5-Card-Draw Poker against the computer in C language, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

5-Card-Draw Poker against the computer in C language, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help. 5-Card-Draw Poker against the computer in C language, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help.

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Write a program that allows a user to play 5-Card-Draw Poker against the computer.

Start with the following example code supplied by Deitel& Deitel (example code). This will help you get started with the game of Poker. Please read this site to learn the rules of Poker http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5_card_draw. Complete the following step and you will have a working Poker game!!!

Adapted from Deitel & Deitel’s C How to Program (6th Edition):

(1) In order to complete the game of 5-card-draw poker, you should complete the following functions:

(a) (5 pts) Modify the card dealing function provided in the example code so that a five-card poker hand is dealt.

(b) (5 pts) Write a function to determine if the hand contains a pair.

(c) (5 pts) Write a function to determine if the hand contains two pairs.

(d) (5 pts) Write a function to determine if the hand contains three of a kind (e.g. three jacks).

(e) (5 pts) Write a function to determine if the hand contains four of a kind (e.g. four aces).

(f) (5 pts) Write a function to determine if the hand contains a flush (i.e. all five cards of the same suit).

(g) (5 pts) Write a function to determine if the hand contains a straight (i.e. five cards of consecutive face values).

(2) (20 pts) Use the functions developed in (1) to deal two five-card poker hands, evaluate each hand, and determine which is the better hand.

(3) (25 pts) Simulate the dealer. The dealer’s five-card hand is dealt “face down” so the player cannot see it. The program should then evaluate the dealer’s hand, and based on the quality of the hand, the dealer should draw one, two, or three more cards to replace the corresponding number of unneeded cards in the original hand. The program should then re-evaluate the dealer’s hand.

(4) (10 pts) Make the program handle the dealer’s five-card hand automatically. The player should be allowed to decide which cards of the player’s hand to replace. The program should then evaluate both hands and determine who wins. Now use the program to play 10 games against the computer. You should be able to test and modify or refine your Poker game based on these results!

You may make any adjustments or customizations to your Poker game that you wish!!! Have fun with this assignment!!!

  1. Your project must contain one header file (a .h file), two C source files (which must be .c files), and project workspace.

5-Card-Draw Poker against the computer in C language, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Discussion question on budgeting in Healthcare Health Medical Assignment Help

This week the course centers around budgeting in Healthcare. In a critical analysis utilize step 17 of the budget process from your Berger readings and apply it to your organization that you have been utilizing during the course for case studies or another organization of your choice. Select a project at your organization or in a department and utilizing step 17 (see below) follow the requirements and convert these operational needs into dollars. Be sure to describe the project and how you came to the project budget.

In your research about your organization check out where they are in the news, what new services or projects are they bringing on? New technologies or providers? Recruiting new faculty or physicians or technicians for new services? Perhaps the project is to revamp an old area. All of these are applicable. Estimate the dollars required based on budgeting.

Budgeting Steps 17 Detailed specifications Detail the resources needed by department mangers to carry out approved projects; these resources needs are converted into actual dollars.

I have also including the readings for a reference. if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


Psychology Podcast Papers , psychology homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Psychology Podcast Papers
writing a 2-3-page paper relating the podcast to information covered in the course (lecture and textbook). You do not need to summarize the podcast; rather, you should discuss how the material in the podcast compares to what we learned in class. It is encouraged that you connect the podcast and course material to your own experiences. A sample of a podcast paper assignment is available on D2L. Each paper must be between 2 and 3 pages in length with double-spaced Times New Roman font (size 12) and 1-inch margins. Each paper is worth 2 extra credit points (5 papers maximum) and must be uploaded to the designated D2L drop box prior to due dates. These papers will be due as subjects are covered in class, therefore, please check D2L regularly. Late submissions will not be awarded points.
There are 12 podcast options assigned to various chapters and lectures. You may complete 5 podcast papers for extra credit. Podcast papers are due one week after we cover the chapter to which the podcast relates. Again, late submissions will not be accepted.
Below is a list of possible podcasts, the chapter to which it relates, and due date. Podcasts can be listened to on a computer or smart phone. On iPhones, the podcasts can be downloaded for free on your device in the “Podcast” app. On Android devices, you may use PRX or Stitcher. Some podcasts have transcripts available if listening is not an option for you, and links to transcripts have been pasted below as well. However, if possible, it is recommended that you listen to the podcasts for the full experience.

