A Vocation is one’s calling. Writing Assignment Help

A Vocation is one’s calling. Writing Assignment Help. A Vocation is one’s calling. Writing Assignment Help.

The concept of leadership as a “vocation” greatly distinguishes leadership from a job, career, or what one simply does for a living. A vocation can be thought of as one’s calling. Vocation is often associated with the clergy or missionaries who feel called by a higher power to fulfill a specific purpose. Vocation is also a concept associated with careers like teachers, emergency responders, doctors, or other health care professionals who feel strongly compelled to dedicate their own lives to improving the lives of those whom they serve. Consider your own view of leadership. How does understanding leadership as a vocation inform your understanding of the personal and moral commitments required of leaders? If leadership is not a job, but a calling, what responsibilities do leaders have towards their position, their organization, and their followers?

Use scholarly references, APA format, no title page necessary.

A Vocation is one’s calling. Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Researched Argument Essay Writing Assignment Help


Prepare an annotated bibliography designed to help you organize your research for your final research project. Successful bibliographies will contain AT LEAST ten academic source, six of which must come from a peer-reviewed academic journal or book. The remaining four sources are to be supporting sources used for examples and anecdotal evidence used in your analysis.

Each entry must include:

A full bibliographic entry based on your preferred citation style (MLA is the default)

A notation of the type of source this is, such as “Journal Article,” “Book,” or “Book Chapter”

Identification of the primary thesis of this source–what is its main purpose?

Three different citations that you might use in your analysis and essay

A brief statement of how this source will be useful to you in your research, analysis, and final project


Prepare an analysis of how at least 7 of the sources you reviewed for your annotated bibliography relate to each other on your issue. You may choose to do this in either written or visual form (think about a diagram, for instance). The goal of this assignment is to get your thoughts organized and develop a clear picture of how your sources relate to each other across the areas you have chosen to evaluate as you prepare your Researched Argument Outline.


For your capstone essay in Composition II, you will prepare an argument based on your Researched Argument issue proposal (though your issue is to have evolved through the research and drafting process) and write a 3500-word argument in essay form that presents a clear academic position, the background information necessary to understand the issue, the perspectives present in the current issue conversation, and your own personal position supported by your research. You must include at least 10 cited sources in this essay, at least 5 of which are from the databases obtained through the Avila library website.

The topic is Education should be free for everyone


database management Programming Assignment Help

Part A


Gulf Institute of Advanced Technology (GIAT) conducts courses to award vocational and certifications

programs in various specializations. Management decided to proceed with automation of all the

process.It has many departments and each department can offer different programs. Each department

is chaired by a Director. Further, each department is identified with a unique ID, department name, and

employee_ID of the person who is heading the department. Within a department there are different

programs, each Programme is managed by a Programme Manager (PM), who in turn reports to the


Each department offers a bunch of courses spread across different programs which necessitates the

need of interaction between the PMs and Director during allotment of modules to training staff. A

course to be offered can have multiple sessions and each module is identified by a unique course code,

course name and number of credit hours. Each teaching faculty is allocated with a teaching load of

minimum of 18 credits.

Propose a conceptual model after an in-depth research on GIAT operations and processes. In order to

come up with an appropriate design/solution, you must study the requirements, issues and best

practices in this problem context. You can make relevant assumptions required to formulate business

rules, security, administration and modelling.

task 1:

Submit a work proposal for this assignment

 Understanding of deliverables – a detailed description of deliverables.

 General overview of the given tasks – (Part A and Part-B) – initial understanding of solution

to all tasks with timeline to complete them and identification of literature resources. (For

more clarity, please refer to criteria of evaluating the work proposal given on the last page

of this assignment).

Task 2:

Design an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) to model the above scenario. Identify the different entities

and attributes of each entity. Suggest and justify the choice of relationship and cardinality of the

relationship. State the assumptions (if any) made by you to develop the ERD based on your research.

Provide detailed analysis and justification for the selection of entities and attributes based on your


Task 3:

Derive a set of relational tables from the ER diagram (Task 2), using appropriate choices for the table

attributes. List the integrity rules and business rules, which you would recommend to ensure the quality

of data. Indicate all necessary key constraints. Critically analyze the constraints and business rules based

on your study of the institute

Task 4:

As a database administrator evaluate different Database Management system Software for the above

scenario. You are required to prepare a technical and financial feasibility report. You are required to

critically analyse each aspects and suggest the best suitable database management system software for

the above scenario with appropriate justifications.

Task 5:

As a database administrator identification of specific roles for users, authentication policy,

storage management and database recovery are critical. The efficiency and complexity of database

administration depends on the identified strategy and tools. Propose and critically review user

management, backup/recovery strategy, storage management/techniques formulated for the system

discussed in Task 1-3.

Task 6:

Prepare a report comprising an executive summary including self-reflections on the industry

guest speaker talk

Part B

Write a research article in IEEE Format on “best practice in the development of an appropriate and effective database system”. The research article can be approximately 2500 words.

