Accy6501 Marygold Case Writing Assignment Help

Accy6501 Marygold Case Writing Assignment Help. Accy6501 Marygold Case Writing Assignment Help.

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The project includes researching and presenting a recommended plan of action to a management team that is faced with an AIS related business problem. Try to make the scenario as realistic and relevant as possible. You are an employee or a consultant advising management of a firm. You can fill in the blanks as you desire.

A few requirements to keep in mind when selecting from the above options:

  • Topics covered throughout the semester should be incorporated into the business problem and/or solutions proposed.
  • In-class presentation (20 – 30 minutes) must include background information on the company, the issue faced, proposed solutions/enacted solutions, expected/actual outcomes.
  • The topic MUST include a flowchart detailing the process described.
  • Use of at least one technology we have reviewed in class is required (Alteryx, IDEA, Tableau, or Advanced Excel) to be utilized in either the presentation or solution.

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find 1 or 2 quotes and talk about them briefly (1 Page MLA format) Writing Assignment Help

Find 1-2 quotes in each chapter of The Picture of Dorian Gray and example what the quotes make you think. DO THIS for chapters 11-20 (EXCLUDE 15 and 16). There should be a total of 20 or so quotes and thoughts you have on them (about 2 quotes & responses per chapter). ALWAYS name the number of the page where you found the quote.

Here are a few examples: Ch. 1 “She was a mountain climber…” (1).Great opening line. Let’s us know right away this is a strong character, language is straightforward, like her.

Page 3–wasn’t expecting to find out this takes place in the past! It was hard to tell, but maybe the author was doing that on purpose to build suspense Even more interesting that we have this adventurous female protagonist. “Love is a dead rose” (5). Weird! This is a cliche, but with a new spin. I also noticing she’s making a lot of flower comparisons (“blooming good health” was used at some point, I can’t remember). Pattern—> could be good for an essay Ooh, I hate the mean uncle! He reminds me of my friend’s dad, what a jerk!

Link to ebook…


MGT7710 Wilmington Week 3 Communication between Managers and Employees HW Writing Assignment Help

This paper goes through Turnitin. Prepare and submit your draft literature review summarizing the central themes or key findings from the identified secondary and primary scholarly literature sources that you propose including in your research proposal and as they relate to your problem statement and research question(s). All literature used must be properly cited and referenced in APA format.

DO NOT USE BOOKS-INSTRUCTORS CANNOT VERIFY THOSE SOURCES. Recommend you use articles from WU Library databases. (If you must use a book-copy/scan the selected content and provide that to your Instructor so that he/she can verify your resources).

A well-researched proposal includes relevant citations from a variety of scholarly sources, including journals, periodicals and Internet sources. (IF you use a book-you must copy/scan the actual pages and submit with your paper. Instructors MUST be able to verify ALL Resources). The number, type, quality and relevance of the references cited in the literature review are a direct reflection of the level of scholarly effort you have invested in the preliminary research and analysis of your selected topic.

The attached PowerPoints review the basics of citing sources and outlines common problem areas in APA formatting.

The literature review should comply with the following general formatting requirements:

  • Typed using 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Double-spaced throughout the entire paper
  • Use a 1-inch margin
  • Page header should include your title and page numbers
  • Cover/Title page will include your name and the date of submission.


law essay, 6 pages, double spaced. Writing Assignment Help

Question 1:

Interstate commerce refers to business transactions between individuals or businesses from two
or more states. You’ve learned that Congress uses interstate commerce as a tool to force
businesses to comply with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Go to:…

to read, in depth, a case referenced in your book: The Heart of Atlanta Motel v. The United

Tell me what the main arguments are for both the Plaintiff and the Defendant. Tell me how the
Supreme Court ruled and why. I want to see facts and analysis in your paper that are not included
in the book.

Question 2:

Private clubs are exempt from the Civil Rights Act. Go to:…

Tell me what the main arguments are for both the Plaintiff and the Defendant. Tell me how the
court ruled and why.

Question 3:

Nevada Revised Statute 651.065 says “….is not unlawful and is not a ground for a civil action for
any place of public accommodation to offer differential pricing, discounted pricing or special
offers based on sex to promote or market the place of public accommodation.”