Chapter 11: Personality “The Personality Myth” by Invisibilia http://www.npr.org/programs/invisibilia/482836315/… (transcript: http://www.npr.org/2016/06/24/482837932/read-the-t…)

((Please make sure that you are listening to the podcasts assigned on the podcast and make sure to talk about the podcast in the papers))


Business Problems and Research Purposes, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Assignment Instructions

Complete the following:

  1. Read the attached Welch’s article. Evaluate the context, setting, and rationale of the article author’s business problem. Your composition must construct an understanding of the author’s research purpose based on the stated business problem.
  2. Compose a formal, APA-formatted paper of no more than 700 words (word count excluding title and reference pages) that includes the following:
    • Assesses the source by providing justification for regarding it as peer reviewed.
    • Argues how the source is an example of applied business research by presenting the context for the underlying study as described by the author.
    • Justifies—based on the author’s reasoning—the setting for the applied business problem, that is, how the author defended using a specific research method and design.
    • Critiques—using other peer-reviewed sources for support—the author’s rationale for the worth or value of researching the business problem.
    • Interprets the rationale of the author’s academic foundation for the study. Upon whose research did the author seek to build or expand upon by researching the business problem?
    • Constructs an understanding of the author’s research purpose based on the stated business problem. Include an APA-formatted figure, in addition to the written synthesis, to demonstrate fully your ability to synthesize ideas. Incorporate the figure into the body of the composition, not presented as an attachment or appendix document.


Lit review Topic: Cardiovascular Diseases, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Topic: Cardiovascular Diseases

Role: Medical Researcher

The purpose of a literature review is to get your reader up to speed on any relevant information so they can understand the purpose of the research. This includes background information on the topic and often background information on techniques used.This particular assignment requires 6-7 pages for full credit.

Lit review: 6-7 pagers

Begin by filing in the lit review sub topics with relevant subjects for each to lay the foundation for a comprehensive literature review.You may need to develop your materials and methods section to complete the lit review section. Many times the techniques used in data collection need to be explained as well.

Researchers: Medical Researcher: Supports the presence of a toxin/pathogen or the absence of nutrients

Start to formulate a hypothetical study that will allow you to collect data that will support a hypothesis that includes

Independent variable

Dependent variable

Other variables you will control for

Techniques used for data collection

Public Health Educators

Formulate a hypothesis that predicts the outcomes related to your policy changes and educational interventions. This will become more specific as you become more familiar with your topic.

Identify 3 policy changes and educational interventions you will focus on

Writing Style

This is a formal paper which means it needs to be written in the passive voice. It is meant to be read by scholars not the general public. This is not story time, a blog or a “how to pamphlet”

You will not:

Use I, we, your, our, your, anyway, anyhow, us , so in your writing

Ask the reader questions

Use “according to” (sometimes this is okay but it annoys me so don’t do it)

Use quotations (this also annoys me)

Be vague and unscientific

Have incomplete or run on sentences

Have grammar mistakes

Make too large of a leap with information and lack evidence to support your claim

Have missing or incorrect citations

Have incorrect information

Lack fluidity and have illogical sequencing of information


In a literature review the writer is contributing very little. They are simply reporting on the literature that already exists. That means that the majority of the paper is comprised of information that is not their own and must be cited. In this section of the paper almost every sentence is cited. The only exceptions are

Introductory sentences – preview of more detailed information to come and then followed by cited evidence

Summary sentences – a recap of previously introduced information

Fluidity and Logical Sequencing

The presentation of the information must be logical in the paper as a whole and within in each paragraph. The most general information is written first in the form of introductory sentences and then followed by more detailed and related evidence.Transitions between paragraphs and within must also have fluidity as well. Using choppy sentence structure and not employing transition sentences makes the paper unpleasant to read and comprehension difficult.

TEMPLATE: Literature Review

1.Introductory paragraph

2.Subtopic1 – Diagnosis

3.Subtopic2 – Raise

4.Subtopic3 – Pathophysiology

5.Subtopic4 – Treatment

6.Subtopic5 – Diet

7.Subtopic6 – Stroke

8.Subtopic7 – Risk Factors

9.Summarizing paragraph



Expert Systems and Intelligent Agents, assignment help Computer Science Assignment Help

Use the Internet to research articles on expert systems
and companies which use them. Next, select two (2) companies that currently use
expert systems. Then, discuss the fundamental advantages and disadvantages of
using expert systems instead of human expertise within the companies that you
have selected. Provide a rationale to support your response.

