Activity 4 Writing Assignment Help

Activity 4 Writing Assignment Help. Activity 4 Writing Assignment Help.

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Evaluate 3 educational tests using Mental Measurements Yearbook (available from the Liberty University Library Research Portal). Although Mental Measurements Yearbookcontains other types of tests, such as personality tests, choose an educational test.

The Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY) is an online database that contains information and reviews on tests. Articles about how the tests were developed, used, and the test validity and reliability may also be available. Each review of the test can be considered as a separate source and must be cited properly. To reference the MMY in current APA format, see examples here. You must also include appropriate in-text citations, especially when using direct quotes from the reviews.

The paper must be 36 pages (12 pages per educational test). Use current APA format and be sure to cite your sources.Writing the paper in list format, as opposed to narrative/paragraph format (except for the Evaluation section) is preferred.

Include explanations for each of the 4 parts described below for each educational test you evaluate.

I. Description

A. Title of the test

B. Acronym used (if any)

C. Author(s)

D. Publisher

E. Year of publication

F. Intended grade/age level of use

G. Intended purpose

H. Test category (achievement, intelligence and general aptitude, etc.)

I. Description of test components (manual, test booklets, etc.)

II. Mental Measurements Yearbook (or Tests in Print)

A. Date and yearbook number for the review you are using

B. Summary of test review (Summary of the reviewers review)

III. Publisher’s Website

A. What is the publisher’s website for this test? (Give the exact website for the specific test, not the general website that may be listed in MMY. For instance, use… , not just Only evaluate a test that is still currently available for use.)

B. Give a brief overview of pricing: costs for administrator’s manual, test booklets, answer sheets, and scoring (if available).

C. According tothe publisher’s website, what are some distinguishing characteristics of this test? Why choose this test in comparison to similar tests? If comparable tests are listed, what are they?

IIII. Evaluation

Give your opinion of the test based on the information gathered above.

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2 American History Humanities Assignment Help

Answer each question with 300 words Minimun



Question 1:

How did FDR differ from Hoover in his response to the Great Depression? Pick any three New Deal Programs and explain what they did and what impact they had. What ultimately led to the end of the Great Depression?

Question 2

What various factors contributed to the start of the Great Depression and what led to the crash of the stock market in October of 1929? How did the Great Depression affect the every day lives of Americans and how did President Hoover respond? Be specific.


Module 4,5,6,7 labs and homework 6&7 Engineering Assignment Help

Hello there, I would appreciate to have a good tutor to help me do my homework. The homework consists of module,4,5,6.7 labs and 6 and 7 homework. For module 4,5,6 labs and module 6 are due on Sunday 30th at 11:59pm Mountain Standard time but module 7 time can be extended. Textbook is required for this course (signals and systems I). NO PLAGIARISM is allowed. Tutor would get access into my school account portal also will click on each module that says homework and lab. For the textbook I will provide copies of the chapters needed.Thank you

N:B Below are the attached files of the labs


Assignment: Interpretation of Common Diagnostic Labs in Pediatric Primary Care Health Medical Assignment Help

Nurse practitioners routinely order labs for a variety of reasons. Some labs are recommended as part of a certain wellness check. Some labs are tested at birth and repeated at regular intervals. Many labs are ordered to rule in or rule out a diagnosis or just to add to an objective data base along with physical examination, vital signs, image studies, etc. Some of the labs can be done at the point of care (POC) such as an Accu-Check®. Most all labs require a venous blood sample but may require different additives that are in the collection tube. Other samples include arterial blood, urine, sputum, spinal fluid, or exudate.

In Course Documents, you will find the “Unit 7 Assignment Template” that you will use to complete this Assignment. It is organized to include information about a common lab test that you will be completing in pediatric primary care. Please fill in the requested information. It is highly recommended that you keep this information with you during clinical as a reference.


Application of Crisis Theory and Resiliency Theory to a Case Study Writing Assignment Help

It is common for social workers to be presented with a crisis situation brought forth by clients, families, communities, and/or organizations. The ultimate goal is to restore the client to equilibrium. The five stages of the crisis are (1) the hazardous event, (2) the vulnerable stage, (3) the precipitating factor, (4) the state of active crisis, and (5) the reintegration or crisis resolution phase.

There are times when a social worker will use more than one theory to assist in conceptualizing the problem and intervention, particularly if the theories complement each other. For example, resiliency theory can be used alongside crisis theory.

To prepare: Review and focus on the same case study that you chose in Week 2.

Submit a 1- to 2-page case write-up that addresses the following:

  • Map the client’s crisis using the five stages of the crisis.
  • Describe the client’s assets and resources (in order to understand the client’s resilience).
  • Describe how you, the social worker, will intervene to assist the client to reach the reintegration stage of the crisis. Be sure that the intervention promotes resiliency.
  • Evaluate how using crisis theory and resiliency theory together help in working with a client.

