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See the attach file ( Project.pdf ), it has all information and the instructions you need to know.

Use just the case study file I give it to you ( Case Study.pdf ) and the file ( Chapter 2 & Chapter5.pdf ) as source.

Do not use any other source.

I have 4 questions to answer (in red color) on file ( Project ), Read them carefully.

Be attention:

-Use the questions as headings and an outline to work.

-Begin each question on a new page.

Each question should contain of:

Introduction: A paragraph that tells me what you’re going to tell me, it’s about the answer.

Body paragraph: you write about the answer.

Conclusion: A paragraph that tells me what’s the most important things about your answer.

About Project Procurement Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Concept paper 4: Rhetoric and Global communication Writing Assignment Help

Concept paper 4 approved topics:

  • Rhetoric as identification
  • Debate clash (you could analyze a debate and talk about the clash points)
  • Cultural imperialism
  • The globalization of beauty (i.e. respond to the themes of the movie)
  • Said’s “Orientalism”

You can always read the assignment description for all of the concept papers here. I repeat it below. You need to follow these instructions for one of the approved concepts listed above.

Concept paper overview

We will discuss many communication concepts this quarter. Far more than we can explore in depth. These concept papers give you additional space to deeper your understanding of specific class concepts. In each paper, you will select a topic from a weekly list (posted to Canvas) of approved concepts and write a 400-800 word paper discussing it in greater depth. Your grade for this portion of the course will be based on your best five essays.

After writing a concept paper, students should be able to:

  • Define and explain a communication concept in their own words.
  • Provide an accurate example of the concept.
  • Discuss an example in terms of the concept well.
  • Appropriately link their concept discussion to relevant class materials.

Requirements and format

These concept papers are tightly focused on making sure you have an accurate understanding of the concept. These are not reflection papers that ask for your personal opinions about the concepts; they are papers reinforcing and testing accuracy. While the topics for the papers will change from week to week, the format will not.

Introduction. This is a paper and it should have an introduction that orients the reader to the topic.

Concept. You should spend a paragraph defining the concept. We’re looking for how well you understand the concept and can explain it in your own words. Do not use definitions and examples provided in lecture or the readings. I don’t need to reread what I said. This is about you generating accurate definitions and examples on your own.

Example. Next you should spend a paragraph applying the concept to an example. This should be an example you find, not a personal example. Why? External examples require more thought and deliberation You need to find a good example that fits the concept. You are graded both on the quality of the example (how much it is a good fit for the concept) and on your discussion (how well you explain the relationship between the concept and the example). A good paragraph here moves in two directions. The example clarifies the concept and the concept clarifies what’s happening in the example.

Course link. With the conceptual work done, you can now spend a paragraph situating the concept in relationship to another course concept. How you do this is up to you. You can show how the concept is similar to another one discussed. You could point to some specific reading passages that reinforce and extend your example from the previous section.

Conclusion. Since this is an essay, you should include a few sentences winding down the essay and reinforcing the key themes.

References. If you cited any sources, please list them at the end. APA format is preferred. You can always look at Purdue’s reliable OWL site for guidance on citation practices.

A note about word count. You have 400-800 words. 600 words equal about two double-spaced pages. You should write in complete sentences, use paragraphs, spell check, and proofread. Also, for each assignment, EVERY word (including quoted words) count toward the total word count.


Write me discussion paper Law Assignment Help

this is three different questions:

1. Using both texts and images, identify a socio-political issue or event (e.g. rally) relevant for the Kansas City area during the past few years. Consult at least three media sources (newspapers, radio, TV, etc.) that have addressed this problem or event. Analyze how visual mass media promoted, documented, and interpreted the event, paying close attention to the imagery presented. Discuss the differences in their ways of portraying the same issue or event. Then identify your own preference of the approaches and explain why. (Approximately 400 words.)