Under Nevada law a “place of public accommodation” includes a nightclub, which are very
popular in Las Vegas.

So, basically, Nevada says it is legal to intentionally discriminate against men when it comes to
charging entry fees to nightclubs. In other words, it is legally permissible for a nightclub to charge
men a $40 entry fee but to allow women to enter for free. That decision is based solely on gender.

Is Nevada’s law actually legal? Does it conflict with a more superior law? If so, which one? What
are your personal thoughts on this?


what is the code will be Mathematics Assignment Help

## This project will be in R book using RStudio code. Here is the link of the book

## Description of the projects:

  • You have to cover all the materials on chapters 7,8,9, and 10
  • you have to answer all the question before you start and answer in the last page in your report:
  • What is the topic of the project?
  • What are the main issues or problems to be addressed?
  • What data will be used, including the variables measured?
  • What are your initial thoughts on appropriate model/distributions?
  • What questions and/or concerns do you have about the project?

## This project should contains three files. (Report.word, code file.R, and data file.word)

For the written report file, you have to follow all the instactions:

(1)Introduction to the project; // Talking about the project and problem you have concerned about.

(2) Explanations of the data sets and where you get it from;

(3) Details of the methods you used from the book;

(4) Results of the data analysis (explain the graphs, tables and data results);

(5) Discussions and conclusions;

(6)References of the data sets


**** important****

For the code file, you have to do the code in RStudio. Once you did the code and run it, you have to put all the results of the code in the data.word file (results and plots) and explain the data and plots.




discussions Humanities Assignment Help

  1. 1st discussion
  2. Identify 3 passages from this week’s reading assignment that were most insightful or meaningful for you. Quote each passage and discuss why this was particularly poignant for you.
  3. Describe how you might incorporate this week’s content into your work with infants, toddlers, and their families? If you are already working with infants and toddlers, what specifically will you do, when, and how? If you are not yet working with infants and toddlers, what do you want to remember from this week’s content and how might you use this information.
  4. What concepts from this week are still unclear for you?
  5. What other questions do you have or what information would you like me to know?
  6. Readings
  7. 2 Months
  8. 4 Months
  9. 6 Months
  10. 9 Months
  11. 1 Year
  12. 18 Months
  13. 2 Years
  14. 3 Years

2nd discussion

Watch the video below (8 short clips, total viewing time under 30 min.).

In 1-2 pages:

  1. For each of the 6 discoveries of infancy listed above, provide 2 examples described in the video. Each example should include a description of what you observed in the video and should be at least 2-3 sentences long.
  2. How can a care teacher use this knowledge to support and facilitate cognitive development and learning in infants and toddlers?

Upload your responses to this page for review.

Part 1 of 8 (Links to an external site.)

Part 2 of 8 (Links to an external site.)

Part 3 of 8 (Links to an external site.)

Part 4 of 8 (Links to an external site.)

Part 5 of 8 (Links to an external site.)

Part 6 of 8 (Links to an external site.)

Part 7 of 8 (Links to an external site.)

Part 8 of 8 (Links to an external site.)

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discussions Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

history film Questions Humanities Assignment Help

The instructor recommends allotting 90 minutes to complete this assignment. Time Recommendation: 60 minutes to watch the film and 30 minutes to answer the questions. This is only a recommendation, you may spend more or less time on this assignment depending on your ability and availability.


  1. Why did the Bracero Program make it difficult to organize farm workers into a union?
  2. How did Cesar Chaves differ from many of the Latino community leaders that came before him? How did his leadership help dispel stereotypes or assumptions some Latino held about themselves?
  3. Who was Sal Castro? How did Sal Castro’s personal history inform his action on behalf of his students?
  4. What did the Civil Rights Movement of African Americans in the South have to do with Mexican American kids in Los Angeles?
  5. What tactic did Sal Castro and the students choose to make their concerns known to the educational system? How long did they plan and how extensive was the participation? How did law enforcement perceive their actions?


  • Watch the film Latino Americans Prejudice and Pride
  • Answer the assessment questions for the film 2 pages
  • On the right-hand side of the screen click on the icon that says “SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT”
  • Click on the tab “File Upload” to attach your documentary film assessment or click on the tab “Text Entry” if you wish to copy and paste OR write your review in the box provided.
  • Be sure to click “SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT” after you finishing uploading the document.


