66 question assignment Humanities Assignment Help

66 question assignment Humanities Assignment Help. 66 question assignment Humanities Assignment Help.

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Answer the following 64 questions. Does not need to be in-depth answers, as long as the question is answered.

  1. What “moral obligation” does boss say each free person has? Why does each person have this obligation? In what ways can each person fulfill this obligation?
  2. Describe three specific details that clearly indicate this story is science fiction and takes place in the future.
  3. What reasons does Friday give for her interrogation being amateurish?
  4. Why is, “if they grab you, sing” a wise policy in boss’s organization?
  5. How does Friday smuggle goods as a courier?
  6. Why does Friday value being held in “high esteem” so much?
  7. What does boss consider the scarcest commodity AND what how does he explain its effect on organizations?
  8. What are the disadvantages of being an artificial person?
  9. Explain what is the “barnyard dance” that Friday mentions.
  10. Please explain one chief difference between a territorial state and a multinational.
  11. What is Friday’s primary motivation for joining the S-group?
  12. Please explain the prejudicial incident that serves as foreshadowing for how Friday is treated later on in the story
  13. How did Friday damage her relationship with Brian?
  14. What was the family’s verdict? Who delivered the decision? And what reason was Friday told – and in what tone of voice – about the family’s decision?
  15. How is the Tormey clan a soothing balm for Friday?
  16. How – and why – does Friday mirror her hostess?
  17. Why is the Tormey property unusual?
  18. Why were Friday and her hosts interrupted before going to bed on her first night there?
  19. Please describe/explain “Red Thursday.”
  20. Please describe the main characters in this scene and explain their relationships to one another: Janet, Ian, and Georges.
  21. Please name and describe the four different groups that claimed responsibility for the violence on Red Thursday.
  22. What does Janet say every woman knows but most men do not?
  23. Describe the escape route and its back-up defense.
  24. What was the first thing that Friday revealed that shocked her hosts?
  25. Give two reasons why Friday justifies her actions toward Lieutenant Dickey?
  26. What does Friday say that indicates a 1950’s male-chauvinistic narrative perspective?
  27. Georges says, “Oh, my dear! Who hurt you so badly?” when discussing Friday’s status as an AP. How does he convince her that she is human?
  28. Georges mentions that “no one knows much about California politics, including California politicians.” Give three reasons why he says that.
  29. What does this chapter tell you about how bureaucrats think and behave (in general)?
  30. Explain why Friday thought the second wave of assassinations did not involve her Boss’s organization.
  31. Friday discovers the purpose of the voyage upriver. How does that confirm what she and Georges had inferred about Chief “Warwhoop Tumbril”?
  32. What was Friday’s original plan to get back into the Imperium AND how did events alter those plans?
  33. Please explain what Mr. Hunter means when he says, “Bread cast upon the waters always comes back, miss.”
  34. Please explain the lucky break Friday got that allowed her to escape into British Canada.
  35. What was the significance of the thorn bushes at the end of the chapter?
  36. What are Friday’s views about credit cards?
  37. What does Trevor’s disappearance from their rendezvous reveal about prejudice shown in the novel?
  38. Boss says, “Your glands are no more mixed up than those of any healthy human – specifically, you do not have a redundant Y chromosome. All normal human beings have soi-disant mixed-up glands. The race is divided into two parts; those who know this and those who do not. Stop the stupid talk; it ill befits a genius.” Explain how this explanation relates to Friday in this part of the story, please.
  39. Explain what Boss means when he says, “Geniuses and supergeniuses always make their own rules on sex as on everything else; they do not accept the monkey customs of their lessers.”
  40. What was Boss trying to turn Friday into AND what was her middle-of-the-night response?
  41. Why will Boss not try to stop the coming catastrophe from overtaking cities on earth?
  42. Explain the logic as to why Muriel was insistent that her husband, “Danny Boy,” not patent his new invention. And, please describe that new invention.
  43. Please explain Friday’s complaint about “the people’s right to know.”
  44. According to Boss, “what are the marks of a sick culture?” AND…What is the symptom of a dying culture?
  45. What does Boss’s letter reveal to Friday AND how did his salutation (ending) affect her?
  46. According to Friday, what type of lawyer is Gloria Tomosawa AND why does she that about her?
  47. Why did Friday feel so alone at the beginning of the chapter?
  48. Explain the two fortunate events that happened to Friday’s friends AND the reasons they were so fortunate.
  49. How does Friday characterize/describe Las Vegas?
  50. What does Goldie’s printout reveal?
  51. What mistake does Friday do that loses her a job?
  52. Explain Friday’s monetary dilemma and what are her plans to overcome them?
  53. How does Friday prove her identity and why can’t she use that revelation again?
  54. Please explain Friday’s mission to The Realm.
  55. What makes it possible for the spaceship to travel to all of the different planets?
  56. How many people are keeping an eye on Friday during this voyage AND who are they?
  57. What was the first hint that Friday was carrying her “item” in some place other than her plastic marsupial pouch?
  58. Please explain the scenario Friday predicts (at the end of the chapter) will actually happen to her.
  59. Why doesn’t Friday think she can get help from the Captain?
  60. What foreshadowing do you notice (with regard to names) toward the end of the chapter?
  61. How did Friday get into the migrant queue and “foul up the progress”?
  62. Please explain the “one for all, all for one” literary reference.
  63. Why did “the matter become academic” with regard to Friday’s package?
  64. What were the relationships – how did the main characters wind up – at the end of the story?