2. For this particular project, I’d like for you to walk around your community. Define your community. What is your community? Is it going to be the place where you live? Is it going to be a particular class environment? Is it going to be your team? Is it going to be your extended family community? Is it going to be the entire city? Really you can define community as you see fit for this project. Then physically walk around the space and look around. Think about the space. Think about who goes there, how it functions, what kind of information is already available, how is it communicated, what are the values that are being communicated in that space and then you will think of some visual way you can shift the meaning of that space or bring new meaning to it or call attention to some aspect of it. You could critique the values communicated in the space. You can be very overt or you can be subtle.You can create an element of surprise. So there’s many different ways you can do it, and it doesn’t have to be big and bold. It can be very subtle. he first thing you need to do is think about what is your goal. What are you trying to get across with

this project for the audience in that space? So what strategy are you going to use to communicate your idea. What is your approach?

Physical approach, what is your conceptual approach and so on. Then you’ll need to think about what tools you’ll need to get this project done. In most cases you will probably not be able to do it on your own and that’s true for most artists. Most artists don’t physically actually build or fabricate every piece that they

create. For one thing it’s just technically impossible for most artists to have all the skills for all their various installations, especially in public art. The last thing you’ll need to do is create a visualization of your concept. For this you will just have to be kinda creative about how you communicate your idea visually.

3.write about how the artist uses humor to make a social comment. What is transgressive about the object and what kinds of social conventions or expectations does it subvert? (Approximately 250 words.)


Art of Japan, writing assignment Humanities Assignment Help

1. Explain the evolution of the tea ceremony regarding aesthetics, purpose, and socioeconomic status as it changed over time. Reference at least one scholarly source and use at least one art object as an example to support your argument.

2. What differentiates the Rinpa school of painting from the Kano school of painting? Be sure to address class and intended audience, style and format, and the artists’ training and cultural background. Reference at least one scholarly source and use at least two art objects as examples to support your argument.

3. How does cultural production during the Edo period differ from that of the Momoyama period? Why? How does this relate to ukiyo-e and the floating world? Reference at least one scholarly source and use at least two art objects as examples to support your argument.


Please Create files Programming Assignment Help

Background information: You applied for a job. You are invited for a virtual interview via a video chat tool, such as Skype. You are asked to showcase your personal portfolio related to the requirements of this job position, during the virtual interview

  • Please search the web and select a job opening of your choice.
  • Please design and develop your personal portfolio related to the requirements of this job opening.

At least 3 pages/folders linked from the landing/home page Ø The content of these pages are to show your skills/knowledge related to the requirements of this job opening

At least 3 pictures

> You pick the pictures, because it is your personal portfolio

Please create a file in MS Word or pdf format to include the following information

I/ Brief description of the job opening selected by you

II/ The description needs to include the job requirements.

Please Create files that I will use to create a website in AWS.

Below is the example file you will need to create



Provide 3 in-depth formal analysis on photography as well as the symbolism each photograph contains. Humanities Assignment Help

1. Provide a in-depth formal analysis of James Van Der Zee, Couple in Raccoon Coats (1932, gelatin silver print), including a discussion of the photo’s subject matter and Van Der Zee’s use of symbolism.

2. Provide an in-depth formal analysis of Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Mother (1936, gelatin silver print), and discuss Lange’s use of symbolism within this photograph.

3. Select any 1 of Shōmei Tōmatsu’s photographs dealing with the ramifications and aftermath of atomic war and provide a in-depth analysis of his choices in form, style, subject matter, symbolism, and overall messaging/meaning. How does Tōmatsu’s work provide a different perspective on nuclear war?

  • Be sure to clearly identify your chosen photograph by including the title and date, along with a thumbnail of the photo.

links to assist:




Please view the sample links of what a formal analysis should look like

Answer should contain: shapes, form, lines, tone/color, texture, space/scale, and contrast (include use of symbolism)

Proofread your answer for clarity and grammar. Please use terms correctly to explain your answer.

