add more content to research paper on crime and mental illness Business Finance Assignment Help

add more content to research paper on crime and mental illness Business Finance Assignment Help. add more content to research paper on crime and mental illness Business Finance Assignment Help.

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the paper is half way completed. need about 35
pages include more sources and sources not too old in date.. MUST USE SCHOLARLY TONE. APA FORMAT. MAKE CHANGES WHERE YOU SEE

helpful tips below that will need to be edited from the paper attached

What is scholarly voice in writing?

Scholarly voice is the formal language
which is used to write in forums, assignments, and essays. Although formality
changes depending on the subject matter, most professionals in academia agree
that second-person pronouns, slang, contractions, rhetorical questions, and
hyperbole should be avoided.

What to
avoid and examples to improve:

2nd Person

Avoid the use of you (singular and
plural), and your(s) in formal writing. Only use I, we, our(s) if asked to
write an opinion.

Example: To
determine the threat a potential terrorist organization poses, you must first understand its ideology.

Better: Understanding
a terrorist organization’s ideology helps determine the threat it poses to a


Slang is a form of informal speech
and should not be incorporated into formal writing.

Example: The threat
does not have the upper hand in

Better: The threat
does not have the advantage in recruitment.


Contractions are formed when words
or phrases are shortened by using an apostrophe to take the place of the
missing letters or words.

Example: That’s a
dangerous assumption.

Better: That is a
dangerous assumption.


Rhetorical questions are those in
which the response is usually obvious to the reader; however, an answer is not
expected. Rhetorical questions are asked for effect.

Example: If we
(U.S.) do not counter the threat and advancements of ISIS, who will?

Better: The United
States must continue to lead the efforts in countering the threat and
advancements of ISIS.


Hyperbole is an exaggerated
statement, not meant to be taken literally.

Example: We are not
at war with nations; we are at war with minds!

Better: Avoid all
hyperbole in academic writing.

add more content to research paper on crime and mental illness Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

power point 13-15 slides that discusses an Ecological Concept that has been in the News in 2017 or 2018 Science Assignment Help

13-15 slides that discusses an Ecological Concept that has been in the News in 2017 or 2018 . you should discuss how the scientific method was used to support or refute the validity of your topic. Your presentation slides should contain few words, or use bullet points (no more than 4 bullet points per slide) and be sure to include pictures, figures and/or tables that will help you to explain your topic visually.

1. Describe the “In the News” topic and its ecological impact; be specific.

2. Explain how the scientific method, any quantitative and analytical reasoning techniques were used to provide data that supported or refuted the issue.

3. Discuss how science influences or has been influenced by the issue and complex societies.

4. Make sure to include discussions on the political and more issues surrounding your topic.

5. Describe any additional questions that remain on this topic.

add comment for each slide for me which I know wut i should talk about !

rubric :



(15 pts)

Material – data – The “in the News” topic in from 2017 or 2018; information is current and scientifically accurate.Topic covers an ecological concept covered in class this semester.



(10 pts)

The oral presentation was clear (pace and language).



(10 pts)

The visuals (graphics) are well prepared and readable.



Uses current methodology in science to support or refute topic chosen from “in the News”


Criminal minds Business Finance Assignment Help

our task for this high-stakes assignment is to consider the above incidents for context while you respond to the following points in an 8- to 10-page Word document:

  • Should the primary objective of police or law enforcement organizations be to reduce crime? If not, what should police or law enforcement organizations aim to accomplish?
  • Evaluate efforts to better integrate municipal police forces. What barriers stand in the way of recruiting officers who more accurately reflect the makeup of the community?
  • Terror incidents can be devastating, but they are rare. How should local police departments balance the need to protect against terrorism with the needs of daily law enforcement?
  • Examine how CompStat has helped in crime reduction and quality of life improvement.
  • Explain the implications CompStat has for the recruitment and training of policing officers. Present your ideas for increasing the efficiency of the training of police officers in accordance with CompStat.
  • How can CompStat and other similar programs be used for goals other than crime reduction?


How does the social institution of religion affect us by answering the following questions? Humanities Assignment Help

  • How has the American form of the institution of religion developed since World War II?
  • Compare the American form of the institution of religion to its expression in two other countries.
  • Discuss how this institution positively and negatively affects individuals. How might individuals work to change it for the better?
  • Apply one institutional theory in an extended critical analysis to more clearly understand the workings of this institution.
  • Evaluate how this institution is adapting to pressures from globalization or changes in other institutions.

Your answer should incorporate the results of several sources of original sociological research, provide clear and well-developed examples for each of your major points, and critically evaluate the effects of this institution in the Information Age.

The answers should use only as many words as necessary, but should be LESS THAN 2500 words in length (not including references, tables, or figures).


Abstract / General Discussion Writing Assignment Help

The psychological purpose
behind Paper V is to present your final paper. Essentially this paper will be similar
to any article you would find in an academic journal. It will include a Title
Page, Abstract, Literature Review (study one), Method Section (study one), Results
Section (study one), Brief Discussion Section (study one), Literature Review
(study two), Method Section (study two), Results Section (study two), Brief
Discussion Section (study two), General Discussion Section, References, and Appendices.
The good news is that for most of this paper you will simply combine Paper I,
Paper II, Paper III, and Paper IV (including any needed revisions) for Paper V.
Two new components for Paper V include the Abstract and a General Discussion



Nucleotide substitutions might lead to changes in the sequence of amino acids in a protein, biology homework help Science Assignment Help

1. Nucleotide substitutions might lead to changes in the sequence of amino acids in a protein, which can be seen by comparing homologous positions in a sequence alignment. How would deletions or insertions appear in a sequence alignment?