Be sure to:

  • Identify and correctly reference the case study you have chosen.
  • Use literature to support your claims.
  • Use APA formatting and style.
    • Remember to double-space your paper.



Trace the Development of an Area in the Field of Psychology Humanities Assignment Help

Trace the development of an area in the field of psychology. Identify and describe the contributing researchers and theorists, and the evolution of the key research in the field.

To assist you in identifying a topic for this paper, consider your own specialization area and research interests. Be sure to include the following in your paper:

  • Armed with knowledge we have learned to date about human behavior and using that as your foundation, determine and discuss what social needs and behaviors must be studied today.
  • Review the key principles and theories presented on the topic. Discuss the contributing researchers and theories, and evaluate the contributions of these researchers (including at least one woman and one minority individual).
  • If, in your opinion, there is limited knowledge, explain why this may be and how this could serve as the basis for inquiry today.
  • If the topic has been examined from different perspectives, reflect upon how today’s world may benefit from another look.

Support your assignment with at least seven scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

Length: 12 pages, not including title and reference pages

Trace the Development of an Area in the Field of Psychology Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Public Law Writing Assignment Help

public international law

This assignment comprises of two parts

A] Essay paper => 3000 words (11 pages)

a) Upto 8 sources

b) OSCOLA, 4th edition

B] PowerPoint slides => 4 slides (about 250 words per slide)


Article 31 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (VCLT) of 1969 provides the ways in which a treaty shall be interpreted. The interpretation of treaties is one of the most controversial issues in international law because the implementation of a treaty can have a serious impact on, and implications for, the national interests of parties to the treaty. How effective and relevant are the provisions of the VCLT after 50 years of its existence?

Refer to attached files

You Must provide me with a draft paper halfway the deadline.


University of Michigan Ethnic Nationalism Essay Writing Assignment Help

Write a 3 to 4-page double-spaced (1” margins, 12 point font) “reflection paper” that answers ONE of the following questions:

Option 1: Some people argue that ethnic nationalism is destructive for states and leads to violent conflict. However, Muller challenges this view and argues that ethnic nationalism must be recognized and embraced to produce stable states. Explain the logic of each side’s argument (i.e., the argument for civic nationalism and Muller’s argument for ethnic nationalism) and explain which argument you find more convincing and why.

Option 2: What explains when nationalism is a constructive force (producing stability that strengthens states) and when it is a destructive force (fomenting conflict and instability)? In your answer, assess the competing theories of inter-group conflict covered in the course and explain which you find most plausible. Support your argument by showing how evidence from at least threecase studies covered in the course materials either fits or does not fit with each theory.

A reflection paper is not a summary of the course readings or a stream of conscious mind dump on paper. Rather, it is a means for you to analyze and respond in a substantive way to the content, issues and controversies raised in the articles, lectures and class discussions that you are experiencing. No outside research is necessary. If you want to cite an assigned reading, you can simply put the author’s last name and page number (e.g., Herbst, p. 118). You do not need to cite information I provide during lecture. No bibliography is necessary.


Violet Diagram Programming Assignment Help

CSCI 1103 Exercise 1

You will create a single file using Violet for Part 1 and 2 below. Submit the file to your instructor for grading using Blackboard.

Part 1 (4 pts)

Using Violet create a class diagram for a Vehicle class. The Vehicle class has a make, model, and year attributes. (Example: “Subaru”, “Outback”, “2015”). Make sure that you show the visibility of all fields and methods of the class.

Part 2 (12 pts)

Extend the above class diagram for shape by adding three derived classes; Automobile, Pickup, Bus and their attributes:

  • Automobile
    • fuelType (Example: “gas”, “diesel”, “electric”)
  • Pickup
    • cargoCapacity (in cubic feet)
  • Bus
    • passengers (number of passengers the bus can carry)
    • fuelType (Example: “gas”, “diesel”, “natural gas”)

Make sure that you show the visibility of all fields and methods of the class.


Forensic Project Programming Assignment Help

Your Forensic Analysis Report assignment was the following . . .

Analyze the digital “clues” contained on a portable storage device and then write a 3 to 4 page report of investigation findings

You should follow the guidelines outlined in Chapter 14 of the course text for writing a report and presenting evidence.

Your report MUST contain the following sections . . .

  1. Abstract (Summary paragraph of report)
  2. Body of Report
    1. What systems/technologies were examined?
    2. What specific files were examined? (type of files and count of each type)
    3. What content was observed in the files?
    4. How is the content of each file related to the case?
  3. Conclusion – include your Expert Opinions about all files examined
  4. References (if applicable)
  5. Exhibits / Appendix

In addition to the 3 to 4 page report above, please include the following items:

  1. Evidence Form(s)
  2. Chain of Custody/Evidence Form
  3. Exhibits that show the contents of all files related to the case.


Activity 4 Writing Assignment Help

Activity 4 Writing Assignment Help

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