Each answer should be a minimum of 3 paragraphs

Answer each question and provide an in-depth formal analysis

Outside sources are ok to use.

Provide work cited page in MLA as well as MLA in-text citations when applicable

No minimum work count required

Provide 3 in-depth formal analysis on photography as well as the symbolism each photograph contains. Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Case 4: Problematic Accountant Writing Assignment Help

In a 1-2-body-page paper (plus title page and references) provide your determination and analysis of Case 4: Problematic Accountant found at the end of Chapter 5 (Waldman & O’Reilly, 2020). Include your decisions and analysis for the following points:

  • What is your initial or gut feeling regarding which leadership style (Figure 5.1) should be used?
  • Analyze the case using the Vroom/Jago models in Chapter 5.
  • After analyzing the case, identify which prescribed leadership or decision style should be used. Discuss the style in two fashions:
  • by the Time Driven Model (Figure 5.2); and
  • by the Development Driven Model (Figure 5.3).

Submit your paper in APA format, including section headings in the body and for the conclusion, as well as proper in-text citations for all sources used. A minimum of four scholarly references, less than five years old, including Waldman & O’Reilly (2020) are required for this assignment. Wikipedia or Weblogs (Blogs) are not acceptable sources.

Case 4: Problematic Accountant

You are a manager of a regional accounting firm. Your firm prides itself in providing more “hometown,” or personalized, customer service, as compared to the major accounting firms. You have a staff of eight junior accountants reporting to you, each of whom engages with clients in the field. You recently received a complaint about one of these individuals from a long-term client. It was clear that the client was dissatisfied with this accountant, and she gave some specific examples of missed deadlines and other aspects of faulty performance. Obviously, you are concerned, since you want to retain the client’s business.

The individual accountant in question has been with the firm for a number of years. He specializes in how information systems can be linked to accounting and, in the past, has been very good at his job. He is used to making his own decisions rather than being told what to do. But recently, there has been a big change in his demeanor. While he used to be committed to the firm, now it is not as clear as to the degree that he cares about his work and responsibilities. Indeed, evidently the problem is not just this one client. Not that long ago, another client told you that the individual seemed to be acting strangely and even hinted at possible drinking or substance abuse issues.

Undoubtedly, the individual in question has valuable skills and experience, and it would be very difficult to find a suitable replacement. Your instincts tell you that this person could be helped, and his performance return to what it used to be, but you don’t know what the problem is, nor how to counsel him. Should you just tell him what to do or what needs to be changed? Should you consult with him and then lay down an action plan for how he should proceed? Should you facilitate a discussion with him, whereby you mutually devise an action plan with which you both can live? Should you present your perceptions of the problem to him and then just let him solve the problem on his own?


Stakeholder Memo You read about stakeholders in your Reading area of this unit. How might external stakeholders’ points of view be different from the internal stakeholders? What changes would you expect to see in writing under the following circumstances? Business Finance Assignment Help

Stakeholder Memo

You read about stakeholders in your Reading area of this unit. How might external stakeholders’ points of view be different from the internal stakeholders? What changes would you expect to see in writing under the following circumstances?

Read the scenario and follow the steps provided.

Scenario: A public company is changing its mission and business entity to be a for-profit benefit corporation that is required to show social and environmental benefits besides a profit. But so far, the company has not altered their actions and policies with regards to enormous environmental waste being generated. Access background information for the Discussion

Step 1: Read the scenario and choose one of these external stakeholders: Suppliers, customers, the community, competitors, society (the environment), banks and lending institutions, and the government.

Step 2: Compose a short memo (200 words) to the CEO regarding your chosen stakeholder’s reaction to the changes and the ethical considerations. Remember the appropriate memo format.

Step 3: Respond to one of your classmates’ memos as the CEO in a minimum of 150 words.

Step 4: For your final response to classmates, vote (1) for the best memo from an external stakeholder and (2) the best response to an external stakeholder other than your own.