  • Select one (1) of the four (4) categories of intelligent agents, as
    discussed in Chapter 13 of the textbook, that is currently available. Identify
    the main risks of using intelligent agents in the category that you have
    selected. Next, speculate on one (1) way which you would use in order to
    mitigate the risks in question. Justify your response.
  • Expert Systems and Intelligent Agents, assignment help Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    Choose one of the list case, use first amendment fights to develop your essay, assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

    I will expect you to think critically about First Amendment rights as you develop this essay. Four
    cases will be presented after these instructions. You are to write your essay on only one of the
    . In your essay, address the questions posed following the scenario, but make it all flow as
    though those questions are thoughts you have and know that they must be considered in arriving
    at a solution to your journalistic dilemma. Do not list the questions within your essay and then
    answer them individually.
    You must fully justify the path you choose. In other words, whether
    you choose a solution that is provided to you within the case scenario or another one you have
    come up with on your own, you must explain completely why you have made this choice. Refer
    to at least two previously decided cases (precedent) as partial support for your decision. Do not
    start off writing the scenario as it appears in this assignment simply to add words to your essay.
    You may begin by briefly explaining the dilemma you are facing.  

    Specifications: Use this list as your checklist

    ____ 650–900 words (This is a firm minimum and maximum number of words—not one

    word fewer nor one word more.)

    ____ 12-pt. Times New Roman, double spaced

    ____ 1-inch margins on all four sides of page

    ____ Contact info and name in header on every page

    ____ Indent paragraphs 1⁄2 inch with NO extra spacing between paragraphs

    ____ Include page numbers

    The cases follow:

    Case 1

    How much information should you report?


    You are a reporter for a local newspaper. You come back to the office one day to find several
    staff members discussing this story:

    Two teenagers have been killed in an automobile accident. The driver, who survived, had been
    drinking prior to the accident. The two girls in the back seat, both of whom were killed, were
    nude at the time of the accident.


    Your colleague, another reporter, is pushing for all the known facts to be reported. But the editor
    argues that the fact of the girls’ nudity should not be revealed; he claims that such information
    will just be an additional insult to their parents, who already are suffering from the girls’ deaths.

    Ask: Do you have a right to publish:

    The fact that the driver was drinking?

    The fact that the girls were nude at the time of the accident?

    Would it be responsible to publish these facts in reporting the accident?Brainstorm about things to consider in deciding whether to report this information:
    Do we have all the facts? Has anyone interviewed the survivor?

    Is there evidence of sexual assault?

    Does the newspaper have a policy on printing names of sexual-assault victims?

    Will publishing the information help anyone else?

    Case 2

    Detachment or involvement?


    You are a reporter for a large urban daily. The paper plans a major series on poverty. Your editor
    assigns you to do an in-depth piece on the effects of poverty on children, with special emphasis
    on what happens when drug addiction becomes part of the story.

    You have identified several families willing to be subjects for the story. Three families agree to
    be photographed — and identified — and you spend four months with them, visiting their homes
    every day and observing what goes on. You tell them your job is to be an observer — a “fly on
    the wall” — so you can gather information for this important series.

    In one home, you watch as a mother allows her three-year-old daughter to go hungry for 24
    hours. You see this same child living in a filthy room, stepping on broken glass and sleeping on a
    urine-soaked mattress. You know the mother is HIV-positive and you watch as she brushes her
    daughter’s teeth with the same toothbrush she uses. You see the mother hit the child with full
    force. You see the little girl about to bite on an electrical cord. Her plight haunts you.

    What do you do to satisfy both your conscience and your responsibilities as a reporter?


    1. Report the mother to the authorities so the girl will be removed from this
      environment and placed in a foster home. Then write the story.

    2. Write the story first, detailing your observations. After the story has been
      published, notify the authorities, giving the mother’s address.

    3. Write the story, but don’t identify the mother or child to police or social service
      authorities. Remember, you are a reporter. You’ve put the information in the
      newspaper. It’s not your job to act as a police officer.

