Details

Obj. #1: The aim of this objective is to compare the set of complex numbers and the set of real numbers from algebraic structural and from geometric perspective (such as closedness, nth-roots, ’rational’ powers, infinity as extending the number system, roots of polynomials, …).

Obj. #2: The aim of this objective is to compare complex complex valued functions(with one complex variable) with their real valued (with one or two real variables) functions. – Check with some fundamental functions such as complex exponential functions. – Look into the the real valued with two-real variables functions encountered in the studying complex functions. – Look into graphing a real and complex function. – Compare linear (real and complex) functions, linear approximation of a real and of a complex function and their meanings (use CAS to compare the images of some explicitlydefinedsetsunderthecomplexfunctionandunderitslinearapproximation). – Check with multi-valued functions, look also into their graphs (for example complex power function, complex logarithm function, complex exponential function) – Check also if all the properties of real powers work also for complex powers. – Check with trigonometric functions. – Check with the inversion function, see that it can map lines to circles and it can be reversed. – Check from the limit of a function perspective. Check from the continuous function perspective (for example in the real case we say there should not be any jumps, do we have the same observation in the complex case?).

Obj. #3: The aim of this objective is to compare the complex functions and real functions from differeantiation and analyticity perspective. – Check with the interpretations of a derivative of a function. – Check with complex version of some real functions and see whether their differentiability changes and how. – Check if any complex functions can be differentiated with a shortcut formulas, like in the real case. – Check from the higher order derivatives of a function perspective. – Check from analiticity of a function at a point prespective. – Check from a direct application of an analytic function (analytic function is also a conformal map). You can use solving Laplace’s equation.


Comparison on Calculus of Real and Complex Numbers Mathematics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Self-Assessment Paper Humanities Assignment Help

As you write your paper, try to write it in such a way that who you are and what you believe about teaching, learning, and schools comes through clearly.

Based on your experiences in Exploring Teaching, consider the following areas in your self-assessment paper:

I.Teacher Education Goals Addressed in This Course (In essence: What did you learn from this course related to these goals?)

There are five teacher education goals for the program and this course focuses mostly on the following two. (see document) .

II. Your performance in EDUC 500 both in the field ( school teaching assistant) and in the seminar ( a group of students discuss and talk about eduction)

III. What you learned about yourself that makes you most suitable for teaching

Double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12 pt. font, approximately 5 pages


Write a real paper about juvinle case? Business Finance Assignment Help

Juvenile Procedures Term Paper/Course Project
Research Paper: Students will write a paper evaluating a real juvenile Category I-criminal case scenario that includes the three major components of the Criminal Justice System. *Be sure to select a case that discusses the final Court outcome.

The final research paper is due on the date of the last regular session. The paper will be 3-5 pages in length to include (title page, and reference page are not included in the page count), typed and double-spaced with a font size of 12, and has a minimum of four references. Only the APA (American Psychological Association) style of documentation is acceptable.
The paper should cover complete elements of the process of the criminal justice system. These items should be written in sections with the following titles and elements:

Summarize the facts of the case (who, what, where and when)-Refrain from using bullets.
Note whether the case was tried in adult court or adjudicated in juvenile court

Describe the Court adjudication proceedings
Prosecution & Defense
Sentencing (address the sentence ordered by the Court)

Juvenile Detention
Discuss the detention process for the offender
Where were they designated if ordered detained (juvenile hall or/ prison).
Research facts about the institution

Discussion and Conclusion
If you were the judge in this case what would be your decision?
Explain your reasoning for your independent judicial decision.


“Beatrice’s Smile” and The Soul Writing Assignment Help

you need to choose one of this questions and write a 450 words essay.

* the information must be substantial and accurate.

* i need the interpretation of the articles no just paraphrases.

– each question is related with one specific article.

Option #1

Why is the geographical location of heaven supposed to be an important issue in the Soul Narrative? Why is that issue such a tough one?

Option #2

This is something that has come up before: Do Trans-Humanism and Traditional Religion agree on the possibility of an un-embodied or disembodied personality? If so, why?

Option #3

What hurdles would purported evidence for a previous life, or lives, or for an After-Life have leap to be compelling?

the last resourse is https://aeon.co/essays/will-humans-be-around-in-a-…


IPS Investment Portfolio Statement Business Finance Assignment Help

I wrote paper but I missed a lot of things on my paper. Can you help me writing more follow my professor instruction outline, please? I give you my paper in file name “IPS” below.Instruction and outline of project IPS start from page # 8 to last page in file I give you below. Follow instruction and outline to write carefully the project paper. Using Front Time New Roman with size 12, double space to do it. This is class Portfolio Analysis in Finance major. My professor is a hard-grader. Instruction file name is “Syllabus and project instruction bus1 172B f18”. After that turn in to check paper in turnitin.com please. Thanks


5-6 slide presentation on creating visuals Mathematics Assignment Help

5-6 slide presentation on creating visuals Mathematics Assignment Help

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