5 pages about “The rational soul remains pure, immaterial, and separable from the body Humanities Assignment Help

5 pages about “The rational soul remains pure, immaterial, and separable from the body Humanities Assignment Help. 5 pages about “The rational soul remains pure, immaterial, and separable from the body Humanities Assignment Help.

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” (5 pages) picketer pros or cons

Pro Introduction: The author (fill in) argues for the following controversial conclusion: (give

conclusion). He supports this

conclusion with the following premises: (a) (give first premise)

and (b) (give second premise). This essay will examine each premise in the light of objectors

and then defend the author from these objections. The possible

objection to the first premise

(give the objection(s)).

Reply to the first objection (give pointed reply).

The possible

objection to the second


(give the objection(s)).

Reply to the second

objection (give

pointed reply).

Theoretical observation (this is a broad

theoretical groundwork upon which





Significance (this

is a concrete example from the world in

which these issues play



5 pages about “The rational soul remains pure, immaterial, and separable from the body Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

ece497 week 1 discussion Humanities Assignment Help


During this course you will be given the opportunity to connect concepts you have learned throughout your degree program to how they apply to your current or future work with children. In this first week we will start with the many theories of development you have studied thus far in your degree program. As Berk (2013) states, “Because of the complex network of factors contributing to human change and the challenge of isolating the effects of each, many theoretical viewpoints have gathered research support. Although debate continues, this circumstance has also sparked more balanced visions of child development” (pg. 9). You are aiming for this balanced view of child development at this point in your career.

For this discussion you will complete the Theoretical Comparison’s Table. After completing this table you will post your table along with a discussion about which theorists will have or have had the most influence in your work with children and why. As you complete the final course in your degree program, provide specific examples of how the following theories have and will influence your work with children (e.g. hands-on learning, parental involvement, etc.). Be sure you attach the Theoretical Comparison’s Table along with your discussion post.



Research to Support Strengths


Research to Support Limitations

Theorist A

One of the highlights of Theorist A is that there is a focus on cooperative learning. I firmly believe that children need to learn through interacting with their peers. It is through these interactions that I believe learning takes place. As a result, I will encourage social interactions when I am working with children.

According to Smith (2010), “Children must have the opportunity to engage in social relationships in order to develop their self-esteem and self-worth” (p. 35).

One of the things that I do not align with when it comes to Theorist A is that this theory does not explain or account for any differences in how children behave. I struggle with this because as I work to help children discover who they are, I need more structured guidelines to help me determine how to help them.

“More consideration needs to be given to the role that genetics may play when it comes to determining why children have differences in behavior”, (Apple, 2009, p. 257)








Information Processing

Other (that you see as key but that wasn’t mentioned)


Art writing assignment Writing Assignment Help

Need find two artworks, and each artwork needs to analysis in 8 perspectives. Detailed information are post in file. Two page for posting the two artwork chosen and one sentence description of the artwork. 1.5 pages analysis of each artworks. So totally writing part is 3 pages. For each art piece you are to analyze the work from all eight of our perspectives: political, regional, technological, economic, religious/spiritual, ethnicity, gender, and generational, and needs 8 references. So total 2 artworks needs 16 references. The detailed information are list in file. Please read the file carefully. Thanks a lot.


Social Media Writing Assignment Help

Paper is already written.

Revising,Editing, and Reviewing.

MLA 8th edition

5 pages including citation and 1/4 of 4th page.

feel free to make changes.

Paper has to be 3 full pages and only top of 4th page.

MLA citation might be wrong please help fixing it.

citation has to be from ELR of the schools.

Any editing need to do feel free to do so, better vocab may be added.

P.S. It is a research a paper but has to be proven with argument of which side i have to be on.

Checklist provided. please i need highest grade possible.


Research Paper Writing Assignment Help

Write a research paper based on this Topic: Make a comparison between the teenager protection laws in China and in the United States.

Also, include Chinese culture and little bit politics that is related to topic. Make sure it fits well in the paper.

For Introduction (first paragraph): State the hypothesis early on. Explain to readers what you are going to do in the paper.

6 pages minimum, double-spaced, font size 12. Cover page is not necessary, but do provide an

appropriate title. Use footnotes to document your research, acknowledge every source you quote from, including materials from internet.

Use MLA Citation style (at least 5 sources)



Photoshop: Make a advertisement or game propaganda. Humanities Assignment Help

Assignment instruction is first file I put. Second one is what I was taught in class.

For the instruction: we need to create some kind of advertisement or movie/game propaganda poster, or other related things.

1. we can’t copy others’ work, only original!!! except for the photo you find online.

2. we must use Adobe illustrator to create some logo or word(typography) by ourselves, no copy.

That’s what I had been told so far, maybe I will think of more. You can do it first, and then we can check. But no plagiarism.

So Photoshop are the main app we use for this, illustrator contains a little part of it.

I dont have much time before due, it is tomorrow morning 7:30. I hope someone can help me.

Photoshop: Make a advertisement or game propaganda. Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Does a person’s level of education make them more likely to vote? Humanities Assignment Help

HYPOTHESIS: The more education a person has the more likely they are to vote.

One of the main contributors to your grade in this class is the completion of a research assignment. I will be giving you tips during the entire semester as to how you might use a particular research skill or technique or paper. With that said, most of you have never done the type of research where you produce your own results before (even with data that already exists). You are probably used to research assignments that require you to find information that someone else has already discovered and to put that information into your own words. This assignment is much different.

