5 Page paper – Critique a ‘planning science’ problem implicit in Denver, Colorado’s revised planning document “Blueprint Denver”. Address any of the topics raised/problems trying to be solved in the document. Humanities Assignment Help

5 Page paper – Critique a ‘planning science’ problem implicit in Denver, Colorado’s revised planning document “Blueprint Denver”. Address any of the topics raised/problems trying to be solved in the document. Humanities Assignment Help. 5 Page paper – Critique a ‘planning science’ problem implicit in Denver, Colorado’s revised planning document “Blueprint Denver”. Address any of the topics raised/problems trying to be solved in the document. Humanities Assignment Help.

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Project 2: Plan Critique. Processes and Practices.


Purpose: critique a ‘planning science’ problem implicit in Blueprint Denver (above). This could address any of the topics raised.

Choose an issue in Blueprint Denver. Review in depth the ‘planning science’ literature relevant to your selected issue, including (1) at least 5 articles in the peer-reviewed literature and (2) additional technical material derived from the web. Write a brief technical report addressing at least the following questions segmented into two parts: a ‘critique’ that is largely critical or questioning, and a short conclusion that is balanced.


Background: What is the plan? What is your selected issue?

How was the issue addressed in the plan? Describe in detail different places where the issue arises and how it is handled

How is the issue addressed in the ‘planning science’ literature? In-depth article review

What problems/concerns are brought up in the ‘planning science’ literature relevant to how the issue is treated in Denver Blueprint?

What issues/concerns do these raise about the plan itself?

  • Is the analysis (implicit or explicit) in the plan correct?
  • How much uncertainty is there in the analysis? E.g., how much do we really know about this issue?
  • If the plan is wrong on this issue, how much difference does it make?

Balanced Conclusion:

What are the pros and cons of how Denver handled the issue? Considering your research, how would you have handled the issue? Would you have written the plan differently? Come up with a different plan? If so, what?

5 pages of text, 1.5 space, 11pt font.

5 Page paper – Critique a ‘planning science’ problem implicit in Denver, Colorado’s revised planning document “Blueprint Denver”. Address any of the topics raised/problems trying to be solved in the document. Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

20 slide PowerPoint – Business Analytics Business Finance Assignment Help

Hi. I need a 20 slide PowerPoint.

This is an “open-ended” project, and an individual project. You should find a dataset that contains at least two samples of data. The sample could fall into: two-sample tests, where you are wondering if one sample is the same as the other; or two or more samples that might be related, as in regression analysis; or samples involving time and quantity, as in forecasting.

In addition to applying one of the two-sample techniques, you should also apply some one-sample techniques to at least one set of your data. Recall that these techniques include some general descriptive statistics, creating frequency tables, frequency diagrams, and testing the distribution to see if it is uniform, normal, or some specific distribution (Chi-Squared Tests.) If you are importing your data from a CSV file or web page, you can describe how you got your data into Excel (our chapter on importing data.)

Updated 11/2018 – Also, you have recently learned some visualization techniques using Tableau, and some ways to use PivotTables, PivotCharts, and Slices in Excel. Using this more advanced visualization software products and techniques can make your presentation even more interesting, so consider doing so.

As you can see, this project really can include many of the analytical techniques that you learned in this course.

In this project, your presentation should typically have four sections: An introduction, An Approach, Results, and Conclusion. Typically, the “Results” are the numeric results of your analysis, and the “Conclusions” are your interpretation of the results.

Where should you find your data? The answer depends on what interests you? It might be some geographic data, political data, sports data, job data, hobby data, family data, etc. For example, if you were interested in employment data, you could visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics website. Sometimes the best place to start is by simply asking a question, such as “I wonder if I should eventually live in San Francisco or Austin?” Well, what kind of data will help you make this decision? Or, “Will I earn a higher income in the Northeast or Southwest?” Or, “How much practice will it take to get good at playing the piano?” Or “Should I buy a Mercedes or an Audi?” These are only examples, but you should see that it doesn’t take much to ask yourself a question. After having an initial question, you can start probing for “data.” As you probe, your mind might wander a little and continue asking new questions. As you do this, keep notes. These notes will help you structure your presentation.

Eventually, you should end up with some data that should help you answer your questions. But now, instead of some flimsy analysis and decision, you can apply some solid statistical techniques that will help you use data to answer your questions.