Posted 1


To: Phil Heatwole, Plant Manager

From: Sr Environmental Agent

Date: July 17, 2020

Subject: Environmental Waste Elimination

I am writing to inform you that the time given for Campbell’s soup to complete their waste elimination project has elapsed. Campbell’s Soup was given three years to have their waste recycling fields in operation and at this time they are not. The plan was to provide safe drinking water to the surrounding area of the plant while filtering the waste water from the plant and the water supplies. With the upgrade of your waste water elimination process the goal was to save 500,000 gallons of water a year. The expectation was to be at 50% reduction by year 2020, we have hit 2020 and that goal has not been reached.

If the expectations were not going to be met, the United States Environmental Protective Agency should have been informed. Please put in writing your plan to complete the project and new time line.

If at any time there are any issue where expectations are not met feel free to contact me. Please let me know if there is anything you need or concerns pertaining to this memo please feel free to contact me by via email.

Posted 2


To: Robert George, CEO, A Benefit Corporation

From: Compliance Officer, Wells Fargo

Date: Friday, July 17, 2020

Subject: Final Notification: Environmental Waste Violations

Please be advised this is the final notification regarding mandatory compliance of the environmental waste legislations mandated in each state you do business. The failure to comply with required regulations puts your corporation at risk for loss of insurance. If your corporation fails to remain insured, Wells Fargo, will be forced to freeze all lending and issue a foreclosure notice on real properties owned by A Benefit Corporation. After 15 years in business we want to work with you to ensure this doesn’t happen.

With the change of status to a for-profit benefit corporation, A Benefit Corporation, is required by law to meet social and environmental legislation in each state with real property. It has come to our attention that you have not altered behavior or policies regarding excessive environmental waste being generated on your factory sites. This is a risk to our collective businesses and a violation of our agreement. In order to remain in good standing with Wells Fargo, A Benefit Corporation, has thirty (30) days to provide a written policy and get-well plan to address the waste concerns and has ninety (90) days to complete implementation of the plan and remediate waste remaining on the factory sites.

The environmental violations are a serious concern and may impact the ability for our firms to conduct business moving forward. It is important that you contact our office immediately regarding your receipt of this notice. We look forward to working with your staff to resolve this concern as soon as possible. Please contact our office no later than Friday July 17, 2020.

Posted 3

To: Mark Johnson, CEO

From : Environmental consultant

Date: 7/20/20

RE: Environmental clean up

We have received notice that and come to our attention that your company has changed its function from profit to a non-profit organization. We want to remind you that we are still expecting the environment to be taken care of per our current agreement. We have not received any confirmation of complicity or clean-up efforts by your company.

We want to get on the same page to continue the efforts to keep the environment clean. We were hoping you would have started with the non-profit work by now seeing how it has been twenty-one days since you made the transition from profit to non-profit. Time is of the essence and we want to get on track in order to meet our goals. We are asking you to please send us an update on the status of sending us the equipment we need to help clean up the environment.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this memo please do not hesitate to contact me. I am readily available from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM.


I will provide the logins when the question is assigned Business Finance Assignment Help

3-4pages with word document

you should access the website and get information and then finish the paper

And then click send push I will give you access

This assignment goals are:

  • Claim Azure VM and connect to Cloudera Express virtual machine
  • Perform step by step instruction following the Getting Started with Hadoop user guide
  • Document all steps above using screen shots and explanation in your own for each of the steps and screen shots.


Part 1: (40 points) – work with class TA to complete this part.

  • Register with Microsoft Azure environment for ALY6110.90463 Microsoft Azure environment for ALY6110.90463 – Alternative Formats using your NEU credentials.
  • Follow ALL steps to claim you Virtual Machine in Azure Labs.
  • Connect to one of the available Virtual Machines (VMs) hosted by Azure using Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  • You will find the Hyper-V Manager Application on your Desktop, which has already installed Cloudera VM. You just need to open Hyper-V Manager application and click on ‘Start’ Cloudera VM from that application and once its started, click on ‘Connect’ in order to access that virtual machine.
  • Start Cloudera VM in your Virtual Environment
  • Use Cloudera Express to startup Cloudera Manager. Be patent – it takes some time.
  • Provide detailed step by step instructions on how you did tasks above and explain each and every screen shot that you provided!

