A persuasive proposal for a social media campaign for a company Writing Assignment Help

A persuasive proposal for a social media campaign for a company Writing Assignment Help. A persuasive proposal for a social media campaign for a company Writing Assignment Help.

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You will prepare a persuasive proposal (4-6 single spaced pages not including title
page, table of contents, etc).
This proposal should outline and suggest a specific plan for preparing a social media
campaign for your company. Remember that your company is a new up-and-coming
company that does not yet have a social media presence.

You need to use the research materials in primary research chart and Annotated Bibliography. The Primary research chart is about a research summary of one company (Supreme) our company is going to compete with. The Annotated Bibliography is designed to extend
each project team’s primary research findings about social media “best practices” in the

A persuasive proposal for a social media campaign for a company Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

ANALYTICAL Taking Sides ESSAY Humanities Assignment Help

Follow the instructions Please only bid on this only if you have access to the book:Required Supplemental Reading: Taking Sides: Clashing Views in United States History, Vol. II, seventeenth edition, Larry Madaras and James M. SoRelle.

For your Taking Sides essay you will choose an issue that is NOT part of your regular reading assignment.

Required Supplemental Reading: Taking Sides: Clashing Views in United States History, Vol. II, seventeenth edition, Larry Madaras and James M. SoRelle.

You may NOT write your essay on any issue that is already part of the reading assignment. Therefore:

If you have Edition 17, you may not write your Analytical Taking Sides Essay on issues- 1.6, 2.1, 2.5, 3.3, or 3.6.

Your essay should clearly present the controversial Taking Sides issue you have chosen to explore, explain the opposing viewpoints of the Taking Sides authors who debate this topic, analyze the evidence both authors use to support their position, explain the issue’s impact on the historical time period and then present and defend your point of view.

Your essay should be composed of three main parts:

1. The introduction or opening paragraph of your essay should clearly convey to the reader that the debate takes place in Taking Sides, the topic of the debate, and the importance of the issue in regard to the historical time period in which the debate is centered. In addition, your introduction should summarize the varying viewpoints of the historians debating this topic. It is also important that you declare your thesis or your point of view concerning the issue being discussed in the introduction. You must pick a side, or present a new perspective/thesis to answer the question presented in the debate.

2. The body of your paper should consist of at least four sections. Begin with two paragraphs that explain each author’s position and evidence (at least one paragraph explaining each author’s position). Follow with at least one paragraph that explains your analysis of the authors’ evidence and ability to persuade the reader. Next present your thesis/point of view. Your point of view should be accompanied by an explanation of how you came to your conclusion. Be sure to offer a thorough explanation of your position, how you came to your conclusions and the evidence to support your position. Your evidence may include key points made by the authors in the Taking Sides essays or other outside sources. Outside sources are optional unless you have a thesis that requires additional outside support.

3. In the final paragraph, or the conclusion, you must restate the issue being debated, the impact or importance of this issue in regard to the historical time period, the varying Taking Sides perspectives concerning this topic, as well as your position. The conclusion should be used to remind the reader of all that has been written in the essay, and then it should end with a final statement of significance or thought concerning the issue you have chosen to discuss.

Essay set-up: Each paper should be 6 full pages in length, typed and double-spaced, with one inch margins. Your name and the issue number should appear single-spaced in the upper right hand corner, and the title of your paper should be centered in the middle of the page two spaces below your name and the issue number. Double space and begin body of your paper.

Essay citations: All direct quotes must be followed by a proper MLA style citation, and be accompanied by a works cited. This page does not count toward the minimum page requirement for the assignment.


African American Studies Humanities Assignment Help

You are required to write one book review for this course on a topic that is relevant to the course material. Below are the questions that you must answer in your response. In addition to the primary sources, you may use your textbook for pertinent information. Your review must be in essay format.

Papers are due Friday, November 30th, at 11:59PM. Your papers should be 2-3 pages, double-spaced with 12-point font.

Please upload a .doc or .pdf file that answers the following questions in essay format.

