Academy of Careers and Technology Online Streaming Services Capstone Business Finance Assignment Help

Academy of Careers and Technology Online Streaming Services Capstone Business Finance Assignment Help. Academy of Careers and Technology Online Streaming Services Capstone Business Finance Assignment Help.

This is first one Capstone project, then you can do second one Capstone Project

Capstone Project Requirements

  1. Complete each part (1-5) in consecutive order.
  2. Submit each part on their due dates.
  3. Assemble the projects into a portfolio for submission by the end of the quarter.
  4. Create a presentation of your complete project parts 1-4.
  5. Present your Capstone Project to the class during the last week of the quarter.
  6. Listen to your classmates’ Capstone presentations and provide feedback.

Capstone Project Part 1 Description:

  1. Choose an organization you would like to work for as an Account Manager.
  2. Describe their key customers, B2B and B2C (if applicable).
  3. Research how the organization manages its customer base (survey, direct mail, social media, etc.) and summarize in your own words the following:

  • How the organization determines their customer needs
  • How the organization identifies service gaps

  1. Identify the CRM tool the organization is using.

Submit your work in at least 3 paragraphs (about 5-6 sentences each) to Capstone Project Part 1 in Moodle.

Second Project A Capstone Project is a cumulative assignment that builds on the skills acquired during the course, culminating in a cumulative project for assessment of course content and understanding of key concepts.

Capstone Project Requirements

  1. Complete each part (1-5) in their consecutive order.
  2. Submit each part on their due dates.
  3. Assemble the projects into a portfolio for submission by the end of the quarter.
  4. Create a presentation of your complete project parts 1-4.
  5. Present your Capstone Project to the class during the last week of the quarter.
  6. Listen to your classmates’ Capstone presentations and provide feedback.

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Allan Hancock College Emergence of Frederick Douglas & His Impact Essay Writing Assignment Help

Many more people were drawn to the abolition movement after the emergence of Frederick Douglas. Why did he have such a great impact on the abolition movement? Did he set any precedents? Use 150 to 200 words for your answer and include the page number from the textbook where you found the information.


Fredrick Douglass was a strong symbol for the abolition movement, he was instrumental in setting the tone for the movement. Frederick Douglass was a very well written and well spoken human, because of his past and life story being the son of a slave woman and a white father he was able to describe his struggle in life and how he overcame it. He used politics to battle the horridness that was slavery. “In the end, most abolitionists, including even the pacifistic Garrison himself, followed the logic of their beliefs and supported a frightfully costly fratricidal war as the price of emancipation(Kennedy 335).” He was also the first Black citizen to hold a high rank in the United States government. He was a powerful forces that showed others that there was another path for them, through his life he demonstrated that his climb to education and freedom. By simply living the way he wanted to and doing what was best for him, he was able to show people that it was worth the fight for freedom.


ENG 12020 Cuyumaca College Impact of Cultural Borders on Individuals Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

Due Dates:

  • Rough Draft Due: Friday by 11:59pm
  • Response to Partner Due: Sunday by 11:59pm
  • Final Draft of Essay Due Wednesday of Week 11


Step 1: First, please carefully review your Essay 2 prompt:

Links to an external site.Step 2: By Friday at 11:59 pm, submit your rough draft of Essay 1.

You can copy paste it into the discussion board or (preferably) attach it as a file. You will click “Reply” and attach your draft in a similar way as you have done for discussions or annotation in the past.

Step 3: Check back in on Saturday morning. I will have matched you up with a partner (I will send out a partner list as an announcement). Once you see who your partner is, find his or her post, download the rough draft, and make as many helpful comments and suggestions on it as you can. You can use the insert comment function on word, or you can simply write your comments in red.

Step 4: Once you are done commenting, go onto the next page (add a new page to the writer’s essay) and answer the following questions:

  1. Does the writer begin with a story? Is it an effective story? What details could the writer add to it?
  2. Does the writer have a clear thesis that makes some kind of argument about cultural borders and the way they help shape our identities?
  3. Does the writer have three main claims or points?
  4. Is each of the main claim or point supported by either personal experiences and/or cited sources (from class or from the writer’s own research)? Is the support effective/convincing? Are there places where better support is needed?
  5. Does the writer have a conclude the script in a way that leaves you thinking/gives you a sense of finality?
  6. What would you say are the talk’s greatest strengths? What did the writer do particularly well?
  7. What should the writer focus on most as they revise the the script? What can be most improved?