5. An investor buys for a $2,000 premium, a call option on Treasury bonds futures contract with a strike price of 127. On the expiry date, suppose that the underlying treasury bond for the futures contract has a price of 122. a. Will he exercise the call Mathematics Assignment Help

  1. An investor buys for a $2,000 premium, a call option on Treasury bonds futures contract with a strike price of 127. On the expiry date, suppose that the underlying treasury bond for the futures contract has a price of 122.
    a.Will he exercise the call option? What is the total gain/loss?
    b.Will he exercise the call option if the futures contract instead has a price of 130 on the expiration date? What is the total gain/loss?
    c.Now consider it a put option (option to sell), will the investor exercise it if the futures contract has a price of 125? what is the total gain/loss?


Astronomy worksheets and discussions Science Assignment Help

You will be required to complete 4 lab worksheets

and 2 discussions with 150 word replies

this is a lot of work that needs to be done by tomorrow

Discussions are not difficult but the labs can be tedious (you do not have to get the equipment (telescope or compass) to get the data. Just look up reasonable data that would fit the lab to complete the assignment)

labs will be sent in word docs and the discussions will be sent in through here and will need to be sent back in a word doc


Answer this three questions and some of them need access for R studio. Mathematics Assignment Help

Book name for the Cours Stats: Data and Models (4th Edition) (Hardcover)

by Richard D. De Veaux, Paul F. Velleman

Question 1.

  • Re-expressing Data to Fit a Linear Model

Suppose that you have the following data below for x (the independent variable) and y (the response variable):

independent.var = c(5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60)

response.var = c(16.3, 9.7, 8.1, 4.2, 3.4, 2.9, 2.4, 2.3, 1.9, 1.7, 1.4, 1.3)

A) Using a linear model, fit a line to the above data without using a re-expression. Show the fitted line relative to a scatterplot of the data. Comment on what you see in terms of fit, and also calculate and explain the meaning of R2.

B) Re-express the data so that you obtain a better linear fit, and explain how and why you chose your re-expression. (NOTE: Only consider re-expressions that change the y-variable (the response variable, for this problem). Also, show the re-expressed fitted line relative to the re-expressed data. Comment on what you see in terms of fit, and also calculate and explain the meaning of R2.

Question 2.

  • Simulation – Washington Nationals Win The 2019 World Series.

As we all know by now, the Washington Nationals beat the Houston Astros to win the 2019 World Series. However, before the start of that World Series, the Washington Nationals were often cited as having only a 40% chance of winning any particular game against the Astros.

So, how rare is what the Nats accomplished by winning the 2019 World Series?

Let’s pretend that the World Series has not been played yet. Keep in mind that the World Series is a series of up to 7 games. The winner is determined by whichever teams wins 4 games first. So, the World Series may last only 4 games, or perhaps 5 games, or 6 games, or even 7 games. The World Series is over as soon as one of the teams wins 4 games.

Run a simulation using the above information to assess the chances that the Washington Nationals win the World Series. Make sure that you show all of your work, including anything you do in R (e.g., any random numbers you generate and how you use them). In doing so, make sure that you specify how you are modeling the simulation using equally likely random digits, explain what constitutes a trial and its outcome.

Run 25 trials, where a single trial is the simulated result of a single completed World Series. Show your results of all 25 trials and the random numbers you used for each trial.

Finally, provide the results of your entire simulation – that is, state what your simulated estimate is of the likelihood that the Washington Nationals (the team with the 40% chance of winning any specific game in a series) wins the World Series – and show details of how you got that estimate.

Question 3

  • Nutrition Surveys: Eat This, Not That…Oh, Never Mind

As mentioned in a very early lecture, one purpose of this course is to allow people to become more informed readers of news articles, and to be able to critically assess and compare different viewpoints. I referred to this as becoming more “numerate.”

Nutrition advice seems to be quite inconsistent over time. There are some reasons for this, as the article link below explains. Please carefully read the link below, and then proceed to answer the questions posed.


Provide detailed answers to the three questions below:

A) List and explain at least 3 major weaknesses of nutritional studies as cited in the article.

B) Suppose that we want to study whether or not a particular food causes a particular health issue. In this example, the health outcome is the response variable. In particular, suppose we want to study whether sugary soft drinks cause obesity in adults over the age of 18. State how you might design an experiment to better determine causality (or not). Be detailed in your design explanation by specifically focusing on the relevant features of Four Principles of Experimental Design in your response (see pages 321-322 of the text). Also, explain how you will measure both the independent and response variables in this experiment.

Question 4

Probability Rules – Must show all needed steps in getting to your final answer. And, express your final answer as a decimal.

A) Assume that for events A and B we have the following:

P(A) = .40, P(B|A) = .20, and P(B) = .30.

Find P(A or B).

B) Suppose that P(A) = .40, P(B) = .30, and P(A and B) = .15. Are A and B independent events? Why or why not?