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Essay #2 (Fiction) and Discussion Writing Assignment Help

The majority of your grade in this course comes from a sequence of papers based on the assigned literature. Your essay must be in standard essay format and based on your own ideas; research is not necessary for this particular assignment, but you should use quotes from the literature to support your thesis. Not using quotes from the text will result in points deducted from your grade.


Write a short essay (750 words) that defends a thesis you developed through a close critical reading/analysis of one (or two) works listed on the syllabus. The “critical response” essay relies on textual support from the primary text (secondary sources are not required) – not plot summary to develop the student’s argument. Do not confuse “critical analysis” with “plot summary”; the goal is to develop, sustain, and advance a thesis based on a critique of the primary text. Some potential topics are listed below:

  1. What impact does the point of view in Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use” have on a readers’ understanding of and reaction to both Dee and Maggie?
  2. What do the quilts in “Everyday Use” represent, and how are the quilts significant to the story’s plot, conflict, and character development?
  3. What general attitudes toward sex, love, and marriage does Chopin imply in “The Storm”? Cite evidence from the story to support your answer.
  4. What themes and ideas is Hemingway exploring in “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place”? How does he use style and symbolism to express these themes?
  5. Why are the lines of dialogue so brief in “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place”? Why are the speakers so seldom identified? (For examples, Hemingway very rarely uses phrases such as “he said” after a line of dialogue.)
  6. Define the central theme of “Harrison Bergeron.” Is Vonnegut’s early 1960’s vision of the future still relevant today? Why or why not?
  7. Take a close look at Jackson’s description of the black wooden box (paragraph 5) and of the black spot on the fatal slip of paper (paragraph 72) in “The Lottery”. What do these objects suggest to you? Are there any other symbols in the story?

Format. In an academic community that communicates effectively, proper formatting is a mark both of one’s ability to follow instructions and of one’s willingness to interact with one’s colleagues in an accepted, mutually understandable manner. Therefore, it is important that you follow proper MLA format in producing your texts, particularly as you cite your sources. Failure to do so will lower your grade.

Grading Criteria. I’ll be looking for a clearly defined, arguable thesis and a logical organization of paragraph structures in each paper. Your essay should provide a comprehensive analysis of the work, which should eventually lead to an explanation of the theme of the work. I’ll also look at grammar, usage, mechanics, and so forth, as well as at your use of secondary material.

