a short paper writing Humanities Assignment Help

a short paper writing Humanities Assignment Help. a short paper writing Humanities Assignment Help.

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Please write 3 pages about Shakespeare’s Othello and The Tempest base on the below prompt.

Othello and The Tempest were written by Shakespeare after he had entered middle age, and interestingly enough, both plays feature older men as protagonists. In those plays, Shakespeare addresses the widely-shared anxiety of older men-the fear of losing power or authority as one age. Compare and/or contrast how Shakespeare addresses this theme with his portrayal of Othello and Prospero. Where and how does this fear of losing authority reveal itself? How do these men assert their authority, and over whom? How do these men respond to the threat ( or reality) of the loss of power or authority? What psychology drives or complicates their response to the threat of lost power?

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case study depression Humanities Assignment Help

NU665C – Week 15 Case Study Analysis

For this assignment, you will apply what you have learned during the course to develop and present a case and treatment plan for a fictional or real client encountered in clinical practice. Your case analysis will be completed in three sections totaling five to seven pages (excluding title page and references) and will be graded using the case study grading rubric.


  1. Record your client assessment, diagnosis (medical and psychiatric differentials), medical and psychiatric history and psychosocial factors that impact the case. This information should be presented in the same format as your Wheeler (2014) textbook’s Sample Clinical Assessment Form, found on pages 143–145.
  2. Conclude Part A with a one-page description of this fictional patient, including all the relevant information outlined in the clinical assessment form as well as relevant and realistic information acquired from your research. Refer to the APA Clinical Practice Guidelines.


You will design a therapy session for your client based on his or her preceding clinical assessment. Part B of your assignment will be assessed on your demonstration of proper therapeutic communication. The empathy demonstrated should be consistent with the following operational definition: Empathy is a critical tool for establishing a trusting therapeutic relationship. Rather than parrot back what your client has said, good empathy reflects the thoughts and feelings of your client and notes the importance of what has been communicated. In doing so, it invites the client to self-explore. Empathic feedback avoids “why” questions. When appropriately relayed in a tentative manner, good therapeutic empathy also gives the client a chance to redirect or correct what the counselor has said.

Your session transcript should:

  • Use your personal experiences to replicate realistic patient responses as well as clinical responses.
  • Be a written transcript of more than 2,100 words (at least 15 minutes in length).
  • Evidence empathic feedback that adheres to the operational definition of empathy in the counselor’s responses to most of the client’s remarks.


Much of the information you learn through your research can help inform the development of your patient. Research evidence-based interventions involving both psychopharmacological and nonpharmacological services to individuals who have been assessed in a mental health setting.

There should be three to five evidence-based articles and interventions that encompass both medication and non-medication modalities. Be sure to include two different therapeutic approaches when discussing non-medication interventions. For example, when selecting therapeutic approaches, you can select client-centered and cognitive behavioral therapy.


The purpose of this project is to help you become familiar with the credentialing and regulatory processes that will govern your practice as a counselor Humanities Assignment Help

CNL-505 Topic 6: Benchmark – State Credentialing Board Research Project Instructions

Directions: The purpose of this project is to help you become familiar with the credentialing and regulatory processes that will govern your practice as a counselor.

In order to complete this project, you will need to select a state to use as the basis for your research. You should select either the state in which you currently reside or the state in which you plan to practice.

Information regarding credentialing in the state you have selected can be gathered in one or more of the following ways. (These are options. You are not required to do both of these.)

  • (Preferred) Reviewing the content of the state credentialing board website.
  • Attending a public meeting of the state credentialing board and/or review public meeting notes online

Note: Please do not contact the board to get this information as most likely they will not get back to you in time to complete this assignment. In addition, as you will be gathering information about credentialing, it is important you use paraphrasing as well as in-text citations to avoid plagiarism issues.

State Credentialing Board Research Project

Using the information you gathered, write a 1,250-1,500-word scholarly paper on your state credentialing board. Include the following in your paper:

1.Identifying information about the state board (name, location, etc.)

2.The mission of the state board.

3.The regulatory authority and scope (cite the statutes and rules that govern the board’s activities, describe the discipline(s) regulated by the board, and describe the scope of the board’s authority to regulate professional practice).

4.The state board/committee structures through which the board performs its functions (committee names and responsibilities, frequency of meetings, topics included on board/committee agendas, and composition of board and committees).

5.A summary of the licensure and certification requirements for the state in which you plan to practice.