Step 5: By Sunday, at 11:59pm, hit “Reply” to your partner’s original post. Attach the draft with comments and the questions answered so that your partner can review them and make changes to his or her essay before the due date (Wednesday of next week).


USF Women Artistic Identity Literature Review and Research Methodology Dissertation Humanities Assignment Help

TOPIC describe : My main focus is how women artist develop artistic identity to understand how women artist made meaning to their artistic identities. To identify the ways in which their experiences may impact art education practice in terms of how to better meet the needs of art student in general, and aspiring young female artist. How women artists make meaning of their artistic identity development and offer in depth insights into some of the challenges and opportunities they encounter. I want to discuss the crisis between what is expected from women in light of factors such as gender and culture in opposition to how these women choose to see themselves. Particularly, I wanna put emphasis on economical and social aspects to probe how women demonstrate creativity and resourcefulness in coping with identity issue.

Instructions: I want a literature review and research methodology for my dissertation . I’m attaching the introduction of my research as well which I have already written to give you an idea of what I want. Word limit is 1200, 600 for literature review 600 for research methodology with foot notes and bibliography in Chicago manual style. please avoid plagiarism.


ECO 110 SU Week 4 Monetary Impact of Economics on Daily Living Discussion Economics Assignment Help

Impact of Economics on Daily Living

Skill(s) Being Assessed: Problem Solving

  • Criteria for Success: In this assignment, you will:
  • Identify a relevant economic concept and describe how it applies to the scenario.
  • Summarize the change in expenditures between budgets.
  • Record the ways in which economic trends impacted personal income and consumer prices.
  • Explain the rationale for budget decisions made in response to economic changes.
  • Explain an additional economic trend or change from within the last year and how it has impacted your personal life and finances.

What to submit/deliverables: A completed Assignment 1 template, in Word document form.

What is the value of doing this assignment? Economic trends and events in the world have real impacts on your daily life. This could take the form of a new technology that increases the demand for workers in a certain field, the amount of economic growth for a country affecting the ability (or willingness) of employers to increase wages, or even trade decisions between two countries that cause price of some everyday goods to fluctuate.

Economic impacts require you to make decisions on how to allocate resources and effectively budget, and use critical thinking strategies to help you navigate the world of finance and economics. Throughout the previous weeks of this course, you have learned foundational economic concepts, basic personal finance considerations, and problem solving strategies. In this assignment, you will apply all of these to help a friend communicate her budgeting decisions to her family.

Your goal for this assignment is to: Build your problem solving skill by articulating how economics have real impacts on families and their budgets. You will apply decision making and critical thinking strategies to explain how economics impacts a friend’s personal budget decisions.

Steps to complete: In Week 4, submit your assignment in BlackBoard by following these steps:

STEP 1:Read the scenario in the Assignment 1 Template and preview the questions that follow.

Scenario: A friend who knows that you are learning problem solving skills and economics has come to you for advice. At the beginning of this year, rent and the price of imported food rose. At the same time, prices for domestic food dropped. The family’s income stayed the same, but because of these economic changes, they had to make changes to their yearly budget.
Your friend’s family is unhappy about the lifestyle changes that your friend has chosen. Your friend knows that you are studying personal finance and have asked you how to explain to her family what has happened to their spending. She has brought with her their family budget from last year, as well as their current budget for this year.

STEP 2: Identify one relevant economic concept that applies to the scenario and describe how it applies. (Question 1)

STEP 3: Summarize how expenditures changed between budgets. Make sure to address how expenditures changed (or did not change). (Question 2)

STEP 4: Describe the economic trends that created the need for a change in expenditures. Make connections to the economic concepts you have learned. (Question 3)

STEP 5: Explain the rationale for your friend’s budget decisions to her family. Address all changes (or non-changes) in expenditures and discuss long term effects. (Question 4)

STEP 6: Reflect on how changes in economic variables may impact your personal life and finances. (Question 5)

STEP 7: After completing all questions in the Assignment 1 Template, save your responses as a Word document titled: Your Name, ECO110_Assignment 1 Economic Impacts and upload to BlackBoard in Week 4. Make sure to also review the scoring rubric before submitting.

