A Critique Review on the selected Article, political science homework help Humanities Assignment Help

A Critique Review on the selected Article, political science homework help Humanities Assignment Help. A Critique Review on the selected Article, political science homework help Humanities Assignment Help.

Kind of Assignment: a Critique Review on one
of the Articles  attached .

Title : “ the name of the selected Article “ Critique Review

 General Instructions :

1. Read all three articles attached, focus on the published
dates and relate whether it happened before world war 1 or 2 .

2. Make notes so that you are clear about the main

3. Which one did you find most interesting?

4. Write down why.

5. What are the problems with the article?

6. How does it help your understanding of diplomacy?

7. It should involve the analysis of an article on a facet
of diplomacy listed below.

8. You should choose just ONE article to assess.

9. Your analysis should be a sustained reflection on the main
themes of the article along with the weaknesses, merits, and implications of
your chosen article.

10. The word limit is 2000 words.

11. Harvard referencing style.

12. 0% plagiarism

13. you should understand that this is a Review assessment
upon one of the Article , feel free to choose any of them . you should
have a wide sources as maximum 25 list of references
  including the listed articles in order to

The Aritcles

1. Morgenthau, Hans,
‘Diplomacy’, The Yale Law Journal, No.55 Vol.5, August 1946, pp.1067-1080.

2. Henrikson, A., ‘The Future
of Diplomacy? Five Projective Visions’ Clingendael Discussion Paper in
Diplomacy 96, The Hague, Clingendael Institute, January 2005

3. Kelley, J. R., ‘The New
Diplomacy: Evolution of a Revolution’, Diplomacy & Statecraft, Volume
21, Issue 2, 2010, pp.  286-305.

Your analysis should critically interrogate the
assumptions and implications of the article chosen.

Whether you agree or disagree with the article chosen for
the analysis, you should critically explore the claims being put forward,

The assumptions (explicit or implicit) that underwrite
these claims should be considered

The implications for theory and/or practice that emerge
from the article.

It is encouraged that you use the wider literature to
help inform your analysis. 

The Structure :

(The coming structure will help you write the Article Review
essay that you must follow ) .

Introduction – what is the article saying and do you agree
with it or not? Do you think it is a good article? How will you defend your

What is the context of the article – who is the author and
what circumstances are part of the background to the writing of the article?
What assumptions underpin the argument?

What argument is the author making? Explain it in detail.

How does this article link to other journal articles and
books that you have read on the topic?

Is there anything in the article that you might challenge?
How convincing is the argument/analysis being put forward by the author?
As  you can refer to the other attached
articles to compare .

Conclusions. Restate your argument. What difference did
reading this article make to how you think about the topic in question? (What
does the article say to you about diplomacy?)

Ps . please please follow everything i have mentioned above in order to prevent any amendments. 

A Critique Review on the selected Article, political science homework help Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Credit card debt is a reality for many in today’s world, assignment help Mathematics Assignment Help


Credit card debt is a reality for many in today’s world. Suppose
that you had a $5,270.00 balance on a credit card with an annual
percentage rate (APR) of 15.53 percent. Consider the following
questions and prepare a report based upon your conclusions.  This
report must be submitted as a Word document and attachment to the M3: Assignment 2 Dropbox.
Consider the following questions and prepare a report based upon your
conclusions.  Your report should be created as a Word document, but you
are encouraged to create graphs and charts (which can be made in Excel
and copied to the Word document) to illustrate your points. Remember:
make sure you explain what the charts and/or graphs mean; do not assume
the reader understands what they mean.