Paper Submission. Upload your paper to the Turnitin assignment link in the appropriate Learning Modules folders.You must submit your papers electronically through CANVAS on or before the due date. No late papers will be accepted. If you do not turn your assignment in by the deadline, then you will not get credit for the assignment. You will not be allowed to make up or redo essays for any reason.

All essays must be submitted in Canvas by 11:59 PM on the Sunday of the week they are due. All submissions are final, so allow yourself plenty of time to draft, revise, edit and upload. Be sure that you upload the correct document. If you upload the wrong document, then the essay is considered late and you will not receive credit. Allow spare time for unforeseen circumstances. If you wait until 11:55 PM to upload your paper, and you have technical difficulties that cannot be resolved by 11:59 PM, then your essay will be considered late and you will not be able to submit the assignment. I will not accept any essays emailed to me for any reason. Even if you email it to me at 12:00 AM on Monday, I will not accept it. I will not accept any document attached to a comment on the assignment.

If you would like to write on a topic other than those provided, you may do so, but you must have the instructor’s approval. You might want to look at the questions at the end of the works in the textbook for ideas.

Plagiarism: Plagiarism is defined as submitting anything for credit in one course that has already been submitted for credit in another course, or copying any part of someone else’s intellectual work – their ideas and/or words – published or unpublished, including that of other students, and portraying it as one’s own. Proper quoting, using strict MLA formatting, is required, as described by the instructor. All students are required to read the material presented at: http://troy.troy.edu/writingcenter/research.html (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

  • Students must properly cite any quoted material. No term paper, business plan, term project, case analysis, or assignment may have more than 20% of its content quoted from another source. Students who need assistance in learning to paraphrase should ask the instructor for guidance and consult the links at the Online Writing Center.
  • This university employs plagiarism-detection software, through which all written student assignments are processed for comparison with material published in traditional sources (books, journals, magazines), on the internet (to include essays for sale), and papers turned in by students in the same and other classes in this and all previous terms. The penalty for plagiarism may range from zero credit on the assignment, to zero in the course, to expulsion from the university with appropriate notation in the student’s permanent file.
The following content is partner provided

Discussion:Out of the Darkness

16 unread replies.16 replies.

Think of a modern social trend that worries/interests you (like crime and punishment, marijuana use, race relations, social media and the news, climate change/environment, etc). What are some parallels that can be drawn between society in “The Lottery” and “Harrison Bergeron” and modern society, particularly the way modern society reacts to/perceives one of these social trends?

2081/Harrison Bergeron/Finally everyone is equal

Answer the prompt in no less than 250 words. Then, read the posts of your classmates. Respond to two of your classmate’s posts. This will require three main posts: your main post and one different post to two different classmates. In order to provide helpful, clear critiques, your resonses to your classmates should be at least 150 words. YOU MUST POST YOUR RESPONSE TO THE DISCUSSION PROMPT FIRST! YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE YOUR CLASSMATES’ POSTS UNTIL YOU SUBMIT YOUR RESPONSE


Assess the health organization in which you work or one with which you are familiar, and describe how staffing and scheduling processes, in particular, make your organization a high-reliability organization. Then, evaluate any areas that may need improvem Other Assignment Help

Assess the health organization in which you work or one with which you are familiar, and describe how staffing and scheduling processes, in particular, make your organization a high-reliability organization. Then, evaluate any areas that may need improvement, and recommend steps for improvement.

In your evaluation and recommendation, consider the requirements and standards in becoming a highly reliable organization. Do these standards hinder or improve the quality of care? Justify your rationale.

Support your response by identifying and explaining key points and/or examples presented in the Learning Resources.

Support your response by identifying and explaining key points and examples presented in the Learning Resources.