Let me start by saying that your paper should be six to eight pages long not including cover pages or citations. The paper should be double-spaced (except for footnotes and citations) and be in 12 point font with one-inch margins.

First, you will be required to develop a research question. We will go over in class what good research questions look like. For now, simply recognize that a good research question is one where there is at least some possibility of finding a definite, empirical answer. Hence, questions like “Should the U.S. outlaw handguns?” are not great research questions. A question such as “Do states with fewer restrictions on handguns experience more gun-related violence?” is a question that, at least potentially, can be answered using the methods you will learn in this class. We will talk about more specifics for this section during class. In a final paper, you normally devote about ½ of a page to talking about your research question and telling me why that question would be important to answer.

Second, you must conceptually and operationally define your key terms. We will talk about some ways to do this in class. Basically, an operational definition tells me how you plan to measure something. For example, education is often a key variable in political analysis. How do you measure the amount of education that a person has? Sometimes, you will combine answers to survey questions into one big measure of something (like political activity). In addition, we will be doing informal exercises using the “formulae” in your book almost every day starting in week three. Be sure to be prepared to defend the reliability and validity of your operational definitions in your paper. This section of your paper will be about 1-2 pages long.

Third, you will develop at least one research hypothesis and be able to specify the accompanying null hypothesis. By the time you start writing your paper, you will be able to develop well-worded hypotheses and null specifications in your sleep. At the beginning, it will be more difficult. We will practice in class. In the paper, you will present your hypotheses, null hypotheses, and a brief explanation of why you expect things to work out the way you do. This should take about one page.

Fourth, you must determine and specify the correct statistical method for testing your hypotheses. After the first two weeks of class, we will spend each week going over different statistical techniques and strategies. First, you will learn about descriptive statistics and how to use them. Then, you will learn about inferential statistics and how to use and interpret them. It takes a while to get used to correctly interpreting SPSS output. I will give you interpretation examples for each type of statistic that we learn about. Normally, you present your descriptive statistics first. This will take about 1-2 pages.

Fifth, you will give your results in both written and tabular form. You want to show your results in tabular form, and then talk about what they mean substantively. This will take 1-2 pages. You should use the table editor in Word to make your own tables. Cutting and pasting from SPSS results in tables that are very hard to read and take up multiple pages.

Finally, you want to write a short conclusion where you talk about the implications of your research. This should be about ½ of a page long.

Normally, research papers are quite a bit longer than the one assigned in this class. However, for this class, we are going to focus on the essentials you need to become acquainted with the research process. As a result, we are skipping some sections of the research process (like the literature review). When you get to Senior Seminar later in your academic career, you will learn to put all of your skills together.

Degree of Difficulty: I want you to try harder statistical techniques in class. To provide an incentive, any paper that integrates regression techniques will be scored off of a 110% basis (your score starts at 100% and goes down when I take off points). A paper that uses chi square will be scored on a 100% basis. A paper uses some sort of difference of means test (see your syllabus and books) will be scored at a 90% paper. Your paper must use one of these three inferential techniques.

Please see the syllabus for information about due dates for some of the individual steps in the process, along with the final paper.


Prospectus Writing Assignment Help

Rewrite the paper by following the instructions below: Please make sure we have the gap in the literature defined and alignment of the gap, purpose, and research questions. What is the gap you seek to understand, the purpose of the study, your question, and potential participants? Use the example below. Make it as simple as you can.
For example:
Jones (2017) indicated that very little is known about how public officials in Houston reacted to Hurricane Harvey Warnings.
Purpose: Purpose of the study is to better understand how public officials in Houston reacted to Hurricane Harvey Warnings.
Question: How did public official in Houston reacted to Hurricane Harvey Warnings and what actions did they take?
Participants:Public Officials (county and city) that were in office at the time of the first Hurricane Harvey Warning and remained in Office for at least thirty days after landfall.
Also, please note that for;
-Nature of the Study, use “qualitative research method”
– Possible Types and Sources of Data, use “qualitative research method.
– Research questions can be changed for alignment purposes
– Again, please make sure “qualitative research method is applied throughout and follow above guidelines.


Leadership in a Changing Context Business Finance Assignment Help

Dear Study Pool Tutors

I have one work assignment ( Presentation to management board ( Power Points ). 3 important components more details as the following :-

1. The literature review which is straightly related to the selected topic.

2. An implementation in your organization where you clearly present how you think you can implement.

3. Third part is around the challenges faced and critical analysis expected during this implementation.

You can not omit any of those 3 components

==> The assessment criteria is:

20 slides

to a high degree, suitable to present to Senior Management

structure of the presentation

adherence to the instructions as above

presentation must be research-informed, means you need to present based on
academic reading, not your own practical experience

must properly reference sources that you have consulted

must provide a conclusion and present recommendations

provide supporting comments in the slide notes


Pm Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

Qualities of a Project Manager

  1. Research the Phase Resources to research the role of the project manager, and then write a 150-word summary of the role of a project manager based on what you know. Include how skills, such as technical skills, effective problem-solving skills, and interpersonal skills might be necessary to fulfill the role of project manager. Does the project manager play only one role? Explain why or why not.
  2. Then, respond the following:
    • What are 2 qualities that you think are essential for the project manager to have for this project to be effective and successful?
    • Why are these qualities essential?
  3. Review your colleague’s descriptions and make any necessary suggestions that can enhance their job description summaries.

400-600 words


5 pages about “The rational soul remains pure, immaterial, and separable from the body Humanities Assignment Help

5 pages about “The rational soul remains pure, immaterial, and separable from the body Humanities Assignment Help

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