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As the new Director of HR with Wilson Bros, you have been given approval to hire the following- 2 Administrative Assistants that will report to you both working from the Toronto office location. Using the job description provided below complete the following tasks.


  • ♣ Prepare a job ad, at least one page in length, based on the job description that follows. You will be accepting applications, cover letters and resumes via the internet and conducting interviews in person. Be creative!
  • ♣ Prepare a 1-2 page, double spaced report to cover the recruitment strategy – where to advertise the job and why; internal and/or external recruitment; size of applicant pool needed, etc.
  • ♣ Prepare a one-page, double spaced report describing the characteristics/qualities (i.e., format, content) that distinguish an excellent resume from a poor one.

Reports to: Director of Human Resources
Salary: $30,000 to $40,000

Client-Service Results

Administrative, financial, personnel, and clerical support to the Director of HR and unit staff.


  • ♣ Maintains the agenda, arranges travel, and coordinates meetings, conference calls and appointments on behalf of the Manager. Organizes and coordinates the meetings and conference calls of unit staff, special project teams and working groups.
  • ♣ Develops and maintains up-to-date correspondence, filing, logging, and bring forward systems in the unit, and provides follows up to ensure responses are prepared in timely manner and are consistent with company standards.
  • ♣ Facilitates the flow of documents/information to and from the unit, and ensures financial integrity and consistency by controlling, in accordance with policy, purchase and payment authorities, receipt of goods and services, requisitions, reconciliation of accounts and travel accounts.
  • ♣ Acquires and updates administrative, financial and personnel resources materials such as manuals, policies and directives, regulations, monthly reports, and supply catalogues.
  • ♣ Assists in and provides word processing and transcription services for the preparation of briefings, memorandum, reports, etc. Prepares, produces and processes a variety of documents. Acquires and arranges for services such as printing and translation.
  • ♣ Conducts Internet searches and seeks out new data sources.
  • ♣ Collects, gathers and downloads data and information from websites.

Job Specifications

  • ♣ Knowledge of Microsoft programs including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • ♣ Keyboarding – 60 wpm
  • ♣ Minimum of 1 year of administrative experience in a medium to large office environment
  • ♣ Excellent interpersonal skills
  • ♣ Flexibility

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Transnational Organized Crime Business Finance Assignment Help

Compare and contrast the prevalence of organized crime in two (2) of the following global regions: North America, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Determine each global region’s response to organized crime, and examine the correlation between this response and the prevalence of organized crime in the region.

Speculate on at least two (2) reasons why society’s concern about Cybercrime has lagged behind other types of organized crime despite society’s current reliance on computers and technology. Justify your response.


Europe- Like the lecture has stated, Europe supplies easy travel. Europe allows provides expanded communication. Traveling and communication are key factors to gain profit. A criminal needs to be able to travel; the easier the process is the more likely they are to follow through and complete the transaction/mission/etc.. Communication is crucial in everyday life, specifically for criminals. Knowing who, what, where, and when in order for everything to run smoothly and not “get caught” is critical for criminals. In Europe there are 5 hubs that all differ for different reasons. Certain areas struggle with certain issues while others may struggle with a complete different issue. 

Asia- Known for smuggling people and goods. A massive issue is sex trafficking men, women, and children. In fact, Asia is considered one of the largest regions of smuggling (both goods and people). We are talking about thousands upon thousands of individuals who are smuggled inside and outside the region; for sex purposes and sex purposes only. Asia’s authority lack in stopping this criminal activity simply because it is out of control! The United States, the United Nations, and the European Union have provided their assistances yet are now providing consequences towards Asia who lack effort of down grading the issue.

All regions struggle more or less in terms of what organized crimes are being committed. I can faithfully say that the United States is really struggling with the use of narcotics! I live in SE PA and we are at a heroin epidemic! As a correctional officer I would say majority of female (7/10) of inmates are incarcerated due to some form of drug related issue. Being an officer for 27 months I have alone heard of over a dozen females die since release! More than half of those was being of an overdose.


Please, create 3 Discussion: Health Medical Assignment Help

Please, create 3 Discussion:

Go the CDC’s website, conduct a search of the employment opportunities offered in the area of public health. Describe your search results, does this interest you, state why or why not.

Conduct a search for “public health studies”. Describe why you feel it is important as a consumer, what would you like to see in your community as a result of these types of studies? Some websites that are helpful in finding current public health studies include your state’s Department of Health, University websites, or the CDC.