Requirement 1: Your initial answer post should be 300 (min) – 400 (max) words long. The post should demonstrate your understanding of specific learning concepts related to this assignment.


discussion noard Economics Assignment Help

For the Week 2 Critical Thinking Exercise, you will discuss and provide application of concepts of supply and demand by identifying two goods and two services you consume at the household or professional level. For each example, you will identify a demand-shifting factor (preferences, expectations, income) and a supply-shifting factor (entry/exist of a producer, cost of input, etc.) Based on each factor/scenario, please discuss the impacts to the equilibrium price and quantity further include actual reporting of the scenario relating impacts on the industry from the scenario-based adjustment from research. For example, for the gasoline industry, a scenario could be civil unrest emerging in Saudi Arabia, since they are the largest exporter of gasoline, this would impede gasoline supply. The reduction in gasoline supply would shift the curve to the left and holding demand constant create a new equilibrium price and quantity. In your response, please research and report actual quantitative information (charts, tables, and graphs) for industry data tied to your example.

Task 1: Create a new discussion topic on or before Friday at 11:55 p.m. by clicking the ‘**REPLY HERE**’ post. In your reply, you will post your answers to the Week 2 Critical Thinking Exercise questions. Your response to the exercise questions should be a minimum of 150 words. Going over the minimum word length requirement is acceptable; however, I am not looking for 1000+ words! It is suggested that you use MS Word or another word processing application that can check spelling/grammar and can show the word count.

Task 2: After you have created your new discussion topic, you are required to read and respond to a minimum of 2 of your classmates discussion topics. Each of your responses should be a minimum of 50 words. Think of your responses in terms of a contribution to a dialogue, not a writing exercise or a chat room. Elaborate a single idea and keep your post short but concise as if you were holding a conversation with your classmate(s). Incorporate what you have learned from the weekly reading material and from your own real-world experiences.

Because this is a critical thinking exercise, it is important that you do your best to evaluate and assess the assignment without bias or judgement. You are expected to properly cite (http://gmcga.libguides.com/c.php?g=458&p=1686) and incorporate scholarly/peer reviewed sources (http://gmcga.libguides.com/periodicals) in your Critical Thinking Exercise topic/posts.

Be as thorough as possible when writing your Critical Thinking Exercise topic/posts, and remember, this is an academic assignment, so no “text-talk,” no conversational tone, and ABOVE ALL OTHER THINGS… don’t plagiarize!! Lastly, spell-check and proofread your work! Failure to follow these steps will negatively impact your grade.


describe the stages of change, processes of change and preferred intervention(s) for your chosen behavior (minimum 2 pages) Writing Assignment Help

Transtheoretical Model or Stages of Change

For your fourth assignment, you will describe the stages of change, processes of change and preferred intervention(s) for your chosen behavior (minimum 2 pages).

  • Describe the 5 or 6 stages (i.e., precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and, if applicable, termination) of change and apply them to your health behavior.
  • Describe the processes of change that enable each stage change (i.e., consciousness raising, dramatic relief, environmental reevaluation, self-liberation, self-reevaluation, helping relationships, counterconditioning, reinforcement management, and stimulus control). Please refer to page 132, Table 7.2 for the Processes of Change That Facilitate Progression Between Stages of Change.
  • Describe the preferred intervention(s) for each stage.
  • Describe your level of confidence in your ability to change your behavior.

Use APA format for the in-text referencing and the reference list. You should be using reputable sources such as Centers for Disease Control (and other .gov resources) as well as the textbook and peer-reviewed articles.

please see example attached.



I need someone to edit my writing and make sure it make sense to the question Writing Assignment Help

Here is the teacher question- The Study of Life discusses themes in biology, how life is organized, the types of cellular life forms, evolution, and the process of scientific thinking. Choose one concept and describe your understanding of the concept, add information to that concept and lastly pose a question to the class so that they can get involved.

This is what I wrote- i chose process of scientific thinking.