  1. Most credit cards require that you pay a
    minimum monthly payment of two percent of the balance. Based upon a
    balance of $5,270.00, what would be the minimum monthly payment
    (assuming no other fees are being applied)?
  2. Considering the minimum payment you just
    calculated, determine the amount of interest and the amount that
    was applied to reduce the principal. Hint: You’ll need to find the
    total interest for the year first.
  3. Consider one of your credit cards. What is the
    balance? How is the minimum monthly payment determined? What
    would be the minimum payment? How much of the minimum payment goes
    towards interest? How much of the minimum payment goes towards
    the principal? If you do not want to share an actual balance or do
    not have a credit card, calculate these amounts using an imaginary
    credit card balance.
  4. Now, examine the terms of one of your credit
    cards or other revolving debt. Are there other charges that the
    credit card company is applying to your account? Are you receiving
    a special rate for a limited time? Does your card charge an
    annual service charge or an inactivity fee?
  5. Examine a credit card bill (or other revolving
    debt) and see how long it will take to pay off your debt if you
    paid only the minimum payments (you can also use an online
    calculator like the one at http://www.bankrate.com/calculators/managing-debt/minimum-payment-calculator.aspx).
    What steps could you take to pay off this credit card (or debt)
    sooner? Determine the percentage of the principal that you need to
    pay down in order to pay off the credit card in the time frame of
    your choosing.
  6. Many Americans find themselves amassing large
    amounts of credit card (or other revolving) debt at an early age.
    What advice concerning the use of credit cards and the fees they
    charge would you provide to a young adult planning on getting a
    credit card? 


Female Gang Members (2-3 page), law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

For this week’s assignment, you will write a 2-3 page essay about female gang members. Be sure to address all prompts and cite your sources in APA format. This is worth 80 points, so be thorough and give your best effort.

Most researchers conclude that female gang members make up roughly 10% of all gang members. However, these estimates vary depending upon who collects the data. Female gang members are extremely capable of committing violent criminal acts; however, their motivation and reasons differ from those of their male counterparts (Delaney, 2013).

As research and understanding of female gangs is imperfect or lacking, the criminal justice system would benefit by developing new methods for dealing with the increasing number of female gangs. To be effective, law enforcement officials should first acknowledge the existence of female gangs, and then develop better training for police officers to identify the female gang members they come into contact with. Unfortunately, few police departments have developed programs to specifically deal with female gang members (Delaney, 2013). Please write a 2-3 page paper (not including title and reference pages) that includes the following:

  • Explain female gang members’ families and their structures.
  • Describe female gang members’ roles and behavioral expectations within the microcosm of the gang.
  • You should include concepts discussed in the book including:
    • Dysfunctional home family.
    • Pregnancy.
    • Starting one’s own family.

Cite properly per APA in-text and reference list protocols.


Discuss the relationship between gangs and drugs, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help


4a) It is common knowledge that most gang members use drugs recreationally, especially marijuana, ecstasy, PCP, speed, crack cocaine, and heroin. It is also commonly known that many gangs sell drugs. Delaney (2013) noted that the level of gang participation in the distribution of drugs remains unclear. Furthermore, although there is no evidence to suggest that gangs are responsible for shipping drugs into the country from foreign markets, it is true that many gangs are capable of creating their own drugs in methamphetamine labs and thus operate as distribution centers.

For this week’s class discussion, please respond to the following:

    • Discuss the relationship between gangs and drugs.
    • To receive full credit, include the gang’s involvement in the use, sale, and distribution of illegal drugs.
    • Describe what is currently being done to combat gang involvement in the drug trade, and discuss whether or not these tactics are effective.

Cite properly per APA in-text and reference list protocols.


Philosophy 101 Essay Exam John Locke’s theory of personal identity (1200-2100 words) Humanities Assignment Help

Philosophy 101

(30 points total; 10 points for
each of the following questions.) 


makes someone the same person over time according to John Locke’s theory of
personal identity? How does Thomas Reid expose a contradiction in Locke’s theory
with his example of ‘the brave officer’? Lastly, briefly explain Hume’s
critique of the traditional notion of the ‘self.’

How is
the Principle of Sufficient Reason (PSR) used by the advocate of the
Cosmological Argument to justify the two premises of the argument? Make sure to
clearly define dependent and self-existent beings, and also to explain the two
parts of PSR and how each part is used to justify a different premise of the
argument. (See Rowe’s article; pp. 47-55.)

to Aristotle, how does an individual come to lead a good life? Include a
discussion of happiness, our unique function as human beings, character,
virtue, and the ‘mean.’ In explaining the ‘mean,’ briefly offer your own
example of someone acting courageously and what that entails.


This is an essay exam. Students are expected to
write in clear and concise sentences. Answers should reflect engagement both
with the readings and course material. Make sure to fully answer each question
and to proofread your answers before you turn them in, and to look for any
spelling or grammatical mistakes.