Assignment 1 Template: Impact of Economics on Daily Living

Scenario:A friend who knows that you are learning problem solving skills and economics has come to you for advice. They have brought their family’s budget from last year, as well as their current budget for this year. At the beginning of this year, rent and the price of imported food rose. At the same time, prices for domestic food dropped. Your friend’s family’s income stayed the same, but because of these economic changes, they had to make changes to their yearly budget. Budget 1 on the left shows how their family used to spend their income of $25,000. Budget 2 on the right reflects changes your friend made to the family’s budget based on economic changes.

Your friend’s family is unhappy about the lifestyle changes that your friend has chosen. They are having a difficult time explaining the reasons for some of the decisions they have had to made about family finances. Since they know that you are studying personal finance, they have asked you to help them come up with a way to explain to their family what has happened to their spending.

image of a budget: Budget1 - Income $25000 - Percent 100% - Expenditures - Rent - $7500 - 30% - Imported Food $1250 - - 5% - Food from the U.S. $2500 - 10% - Utilities $750 - 3% - Transportation $750 - 3% - Education - $2500 - 10% - Family Care - $2500 - 10% Savings - $7250 - 29% - Total - $25000 - 100% - Budget 2 - Income - $25000 - Percent 100% - Expenditures - Rent $8250 - 33% - Imported Food $750 - 3% - Food from the U.S. - $3000 - 12% - Utilities - $500 - 2% - Education - $2500 - 10% - Family Care - $2500 - 10% - Savings - $7000 - 28% - Total - $25000 - 100%

Answer the following questions based on the scenario and Budget 1 and 2:

1. In the first four weeks of this class you have learned about several economic concepts and how they impact daily living. Choose one economic concept from this list and explain how it is relevant to your friends’ budget situation:

  • Supply and demand
  • Scarcity
  • Tradeoff decisions
  • International trade
  • Opportunity cost
  • Compound growth

2. How did expenditures change between budgets? Which expenditures changed the most? Which expenditures changed the least? Which stayed the same?

3. What were the economic trends that created the need for your friend’s family to change their expenditures? What can you infer about the connection between prices and expenditures, based on the economic concepts you have learned?

4. Help your friend explain the rationale for their budget decisions to their family. For each expenditure change, describe why your friend made that decision and how it impacts the family overall. Also make sure to address expenditures that did not change. What are the long-term benefits/risks of these changes? Some questions you could help them answer are:

  • Why did your friend decide to buy less imported food, and more domestic food?
  • Why did your friend decide to use the furnace and air conditioning less?
  • Why did your friend decide to walk more?
  • Why did your friend not change the amount spent of education and family care?
  • Why did your friend decide to reduce savings, and what will the long-term effects of that be?

5. In our personal lives, we sometimes need to react to changes in our economic environment. Thinking about your own budget, describe how a change in an economic variable (such as a change in income, employment, interest rates, or prices) could impact your personal life and finances.



CPMGT 300 University of Phoenix The Wedding Project Mission and Objective Essay Writing Assignment Help

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you describe a project you have managed personally or professionally. Examples may include a trip you planned, a new product or service developed for your employer, a staff reorganization, wedding, and so on.

Develop a paper that provides a project overview. Within the paper, address the following questions. Make sure that it is a paper and not a Q&A. You can have headers, but don’t use the questions as headers (this is what makes it a Q&A). Don’t forget an introduction and conclusion.

  • What was the mission and objectives of the project?
  • What were the high-level tasks or scope of the project?
  • How was the need for the project identified?
  • What was the cost, and how was it funded?
  • What was the timeline?
  • Who were the parties involved in the project, and what were the roles of each party (team) member?
  • What steps did you establish to ensure the project was a success?
  • How did you measure the success of your project?
  • Overall, how did project management help to make this project a success?

Format your paper according to APA guidelines. NOTE: Normal APA requires you to writing in 3rd person. However, due to the nature of this assignment, first person (using “I”) is allowed.

Submit your assignment, as an attachment (word doc).