Conduct a search for “public health studies”. Describe why you feel it is important as a consumer, what would you like to see in your community as a result of these types of studies? Some websites that are helpful in finding current public health studies include your state’s Department of Health, University websites, or the CDC


Ethical and critical thinking Business Finance Assignment Help

Imagine you are seeking information on a new car that you are thinking of buying. Determine the level of trust that you would place in information provided by the following: a salesman at the car lot, the dealer’s Website, social media (i.e. Facebook), an associate from work, and finally a close friend. Discuss the key factors involved in assessing the amount of trust that you put into each.

If you were in a position to persuade another person, explain whether or not you would slant information in such a way as to make your point seem more credible if you sincerely believed that your position was correct. Discuss the primary ethical dilemmas that this scenario could cause for both you and the person whom you are trying to persuade.


For the car scenario, here is my opinon:

As a salesperson myself, I do trust sales people who seem experienced and understand that giving knowledge and not high pressure gets sales. Therefore, if the sales person has been with the dealership for a while and is taking a more consultative approach, I would feel that I am dealing with a professional who also understands that truth now gets this sale, future sales and referral sales. However, if the salesperson is new, I would have less faith because they do not have enough experience.

For the dealer’s website, I would trust the information on the website as far as features and benefits because of laws about truth in advertising and the fact that most dealerships have to be monitored by the brand they represent for truthfulness.

As far as social media and a work associate, I would not look here for information per se on the vehicle but instead look for trends of opinions from other buyers of the same vehicle. If I saw 100 reviews and 99 were great but 1 was bad, I would research the bad one a little more but, in the end, trust the 99 good ones. However, if from those 100 reviews, 18 had a similar issue, it would also make me worried about buying that car without written assurances that the issue has been resolved universally for the car type.

As far as a close friend, what I believe from them depends on their experience with the model of the car. If they own or have owned something by that manufacturer and especially the model I am looking at or they have a close relative or friend who has, I consider that first hand knowledge and if it is a friend who’s opinion I trust then I would certainly take what they say to be truthful and keep it in mind for my opinion. However, if what they tell me is that their neighbor’s best friend’s dog owner’s wife’s boss from 10 years ago had one of these cars and didn’t like it, there are too many degrees of seperation and I would not believe it as mich.


Matching Outcomes and Objectives Writing Assignment Help

Our textbook authors, Smith and Ragan, drew from the work of Gagné in categorizing learning outcomes into six broad categories: declarative knowledge, intellectual skills, cognitive strategies, attitudes, psychomotor learning, and learning enterprises.

For each of these six categories, briefly describe the learning outcome generally and then construct a learning objective for any topic appropriate to that outcome. See Pages 77-82 in the Smith and Ragan text for related information. Write in complete sentences, cite the textbook or other scholarly sources, and clearly indicate which outcomes and objectives go together.

For example, a learning outcome may be to explain the troubleshooting process for diagnosing a broken heating system. This would be a procedural outcome, which is part of the intellectual skills category. A related objective might be “to demonstrate the proper way to shut off gas to the heating system.”



Can somene write this 250 word disscusion board? Humanities Assignment Help

In preparation for developing your thread for this discussion on “Hidden / Implicit Bias”

(1) Go to the website: Teaching Tolerance: sponsored by the southern poverty law center –http://www.tolerance.org/hiddenbias( SEE UNIT 2 DISCUSSION NOTE – REGARDING ALL WEBLINKS WITHIN THE REMAINING DISCUSSION BOARD FORUMS). After reading the introduction page on Hidden Bias, select the hyper-link in the first paragraph, at the top of the page titled: Project Implicit. From the Project Implicit homepage- chose one of the two options in the box titled – Project Implicit Social Attitudes.You can either “register or continue as a guest”. If you register for the study your results will become part the national sample and your assessment results represented in thestudy’s national findings. On next page you will need to read the ‘Preliminary Information” page and select “I Wish to Proceed”. On the next page you will see several assessments of hidden bias. For this assignment you are to complete the Race IAT and the Gender/Career IAT assessments.

(2.) Take the Implicit Bias Assessments for both race and gender/career.

(3) Once the assessments are complete copy your results statement from both assessments to be used as the opening sentence of your thread. Your results may read: you show no, slight, moderate or strong automatic preference for one group or the other.

(4) Develop a discussion thread including (4a) A statement analyzing the concept of Hidden/Implicit bias & your feelings concerning the validity of the instrument and validity of your personal results (4b) A statement regarding your speculations regarding the source of your assessed bias, if any (4c) A statement regarding the national results and their implications for prejudice and discrimination in the U.S. (4d) A description of how this experience and insight might affect your future thoughts and actions.