    D. Your own solution to the dilemma.

    Case 3

    To what lengths should you go to get a story?


    You are a correspondent for a major television network. Your producers have done a great deal
    of research about a national grocery chain; they allege that some of its grocery stores are asking
    employees to participate in unsanitary food-handling practices.

    This is an important story. Consumers may get sick if they eat tainted food, you argue, and they
    have a right to know that a food store is not handling its food in a safe manner. You want to
    make sure this story airs on national television. You believe that to get good footage you have to
    go into the store with cameras and film the store’s workers actually engaging in unsafe practices.
    You need proof.

    As the television correspondent, how will you get your story?

    1. Call the store manager and request an on-site interview, with cameras. Explain that you
      have some information that consumers will want to know about and give the store a
      chance to show its side of the story.

    2. Just appear at the store one day, without advance notice to the manager. That way you
      won’t tip off the staff that you’re onto a story.

    3. Pretend to be looking for a job in the store; complete an employment application and
      actually get hired. Then, while you’re at work, use hidden cameras to document the
      unsafe practices you see.

    D. Your own solution to the dilemma. Be specific.

    Case 4

    Will a negative story be allowed to run in a high school newspaper?



    As a high school journalist, you have developed several sources of information about the football
    camp held each year at your school. You hear that brutal hazing is part of athletes’ initiation to
    the team. Investigating further, you learn that new players are subject to various humiliations and
    assaults, sometimes with broomsticks, electrical cords and socks stuffed with tennis balls.

    This is a big, important story. Kids are being hurt. You work hard to get your facts right and
    spend a great deal of effort checking and double-checking your sources. Your newspaper’s
    adviser supports you and your work. But when you are ready to publish the story in the school
    newspaper, the principal says you can’t run it unless you make substantial changes. You must
    eliminate a player’s comments and add a prepared statement from the football coach. The coach
    also says this is “negative journalism” and wants you to hold the story until after the playoffs.

    What do you do?

    1. Drop the story. You know you’ve done a good job, but if the principal won’t let you run
      the story as you have prepared it, you won’t run it at all.

    2. Wait until after the playoffs, as the coach requests, and then print the story according to
      the principal’s requirements: Drop the player’s comments and run the football coach’s
      statement. At least some of the information you have uncovered will come out.

    3. Print the story as your principal demands, by dropping the player’s comments and
      running the football coach’s statement. But add an editor’s note at the end of the story,
      explaining that school officials, including the coach, reviewed the story and insisted that
      changes be made to it before it was published.

    4. Your own solution to the dilemma. Be specific. 



    Nike, Marketing paper help (5 pages) Business Finance Assignment Help

    The company is NIKE





    For each marketing mix element above, evaluate each of the following
    four areas:

    1. Is the organization on target to meet its sales goal?
    2. What metrics could the organization use to measure
    3. What performance diagnostic tools could the
      organization use?
    4. What corrective action do you suggest for the marketing
      mix element?

    Based on your assessment of this organization, describe how it is
    equipped to meet the future challenges of marketing.

    Paper requirements:

    1. Length: five – six pages.
    2. Research requirements: 3 research sources. Sources must
      be credible and from the last five years.
    3. Your paper should use proper spelling, grammar, and APA


    Bisection, false position, newton-rhapson method in matlab, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

    Determine the roots of

    Unformatted Attachment Preview

    FIGURE 6.9
    Comparison of the true percent
    relative errors ε, for the methods
    to determine the roots of
    flx) = e-* – x
    True percent relative error
    False position

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    Essentials of cultural anthropology 3rd edtion (you can get a free trial of the ebook on amazon.com) I just can’t find my book in my house right now other wise I would give you the pages. 
    • How has Raybeck’s approach to ethnography been similar or different to what is presented in Chapter 5? What has surprised you the most about how ethnography is done?
    • Which of the theoretical perspective discussed in Chapter 5 do you think is adopted by Raybeck? How might his research project been different if he subscribed to a different theoretical perspective?
    • What do you think about the field methods (see Chapter 5 in your textbook p.95-98 for a summary) chosen by Raybeck? Are these appropriate? Do these allow him to address his research questions? What could he have done differently?


    5-Card-Draw Poker against the computer in C language, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

    5-Card-Draw Poker against the computer in C language, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

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