CPMGT 300 University of Phoenix The Wedding Project Mission and Objective Essay Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

California State University Fresno Criminal Justice Model in Italy Writing Assignment Help

  • Powerpoint
    • This assignment is a precursor to your individual research paper (see next paragraph on the research paper for the questions to be addressed in this paper and, therefore, also in the presentation). The poster will reflect your first investigations into the country that you will flesh out in your research paper, which is due at the end of the semester.
    • In your digital poster you will
      • (1) discuss in writing the main preliminary findings in response to the questions to be addressed in the end-of-term research paper about the criminal justice system in the country you chose to explore, and
    • You have to build your digital poster using Google Sites or Google Slides.
    • The information you present in the poster has to be referenced. References should include academic publications.
  • Research Paper
    • INSTRUCTIONS: In the paper, you address the following questions with regards to the one country you chose to explore for your poster and paper
    • (1) identify and explain what criminal justice model the country uses, (2) describe the similarities and differences between this country’s criminal justice system and that of the USA, (3) evaluate its strengths and weaknesses with regards to law enforcement, criminal procedure, courts, sentencing and corrections, (4) discuss how it could be improved and (5) argue how it could inform improvement of criminal justice systems elsewhere. The answers to these different questions have to be supported by academic literature.
    • OBJECTIVE: This paper allows you to demonstrate that you understand and are able to critically discuss the criminal justice system in a country other than the USA and the six model nations discussed in the textbook, compare it with other criminal justice systems, and assess its strengths and weaknesses in relation to law enforcement, criminal procedure, courts, sentencing and corrections. In order to do so, you need to make use of scientific literature.
    • FORMAT:
      • All written assignments are to have a cover sheet identifying your name and Student ID, title, word count, name of the course, day and time of the class, instructor’s name, and due date of the assignment.
      • In the paper, include an introduction (what is it you are addressing in the paper and what are the main points in the discussion?), the discussion of your findings (what did you find in the literature in response to the assigned questions?) and a conclusion (this is not a summary of your findings but a critical reflection on your findings in response to the assigned questions).
      • Enter the references in a reference list at the end of your paper. Include only the references that you have incorporated in the text – do not include any sources that you have read but not used in your paper.
      • Please note that the cover sheet and reference list do NOT count towards the word limit.
    • USE OF REFERENCES: The paper must have a minimum of three (3) academic/ scholarly references.
      • Newspaper articles, news site entries or websites (governmental or other) are not academic references.
      • Do not use Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica or other similar encyclopedia-type websites.
      • Students must use in-text citations and provide a reference list using APA style formatting. For more information about APA style referencing, please go to:
    • WORD COUNT: The paper should have a word count of 1500 words, with a 100-word margin either way.
      • The cover sheet (including your name and student ID, word count, name of the course, day and time of the class, instructor’s name, due date of the assignment) and reference list do not count towards the word count!

Paper cannot exceeds the word limit of 1600 words


MSU Organizational Behavior & Decision Making Knowledge Influence Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

Please read the assigned readings. And write your reflections about each of the readings assigned (minimum 150 words for EACH readings). Think about the concepts, theories and examples explored in this reading: what will really stay with you in the years to come? How will this influence the way you see the world, and help you understand or deal with practical situations in your personal or professional life?


1. Organizational Behavior chapter14. Decision Making (minimum 150 words)

2. Organizational Behavior chapter15. Leadership (minimum 150 words)

I attached the PDF book you can use it.

After you done from the first part I need you to responses to this week’s Leadership Team Post (it’s based on the assigned reading). And response to them minimum 150 words.

I attached the Leadership Team Post.


CD 141 Cuyamaca College The Challenge of Hard Hearing Summary Writing Assignment Help

Special Topic Report

Children with Hard Hearing

1- Why did you choose this particular topic? How do you anticipate using the information you’ve


Through Google researching and YouTube We chose the topic for children with hard hearing

(deaf), and this sense is very important for children to learn because they will face many difficulties

to get an education. Teachers should get more knowledge about this disease to help children

learn better. Next, as teachers we will put children with hard hearing with other children that

don’t have a delay to learn, so children with delay will get more knowledge, and we will take care of

them by looking out for them. Also, we will repeat the words many times with hand motions to

understand, so teachers should be patient with children to reach success.

2. Briefly summarize the special need or topic. Include information about cause and most common

characteristics. (Please note: do not make this section too long: approximately one page in length at the

most and do not do a copy and paste from your resources).

