900 words paper Humanities Assignment Help

900 words paper Humanities Assignment Help. 900 words paper Humanities Assignment Help.

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– Please I need you to type 4 pages paper (900 words minimum), contains topic title ( Dubai and Iran conflicts and threats on the islands).

– you should explain the research purpose : ( proposed answers, Significance of such answers, and how such answers differ from those offered by others.

– Methodology: Paper organization and 7 sources ( I will attach the sources in the attachments )

– At the end of the RP please indicate a style manual that you’ll be using. ( I suggest APA style )

900 words paper Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Transcultural Nursing Skills Self-Assessment Writing Assignment Help

Week 2: Transcultural Nursing Skills Self-Assessment (graded)

2525 unread replies.2525 replies.


The Course Outcomes covered this week are CO2 and CO4.

CO2: Describe cultural differences related to drugs.

CO4: Perform a culturally competent nursing assessment. (PO7)

CO6: Identify personal opportunities for improvement in providing culturally competent care based on Andrew/ Boyle’s Transcultural Nursing Assessment Skills Self-Assessment (PO8)


Nurses complete assessments on individuals on a daily basis. Self-assessments are in order before considering our abilities to provide culturally competent nursing care.


Why and how we use citations Writing Assignment Help

Please think about citations you have used in written work you have done in your major. Why have you used citations? What did citations allow you to do? Please keep in mind that the in-text citations we use may be paraphrases, summaries, and quotations.

Also think about how you used citations—the different ways you used them, e.g., as summaries, paraphrases, and quotations. In a post of two paragraphs that total 400 words, please explain, using one specific assignment (include a one sentence description of the assignment and the class for which you did the assignment), how you used citations and what they allowed you to do. Your goal here is to explain the choices you made as a writer: choices about how and why you used citations.

So here is some information I want to include. My major is Business Administration. And the specific assignment, I don’t have anything in mind, just please don’t do law class or something because I never take a law class. So please do something like GE class, or Business major class.


Law Enforcement Services for Crime Prevention Law Assignment Help

Key Assignment Draft

Clermont, a rapidly growing southern city of approximately 100,000 residents, is predominantly a suburb to a much larger tourist area. The population can rise to as many as 120,000 during the winter months. The demographics have been changing rapidly, especially its minority population. There has been a substantial increase in the crime rate and a general deterioration in some sections of the downtown areas.

During the last election, voters approved a reduction in the property tax cap, and this has resulted in a significant reduction in revenue for the city, especially the police department’s budget. The current staffing level within the police department is 100 sworn and 25 nonsworn personnel. The previous chief retired after more than 30 years in office, and the traditional method of policing is still being practiced.

The morale of the department is poor due to the increased workload as a result of the reduction of personnel from the budget shortfall. As the new chief, you have been called to an emergency meeting with the city manager and city council to discuss ways in which the department can become more innovative in its policing methodology and address the growing problems within the community.

Some of the council staff have just returned from a state conference and heard a presentation related to community policing and problem solving. They want to get your ideas on the viability of a program like this and whether or not it would be beneficial for the city and community. They also want to know how you might approach implementing the program if approved by the city council.

Based on your meeting, how would you respond to the following questions? You will need to utilize credible research, including peer-reviewed journals, to support your responses to the questions posed.

  • In your meeting, how will you respond concerning whether community policing is the panacea for the city’s problems?
  • Since the police department has been operating with a traditional law enforcement mentality for more than 30 years, do you envision any problems with officers and supervisors within your department in moving toward a community policing and problem-solving approach in performing their assigned duties?
    • If so, how will you handle their concerns?
  • Using specific elements of the police organizational structure, where does it appear that you would need to reorganize the department, especially to accommodate this change in policing philosophy? Explain.
  • Do you foresee a change in the officers’ workload as a result of the proposed changes? Would the workload be reduced or increased? Explain in detail.
  • What types of information would you use to evaluate the progress of your new policing initiative?
    • Identify, cite, and discuss the most recent research, both pros and cons, related to community policing and problem-solving techniques.
  • What is the importance of planning with regard to crime prevention? Explain in detail.
    • What types of crimes are the most difficult to plan for with regard to prevention? Explain.
    • How would you improve the planning process to further prevent crime? Explain in detail.
  • What is the importance of personnel management with regard to crime prevention? Explain in detail.
    • What do you recommend to effectively manage, train, and retain personnel to improve crime prevention? Explain.

Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

5-7 pages


This is a research paper Writing Assignment Help

Please check the file “paper guidelines” for all requirements for this paper. Minimum 2000 words. Please use at least one source I upload to support your argument. Please use 5 minimum scholarly sources.

Please follow all requirements!

I wrote a proposal for this paper. I chose marriage this topic. Please check the file “research paper proposal”. But I only got 80/100, TA’s feedback is: my topic is too broad, I should focus on specific issue within marriage.

So please choose a specific topic within marriage!

I send you all the readings for this class, at least use one reading I provide.



Research paper (5-7 pages) Writing Assignment Help

This 2000-2500-word (approximately 5-7 double-spaced pages) research paper must directly relate to course concepts and take into account TA feedback on the proposal. Your paper must include an introduction, conclusion, minimum of 5 in-text citations, a bibliography, a thesis statement, and evidence that advances your argument throughout the paper. You are welcome to use non-academic sources to supplement the 5 minimum scholarly sources.

Remember that a good paper introduces the argument, provides evidence to support the argument, and comes to a conclusion. You will need to describe the object or idea that you are analyzing and discuss the politics of its production, circulation, and consumption or reception. Place this analysis in the socioeconomic, historical, and political context from which it emerges and exists in the world. Use sufficient examples from your sources to support your argument.

