52 Qs in two-part Business Finance Assignment Help

52 Qs in two-part Business Finance Assignment Help. 52 Qs in two-part Business Finance Assignment Help.

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All the questions in part 2 cover chapter 10-17 in the textbook and I proved the textbook. also, I have (Key Takeaway Notes) for each chapter


***You should present each question clearly and persuasively in your own words with a minimum of 2 sentences and a maximum of 5 sentences.

Part 1:

  • Name and describe the four functions of management (POLC).
  • Define management.
  • What is meant by the term “business ethics”?
  • Describe the components of each element of SWOT? What must managers specifically analyze in each element (i.e. what types of things inside and outside of the organization make up the factors in each element of SWOT?) Don’t just write out what the letters S,W,O & T stand for!


Part 2:

  • Define the basic levels of management strategies: Level 1: Corporate, Level 2: Business or Competitive and Level 3: Operational or Functional.
  • Corporate goals generally are of three types Growth, Stability and Defensive (sometimes called Renewal or Turnaround) and these three types are also broken into more detail. Can you define these?
  • What are the various strategies that managers use to grow their organizations (i.e. the growth strategies)?
  • You should understand that that Business or Competitive strategies are related to the elements of competitive advantage and fall into three different subcomponents: Differentiation, Cost Leadership and Focus. How are these defined and how do they differ?
  • What is meant by vertical and horizontal integration? What are examples of the types of ways these occur?
  • Other terms to know: Diversification, Concentration, M&A, Differentiation, Cost Leadership, Focus, Turnaround or Defensive Strategies. Some are asked above in item 4.

  • What does organizing try to accomplish? What are the three main things it is meant to do for the organization?
  • What is the difference between mechanistic and organic organizations?
  • Define and understand the organization terms: span of control, chain of command, departmentalization, authority and power.
  • What are the basic four main functional groups that most companies have in their organization?
  • What is a matrix organization?
  • What does Human Resources (HR) do? What are the specific functions it performs related to Staffing, related to Ensuring Employee Performance and Maintaining Employees?
  • What are fringe benefits and some examples of them? Are companies legally required to provide them?
  • Can you describe problems and common errors that managers often create or make in the performance appraisal process?
  • What type of interview is usually considered the most reliable? What types of questions may be considered improper?
  • What is the difference between exempt and non-exempt classification of employees from a company legal and managerial standpoint?
  • How have new labor laws affected hiring and terminations from a Human Resources prospective?
  • Why do people tend to resist change and how can resistance to change be lessened?
  • What is the meant by a company’s culture?
  • What is stress and what are some ways for managers to help lessen employee stress?
  • What is meant by cognitive dissonance?
  • What is an important thing for managers to remember about an employee’s perception of things?
  • What is attribution theory and how does it affect managers?
  • What is EIQ and why is it so important for successful management and leadership?
  • What is motivation? How does it differ from mere movement?
  • What did Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs state about what drives people?
  • What were the levels in the Maslow Hierarchy in order from lowest to highest?
  • What did Herzberg’s “motivation versus hygiene” factor theory state? What is KITA?
  • What are the true motivators according to Herzberg? What is meant by internal (intrinsic) vs external (extrinsic) rewards that either move or motivate employees to do something?
  • Can you describe Expectancy Theory and Equity theory?
  • What are the factors in the 3 Factor Needs (or Acquired Needs) Theory? Remember APA. What do they mean?
  • Which is the one best motivational theory and when would you apply it? (Hint: Is there one?)
  • What things do truly effective leaders do that sets them apart from regular managers?
  • What is “job enlargement” compared to “job enrichment”?
  • How are leadership and power connected?
  • What traits do good leaders generally have?
  • What do the more modern “contingency” leadership theories emphasize that was missing from the earlier theories?
  • What is path-goal theory? What are the types of leadership behavior it defines and what situational factors apply that determine when to best use those types of leadership behaviors?
  • What is the best leadership style? (Is there one??)
  • How do groups differ from teams? What are the main four areas of difference?
  • What are the stages of group formation?
  • Define groupthink, conformity and norms.
  • What is an optimal team size and what types of skills and personalities are best included?
  • What is the control process and what are the steps within it?
  • What do “benchmarking”, metrics, and control tolerances mean?
  • What are the economic and other considerations that managers should consider before implementing controls? How much control should be applied? What factors must you consider in determining the amount of and types of controls necessary?
  • What does it mean that all controls have unintended consequences?
  • What is a budget? What does it measure?
  • What are the four types of financial ratios commonly used in analyzing a company’s performance? What does each measure?
  • What do a balance sheet and income statement show and what does breakeven analysis measure?