2. Sometimes gene duplications result in the formation of a pseudogene, a sequence of nucleotides that is very similar to a gene but isn’t expressed. This can occur in a variety of ways, for example if the gene is duplicated but a regulatory region or the promoter region for that gene is not duplicated. Which would evolve (accumulate nucleotide substitutions) more rapidly, a psuedogene or a duplicated gene that was expressed? Explain.

Nucleotide substitutions might lead to changes in the sequence of amino acids in a protein, biology homework help Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Evidence-Based Pharmacology, health and medical assignment paper help Health Medical Assignment Help

Assignment 2: Evidence-Based Pharmacology Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for you to review an area of interest and apply the concepts you have learned in this course to a patient situation. In clinical decision making, you must combine knowledge and evidence to make a good decision. Using critical thinking and reading skills, you will meet multiple objectives for this assignment.


  1. Synthesize relevant information, including research related to the diagnosis and treatment of the selected disorder.
  2. Recognize the assumptions inherent in the current literature and identify any unstated or missing information.
  3. Develop and justify various approaches to the stated problem, including nonpharmacological and pharmacological treatment.
  4. Clearly articulate at least two approaches to the treatment of the condition.
  5. Defend the choice of the treatment option. This must include a reflection on the availability of peer-reviewed information and your analysis of the credibility of that information.
  6. Create a plan for follow-up and referral if needed.

The following are examples of disease states that you might want to study. These are just examples. You can select whatever area is of interest to you.

  • Asthma
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmunory Disease (COPD)
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes Mellitus Type II (MUST USE AS TOPIC OF THIS PAPER)
  • Major Depression
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Pneumonia
  • Tuberculosis
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
  • Hyperlipidemia

Submit your answers in a Microsoft Word document of 10–15 pages. Include peer-reviewed references in APA format. Be sure to review the directions and grading criteria to assure that you will cover the content well.

Name your document as SU_NSG6005_W9_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.

Submit your documents to the W9 Assignment 2 Dropbox by Week 9, Day 7.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Described the pathophysiology of the disease process in depth. Included a discussion of the implications of the age continuum for this disease.


Discussed the genomic issues inherent in the disease process, including what is known and what is not known.


Provided a review of the literature on the basics of the disease and its treatment.


Described your approach to collecting this needed information. Included what keywords you used in a literature search, which databases were utilized, and any electronic clinical tools.


Identified and utilized at least one published clinical guideline related to the disease process.


Described the approach to the treatment of the specific disease, including the various possible approaches.


Defended the final selection of the approach for the disease process.


Discussed follow-up treatment, along with any referrals.


Utilized a minimum of five peer-reviewed articles published within the last seven years.


Provided references in APA style.





Occupational health and safety, management assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

Student is to identify federal and state policy roots in a specific health services organization. Each student will select a specific management area for a specific organization. The student will identify a health services setting where they have access to the policy manual (or a sample policy manual). The setting may include a single location or an organization with many types of services and many service delivery settings. Select one of the following spheres where you will map out and describe a minimum of five (5) organizational policies linked to federal or state legislative mandates. Note some policies may be required for accreditation and also related to public policy. This is the case with many NCQA standards.

Prepare a final PowerPoint presentation with no more than 10-15 content slides. A cover and reference slide must be provided. Draw on what you have learned throughout the class including: a summary of each organizational policy and the federal/state legislative roots for each policy (by name and statute), any pending changes to the legislation, and your metrics for the organization in terms of performance.

The health management topic chosen is

  • occupational health & safety


Complete In Depth Literature Review for Human Services Course, sociology homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Research Question: How to prevent and monitor elderly abuse in nursing homes (Make sure that the research question is clearly stated in the literature review) I have attached an example of a literaure review as well: each source should have this type of format.

At least 10-12 scholarly sources, no wikipedia, etc.

Gather, analyze, and critique scholarly literature and develop a literature review to address your research question. Please make sure that this is in APA literature review format and in depth.

Your literature review must be based on:

  • Credible research sources
  • A minimum of one quantitative and one qualitative research study
  • One or two seminal or foundational sources
  • At least five peer-reviewed journals and two websites
  • Current sources from within the past five years (with the exception of the seminal or foundational source mentioned above)

In addition, your literature review must:

  • Synthesize the research and provide a summary of how the selected literature helps support the research question.
  • Discuss common themes found in the literature related to the topic.
  • Compare and contrast the typical research methodologies found in the literature you reviewed—qualitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods.


Write a journal Strategic Human Resource Management, writing homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Those are the topics that we took during this semester.

• An Introduction to Strategic Human Resource Management

• Human Resource Trends 2017

• Business Ethics, Sustainability, and Corporate Social Responsibility

• EEO, Workforce Diversity, and Affirmative Action

• NJ Wage and Hour Laws

• Recruitment

• Selection

• Retention strategies

• Talent Recruitment

• 360 Degree Feedback and Coaching

• Performance Management

• Mentoring and Coaching

• Strategic Training & Development

• Employee Development and Career Management

• Contemporary Issues in Strategic HRM

We don’t have to write about all of those topics, but I have to say that I learned many things during this semester whether that was from the class or the outside.

thanks for your patient.


add more content to research paper on crime and mental illness Business Finance Assignment Help

add more content to research paper on crime and mental illness Business Finance Assignment Help

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