  1. How effective is Washington’s Atlanta address? What is he trying to achieve?
  1. What is double consciousness in your own words?
  1. What does Garvey believe to be the best way to achieve progress?
  1. What is pan-africanism?
  1. On what issues do you think these leaders would agree?

No plagarism and 3 pages please.


how we reflect about building a backdoor to the iPhone , an ethics dilemma Business Finance Assignment Help

this is an ethics paper about business law.

You need to prepare an outline including the bibliography.

You need to write the paper using the legal astuteness you have gained in the course.

The paper cannot exceed three pages of narrative but you can reflect your related research in the bibliography or with charts or graphs and those items cannot be part of the three pages. They are in excess of the three pages of narrative.

Do not ask me what to write about. The cases speak for themselves. Pick one case and focus your efforts on that case. When you submit your paper, please submit the outline also. I want to see that you did it.

Please plan that you will finish this assignment without an extension. I will not be entertaining requests with support from the accommodation office or a note from your physician or coach.


Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan Computer Science Assignment Help

involve creating a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) for one of the data centers. Google “Disaster Recovery Plan Templates” and use several resources to create your Disaster Recovery Plan. Recommended sites include NIST, SANS, TechTarget, DRJ, Question Pro, and various Universities, Colleges, and government entities.

For Module 6 Assignment 2, complete your Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and submit it to your instructor. Your final DRP should be approximately 45 pages and include a Title Page, Revision Table, Table of Content, details supporting each section in the Table of Content, Appendix for Forms, and Reference Page. In addition to the DRP template examples, include the following in your DRP: (SLO4)

  1. A list disaster recovery teams for the data center. Hint: You should identify a support team for each IT infrastructure components – network, servers, and applications
  2. A contact list for each of the teams and backup team members with their names, job titles, work and home contact information, and their roles and responsibilities
  3. A contact list of external emergency support (e.g., hospital, fire, police, Red Cross, etc.) and key vendor contact information
  4. An inventory list of hardware and software (with version numbers) for the IT infrastructure
  5. An alternate recovery site location(s) – describe equipment and support resources that should be included at the site.
  6. An escalation call tree of IT leaders based on the severity event levels that includes their names, job titles, work and home contact information
  7. Reporting requirements



Debate presentation Humanities Assignment Help

Topic : Should We Have Privacy Rights on Social Media?

my Part: [ How social media affects hiring practices/getting a job ]

For Side not against Side

Gather your information from newspapers, newspaper sites and Lexis/Nexis Academic Universe

A. Content === time 2 minutes

1. Evidence of an understanding of the topic ( 2 sentences )

2. Adequately described one’s position on the topic ( 3 sentences )

3. Evidence of having built presentation around concepts (integration of ideas)

rather than mere recitation of facts

4. Use of concepts from the texts or other materials

5. a convincing argument

B. Delivery === time 2 minutes

1. Articulate presentation (spoken clearly and distinctly)

2. Observable enthusiasm for the topic being debated

3. Good eye contact

4. Effective use of natural and varied gestures (free and easy movement without

annoying nervous mannerisms)

5. Effective use of time (staying within the allotted time limit)


C. Rebuttal, Responses === time 2 minutes

1. Defended one’s opinion rather than merely attacking the other side

2. Deftly found holes or weaknesses in the opposing side ( 2 questions to ask the against depaters )

3. Made a persuasive rebuttal or an impact on my opinion ( conclusion)

Debate presentation Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Maximize profits Economics Assignment Help

Contact offices or look online that offer allergy/flu shots (e.g., find three offices that will give you the necessary information). Find out how much is charged for shots for uninsured people vs. how much is charged (including the amount that is collected from the insurance company) for insured people. Chapter 12 says that to maximize profits, a business should charge a higher price in the market segment where demand is less elastic; the price should be lower in the market segment where demand is more elastic. The idea here is that patients will not be as price sensitive if they are covered by insurance.

If you can get the necessary information, write down the textbook theory, present your numbers, and briefly explain whether the doctors involved are following the textbook theory.