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Research Paper Outline Humanities Assignment Help

I need an outline for my Research paper. I’ll have a document attached showing the way the outline is supposed to be formatted. Im also going to put the Essay outline here, so you’ll know what it’s about. Essay Outline: The notes on how to complete this assignment are found within the research module. However, here are the relevant portions of the assignment. As mentioned in class, you have one very broad topic to research. You may write about anything that relates to either robots, robotics, and/or artificial intelligence (all subjects we have been discussing this semester).

For this paper, you need to explore one very narrow, very specific slice of the vast technological pie out there. Now, some of these topics will work for a research essay and some will not. Most, if not all of them, are still too broad and would need to be narrowed to make an effective essay. Here are some topics to consider (all of which need to be narrowed in order to make this paper work).

Robots and/or artificial intelligence in relation to:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Companions
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Transportation
  5. Human identity
  6. Religion
  7. Warfare
  8. Law/rights
  9. Spying
  10. Advertising
  11. Social media
  12. other topics that may interest you

Essentially, you want to pick a question, narrow it to something that you can answer in the space to which you are confined (five to seven pages, not including your works cited page and a formal outline). You must include – use and cite – at least three different kinds of sources for this research paper; and, of course, they all need to be cited properly using MLA 8th edition guidelines. Please consider using one of the handouts given out in class — or found on this Canvas site — as one of your sources. Some other possibilities for sources include:

  • The Internet (perhaps Google Scholar)
  • Books
  • Periodicals/articles
  • Interviews with expert authorities
  • Films
  • Museum displays and literature
  • Online/Library databases


All papers must have the following characteristics:

1) Double-spaced, typed.

2) Use a sans-serif font such as Ariel or Calibri.

3) 12 point height.

4) Follow consistent MLA 8th edition formatting.

5) Submitted via our Canvas class site.

6) Length: 5-7 pages, not including a Works Cited page or any appendices.

7) A Works Cited page.

8) A formal outline, submitted as a separate assignment.

9) Evidence of peer-review turned in to the teacher.

Papers that do not follow these guidelines will not be read or graded.

Good luck! I am sure you will have a good time with this project. Stay organized, and you can do just about anything! J

Here are some additional notes the professor left me:

Old-fashioned vs. newfangled research-2

Yes, even some of us old codgers were able to conduct research before the age of computers and Google. (Can you imagine? I went through my entire undergraduate years with a small manual typewriter, and I didn’t get my first computer — ooohhh, with a 30-meg hard drive! — until I was in graduate school!)

So, just as a reminder to all of the “digital natives,” digital native

(those who were born after the onset of the World Wide Web) there are many ways of conducting valid research without the use of electronics. Besides, sometimes the power does go off! So, as a bit of a refresher, here’s a list of some ways to conduct research.

“Old School” Ways to Conduct Research


  • Multimedia:
    • Movies (documentaries, etc.)
    • Audio recordings
    • Television shows
    • Speeches
    • Microfiche
    • Pictures, photographs, slides
    • Artwork, crafts
    • Scholarly databases
  • Periodicals:
    • Newspapers
    • Magazines
    • Journals
  • Books:
    • Encyclopedias
    • Dictionaries
    • References
    • Biographies/autobiographies
    • Pictures
    • Atlases, Maps
    • Genealogies


  • Interviews
  • Museums
  • Businesses
  • Local, State, Federal Governments
  • Lectures

“Newfangled” Ways to Conduct Research


  • Internet (perhaps Google Scholar)
  • CDs and DVDs
  • PowerPoint slide shows
  • Social networking sites
  • Streaming videos, audios, slide shows

Now, no list of resources would be complete without a list of internet websites. Try some of these when you get a chance. I realize that Google has eclipsed all of these recently, but experiment with them just for fun.

Online Research Resources (“How To” Instructions and Guidelines)

Here are some online resources that will give you some pointers on conducting research. I hope you find them helpful.

Please note: Personally, I think the OWL at Purdue is the best of these sites. Some of them are definitely better than others, but I just wanted to list some resources that I’ve found in order to save you some time.

By the way, if any of these links no longer works, please let me know. Thank you very much!

  1. The OWL, Online Writing Laboratory at Purdue University (Links to an external site.)
  2. eLearner’s Guide to Online Education (Links to an external site.)
  3. Infoquest: How to Conduct Research on the Internet (Links to an external site.)
  4. The University of Kansas Writing Center (Links to an external site.)
  5. Beloit College (Links to an external site.)
  6. Infoplease (Links to an external site.)
  7. Wikihow’s how to conduct research (Links to an external site.)
  8. Write.com’s guide to research (Links to an external site.)