The process of scientific thinking is very essential for one to know, for we tend not to recognize that we use this practice in our everyday living. Ideally, people assume that only attracted participants in this approach are justly scientists or experimenters, and I want to give an example of this wrong perception. Let assume that you were going to a party event with your friends this weekend and you needed to go to a clothing store to buy a new outfit- the store you were going to visit was Macy’s, but your friends incorporated that JC Penny and Ross provided a better taste. In preceding, you neglected their advice and conjecture that you were only going to Macy’s and that it was better than the stores your friends suggested. The first primary recognition in the method is to form an observation- which accordingly means to fastidious a viewing and incorporate a conclusion about it. Moreover, in this correlation, Macy’s has always been your favorite store due to your longevity experience there, therefore, you figured for once and all that you will not have any trouble finding your new clothing at the site. Next, the step of the procedure is to form a question- which means to draw a curiosity — you contemplate whether you would find a nice dress or jumpsuit at your indicated store. Then, the process transforms into a hypothesis- which means the development of theory- you conceptualize that Macy’s will have everything you looking for based on your knowledgeably of it.

At hand, you next have to conduct an experiment, accordingly is define as a test or investigation to discover something. During this imminent, you scrutinize and try on different articles of clothing at Macy’s for a perfect jumpsuit or dress but your result came up inconclusive. Moreover, you decided to leave Macy’s which is unusual and go to JC Penny and Ross to explore more options. In addition, the routine consists analyzing data and finalizing a conclusion about your hypothesis- meaning collect evidence and initiate a conclusion about it. Simultaneously, at the other two stores, you try varieties of outfits and felt that JC Penny had what you needed and that where you made your purchased. Therefore, the remnant which is your conclusion after practicing all the steps would sum up that JC Penny was the store that had your spark and not Macy’s. In an overview of all this systematic approach- Macy’s was your observation and hypothesis because that is your favorite store- but during the experiment- Macy’s and Ross was not the best options. Lastly, when reviewing all the collections and analyzing everything you wore and tried on– you realized that JC Penny was a better choice for you and is the answer to your scientific method discovery. In general, as you can see, we use the scientific method daily in our lives when we are consciously asking questions, seeking or trying out new things, and then after encountering a discovery, we draw a conclusion based upon it.

I need someone to edit my writing and make sure it make sense to the question Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Group Dynamics Business Finance Assignment Help

Answers must be in APA format, with a total of 1000 words. Must have in text citations. With a total of 3 sources. I will include the book to be used as one.

1. Group members can be classified into one of four social styles. Name and describe each style.

2. Sources of conflict can be found in any one of four distinct levels. Name and describe the levels and give an example of each.

3. Name and describe the five conflict styles. Which is the most ideal/ Why?

4. Describe how the dynamic has changed, over the last decade, between managers and workers.

5. Describe three influence tactics that are most effective for team leaders.


How to do these questions? Business Finance Assignment Help

1. Which of the following taxes is the largest source of revenue for the US federal government?

2. Which of the following taxes is the largest source of revenue for the State of Indiana’s government?

3. Which of the following best represents a tax?

4. To compute tax revenue due from an individual or business entity, please describe in 2 or 3 sentences the two basic components that are necessary?

5. The statutory marginal tax rate tells us the change in a taxpayer’s tax liability if that taxpayer’s income increases by $1.

Suppose a taxpayer has taxable income of $100 and faces a marginal tax rate of 20%. Use this info to answer questions 6 and 7.

6. What is the taxpayer’s tax liability?

Your response should be formatted as follows: $x so 10 dollars would be formatted as $10

7. What is the taxpayer’s average tax rate?

Your response should be formatted as follows: x% so 10 percent would be formatted as 10%

8. Does the federal government personal income tax use a graduated tax rate schedule or a linear tax rate schedule?

9. Does Indiana’s personal income tax use a graduated tax rate schedule or a linear tax rate schedule?

10. We know a tax system is progressive if:

11. What is the main difference between a static score and a micro-dynamic score?

Your response should be in no more than three sentences.

12. What is the main difference between a macro-dynamic score and a micro-dynamic score?

Your response should be in no more than three sentences.