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discussion question Writing Assignment Help

400 WORDS!!!!!!!!!!! APA STYLE

During this module/week you are studying about learner differences and individuals with exceptionalities. When Germany was under the Nazi regime, the phrase “life unworthy of life” (in German: “Lebensunwertes Leben”) was used since some felt that some individuals had no right to live. There were times throughout history that people felt that individuals with disabilities or diverse needs should be treated differently. When you examine the realities of history, the power of language, and the ethical or unethical behaviors surrounding caring for and educating individuals with differences, it provides a deeper understanding as to why laws have been created throughout the years to promote ethical practices and to cultivate effective learning opportunities for all individuals. It is essential for educators and future leaders to have an understanding of history, critically analyze it through a biblical lens, and determine how to approach, nurture, and educate these individuals with diverse and special needs. Review the 1968 documentary, “Suffer the Little Children: Pennhurst Pennsylvania State Home for Disabled Children.”

Regarding what happened at Pennhurst:

  • How does this affect you as an educator, aspiring educator, and individual now, and in what ways has your own attitude and language changed over the years?
  • What is a biblical approach to welcoming, nurturing, and educating learners with diverse needs or exceptionalities that you can intentionally apply in your own life?


videos and your thought on themes. Humanities Assignment Help

After you have watched the four video clips linked in Module 6, you are to write 400 words about the artists and how their work exemplifies the Themes we have learned about in Chapters 4.1, 4.4, 4.7, 4.8, and 4.10.


When you watch this video, think about the themes of art that we have looked at this week. The work is subtler than the work of some of the others we have been looking at this week, but still brings up some of themes we are looking at.

NOTE: Fast forward to 35:00 and watch this video about Janine Antoni.


When you watch this video, think about the themes of art that we have looked at this week.

NOTE: The segment you want to watch is the first one.


When you watch this video, think about the themes of art that we have looked at this week. Both the works he discuss have themes are resonate with what we have been learning about this week.

NOTE: Fast forward to 38:45 and watch this video about Mark Dion.


When you watch this video, think about the themes of art that we have looked at this week.

NOTE: Fast forwart to 40:00 to watch this video about the art of Mel Chin.


i need help to understand two questions in essay format Humanities Assignment Help

Answer two essay questions : 12 point front, double spaced, paged numbered. I need help to understated the question to enhance my understanding. 600-800 words

1-essay must include an introduction, argument, and conclusion. Every essay must incorporate an analysis.

First question answer it: How New Deal transform the relationship between the federal government and Americans Citizens? In your answer, discuss and analyze specific New Deal reforms. I will add the chapter pages including picture of the reading.

Second Question: Describe how the Cold War helped to reshape freedoms meaning, identifying freedom ever more closely with anticommunism, free enterprise, and the defense of the social and economic status quo. Also need one of this document to be analysis( McCarthy speech 1950 or Margaret Chase Smith speech 1950) will include more details pictures ASAP


For your final module paper, you are going to assume the role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of an organization that is looking to institute a security program Other Assignment Help

In this module, we have touched on a wealth of information. For your final module paper, you are going to assume the role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of an organization that is looking to institute a security program. You need to write up a white paper for senior management that encompasses the following:

  • An overview of an information security program and why it is important for an organization
  • A list of high-level topics that should be encompassed in a program and a brief explanation of each of those topics
  • From those high-level topics, you will take the top two that are most important, in your view, and create basic standards/procedures for implementing safeguards for those topics.
  • In your white paper, you will explain why you believe these two topics are the most important to put in place first. What makes these more important than other items?
  • The overall paper should be informational, but also provide data and evidence from outside sources to give credence to your discussion.

The paper should be 15-18 pages in length including title, contents and source pages, providing a broad overview of Information Security Programs and how it will help the organization fulfill its mission.

Remember, your audience is the senior management of the organization.

Week 7 – Final Module Presentation

You are to complete a presentation as if you were the CISO of an organization presenting to senior management. Your presentation should be an overview of your white paper and last no more than 10 minutes (approximately 8-10 slides).



Thematic Integration of Faith and Learning Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

Write a thematic integration of faith and learning concept paper using a well-rounded approach to the concepts found in the course texts and current scholarly literature. This paper must be submitted in compliance with the instructions found in the Thematic Integration of Faith and Learning Paper Grading Rubric.

The paper must contain the following components:

  • A 2–3-page overview that defines the course as an academic field of study (significance of the course to business).
  • A 2–3-page discussion of the top 5–8 questions you believe are critical in order to demonstrate that a student who completes this course can synthesize the key concepts in strategic allocation of financial resources and make real-world applications.
  • A 3–4-page discussion that integrates the concepts from the Keller text along with the Bible and other sources into a cohesive understanding of why strategic allocation of financial resources is significant for advancing God’s purposes for business on earth.
  • A minimum of 10 scholarly journal references; each reference must be less than 10 years old.

Thematic Integration of Faith and Learning Paper Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Write an Ecology lab report about Pollination and the decline of pollinators. Writing Assignment Help

You are going to write an independent lab report about the decline of pollinators in the recent years using scan sampling. This lab has been done in the Mediterranean Garden, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA.

Goal: to identify which plants are being used in order to inform restoration efforts to help insects!