6.A description of the different tiered levels of licensure (such as LAC to LPC, LPC to LCPC, or counseling intern to LMHC) to establish eligibility for licensure.

7.A description of the state’s legal complaint handling process and/or outcomes, descriptions of types of complaints, and observed patterns.

8.At least three scholarly sources, one of which should be your state’s licensing board.


What is Chinese contemporary art like under President Xi Jinping’s centralized leadership? Writing Assignment Help

you will write a 6-page essay (double-spaced, Times New Roman font 12) and address the following questions: In your view, what are the key preconditions of China’s rise as the second largest economy in the world? Would they be rapid urbanization? post-Mao market reforms? or the so-called “China Dream” under the Chinese President Xi Jinping’s leadership? Please give one example as to the most intriguing aspect(s) behind China’s success story as well as the most urgent lesson(s) that China should learn from its own post-Mao experience in the future.
How does Chinese Contemporary Art reflects the Chinese society? Use your 2nd response paper as a template, please focus on the themes of contemporary Chinese art and find the link between contemporary Chinese artists’ works and the questions mentioned above. You are required to cite the readings properly and include authors, titles of the readings and page numbers in the reference or cited works section. Citation styles may vary and please feel free to follow MLA or Chicago styles.

Possible themes: 1.Materialism—> desire in money and luxury goods that these individuals are unable afford—>emptiness

2.loneliness from one child policy

Some Artists to consider: Ai WeiWei, XuBing, Cai GuoQiang


Psychology Law and ethics Humanities Assignment Help

Write 5 separate vignettes each one will follow the following rubic….

Essential Parts of Each of the 5 EntriesEach entry should 1) describe a brief fictional situation in which a therapist must make an ethical choice.You are free to use any of the ethical areas that we cover in the course.You can choose either a broad area (dual relationship) or something more specific (deceptive advertising, or using a new technique without informed consent).2) After describing the situation (1 paragraph) clearly identify the area(s) of ethics where we deal with this situation (Ex. “Duty to Warn”).3) Next, write 2 paragraphs that demonstrate your ethical reasoning in finding the answer to the situation that is in the best interests of the client and that follows ethical principals.4) Finally, list 1 or more ethical codes or laws associated with that principle, including the code or number associated with it.

Will attach ethical codes once tutor has been established



Public Adminstration Public Review Paper Writing Assignment Help

How surveillance cameras can help prevent and solve crime?

Do Public video Surveillance in policing have legitiment and effectiveness in meeting its goals and objectives.

Prepare a 8 page paper that cites and references 4 or more sources and adheres to APA standards. Using key terms and correct Public Administration language, the content of the paper should include:

  • Program Identification: In one page or less, describe the program or initiative including the program goals
  • Agency: Identify the public agency or department responsible for the program or initiative; discuss the alignment of the agency’s mission and the program goals supported by data and/or evidence
  • Legitimacy: Discuss the process used to legitimize the program or initiative including how feasibility and legal authority were determined; describe reviews by stakeholders and/or community. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the legitimacy process
  • Outcomes: Identify the outcomes that were or would be used to assess the effectiveness of the program or initiative in meetings its goals and objectives.
  • Insights: Identify three important insights you gained from this assignment on the legitimacy process and program outcomes; connect the insight gained to significant course concepts

Public Adminstration Public Review Paper Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

need help to edit this paper Humanities Assignment Help

Please edit the grammar mistakes and try to put this paper as clear as possible to read or add some of your writing style in this paper.

Oh by the way here are the paper instructions that I followed while writing this paper ( the prof instructions for this task) :

I want to tell me what most interested you this semester

what you would have liked to have learned more about, and what you could have done without or with less of.

Reflect on your experiences in the class, what you got from the reading, what you got out of time together, and tell me what that was for you.


MGT 302 Service Operations Management Business Finance Assignment Help

According to the book Operations Management by G. Cachon and C. Terweisch

Ch 1, “Introduction to Operations Management”

Ch 2, “Introduction to Processes”

Ch 3, “Process Analysis”

Ch 4, “Process Improvement”

Ch 5, “Process Analysis with Multiple Flow Units”

Ch 8, “Lean Operations and the Toyota Production System”

Ch 9, “Quality and Statistical Process Control”

Ch 10, “Introduction to Inventory Management”

Ch 11, “Supply Chain Management”

Ch 12, “Inventory Management with Steady Demand”

Ch 13, “Inventory Management with Perishable Demand”

Ch 15, “Forecasting”

Ch 16, “Service Systems with Patient Customers”

Ch 19, “Project Management”

these chapters

Edit and polish the project I already wrote, and add new stuff related to the book.

