A Rose for Emily read it again, taking notes. Consider the various aspects of a story–point of view, Humanities Assignment Help

A Rose for Emily read it again, taking notes. Consider the various aspects of a story–point of view, Humanities Assignment Help. A Rose for Emily read it again, taking notes. Consider the various aspects of a story–point of view, Humanities Assignment Help.

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A English

Story topic:”A ROSE FOR EMILY”

read it again, taking notes. Consider the various aspects of a story–point of view, voice, plot, setting, character, symbol—and select a focus for your analysis. How do you see the story? Show how you understand the story by asserting your interpretation of its thematic development, using the text to enhance your argument.

Use quotations from the story to support your argument, but use them sparingly (see the Literary Analysis Resource file to refresh your memory)

Do not use secondary sources

Follow the Conventions for Writing about Literature

Use MLA Format

A Rose for Emily read it again, taking notes. Consider the various aspects of a story–point of view, Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Book analysis on “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!”: Adventures of a Curious Character. Please only bid if you have physics background Writing Assignment Help

Key Elements:

All of these elements should be easily found in your analysis.

1. Who is the author and what is his/her general background? Why might they have written this book?

2. An explanation of the author’s thesis: What is the focus of this book? What was he trying to say?

3. What struck you or stood out in this book and why? Be as reflective and thoughtful as you can. This is the soul of the paper.

4. How does this book change/challenge the way you look at or think about some previously held belief about the world? If it did not change or challenge anything for you, then carefully explain why.

The book is “surely you’re joking, Mr. Feynmam!”: adventures of a curious character 1st edition.

If have more knowledge about another physics book and would like to suggest something else, feel free to.

I will attach some pages from the book, amazon has a feature where is shows most of the book in the “look inside” without the need to purchase the book. I could send pages that aren’t on amazon for better understanding of the book.


Organizational Behavior Questions Business Finance Assignment Help


Perhaps the most innovative marketing program in the history of the airline industry was American Airlines introduction of the Frequent Flyer program in 1981. The idea was that business flyers (or anybody else who flew frequently) could earn miles for flights that they took and use these miles for travel rewards. The logic was to provide an incentive to the traveler to be loyal to American Airlines. Soon every airline in the industry had a program. Over the years, individual airlines increased their commitments by offering double miles to their most frequent passengers, miles for hotel stays and car rentals, etc. The other airlines followed. Delta airlines faced an additional problem – other airlines were picking up market share from these programs because passengers had an incentive to be a member of a program that traveled to the largest number of cities. Since both United and American fit this profile, there were getting the largest number of frequent flyers. To solve this problem, on December 15, 1987, Delta announced that all passengers who charged their tickets on a particular credit card (American Express (AMEX)) would get triple miles for all of 1988. Presumably, passengers would switch their loyalty for triple miles. What happened instead was that all major airlines announced triple miles. Airline debt subsequently went up geometrically from the 1987 debt estimates.

  1. If you were the CEO of Delta Airlines and had taken this organizational behavior class what would you say is occurring here?
  2. And how would you stop it?


The country is preparing for the outbreak of an unusual disease that is expected to kill 600 people this summer. Two alternatives are being considered. In program ‘A’ 200 people will be saved, 400 will die. In program ‘B’ there is a 1/3 probability that all will saved (no one dies), a 2/3 probability that all will die. Within the hour, your supervisor must present the options to a committee who will decide which program to go with.

1. And your supervisor, knowing that you’ve taken a course in organizational behavior, asks you, “How can I present the two programs to the committee such that the committee members will more likely chose program ‘A’?” Fill in the blanks below with exactly (word-for-word) how you would present the choice:

If program “A” is adopted then _________________________________________ .

If program “B” is adopted then _________________________________________ .

2. Just before the meeting your supervisor becomes curious and asks another question, “Why would this particular presentation work, what’s the theory behind it?” How would you respond?


Does it make sense to think about inequality in relation to differences across age groups or generations? Humanities Assignment Help

Does it make sense to think about inequality in relation to differences across age groups or generations? (i.e. generational or inter-generational inequality?) Explain, drawing on examples from either the lecture/reading or beyond.

350-500 word response here (12pt Times New Roman font, double spaced, one-inch margins) dont need citation if its from the ppt and reading material I uploaded. response paper should be essay form.

Analysis: ( ___ /4 pts.)

  • Student demonstrates close reading of assigned course material by accurately identifying, explaining, synthesizing and/or juxtaposing the authors’ key points, ideas and arguments
  • Student demonstrates critical thinking by connecting their ideas to specific arguments or themes from the week’s readings and lectures
  • Student communicates in an academic tone

Argumentation: ( ___ / 4 pts.)

  • Student answers the assigned question
  • Arguments are sound and logically coherent
  • Arguments are composed of appropriate claims backed by adequate evidence from course readings and lectures
  • Arguments are supported by an overarching thesis statement

Application: ( ___ / 1 pts.)

  • Student has demonstrated their understanding of course material by applying it to a real-world scenario, or current event

Format: (____/ 1pts)

  • File’s name “LastName_FirstName_Week#”
  • Follows template (350-500 words, 12pt Times New Roman font, double spaced, one-inch margins)
  • Attached grading rubric on last page

come up with two discuss question related to the question above in the end of the response paper.


ENG111 College Composition Humanities Assignment Help

Write a 500-600 word personal narrative
telling about one event that led to
a change in your life. Discuss the event and the life change. You will practice
early forms of APA formatting by typing the paper in 12 pt. Times New Roman
font and using the double spacing feature in Microsoft Word.