You do not need to use any sources other than your
textbook and the course material to complete this assignment. If you use sources other than your
textbook or the course material (for example, websites or articles), you need
to include a complete list of sources at the end of your paper.
quoting from the course textbook make sure to specify the page number where the
quotation can be found. A simple reference at the end of the quotation will
suffice, such as: (p. 42) or (42). All
quotations from course or secondary material should be clearly indicated with
quotation marks and properly cited
. You should try as much as possible
to use your own words and not rely too heavily on quotations from the textbook
or the lecture material. A few short quotations per answer are acceptable. But
the focus should be on explaining the concepts in your own words. Each of your
answers should be roughly half-a-page to a page in length (single-spaced), or
400-700 words each (1200-2100 words total), but feel free to write more if
necessary. If you have any questions about the exam feel free to email me.


should be clearly written

ii.  checked for spelling and
grammatical errors


fully answer each question on the assignment prompt

ii.  content should be written in
the student’s own words and demonstrate engagement with the readings and
course materials

iii.  quotations should be used
effectively and sparingly

iv.  each answer should be roughly 350
to 700 words (1050-2100 words total)


should be clearly indicated with quotation marks and have a citation (or just
a page number for quotations from the course textbook)

ii.  any secondary sources used for
the purpose of writing the response paper should also be cited.

Please, it is essential to complete this prior to the deadline! Only bid if you can get it done within the next 7 hours. 



Capstone Research Project (8-10 pages), accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Assignment 3: Capstone Research Project

Due Week 10 and worth 440 points

Assume you are the partner in an accounting firm hired to perform the audit on a fortune 1000 company.  Assume also that the initial public offering (IPO) of the company was approximately five (5) years ago and the company is concerned that, in less than five (5) years after the IPO, a restatement may be necessary. During your initial evaluation of the client, you discover the following information:

  • The client is currently undergoing a three (3) year income tax examination by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). A significant issue involved in the IRS audit encompasses inventory write-downs on the tax returns that are not included in the financial statements. Because of the concealment of the transaction, the IRS is labeling the treatment of the write-down as fraud.
  • The company has a share-based compensation plan for top-level executives consisting of stock options. The value of the options exercised during the year was not expensed or disclosed in the financial statements.
  • The company has several operating and capital leases in place, and the CFO is considering leasing a substantial portion of the assets for future use. The current leases in place are arranged using special purpose entities (SPEs) and operating leases.
  • The company seeks to acquire a global partner, which will require IFRS reporting.
  • The company received correspondence from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requesting additional supplemental information regarding the financial statements submitted with the IPO.

Write an eight to ten (8-10) page paper in which you:

  1. Evaluate any damaging financial and ethical repercussions of failure to include the inventory write-downs in the financial statements. Prepare a recommendation to the CFO, evaluating the negative impact of a civil fraud penalty on the corporation as a result of the IRS audit. In the recommendation, include essential internal control procedures to prevent fraudulent financial reporting from occurring, as well as the major obligation of the CEO and CFO to ensure compliance.
  2. Examine the negative results on stakeholders and the financial statements of an IRS audit which generates additional tax and penalties or subsequent audits. Assume that the subsequent audit and / or additional tax and penalties result from the taxpayer’s use of an inventory reserve account, applying a 10 percent reduction to inventory over three (3) years. 
  3. Discuss the applicable federal tax laws, regulations, rulings, and court cases related to the inventory write-downs, and explain the specific relevance of each to the write-down.
  4. Research the current generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) regarding stock option accounting. Evaluate the current treatment of the company’s share-based compensation plan based on GAAP reporting. Contrast the financial benefits and risks of the share-based compensation stock option plan with the financial benefits and risks of a share-based stock-appreciation rights plan (SARS). Recommend to the CFO which plan the company should use, and provide the correct accounting treatment for each.
  5. Research the reporting requirements for lease reporting under GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Based on your research, create a proposal for future lease transactions to the CFO. Within the proposal, discuss the use of off-the-balance sheet financing arrangements, capital leases, and operating leases, and indicate the related business and financial risks of each.
  6. Create an argument for or against a single set of international accounting standards related to lease accounting based on the global market and cross border leases of assets. Examine the benefits and risks of your chosen position.
  7. Examine the major implications of SAS 99 based on the factors you discovered during the initial evaluation of the company. Provide support for your rationale.
  8. Analyze the potential for a material misstatement in the financial statements based on the issues identified in your initial evaluation. Make a recommendation to the CFO for the issuance of   restated financial statement restatement. Identify at least three (3) significant issues that can result from the failure to issue restated financial statements.
  9. Examine the economic effect of restatement of the financial statements on investors, employees, customers, and creditors.
  10. Use five (5) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Analyze accounting situations to apply the proper accounting rules and make recommendations to ensure compliance with generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Analyze business situations to determine the appropriateness of decision making in terms of professional standards and ethics
  • Analyze business situations and apply advanced federal taxation concepts.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in accounting.
  • Write clearly and concisely about accounting using proper writing mechanics.