Always stop your Virtual Machine after exiting Remote Desktop.

Part 2: (40 points)

  • Use the Setup section only of the following page as a guide: Getting Started with Hadoop Tutorial Getting Started with Hadoop Tutorial – Alternative Formats to make sure all required services are running.
  • Complete the “The Getting Started with Hadoop” tutorial at http://quickstart.cloudera/#/tutorial/home and record and explain each step of this tutorial using screen shots, text, comments, etc. Make sure that you are using your Cloudera VM environment. The link will only work when running from your Cloudera VM.
  • Provide detailed step by step instructions on how you did EACH STEP of the “Getting Started with Hadoop” tutorial mentioned above. Add screen shot for EACH STEP and explain each and every screen shot that you provided!

Part 3: (20 points)

  • Answer these questions:
    • What is the 3rd most popular product category?
    • How much revenue does the Nike Men’s Free 5.0+ running shoe earns?
    • Modify the query script and provide the product name with the least revenue and how much the revenue amount is.
  • Provide detailed step by step instructions on how you did EACH task above and explain each and every screen shot that you provided!
  • Provide complete script/code and results in the submission file.
  • Attach EACH script/code in text format to the submission. EACH line of the script must be commented or explained.

Submit WORD document containing the following sections:

  • Title Page: Title page must have the following information:
    • Your name (as registered for this class)
    • Class Number and Name
    • CRN Number
    • Assignment name: (Week 2 Assignment 1)
    • Your contact information (email)
  • Summary: provide a short summary of the assignment. The summary is a short statement of the most relevant steps of the assignment.
  • Part 1 materials: all materials, findings and your comments during the execution of Part 1 steps.
  • Part 2 materials: all materials, findings and your comments during the execution of Part 2 steps.
  • Part 3 materials: all materials, findings and your comments during the execution of Part 3 steps.
  • Analysis: describe the cons and pros of the performed tasks, difficulties, issues, how easy (or not) was it to resolve them.
  • Conclusions summary (1/2 – 1 page): Summarize your experience, findings, thoughts, comments, ideas for the future, etc.

Save your WORD file using the following name: Week2-Assignment1-[your name].docx. Replace [your name] with your name as it is registered with this class.

Submit your WORD document before the due date.


Environmental Issue Paper Writing Assignment Help

Both outline of paper and final paper.

Pretend you work for a government agency and your boss has asked you to prepare a report about a pressing environmental issue. You will choose an environmental issue from a set provided on Canvas (and listed at the bottom of this document). You will write a three-part paper based on this issue. Part I , present the environmental science background of the issue. Part II , analyze the ways in which different actors involved or impacted by the environmental issue are affected by it. Part III, explain the political-legal circumstances raised by the issue and the proposed policy solutions. Assume your audience is college-educated but does not have a background in the particular issue you are addressing.

The paper is not an editorial or advocacy piece. It should present material from a neutral perspective, not present your personal opinion . In this paper, avoid using biased phrasing such as “should” or “must” or personal statements such as “I believe” or “I feel”.

Your paper should be informed by data and insights from peer-reviewed academic articles, news articles, and policy documents such as white papers. For each environmental issue, we will provide three sources, one in each of these source categories. You will need to find at least four additional, credible sources (to have a minimum of 7 sources in total). Two of the sources you provide must be peer-reviewed academic articles. The others can come from any of the three categories.

A peer-reviewed academic article is one that is published in a scholarly journal after having been reviewed and evaluated by a panel of scientists. You can learn more about peer-reviewed


About Project Procurement Business Finance Assignment Help

About Project Procurement Business Finance Assignment Help

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