I hope some of this has been helpful to you! Here is a general way of doing the outline, but don’t forget i’ll have an example attached as reference!

Planning and outlines-2

Research essays generally fall into one of two categories: analytical or persuasive. They are NOT merely explanatory, although explanation plays a large part in either category of paper.

The basic idea is to delve deeply into a topic, then convey what you’ve found to your reader — but you must add your own, original thoughts to your paper. You cannot simply regurgitate what you’ve found, so you must think about what you’re discovering and come to your own conclusions. Sharing your analysis and synthesis of ideas makes your paper original.

As mentioned in class, I’m a big believer in outlines. They organize your thinking and writing and give you a snapshot of your ideas on paper. You can visually see the flow of ideas and the supports. Personally, I think you should put together an outline before writing anything to turn in for a grade. Let me give you an example that I came across a while back (it’s not mine but I cannot tell who created it. Alas.)

Thesis: Although fast food may be tasty and convenient, people should refrain from eating fast food because it replaces food that has nutritional value, it contains many harmful ingredients, and it encourages a hectic and family-fracturing lifestyle.

I. Substitute for healthy food.

A. Limited choices

1. becomes predictable and boring

2. discourages culinary exploration

3. dulls the imagination

B. Unbalanced diet

1. few and limited vegetables

2. no fruit

3. no whole grains

C. Few nutrients

1. few vitamins

2. few minerals

II. Unhealthy

A. Insufficient nutrient complications

1. skin rashes

2. fragile bones

3. susceptible to colds, flu

B. Unhealthy ingredients

1. carcinogens

2. high cholesterol

3. trans fats

C. Resulting health risks

1. obesity

2. heart disease

3. cancer

4. diabetes

III. Unsatisfactory lifestyle

A. Decentralizes the family

1. replaces home-based meals

2. reduces time spent with family

3. leads to relationship breakdowns

B. Encourages a hectic lifestyle

1. rushed intake of food

2. improper digestion

3. insufficient relaxation

4. nervous breakdowns

As you can see from this outline, you know what message the author is trying to get across to the reader (that’s the thesis). And, you know what ideas will be presented in which order. It’s brief, consisting mostly of phrases rather than sentences. It’s the skeletal framework for the discussion (the essay) to follow.

The author mentions lots and lots of supports for the ideas presented. Each support can be original or taken from some other source. However, each support needs to be explained. Look at it this way. As the writer, you know your ideas better than anyone. No one else can get inside your head. So you need to take the reader by the hand and help him/her see things your way. Therefore, for every piece of support you give, you have to also explain or interpret it.

Writing an outline will keep your essay organized, clear, and easy to read. Those are very good things.

Research writing resources

Here are some resources that I think are helpful when beginning to write research papers. I hope you find them useful.


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Final Assessment Case Study

Worth 20 points and 20% of course grade.

Objective of this assignment:

This activity serves as a final assessment for the course. It provides you the opportunity to demonstrate how well you have achieved the learning outcomes of the course. You are to provide your knowledge of the strategic and administrative function of Human Resources by thinking about the situation of Southwest Airlines recent merger and their expansion.


Read and reflect on the case study below and prepare a response paper of not less than five pages (excluding title and reference pages) with appropriate in text citations. Demonstrate your research and analytical skills in developing your comprehensive paper by using the organization’s Web site and outside articles written about the organization to supplement the information provided in the case study. However, the case study is unique in that it is focused on the HR ramifications and most of the outside reports you will locate articulate the business side of the merger or expansion possibilities. Tailor your paper to the HR ramifications of the merger and expansion.

Keep in mind that the purpose of this final assessment is for you to demonstrate your knowledge of the strategic and administrative function of Human Resources. While the business side of the situation is the foundation, it is the command of the needed tasks and role for the Human Resource function that you are to focus most of your attention.

Key Components

The key components of the paper are as follows:

1. Title page

Your paper should be double-spaced, have page numbers, and use headings to separate the sections of the paper.

2. Introduction in which you restate the issue(s) and state the purpose of the paper

3. SWOT analysis from the HR perspective

4. Recommendations to address the issues. Scholarly research is expected to support the recommendations.

Examples of issues that may want to be elaborated upon may be possible redundant positions, maintaining the culture of both organizations (or not), combining compensation and benefits plans and union involvement (just to name some).

5. There are many tasks for recruiting and hiring for the expansion (in various global locations). Think about and list what those tasks are.