C) Suppose that you are planning to travel a certain air route via plane once each week for your new job. Also, assume that there is a 3% chance that your outbound flight may be cancelled on any given week due to various issues. How many consecutive outbound weekly flights can you fly before the probability of another successful flight (that is, a flight that is not cancelled) drops to 50% or less?

D) Suppose that 20% of cars that are inspected have faulty pollution control systems. The cost of repairing a pollution control system exceeds $100 about 40% of the time. When a driver takes her car in for inspection, what is the probability that she will end up paying less than $100 to repair the pollution control system.

E) Assume that you are playing a game in which you pull a lever and a light comes on. The light will be either red or green. Assume that on any given pull of the lever, P(Red Light) = .40 and P(Green Light) = .60. Find the probability that in pulling the lever 5 times that you will get your 3rd Green Light on the 5th pull of the lever.

F) Suppose in front of you are three boxes that look identical. Further, you are told that one box contains two $1 bills, one contains two $100 bills, and one contains one $1 bill and one $100 bill. You are permitted to choose one box. Then you are asked to remove one bill from the box you chose without looking at the other bill in that box. Suppose that a $100 bill comes out. What is the probability that the other bill in that box is $100?



Drama Essay Writing Assignment Help

After reading Shakespeare’s Othello, review the questions at the end of the text and the checklist for Writing Effectively in your text.

Under the Topics for Writing on Shakespeare on file, choose one of the first four questions as the topic for your paper (you may not write about #5 because we did not read the other play).

Regardless of which topic you choose, you must include detailed evidence from the text to support your points.

Remember that you must have a strong thesis and provide analysis, not simply summary, as you respond to the question you have chosen.

Here are some additional resources to assist you:

About Shakespeare:

www.absoluteshakespeare.com (Links to an external site.)

On Writing about Drama:

http://www.chsbs.cmich.edu/Kristen_McDermott/writing.drama.htm (Links to an external site.)

Your paper must be a minimum of 3 full pages presented in MLA format.

Your work must be submitted as a Microsoft Word compatible file attachment in the dropbox.

Drama Essay Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Data Security is todays top priority Business Finance Assignment Help

Data Security is todays top priority. Encryption is an effective tool to keep the information confidential. For an encryption system to work properly, an organization must have good key management.

Using the 3 paragraph structure please discuss one major challenge with key management and a possible solution to the challenge.


In your own words, no quotations allowed.

You must use at least one scholarly resource.

APA formatted.

250 to 300 words Minimum



Your discussion response will take the form of a 3 paragraph, (no more than 1 page) response that can stand on its own right,

so you need to write in academic style, aiming at an anonymous reader who may exist in a different time or space. EG, you need to write for someone who will read your post 50 years from now, or 5000 miles from here, or both.

Be formal and precise, because your goal is to educate that reader.

While you are writing, try to avoid obvious phrases such as “This article is about…”. It’s an annotated bibliography. The entire purpose is to describe what the article is about. So don’t waste space stating the obvious. Just jump right in to the good stuff: the stuff that the reader needs to know.

For example, if you are given the task to research CLOUD COMPUTING, then a summary of an article on cloud computing might start with something along the lines of:

Summary: CIOs under the mandate of the US Government’s “Cloud First” policy report that there are critically important challenges to moving to the cloud in a way that minimizes security concerns and maintains usefulness of the information resource. Two main concerns are the contract structure and the information architecture, both of which must be well thought through prior to migration to the cloud. Recommended actions to assist in this engineering effort are to have a cloud advisory board and participating in the FedRMP program.


You should write only as many words as are needed to capture the summary of the article. You’re not replicating the content but simply pointing out the important bits. In fact, your goal should be to capture the spirit of the article in as few words as possible. You don’t need to quote or paraphrase: simple summarize the point of the article. This is easier, by the way, with articles that are actually dense with facts and research. News reports are notoriously difficult to summarize, simply because they tend to be summaries themselves. They are also not particularly useful as sources for a research report.

The second paragraph, the Assessment, is where you tear apart the article and point out any flaws in logic or applicability. Tell your reader what the article is good for AND what it is not good for. Your reader needs to know strengths and limitations, so tell her. And be precise.

For more information on how to be a critical evaluator of an article, see https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/553/03/.

Finally, the reflection paragraph is where you discuss how the article contributed to your learning. I mean on a personal level, what did you learn, and what could your classmates learn.


on a separate line and in PERFECT APA format, you will include your references. Using just one reference will get you a minimum grade. I do not want a book report, so use more than one reference.