Retail Marketing Field Study-02 Writing Assignment Help

Must use citation from Chapter 14 from this Book :

2 full pages, word count at least 650

Writing instruction:


In this study, we will apply our understanding of the unique challenges of developing the retail marketing mix by observing and analyzing retail marketing activities at a local retail store.


Assume you are part of a marketing consulting team, and your task is to develop a competitive analysis for your (hypothetical) client’s store. You will start your competitive analysis with something that Mark Cuban affectionately (but somewhat unfairly) calls “real marketing”. You will be visiting a competing

retailer (an actual store) to take a look at how they apply the retail marketing mix at their store, and then sharing that information with your hypothetical client. Visiting competing retailers to observe their activities is something that new startups and large corporations engage in, and you will find that it is relevant to a good competitive analysis, as well as to a basic understanding of marketing topics.


  1. 1) Visit a retail store of choice, preferably a store that is not busy and has a broad variety of products easily viewed and accessed.
  2. 2) Find a manager and explain to them that you are doing an assignment for Marketing 330 at NCU and that you will be taking some digital photos of shelves of products (and that you will definitely not take any photos of customers), strictly for the purposes of the assignment and will not use the photos for any other purposes.

If the manager does not allow photos, try another store. As a last resort you may use stock photos found online (make sure to cite your sources), although I highly recommend using your own photos if at all possible so that they match your observations.

  1. 3) Observe the retail presentation strategy (one of the 6 Ps of the retail marketing mix), and consider all factors relating to the presentation strategy. Snap related photos.
  2. 4) Choose two other strategies from the retail marketing mix (6 Ps), and make in-depth observations of those two retail strategies as applied in the store. Take related photos.
  3. 5) Make an assessment of what you have observed, including who you assess the target customer(s) to be, and whether or not this store is successfully applying the retail marketing strategies you observed.
  4. 6) Compile your assessments into a 2-page or 3-page report on the “Retail Marketing Strategy of [Store]”. Format your paper as:
    1. Introduction – overviewing the strategies you observed, the store you visited (including address), the time and date of visit, and the assumed target segment(s) the store attracts
    2. Presentation Strategy – summarizing your observations, discussing effectiveness of the strategy, with photo(s)
    3. Two Other Strategies – summarizing your observations, discussing effectiveness of the strategy, with photo(s)
    4. Conclusion – overall assessment of this store’s retail marketing effectiveness, including suggestions for improvement

Cite your own photos put your citation directly under each photo (not as a reference or footnote), and cite it like this: [Photo 1. Cereal Aisle, Walmart in Eugene, OR. November 1, 2018.]


Problem solving Writing Assignment Help

The Assignment

Bill Ptacek has asked you to provide him a report with recommendations to help him out with the dilemma laid out at the end of the case. Of course, you will provide alternatives along with your recommendations and an implementation plan, with timeline and budget. You should be very careful of “yin and yang” problems.

Assume the current year is 2010, and that the “plan” is the “The Year 2020 Plan.”

Please make sure this reflects your best effort – think hard about the options, don’t just throw out the first thing that comes into your head. Ask yourself – why is my answer wrong. Think critically and reflect from multiple perspectives. But make sure you approach the final recommendations as if you were walking in Bill’s shoes. Avoid excessive regurgitation of case materials.

Your “briefing” presentation will be to Bill.

Make sure executive summary 2 page of single spaced

You should provide me 3 files Word + Excel + PPT,Thanks.


Write a 1,000- word persuasive essay Business Finance Assignment Help

Part I. Background Research

Read the assignment 4-reading pdf posted on the portal site. It
includes a brief overview of the topic and two short pieces arguing
opposing viewpoints.

2. Review the material provided on Ontario’s
archived cap and trade website: Ontario cancelled this
program in 2018.

Part II. Presenting an Argument in Written Form

preparation for the debate (to occur during the final tutorial sessions
week 11), write a 1,000- word persuasive essay arguing either for or
against the expansion of a greenhouse gas cap and trade program across
Canada as a way to address climate change.

Answer in opposition (Ontario should be part of cap and trade program)


Accy6501 Marygold Case Writing Assignment Help

Accy6501 Marygold Case Writing Assignment Help

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