6. Provide the metrics for evaluating the outcomes of the expansion of the organization (again, from an HR perspective).

7. Synthesize and summarize your thoughts about the merger and expansion (from an HR perspective), including recommendations for aligning the HR function of the two organizations and addressing any of the S.W.O.T. assessment HR related elements as appropriate.

6. Reference page containing at least five scholarly references cited in the paper and presented in APA guideline format.


Southwest Airlines is a major airline in the United States with limited flights outside the country. The organization has a strong culture which is described in the following excerpt from Gary Kelly, CEO Southwest Airlines found on the Southwest Airlines Website.Living the Southwest Way

Living the Southwest Way

(Gary Kelly states that)…..I ask three things of the 46,000 Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways Employees every day: Work hard, have fun, and treat everyone with respect. We call this Living the Southwest Way, and it comprises three characteristics that we look for in job candidates and require of our Employees: a Warrior Spirit, a Servant’s Heart, and a Fun-LUVing Attitude. While it may sound simple (and it is), the impact can be profound. Our Culture has long been admired and has earned Southwest much recognition, including a yearly spot on Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” list (we ranked seventh this year) and the distinction of being named one of the Best Places to Work in Glassdoor.com’s 2013 Employees’ Choice Awards. Our Culture is not a program or a campaign; it is the sum of the personalities and behaviors of our People who Live the Southwest Way every day.

(The following is fiction but is the situation to consider for this assignment). Due to the recent acquisition of AirTran Airways and with the possibility of acquiring other airlines that will expand the organization to other countries, Southwest Airlines will add thousands of employees quickly from any number of existing airlines in a variety of global locations.

Faced with the tasks of maintaining the values of the organization, consider and propose steps the Human Resources team will need to take to achieve a successful merger of the two companies and to expand to additional global locations.

PLEASE NOTE: Much has been written about Southwest Airlines, its culture and the recent merger. While that information may be used as reference material, the situation you have been asked to use for your application of your knowledge about HR is unique. Do not merely cut and paste from what you find in the documents you locate.


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According to sociologist C. Wright Mills, people often believe that their private lives can only be explained in terms of their personal successes and failures. Individuals fail to see the links between their own lives and the larger society around them. The process of interpreting your individual life in the context of your community or the society in which you live is called sociological imagination.

  1. Choose 1 of the following social problems:
    • Being unemployed and the impact of unemployment on the individual and society
    • Being an alcoholic and the broader impact of alcoholism on the individual and society
    • Being a drug addict and the broader impact of drug addiction on the individual and society
    • Being an unmarried pregnant teenager and the impact that unmarried teen pregnancy has on the individual and society
    • Being a homeless person and the broader issue of poverty in society
  2. Using your sociological imagination, discuss the connection between the individual experience and the social impact of the social problem that you chose.


Stress Producing Factors and Curbing Stress Reactions Business Finance Assignment Help

You are an environmental behavioral specialist for criminal justice professionals in the law enforcement field. The chief of police has asked you to review the seven-person undercover narcotics unit because there have been several internal affairs investigations involving excessive use of force, mishandling of evidence, and mishandling of informants. The chief knows the six men and one woman on the team and believes they are all good officers.

He uses them outside of narcotics work to make death notifications to families when someone dies in an accident or crime. He also knows they have been doing a lot of excessive drinking on the job and after work. They are highly productive in terms of quality cases and seizures of controlled substances, and they are working around the clock, on some cases 24 or 36 hours in a row. You must evaluate the situation and provide the chief with suggestions.

In a report to the chief of police, you will cite the findings of your research and observations with recommendations to the chief. Statements of fact in your presentation require that you cite the reference from which you obtained the information in the text of the paper and that the reference be included in your reference page. As always, your paper will be submitted in the current edition of APA format. No abstract is required because this is a short position paper, but a title page, reference page, and appropriate running header with page numbers should be included.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Address the following in 3–5 pages:
    • How does stress impact discretion on the part of the team members? Explain.
      • Select 2 areas of discretion for a narcotics team, and describe the possible temptations in these areas.
    • How could the additional assignment of death notifications affect members of the team? Explain.
    • How does the microcosm of the police agency insulate itself from the community? Explain.
      • How do special teams like narcotics or SWAT take this one step further? Explain.
    • How can overcoming the fight or flight syndrome lead to unnecessary heroics, putting the members of the unit in danger? Explain.
    • Identify 2 issues in the handling of social and professional relationships under stress conditions in the unit.
      • How can these issues arise? Explain.
    • How can racial and ethnic demographics contribute to bias in this type of unit? Explain.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.


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