Present the research article using a poster presentation covering the following aspects of research:

  • Problem specification, importance of research and research questions
  • Theoretical framework
  • Rigor of literature review
  • Methods or empirical analysis techniques
  • Key findings and conclusions;


It should have Table of Contents.

iv. Use page numbers.

v. Assignment should be typed in your own words using Times New Roman font.

vi. Use Diagrams to explain in detail.

vii. Use suitable notations in your diagrams.

viii. Use appropriate SQL syntax wherever applicable.

ix. Copy paste from the Internet is strictly not acceptable.

x. References should be included in the last page and literature under pinning is needed at the point of explaining the concept.

xi. Attach the evidences (if any).

  • Use reference ,use Harvard style
  • Task 2:Extent of clarity in evaluating the role of conceptual modeling in the development of database systems and apply the entity-relationship modeling approach to a realistic scenario
  • (a) Identify the different entities and attributes of each entity
  • (b) The choice of relationship and cardinality of the relationship)
  • (c)Assumptions made to develop the ERD
  • Task 3: Derive relational tables from the ER diagram (Task 2), using appropriate choices for the table attributes.
  • List the integrity rules and business rules, which you would recommend to ensure the quality of data. Indicate all necessary key constraints.
  • Critically analyze the constraints and business rules based on your study of the institute 5 tables expected
  • Task 4: critically Database Management Software. Identify any five aspects/ criteria to select the DBMS software. Critical analysis of each criteri
  • Task 5: Ability to review (a) User management
  • PART B:

(b) Backup/recovery strategy

(c) Storage management

(a) Quality, originality and relevance of research article

(b) Evidence of independent research and critical thinking

(c) Depth of understanding of problem context

(d) Literature review

(e) Concise objectives of research problem

(f) Research methodology


Firm Statement of Cash Flow Analysis1 Business Finance Assignment Help


Statement of Cash Flow Analysis

Purpose: Throughout the remainder of the semester you will assume the role of senior management or the board in analyzing the current financial performance of the firm.This assignment focuses on analysis of the balance sheet.



  1. Obtain two years of financial information (you should use 2016-2017, unless otherwise approved), including the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows.This should be available via the firms most recent Annual Report (10K).
  2. Is your firm’s statement of cash flow reported using the direct or indirect method?Explain how you determined the method used.
  3. Compile a vertical common-sized statement of cash flow using total assets as you denominator sheet for years 2016-2017.
  4. What do you learn from the common sized statement of cash flow that may be different or more evident from the reported statement of cash flow?
  5. Reconcile your firm’s 2016 and 2017 balance sheet using the 2017 statement of cash flow.
  6. Using the same two peer firm’s used in the balance sheet and income statement analysis repeat steps 1-4.
  7. Analyze your firm’s strengths and weaknesses determined through your examination of their statement of cash flows.This should include a discussion of how they relate to their peer firms (comparative analysis) and to itself over time (time series or trend analysis.


should metics and slaves vote? Writing Assignment Help

Read the attached then read the following to understand.

For this assignment. I want you to write an essay to argue about these two questions:

1- Should metics and worthy slaves be admitted to and allowed to vote in the Pnyx?

2- Should they be allowed to serve as jurors in the law court?


Te objectives of the essay

you must advance an argument against granting political rights to metics. You’ll need to undertake research on metics in ancient athens to support your argument.

You also need facts to support the argument that real Athenians, born of Athenian parents, are better stewards of the city-state than those who come here to make money.


It is composition class. We are using the book The Threshold of Democracy, Athens In 403 BCF by Ober, Norman, and Carnes.

Each student has a roleplay, based on each character and its history, each student should do an argument.

My roleplay is Theorian (I uploaded some background and history about him).


I want you to include the following( you can rewrite it in your own but should be included)

I should vote against granting political rights to slaves and metics for many reasons.

1- Because it is hard to differ between slaves and free individuals ,slaves may escape when wars occur to better themselves.

2- Metics are non-athenian wealthy citizens. they came to Athens for a purpose of making money. They do not know the dynamic of the political system in Athens. Giving them the right to vote amounts to disorderliness.


The assignment should be written as first person speaking.

for example ( I am Theorian, I vote against …….) I’ll upload an example in how it was written

Please use simple english.



Mock Product Marketing plan Writing Assignment Help

Two (2) different components of the planning process are reflected in the analysis and proposed company actions included in this part of the group project: (1) “Market Audit and Competitive Market Analysis”; and (2) “Marketing Plan.” The former serves as the basis for an evaluation of the foreign country market’s potential and an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the product competition and competitive marketing efforts in a specific foreign country market. The latter serves as an action plan, including the extent of necessary adaptation of the company’s marketing mix required for the company to successfully market the product in the foreign country market.

Include both the “Market Audit and Competitive Market Analysis” section and the “Marketing Plan” section, needs to also include a one- to two-page “Executive Summary” immediately after the cover page and before the “Table of Contents” (which is then to be followed by the actual report content). The “Executive Summary” should provide a summary Group Project Guidelines & Components of all major points included in the written report.In addition, a “References” section, along with an “Appendix” that contains any necessary tables, figures, and exhibits, should be included at the end of the written report.