Use google scholar (or similar scientific article search engine) to look up:

– why pollinators are important

– the current status of pollinators: their abundance and diversity

– restoration efforts to help pollinators

There are 4 sections and the References.


For any other questions, please contact me as soon as possible!!


2-4 pages on Saturday Night Fever Humanities Assignment Help

2-4 pages (of text, excluding reference and title page) on the movie Saturday Night Fever (APA format)

Your paper must address each of these 9 aspects about the film:

  1. What is the general opinion of film critics and moviegoers? Include at least two quotes from what professional reviewers have written about the film.
  2. Do you agree with what others have written about the film?
  3. Was it considered a success in its day, based on awards, box office results, or influence?
  4. What can you learn about the era in which the film was made (attitudes, values, culture, lifestyles, concerns)?
  5. In your opinion, does the film “hold up well” in the eyes of today’s audiences?
  6. What message or meaning does the film communicate to the viewer?
  7. In your opinion, what are the good and the bad aspects of the film?
  8. What moments in the film stood out to you? A specific scene; dialogue; imagery?
  9. What is your general opinion of the film? Are you glad you saw it?


Case Study Other Assignment Help

Case Study – Ethics Issue or Problem

Your final course project is a case study of an ethical or social responsibility issue or problem affecting your employer, profession, or industry. The project will describe the issue or problem, analyze the problem from ethical, business, and scholarly perspectives, and recommend a solution.

The length of this paper should be 8-10 pages, excluding the title page, table of contents, reference page(s), and appendices. The case study must follow APA 6th edition formatting guidelines, including spelling and grammar, and use at least 3-4 peer-reviewed information sources. Wikipedia and other social content websites are not permissible as sources for this case study. No abstract or table of contents is required.

Make sure the following points are addressed:

  • Description and dimensions of the issue; specify boundaries of your study.
  • Why is this a problem that needs to be addressed? (Include quantitative and qualitative reasons. Integrate/analyze the data to demonstrate the importance of addressing the problem.)
  • What approaches have been taken to date to address this issue?
  • What are the deficiencies of these approaches?
  • Analyze the problem using at least three of the concepts and theories presented in the textbook, assigned readings, videos, blogs, and class discussions as well as information gathered during the problem definition and your experiences.
  • What argument would you use to persuade management or other decision makers to support your recommendation?
  • Describe additional empirical research, which would be useful in further supporting your recommendation.

Case Study Outline

  • Title Page (not counted as content)
  • Introduction (1 page)
  • Problem Description and Statement
  • Analysis
  • Summary and Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • Reference Page (not counted as content)
  • Appendices ( not counted as content


Bloomberg Assignment Business Finance Assignment Help


For this assignment you need to use the Bloomberg Database, which is available for you
at Douglas Hall Room 170- CME Training Lab. In order to be able to work on the
Bloomberg terminal, please refer to the document titled
“Bloomberg_Workshop_Material” uploaded on the Blackboard.

Part 1:
1) From Bloomberg, download the exchange rates of at least 6 foreign currencies (at
least 2 of them have to be from emerging markets) including the US dollar.
(The number of currencies depends on your choice, the more the better)

2) Compute the one-year appreciation or depreciation of each currency against the US
dollar year to year within your chosen time window.
(The time window depends on your choice, the longer the better).
($: US dollar, X: The foreign currency that you have chosen)
St(X/$) = Beginning Rate
St+1(X/$) = Ending Rate
The % appreciation (or depreciation) in X can be calculated as;
[(Ending Rate – Beginning Rate) / Beginning Rate] x 100

3) Explore recent exchange rate trends for the pairs of countries that you have selected
(the time window depends on your choice, the longer the better). To plot trends,
download the series to a spreadsheet.

4) Try to plot examples of some fixed and floating rates. Can you tell from the data,
which countries are fixed and which are floating? Please justify and explain your

5) In the plots, can you locate data for an exchange rate crisis within your time-window?

Part 2:

1) (In order to complete this part of your assignment, please refer to your lecture notes
on Uncovered Interest Arbitrage)

Imagine you are a carry trader. Obtain 15-day Swap rates for some major currencies
(Remember to divide the obtained swap rates by 24): US dollar, pound, euro, Japanese
yen, Swiss franc, Canadian dollar, and Austrian dollar (The number of currencies
depends on your choice, the more the better) Find the lowest yield currency and call it X.
How much interest would you pay in X units after borrowing X 1,000,000 for 15 days?
(Remember that the raw data are annualized rates.) Obtain the exchange rate between
X and every other high yield currency Y. For each Y, compute how much X would be
worth in Y units today, and then in 15 days time with Y-currency interest added. Revisit
this question in 15 days time, find the spot rates at the moment, and compute the
resulting profit from each carry trade. Did any of your imaginary trade pay off?


52 Qs in two-part Business Finance Assignment Help

52 Qs in two-part Business Finance Assignment Help

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