There are many cases that lead children to hard hearing such as infectious diseases, rubella, mumps,

both parents deaf from birth, and conditions that prevent a baby during childbirth from inhaling

oxygen. Next, if the child has hard hearing, he or she cannot speak as well because they cannot

understand what the others say, so they will feel stressed or tired trying to hear.

3- With regard to your topic, what are two community services, agencies, supports, therapies, or

interventions are available in San Diego county? (Where can you and/or a child’s parents turn for help?)

You may include both educational and community resources. These should be local resources, so include

address, phone numbers, and location. As additional support, you may additionally provide web sites

and information about national organizations.

1- Deaf community services in San Diego

1545 Hotel Cir S Unit 300 San Diego, CA 92108

Phone number (619)3988-2441

2- Rady Children’s Hospital

3020 Children way San Diego, CA 92123

Phone number: (858)576-1700

3- Sevick School

1609 E Madison AVE, El Cajon, CA 92019

Phone number: (619)588-3146

4- What might a preschool teacher notice in the classroom that might alert him/her that a child might

have this special need? (The “red flags”) In other words, what are some of the symptoms?

characteristics, and/or behaviors you might start to document?

As teachers for young children we should observe the children’s attitude then we can get

information to use the best way to teach. Next, we can know the child is deaf when he or

she has permeant sadness because this child cannot understand others. Second symptoms of a deaf

child is that they feel embarrassed and have anxiety, therefore will be avoiding communication with

others. In addition the teacher should look for a child, who cannot say the symbolic words as well,

so he or she will have the cognitive delay, social, and emotional delay. The low of federal government

put individuals with disabilities Education Act (IDEA) program, so all the teacher should keep looking for

children and write note for each child in class to reveal the child’s condition if he or she has delay to

learn. Also, the teacher can help the children who are deaf to learn better by putting them in IEP

programs to get a better education.

5- What can be done in a preschool setting to successfully include a child with this special need?

Describe how you would modify the room setup, schedule, curriculum, and guidance/interaction with

the teacher? In what ways would you foster social interaction with other children?

As teachers can make same adjustments in the preschool environment to provide appropriate

education services for children with deaf depending on child’s need. Then we could make some

modifications to prepare the classroom for such as schedule, curricula, and social interaction with

the rest of the children, as follows. Second, we will use fixed routine because the child will feel

safe. Next, we can change the plan by explaining, and repeating the words when we talk with

child. In addition, we can explain the stories for child with deaf by showing him or her pictures.

We will use the comfortable chairs. On the other hands, we will make the class more aesthetically,

and we will put the children with deaf with other children then they able to communicate. Also,

we will communicate with children’s parents to get more knowledge about the child with deaf

in order to work together as partnership then children will reach to success.

6- What are the two activities that a preschool teacher could share for all the children, but would really

help a child with this disability? Describe the materials, process for use, and why they are especially

appropriate for children with this disability.

Most children who are deaf have difficulties to learn, so they will lose an education. The hospital can

help these children to able to hear depending on the childe abilities to hear. As teachers we can

help children who are deaf with fine motor skills and gross motor skills by playing with them. Next,

there are many activities can help children cognitive development, physical development, social,

and emotional development such as bubble warp, sliding, jumping, playing with group, singing and

dancing. Children will pop the bubble with their fingers develop fine motor skills, and he or she will

will feel the pop with their fingers, so this activity can helps children to hear and get experience.

Then their cognitive will development. Second activity that we choose is rolling the playdough

with a small group then children will be able to communicate with others by joking and laughing.


MGT 407 Trident University Rewarding Employees for Higher Productivity Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

Discussion: Contemporary Issues: HR Periodicals

Your First Post

Check current periodicals to find an interesting current-event article related to developing and/or rewarding employees for higher productivity.

  1. Read the article.
  2. Provide a summary of the article.
  3. Provide additional recommendations, arguments, and ideas.
  4. Include a citation for the article.

Feel free to use any business-related journals or periodicals. A good place to find HR-related journals is in ProQuest in the Trident Online Library. The following are other suggestions:

The Economist. Available at

Society for Human Resource Management. Available at HRMagazine, SHRM’s publication, is found in ProQuest in the Trident Online Library.

The Wall Street Journal. Available at