Better no more 6 or 7 pages.

I wish I can get full grade on this project.



Interpersonal Interactions in Film Business Finance Assignment Help

Films can hold up a mirror to us about ourselves and our relationships, but they can also demonstrate an exaggerated, stereotypical, simplistic, or dysfunctional view of our interactions. This Assignment provides you with an opportunity to apply what you are learning about interpersonal relationships as portrayed in a movie of your choosing. You will evaluate communication skills as you analyze the movie. Choose a movie that allows you to analyze significant interpersonal relationships.

Consider what the movie is about, who the characters are, and who holds the significant relationships. Analyze the verbal and nonverbal communication present in the major relationships of the movie. Choose a scene in which two characters from different cultural backgrounds (race, age group, nationality, etc.) interact with each other, and analyze the communication that takes place in that scene. Perhaps the two characters are having a deeply emotional conversation (anger, sadness, fear, etc.) that warrants your consideration. Apply lessons learned in this course, and from your own experience, to your analysis of the scene and interactions.

This week, you will start the analysis portion of your film of choice, focusing on the interpersonal interactions it portrays. You will also apply the knowledge you have gained on interpersonal communication to a relationship in the movie you chose.

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Read the Communication Program Professional Writing Guidelines.
  • Choose a film that contains a significant interpersonal relationship and watch it, looking for a scene that has an extensive conversation between two people. This should be one scene, not multiple ones throughout the movie.
  • Read Chapter 3, Section 3 Functions in Language and Chapter 4 Nonverbal Communication in Communication in the Real World: An Introduction to Communication Studies.

By Day 7

Write a 2- to 3-page paper that includes the following:

  • A brief paragraph that describes the scene that you have chosen and the characters involved. This should give an overview of what took place in the scene.
  • An analysis of the verbal and nonverbal communication that took place between the characters in that scene. You should be looking at the different verbal communication concepts and nonverbal communication types you see taking place in the scene. You will want to write about these, pointing to the specific cues from the scene that are showing the concept or type of communication that you identified.
  • What was the outcome of the conversation? Was it positive or negative? Could anything have been done to make it better?

Please Note: Be sure to reference at least one scholarly or popular source to support your answer(s).

In order to receive full credit, all assignments must be submitted on time. Timeliness and good time management are critical skills for success, both in school and in life. To ensure fairness and consistency, Walden has a standard policy on the acceptance and grading of late assignments. Please see the Walden Student Handbook or the Guidelines and Policies area of this classroom for details. If you find yourself in a situation as described in the policy, contact the Instructor immediately to request an extension. Your Instructor’s contact information is in the Contact the Instructor area in the course navigation menu.


develop a plan to help the organization Business Finance Assignment Help

The CEO has once again called you up to her office and wishes to
explore CSR and sustainability in more depth. In particular, the CEO
wishes to have more information on sustainability programs and their
development for the organization, so that she may feel more comfortable
answering questions from the media about Venus Widgets and the expansion
of the company.The CEO has come up with a list of countries as possible target
locations of a new plant to build widgets. Your task is to choose only
one country as she will assign the other countries to department heads.






This week for your project, you will develop a plan to help the
organization with its reputation when it comes to providing long-term
sustainability. For your plan, please discuss the following:

  • You will need to pay particular attention to the economic and
    social impact a sustainability plan will have. Use the following outline
    as a guide to write your plan:
    • Make sure you discuss the purpose of the plan and the benefits that would be provided to the company by introducing such a plan.
    • Develop a sustainability plan for using water resources from the
      country you have chosen. This plan should be written with SMART goals
      (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time bound). Be clear about
      how these goals will contribute to the overall sustainability of the
      company. Create steps to be taken that outline how the organization will
      achieve these specific sustainability goals.
    • Identify those members needed to be part of each step in order to be successful.
    • Identify the resources you will need to meet each step.
  • Make sure to keep in mind the following key areas as well:

-Environmental Support-External and Internal

-Funding Strategy


-Organizational Capacity

-Evaluation and adaptation of the plan


  • Your paper should be a minimum of 4 pages, using proper APA
    formatting and including at least 3 credible sources cited in your paper
    through in-text citations. Include an APA formatted title page and
    reference page. The paper should be free of grammatical errors.


a short paper writing Humanities Assignment Help

a short paper writing Humanities Assignment Help

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