Capstone Research Project (8-10 pages), accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Present Evaluation research to your classmates, sociology homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Present Evaluation research to your classmates. 

  1. Select a topic that involves some sort of program to resolve or alleviate some problem associated with crime. Locate two academic journal articles that evaluate a program designed around this topic. (The articles need not be on exactly the same topic, but they must be somewhat close.) For each article, describe the program, paying special attention to how they measure outcomes. Given the data presented in each article, does the frequency of desired outcomes justify the continuation of the program? Explain your answer fully. Comment on the work of at least two classmates as well.

Please use citations in the paper and provide references.


Michelle has told you that the board is now ready to see the final presentation, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Michelle has told you that the board is now ready to see the final presentation of your plan for MM’s new product.

“They are very eager to see what we have been working on during the past few weeks,” she says excitedly. “I am sure they will love the plan and am looking forward to your presentation.”

“Thanks,” you respond, feeling a few butterflies in your stomach. “I am looking forward to the presentation also. I think we have covered all of the bases and I am sure we have a solid plan.  I have jotted down the order of items to cover that I think will be best for the presentation. What do you think?”

Objectives of plan

Marketing research used to select target market




Promotional Strategies

Measuring results

Contingency Plan

“This looks like a solid format for the presentation. Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help,” Michelle says exiting your office.

You close the door of your office so you can fully concentrate on preparing your presentation. You have a lot of material to cover, but you have been working on this plan for weeks. Now it’s just a matter of formulating a cohesive strategy and anticipating any questions that may arise during the presentation.

What might somebody else say to show your proposed solution is wrong?

What could you say to show s/he is wrong?

What alternative solution might someone else recommend?

What reasons might someone provide to support their solution?

How would you respond to their reasons?

Is there a compromise or creative solution?


Discuss the role of sexuality in Madonna’s music and performance,philosophy help Humanities Assignment Help

1. Discuss the role of sexuality in Madonna’s music and performance. How does Madonna portray female sexuality, and why was her portrayal so controversial at the time?

2. Do you agree with the following statement?

         Grudge music expressed the angst of the young American male who was given no rite to passage into manhood, and therefore had no clear definition of what it meant to be an adult male in our society.

3. Discuss the influence that Michael Jackson’s music and performances had on the music industry in the 1980s. How did he set new standards for music, and blur more societal boundaries than almost any artist prior to the 80s?


How did you identify the theoretical statement in the argument?, Critical Reasoning homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Identify a current argument in the popular media that incorporates or necessitates
theoretical statements. Include a copy of the passage in which you locate the argument.

In a 3-page essay, describe the following:

  • How did you identify the theoretical statement in the argument?
  • Do you believe the theoretical statement should be accepted? Why, or why not?
  • If the statement should be accepted, demonstrate how it is immune to first-stage criticism.
  • If the statement should not be accepted, demonstrate how either
    first-stage or second-stage criticism of the theory undermines
    its veracity.

This essay will include a thesis statement regarding the author’s position on the theory. It will include an introduction
that introduces the reader to the issues at stake, and a conclusion that summarizes the author’s findings.

-This essay needed to be in APA format.


What steps could you take to pay off this credit card (or debt)
sooner? Determine the percentage of the principal that you need to
pay down in order to pay off the credit card in the time frame of
your choosing.

  • Many Americans find themselves amassing large
    amounts of credit card (or other revolving) debt at an early age.
    What advice concerning the use of credit cards and the fees they
    charge would you provide to a young adult planning on getting a
    credit card? 
  • [supanova_question]