Once you
have typed the paper, step away from it for a few hours or overnight and then re-read
it before you submit your work to Moodle. Have you told your story clearly?
Have you used proper adjectives and adverbs that draw in your reader?



5Qs on Philosophy Humanities Assignment Help

Read Chapter 3 then respond to the following Qs

1. What are the five types of religious experience suggested by Richard Swinburne? Find an example of two of them from some religious, philosophical, or devotional literature.

2. Compare Alston’s view of religious experience as perception with Proudfoot’s view that religious experience is interpretation based on religious beliefs. In what ways would their explanations of a particular account of religious experience be similar and different?

3. Give an argument (either from this chapter or your own) either for or against the thesis that religious experience can be used to justify religious beliefs. What view of religious experience have you presupposed? What objection might be raised against your argument?

4. Compare and contrast arguments that might be given for and against the thesis that there is a common core to religious experience. Which perspective do you think is correct, and why? Might there be a common core to higher state mystical experiences but not to other types of religious experience?

5. In what ways do the religious experiences of Asian religions like Buddhism and Hinduism differ from those of Western religions like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism? Why are they different (here you might consider the diverse perspec tives on reality these religions hold)?

Note:Chapter 3 will be provide

5Qs on Philosophy Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Animal Evolution Assignment Science Assignment Help

  1. Download the assignment from Canvas files.
  2. Click “Enable Editing” in order to type on the assignment.
  3. Complete the Follow-Along style handout. To choose the correct answer, select the “Highlight Tool” and proceed to highlight your answer.
  4. For the blank Phylogenetic Tree, a word bank and picture bank have been provided for you.
  5. Using the word bank, type in the corresponding choice for the blank boxes.
  6. For the boxes labeled #11-20, use the corresponding picture bank. Copy the selected picture and paste it to the correct box.
  7. For boxes labeled #1-10, provide a brief 1-2 sentence explanation for the reasoning of your choice.
  8. Once you have completed the assignment, save your document as a PDF.


research project in this course will focus how one of the social or behavioral sciences addresses a particular topic related to end of life issues. Writing Assignment Help

research project in this course will focus how one of the social or
behavioral sciences addresses a particular topic related to end of life

Your proposal should include the following 7 elements:

1. A paragraph that describes your topic. What do you plan to address? Why is it important? Be sure
to define any key terms. Include citations as appropriate.
2. A paragraph that describes the academic discipline that will set the context for understanding your
topic. You can choose any of the disciplines introduced in Week 1 of this course. (If you would like to
use another discipline — for example, criminology, please check with me; it’s most likely to be fine.)
Explain the general approach of this discipline and include a citation.
3. A paragraph that identifies at least two things you hope to find out in your project.
4. Identify one resource from our course that you plan to include in your project and why it’s relevant.
5. Identify one organization that is relevant to your topic, and include the website URL. Explain why
this organization is relevant to your topic.
6. Select and summarize at least two scholarly sources from the UMUC library that you anticipate that
you will include in your final project, and explain how you think the article relates to your paper topic.
Summarize each of the articles in 2-3 sentences, and in an additional 1-2 sentences explain why each
article may be important to your project. Be sure to include citations and to list the full references
in your reference list.
7. A complete reference list that includes the full references for all sources cited within your proposal.


What are the expected results of …? Economics Assignment Help

What are the expected results of providing advanced index-insurance to small farmers?

Write in 2 pages CONCLUSION AND EXPECTED RESULTS of the advanced index insurance on (1) income (2) investment (3) consumption (4) yield production (5) savings (6) assets property (7) quality of life (8) social responsibility (9) civic responsibility (10) labor and financial contributions. Address the impact of advanced index insurance on the mentioned aspects previously whether it’s positive or negative and provide logical explanation, it will be mostly positive. You don’t need to cite literatures here BUT you can use them to build the content.


IoT based industrial Automation and Monitoring Computer Science Assignment Help

Brief explanation and understanding of our project:

The main project goal is to develop an IoT-based system that would improve monitoring of the industrial plant from a remote location. It is also aimed at designing an IoT-based system that will provide continuous updates regarding the status of the plant.

The design requirement for the selected problem is the application of Internet of Things technology (IoT) where the internet will be connected to the world using devices and sensors that can provide efficient and cost-effective monitoring and control of systems. The IoT enables a machine to machine (M2M protocol) communication via the technology of cloud computing, that significantly reduces any human interactions and involvement.

The targeted problem for this project is to include remote control of the human operator machine, which currently lacks the remote control and monitoring. It aims at solving the ineffectiveness, of the previous systems and enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of industrial plant control.

Refer to the 3 PDF files, and answer questions 1 & 2 in your own words and findings:

1- Mention and explain the techniques/approaches/methods/algorithms that you found (at least 3). Detail the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them and their possible contribution towards your project. (At least 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages for each)

2. Discuss similar projects that you found and comment on their possible utilization as a solution for your targeted problem. 3 solutions needed with a brief methodology on how it works (see targeted problem above).

Answer question 3 from the Project Design above:

3- Identify design constraints: public health, safety, welfare, global, cultural, social, environmental, and economic factors. Explain how it is related to the project. (See project design above)

Note: I want all the the questions shortly and briefly answered in points and in a basic, simple english, meaningful and efficient way. (Because I will be making a PowerPoint presentation later on from the answers).


A Rose for Emily read it again, taking notes. Consider the various aspects of a story–point of view, Humanities Assignment Help

A Rose for Emily read it again, taking notes. Consider the various aspects of a story–point of view, Humanities Assignment Help

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