Literature Review Writing Assignment Help

This paper goes through Turnitin. Prepare and submit your draft literature review summarizing the central themes or key findings from the identified secondary and primary scholarly literature sources that you propose including in your research proposal and as they relate to your problem statement and research question(s). All literature used must be properly cited and referenced in APA format.

DO NOT USE BOOKS-INSTRUCTORS CANNOT VERIFY THOSE SOURCES. Recommend you use articles from WU Library databases. (If you must use a book-copy/scan the selected content and provide that to your Instructor so that he/she can verify your resources).

A well-researched proposal includes relevant citations from a variety of scholarly sources, including journals, periodicals and Internet sources. (IF you use a book-you must copy/scan the actual pages and submit with your paper. Instructors MUST be able to verify ALL Resources). The number, type, quality and relevance of the references cited in the literature review are a direct reflection of the level of scholarly effort you have invested in the preliminary research and analysis of your selected topic.

The attached PowerPoints review the basics of citing sources and outlines common problem areas in APA formatting.

The literature review should comply with the following general formatting requirements:

  • Typed using 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Double-spaced throughout the entire paper
  • Use a 1-inch margin
  • Page header should include your title and page numbers
  • Cover/Title page will include your name and the date of submission.

Theses are my references

Andersson, R. (2019). Employee Communication Responsibility: Its Antecedents and Implications for Strategic Communication Management. International Journal of Strategic Communication, 13(1), 60-75.

Anton Vdovin (2017). The Causes of Poor Communication in the Workplace.

Retrieved from https://www.alert-software.com/blog/the-causes-of-…

Ayub, S. H., Manaf, N. A., & Hamzah, M. R. (2014). Leadership: Communicating strategically in the 21st century. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 155, 502-506.

Constantin, E. C., & Baias, C. C. (2015). Employee Voice• Key Factor in Internal Communication. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 191, 975-978.

Lindsay Kramer (2019). Effective Communication between Management and Employees. Retrieved from https://bizfluent.com/about-6679424-effective-comm…

Jiang, H., & Men, R. L. (2017). Creating an engaged workforce: The impact of authentic leadership, transparent organizational communication, and work-life enrichment. Communication Research, 44(2), 225-243.

Kang, M., & Sung, M. (2017). How regular employee communication leads to employee engagement and positive employee communication behaviors: The mediation of employee-organization relationships. Journal of Communication Management, 21(1), 82-102.

Osborne, S., & Hammoud, M. S. (2017). Active employee engagement in the workplace. International Journal of Applied Management and Technology, 16(1), 4.

Proctor, C. R. (2014). Effective organizational communication affects employee attitude, happiness, and job satisfaction (Doctoral dissertation, Southern Utah University. Department of Communication. 2014.).

Rao, M. S. (2017). Innovative tools and techniques to ensure active employee engagement. Industrial and Commercial Training, 49(3), 127-131.


Please write a 3 page paper for below Business Finance Assignment Help



Success Factors and Risks: Use this section to discuss the factors that may affect current and future performance.

A. How do the organization’s financial and strategic priorities affect accounting procedures and business decisions? How might that affect business
success? For example, is management growth-oriented or efficiency-oriented? What is the organization’s approach to risk and short- versus
long-term planning horizons?

B. How might the organization better capitalize on nonfinancial factors such as market share, reputation, human resources, physical facilities, or
patents? Support your response with relevant research and analysis.

C. What are the most significant internal risks to the company’s financial performance? Give evidence to support your response. For example, is
the company vulnerable to technological changes or cyberattacks? Loss of high-talent personnel? Productiondisruptions?


Fixing External and internal analysis Writing Assignment Help

Firs thing I will attach the external analysis you need to fix the following:

1- you need to add more citations in the MOBILE TECHNOLOGY SECTION. cuz you put nothing.

2- under social media:

what tech is used in the adjusting industry.

what type of customer relationship management exists and what is the impact.

Need more details on tech.

On tha last part of the CURRENT RATE of UNEMPLOYMENT :

From what perspective are they buying home?

All this for external analysis.

now is internal analysis.

Under CORE VALUE AND MISSION STATEMENT you need to fix the following:

1- is this what you are recommending?

2- what are the 8 components of the mission statement?

3- how does this rate

This for the internal analysis

Please see the attached files and follow the instructions.

Internal analysis


5 Page paper – Critique a ‘planning science’ problem implicit in Denver, Colorado’s revised planning document “Blueprint Denver”. Address any of the topics raised/problems trying to be solved in the document. Humanities Assignment Help

5 Page paper – Critique a ‘planning science’ problem implicit in Denver, Colorado’s revised planning document “Blueprint Denver”. Address any of the topics raised/problems trying to be solved in the document. Humanities Assignment Help

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