Use the following information to answer the next two questions.

sales tax rate
2018 2019 2020 2021
current law 5% 10% 10% 10%
current policy 5% 5% 5% 5%
proposal 7% 7% 7% 7%
total consumption $100 $100 $100 $100

13. What is the static score of the proposal using a current law baseline? Please express your answer in whole numbers and express the answer with a negative where appropriate. For example, (10% minus 15%) multiplied by 100 would equal -5. Your computation should begin with the proposal first.

Static Tax Estimate (Score)
current law

14. What is the static score of the proposal using a current policy baseline? Please express your answer in whole numbers and express the answer with a negative where appropriate. For example, (10% minus 15%) multiplied by 100 would equal -5. Your computation should begin with the proposal first.

Static Tax Estimate (Score)
current law

Suppose a taxpayer has total gross income of $100, deduction of $15, and faces a marginal tax rate of 20%. Use this info to answer the next three questions.

15. What is the taxpayer’s tax liability? Your response should be in dollars using the dollar sign ($).

16. What is the taxpayer’s average effective tax rate (AETR)? HINT: AETR is defined as tax liability divided by total gross income. Your response should be expressed in a percent with the percent (%) sign.

17. Which of the following is correct?


Business Requirements Computer Science Assignment Help

This assignment consists of two (2) sections: a business requirements document and a Gantt chart or project plan. You must submit both sections as separate files for the completion of this assignment. Label each file name according to the section of the assignment for which it is written. Additionally, you may create and / or assume all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of this assignment.

Procuring quality business requirements is an important step toward the design of quality information systems. Completion of a quality requirements document allows user needs and expectations to be captured so that infrastructure and information systems can be designed properly. Using the requirements document provided in the course shell, you are to speculate on the needs of the company. You must consider current and future requirements; however, assumptions should be realistic and carefully considered.

Section 1: Business Requirements Document

1. Write an eight to ten (8-10) page original business requirements document for the project plan using the template provided. Note: The template can be found in the Student Center of the online course shell.

a. Describe the project including the following:

i. Describe the scope and analyze how to control the scope.

ii. Identify possible risks, constraints, and assumptions.

iii. Describe the integration with other systems and infrastructure. Note: Database and interface design, security, and networking should be considered.

iv. Define relevant terms that will be used throughout project.

b. Use at least two (2) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • This course requires use of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). The format is different than other Strayer University courses. Please take a moment to review the SWS documentation for details.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

Section 2: Revised Gantt Chart / Project Plan

Use Microsoft Project or an open source alternative, such as Open Project, to:

2. Update the Gantt chart or project plan (summary and detail) template, from Project Deliverable 1: Project Plan Inception, with all the project tasks.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Apply integrative information technology solutions with project management tools to solve business problems.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in information technology.
  • Write clearly and concisely about strategic issues and practices in the information technology domain using proper writing mechanics and technical style conventions.


Project Management Plan Proposal Presentation Business Finance Assignment Help

This assignment is a group assignment. I only needed my portion completed. Which is the goals and objectives portion of the attached power point.

Below are the instructions for the whole group assignment. Again I only need one portion done. The goals and objectives. Please complete that slide with speaker notes.

Select an organization in which one of the team members is employed, or one with which the team is familiar.

Identify a project for the organization that must be completed. This project will be used for the remaining Learning Team assignments. Additionally, the plan will serve as an agreement between the following parties:

  • Project sponsor
  • Steering committee
  • Project manager
  • Project team
  • Other personnel associated with and/or affected by the project

Create a 17- to 25-slide visual presentation of the project plan proposal for the identified project using the template provided. Be sure to provide a definition of the project, including the project’s goals and objectives(my portion).

Format your Project Plan Proposal consistent with APA guidelines.

We are using this article as refereince for the group assigmetn https://www.cnet.com/news/netflixs-price-hike-will…








66 question assignment Humanities Assignment Help

66 question assignment Humanities Assignment Help

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