Papers should be double-spaced, paginated, and must adhere to a formal academic citation style (ie. Chicago Manual Style, MLA, or APA). Use a cover page that includes your TA name, date, paper title, and contact information. Papers are evaluated according to writing mechanics, content, argumentation and analysis, use of specific examples, style/format, and engagement with course themes.

* i uploaded my paper proposal and you need to do the paper based on it.

* i have four sources in the paper proposal, three online sources and one in class reading, which is :

Garcia, Lorena. “The Sexual (Mis)Education of Latina Girls,” in Respect Yourself, Protect Yourself: Latina Girls and Sexual Identity. New York: New York U, 2012, pp. 57-81.

*I upload the in class readings for you and you can choose one of them to use, and you need to add the source you choose to the bibliography

* thus, the sources in total should be five.

Research paper (5-7 pages) Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Comparison exercise Humanities Assignment Help

Compare two different versions between The Taming of a shrew and The Taming of The Shrew. Focus on significant differences of content–where do the emphases lie in the quarto Kate’s speech? How does the speech in the Norton Shakespeare differ? Do these two speeches use different metaphors, images, or allusions, and how do those differences affect the meaning? What does the longer version include that the shorter one does not? Does one speech seem more ironic or sincere to you, and why?

Underneath the transcription that you’ve cut and pasted, write a substantial paragraph focusing on what you see as the most significant difference in content between the two speeches. Include citations of lines to support your point of view. In the final line of your paragraph, summarize how this comparison has sharpened your understanding of the speech from The Taming of the Shrew.


Project – Mock Arbitration: Arbitrator Funding Business Finance Assignment Help

Module 05 Course Project – Mock Arbitration: Arbitrator Funding

For this phase of the project, you will take on the role of the Arbitrator. Your manager has asked you to create and prepare a checklist and a presentation to present to the union leaders meeting later in a couple of weeks. The checklist is shown below, in which you will provide the information requested (you can copy and paste the checklist right into your presentation if you wish). Also, your manager has asked you to prepare a 5-6 slide narrated presentation using the following:

  • Introduction
  • A summary of your decision
  • Three reasons to support your position
  • Two future recommendations to avoid additional disputes


Name of 1st Party:

Name of 2nd Party:

Paragraph summary of dispute:

Arbitrator(s) names:

State of Arbitration:

Arbitrator(s) compensation:


writing essay Humanities Assignment Help

Part 2: Formalizing Your Research: Writing Your Intermediate Draft


Part 2 asks you to formalize your Project 1 assignment by writing a 1,000 – 1,200-word Rogerian Argument. This essay introduces a controversial issue, identifies two stakeholders engaged in the issue who hold different stances on the issue, recognizes common ground between the two different stakeholders, exercises empathy in understanding the stakeholders’ positions, and determines a mutually beneficial compromise based on this common ground that may work towards resolving the issue.

Skills & Strategies

This Part 2 assignment will help you to

  • reread, review, and analyze compiled current research and presented arguments
  • identify and develop organizational strategies that contribute to the effective delivery of information and presentation
  • demonstrate responsiveness to new information, ideas, circumstances, and perspectives through a process of re-evaluating ideas and/or approaches
  • synthesize disparate or conflicting thoughts when evaluating questions/problems to form cohesive and collaborative solutions
  • construct an introduction and solid thesis that is supported by credible and convincing evidence
  • adjust tone and language to present fair representations of each stakeholder’s narrative
  • write a conclusion that defends rationale for presented solutions

Description (and Step by Step)

Part 2 should be a fully-developed 1,000 – 1,200-word Rogerian Argument. This essay draft should include the following steps:

  1. An introduction that clearly identifies both stakeholders, the controversial issue, and thesis that presents the point of contention between the stakeholders and explains a proposed compromise
  2. Fair representation of the major stakeholders’ points and evidence that demonstrate your understanding of the value and circumstance of each position (empathy)
  3. A discussion of what the two stakeholders have in common (common ground)
  4. A single, feasible, and objective resolution that would benefit both stakeholders and potentially work to resolve the issue
  5. A defense of why the resolution is workable for both stakeholders and in which contexts the compromise will work and satisfy each stakeholder
  6. A conclusion that highlights the main points and considers forward-thinking ideas for research/action
  7. A Works Cited page

At least five sources are required for this Intermediate Draft. Your five sources should include one primary source for each of the two stakeholders (such as information from their websites), at least one credible/scholarly source for each of the two stakeholders (such as scholarly articles that support their arguments or stances), and at least one credible, scholarly source that supports the validity of your proposed compromise. Your instructor will outline the preferred format guidelines for your essay.

Helpful Hints

The compromise portion of this Part 2 is often the most difficult. To arrive at a strong compromise or solution, consider the stated goals and concerns of both stakeholders, the current or past solutions they have attempted, and the feasibility of your solution’s implementation.

Strong compromises will be concrete and consider both stakeholder’s main goals and concerns. In other words, a single, empathetic solution will be presented that is realistic for both parties.

Thesis and Organization:

  1. Write your thesis
  2. Outline your paper using an alphanumeric outline format. For help with the alphanumeric outline, try googling “Purdue OWL alphanumeric outline”
  3. Cite and summarize three sources that relate to your intended compromise


Eng 102 journal assignment Humanities Assignment Help

For this Journal, I’m only looking for 200-300 words. By this time we should have made it through the first part of John Leguizamo’s stage play ” Freak”. Put what we’ve read, listened to and discussed about masculinity in conversation with Leguizamo’s reflections on his early life as Latino growing up in New York. In your own words, tell me your impressions of John’s early life and make links to any previous readings we had any previous reflections you wrote, or any other idea that you’ve been noticing but just have not had the chance to write about?


900 words paper Humanities Assignment Help

900 words paper Humanities Assignment Help

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