This is the most product specific of all four (4) areas (or sections) of this group project. Data and information collected for the other areas and sections are general in nature, whereas data and information in this area are product (and brand) specific and are used to determine competitive market conditions and market potential. The detailed data and information needed for this area (or section) is not necessarily available without conducting a thorough marketing research investigation, including extensive primary research, but that is largely beyond the scope of this group project. Therefore, student groups are expected to review data and information from multiple secondary data sources in order to obtain as much data and information as possible so as to comprehensively and effectively complete their analysis. This will be essential for creating a persuasive and high-quality marketing plan for the product in the foreign country market.

I. Introduction

II. The product

A. Evaluate the product as an innovation as it is perceived by the intended market

1. Relative advantage

2. Compatibility

3. Complexity

4. Trialability

5. Observability

B. Major problems and resistances to product acceptance based on the preceding evaluation

III. The market

A. Describe the market(s) in which the product is to be sold

1. Geographical region(s)

2. Forms of transportation and communication available in that (those) region(s)

3. Consumer buying habits

a. Product-use patterns

b. Product feature preferences

c. Shopping habits

4. Distribution of the product

a. Typical retail outlets

b. Product sales by other middlemen

5. Advertising and promotion

a. Advertising media usually used to reach target market(s)

b. Sales promotions customarily used (sampling, coupons, etc.)

6. Pricing strategy

a. Customary markups

b. Types of discounts available

The country is Guatemala and the product we chose is an affordable nutritional health bar called TigerSnacks due to

Mock Product Marketing plan Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Differences Between Marketing Restaurant vs Marketing Food PPT Business Finance Assignment Help

Choose one hospitality service and one physical product (good)


Request approval for your two selections from your instructor prior to the creation of your presentation. Your service must be hospitality-focused (e.g. hotel, spa, restaurant, etc.). Send me a private message when you have chosen your topic.

Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation with speaker notes on fundamental differences between marketing hospitality services and marketing physical products, and include the following slides in your presentation:

  • A title slide
  • An introductory slide
  • 5 slides that provide differences between marketing your hospitality service product versus your physical product (with at least 1 difference per slide)
  • 2 slides that describe ethical considerations for your hospitality product (with at least 1 ethical consideration per slide)
  • A conclusion slide
  • A reference slide

Remember we are looking at what we can do differently when we are marketing a service so keep this in mind as you prepare your paper.


Sleep Journal entries. 4 per week for 5 weeks Health Medical Assignment Help


  • Open the document and save it to your computer.
  • Beginning this week, you will complete at least four journal entries each week of the course (no “double” entries on the same day). Entries must be in full sentences must show reflection and substance. Please remember that one of the purposes of your journaling is so that you can gain insight into the motivations and stumbling blocks that you encounter in attempting to meet your goal. The following is an example of what is expected of your entries:

4/11/15 I was not able to get 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night. I woke up several times for various reasons. Twice the dog was restless and woke me up. The other time I just awakened worrying about my cousin’s divorce and how it is affecting her. Actually, it has been several nights since I was able to sleep more than 4 hours without waking up. Tonight I am going to try the following interventions before I go to bed:
1. Make sure I take the dog out to potty right before bed time;
2. Drink a warm cup of SleepyTime tea right before bedtime;
3. Remind myself that I cannot solve my cousin’s problems, but can be sure she knows I am here for her whenever she needs to talk or just go to dinner, etc.


chapter 17 Writing Assignment Help

Read chapter 17 of our textbook and submit five pages of notes.

I need you to write me a 5 page notes for this chapter 16

Write a five-page, 12-point, Times New Roman, double-spaced essay with no heading in which you respond broadly to this set of prompts:

➢ Culture and Values: A Survey of the Humanities vol. II, 9th or 8th edition. Ed. Lawrence S. Cunningham, John J. Reich, Lois FichnerRathus. Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.

I need you to write me a 5 page notes for this chapter 17

no plagiarism ?

  • Culture and Values: A Survey of the Humanities vol. II, 9th or 8th edition. Ed. Lawrence S. Cunningham, John J. Reich, Lois Fichner- Rathus. Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.
  • ➢ Any handout, supplemental materials, or outside videos/movies/media assigned


Fixing the Educational system in California Other Assignment Help

write me a 10 research papers, due next week, based on this proposal,The topic I chose is “Fixing the Educational system in California.” I chose that topic because the state of the educational system in California has not received enough attention that it deserves, and it is sad that there is no energy towards education. The education decisions do not need to change in terms of the policies, funding allocation, and teachers’ skills. The system should be more focused to protect education in California and be better to build a perfect education for everyone. The educational system should be developed to make sure the students are safe from criminals in classrooms. And the administrators of the education system in California should ensure to remove the teachers that aren’t doing the right job from the service. The educational system should evaluate the system with new teachers that are well developed to ensure the students’ achievement is excellent. My argument is that interests of the learning students should be prioritized for better achievement and the education system should improve students’ achievement and teachers’ skills, where both students and teachers are awarded appropriately for their hard-working education.


A Vocation is one’s calling. Writing Assignment Help

A Vocation is one’s calling. Writing Assignment Help