ISOM 210 Assignment(In excel) Business Finance Assignment Help

Web-Based Decision Support System Case Study:

Your client is developing a marketing feasibility study for an ocean-front high-rise condominium project in Boston’s South Shore. The current real estate climate in Boston is very risky. Prices per square foot for condominiums are at an all time high. There has been a significant downturn in the economy which may or may not be reflected in future real estate prices.

The proposed building will have 5 floors with an identical distribution of 1 and 3 bedroom model units on each floor. On each floor there will be 4 of each type of model. The selling price per square foot will vary depending on the model type and the view (higher models will command an increment of $x per square foot for each floor).

The analysis of this project is complicated by the present uncertainty of the New England property market. A project of this size might take 12-24 months to sell out. Your job is to design and develop a decision support system which will simulate optimistic, pessimistic, and most likely revenues to determine whether the project is viable. You can make your own assumptions about the cost of building the project. Your DSS will focus on expected revenues rather than costs.

Your design should enable sensitivity analysis on price per square foot, sales (do units on upper floors sell before cheaper units on lower floor, or do large units sell before small units), and monthly price changes on unsold units. You may have to make a number of simplifying assumptions in your design. Document these assumptions and indicate what effect they are likely to have on the believability of your decision support system.

there is an example attached, thanks.


presentation about a book Business Finance Assignment Help

the book name is :How to stop worrying and start living by Dale Carnegi

here are instructions

  1. Read the book. You may want to take notes as you will be writing a 700 – 750 word book review and then giving a presentation on the book. Here is a link with helpful tips on writing a book review: https://writingcenter.unc.edu/tips-and-tools/book-reviews/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
  2. Write the 700 – 750 word book review. A rubric will be provided attached as picture .
  3. Prepare a 5-7 minute TEDTalk-style presentation on the book. A rubric will be provided .

at the end i need you to do me powerpoint with the out line or something to say just to presnt for the claas please add picutrure and make it little and beuatful


English assignment Humanities Assignment Help

Assignment 2: Writing a Melody of Your Own—Part 1

Main ideas and thesis sentences are really two sides of the same coin. Writers create thesis sentences. Readers pick out the main idea from what they read, which is usually the thesis sentence of the writer.

By Day 7

  • Locate one additional article related to one of this week’s case study topics, other than the one you used in your Discussion
  • Determine the main idea of the article
  • Complete the Source Quality Rating Document found in the Week 1 resources.
  • Craft a thesis sentence and topic outline that could be written in response to the article
  • Be sure to provide attribution, using APA formatting, for any sources used
  • Create one document that includes:
    • The outline you created
    • Your completed Source Quality Rating document

Note: To create one document, copy and paste all of the content of one of the documents into the other. Save this as a single file and submit it by Day 7.

When you submit your Assignment for grading, be sure to post the APA citation including the link to your chosen article in Doc Sharing. Also include the sentence you created stating the main idea or thesis of the story. Your contribution will help to build a library of resources that can be shared by everyone in the course. When creating your entry in Doc Sharing, be sure to title it “Week 1 Assignment 2.”

Submission and Grading Information

To submit your completed Assignment for review and grading, do the following:

  • Please save your Assignment using the naming convention “WK1Assgn2+last name+first initial.(extension)” as the name.
  • Click the Basic Integrated Reading/Writing Rubric to review the Grading Criteria for the Assignment.
  • Click the Week 1 Assignment 2 link. You will also be able to “View Rubric” for grading criteria from this area.
  • Next, from the Attach File area, click on the Browse My Computer button. Find the document you saved as “WK1Assgn2+last name+first initial.(extension)” and click Open.
  • If applicable: From the Plagiarism Tools area, click the checkbox for I agree to submit my paper(s) to the Global Reference Database.
  • Click on the Submit button to complete your submission.


A persuasive proposal for a social media campaign for a company Writing Assignment Help

A persuasive proposal for a social media campaign for a company Writing Assignment Help

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