ADMN 575 UNH Individual Awareness & Implications for Organizational Behavior Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

ADMN 575 UNH Individual Awareness & Implications for Organizational Behavior Essay Business Finance Assignment Help. ADMN 575 UNH Individual Awareness & Implications for Organizational Behavior Essay Business Finance Assignment Help.

This is the first significant writing assignment of the semester and will require a solid self-reflection and connecting with OB concepts. You will find a foundational article from Peter Drucker below that will guide part of your reflection and will help you make these connections between your personal experience with organizations and some of the individual behavior concepts we’ve been discussing in class.

Reflecting on your personal experience with organizations (e.g.,

job, college groups, clubs, sports teams, internship, etc.):

  • Identify a specific point in time: for example when you made
  • an important decision (e.g. to join or leave an organization or

    a team), or when you were highly satisfied or unsatisfied, or

    when you came to an important realization about yourself. In

    other words, a “learning” or “defining” moment.

  • Make at least 3 connections between the experience or its
  • outcomes and individual OB concepts (or Drucker principles,

    re. “Managing Oneself”) such as personality traits, emotional

    intelligence, perceptual biases, learning styles, motivational

    drives, etc.

  • Provide empirical evidence (specific examples) to support
  • your narrative.

  • Conclude on what you have learned about yourself and what
  • could be future career implications from that learning.

  • Use at least 3 research references (at least 1 for each concept
  • discussed) from at least 3 different sources (e.g. textbook,

    Drucker article and 1 other source) in supporting your ideas to

    ensure that your connections are relevant and coherent.

    I put requirement and informantion in the file. Please read them before write it,

    ADMN 575 UNH Individual Awareness & Implications for Organizational Behavior Essay Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    BUS 5130 Stanford University e7 Steps to Effective Recruitment Summary Writing Assignment Help

    Please answer the questions at the end of the chapter. Find a recent (last 3-6 months) article relating to a topic covered in the chapter and write a brief summary, explicitly relating the article to the topic (so I don’t have to guess at the relationship). Please provide a reference for the article.

    focus more on the discussion questions, the summary part no longer than 1 paragraph.

    Discussion Question:

    1. Is there a “best” employment process stepwise? What steps must come first and last?

    2. Compare briefly the major types of employment interviews described in this chapter.Which type would you prefer to conduct?


    3. What characteristics do job knowledge and job sample tests have that often make them more acceptable to candidates than other types of tests?

    4. What is meant by the term criterion as it is used in personnel selection? Give some examples of criteria used for jobs with which you are familiar.


    Silicon Valley Effects of Mobile Devices Proliferation to IT Professionals Question Computer Science Assignment Help

    Briefly respond to all the following questions. Make sure to explain and back up your
    responses with facts and examples. This assignment should be in APA format.

    How has the proliferation of mobile devices affected IT professionals?

    Note: Must follow below guidelines to fulfill the answer and to score full credits.

    Included at least two-in text

    Included two references for the in-text citations.

    References are on a page by itself, correct format.

    The assignment includes 300 to 500 words.

    Safe Assignment score less than 35%.

    Spelling and grammar.

    Assignment possess a professional appearance, APA format and
    double line spacing.

    Content is acceptable with clarity; related to the topic


    NUR 699 Grand Canyon University Nurse Staffing and HAPI Decline Paper Health Medical Assignment Help

    As a nurse in a healthcare organization, it has become evident that patient outcome data have been consistently declining in some patient care settings. Some of the outcomes under inspection include patient Hospital acquired pressure injury (HAPI), (4 % increase in the last 6 months) .

    You have investigated contributing factors to the declining outcomes and participated with a team approach to developing an evidence-based practice project. After reading this article Aiken Article titled “The effects of nurse staffing and nurse education on patent deaths in hospital with different nurse work environment”, PICO: In patients with HAPIs, how does nurse staffing contributes to HAPI decline in patient’s outcome? Was developed.

    Complete the following categories for an EBP project (based on the case scenario above). Use the clinical question that was developed based on the PICO format. Include minimum of 10 articles reviews. For this assignment address the following areas:

    • Title Page
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • Background
    • Problem Statement
    • Purpose of the Project
    • Clinical Question(s)
    • Review of the Literature


    San Jose State University Social Assessment and Quality of Life Questions Health Medical Assignment Help

    Part A: Social Assessment and Quality of Life

    The topic of this discussion is community quality of life and sharing some initial ideas and learning as you begin this important research and step in the program planning process. For this discussion post, answer any two of the following questions about your community (Asian-American immigrant community, college student, reside in SF bayarea). Include at least one source for each response, in APA format.

    1. What are the characteristics of the built and natural environment that influence health?

    2. Who lives in the community? (What is the population breakdown by age, race/ethnicity, etc.?)

    3. What are the assets and strengths of the community?

    4. What is the quality of life for people in the community? (e.g. Are there opportunities for being, becoming, belonging?)

    5. What is the health status of people in the community? (e.g. What are the health issues and different life stages? Morbidity and mortality rates? Leading causes of death? Emerging issues?)

    Part B: Contributing Factors

    The topic of this discussion is the educational assessment and the underlying factors that contribute to the health problem you are exploring in a community.

    For this post you will need to find and report on two different peer reviewed journal articles that report on attitudes, beliefs, skills, or barriers related to the health problem in your community (Asian-American immigrant community, college student, reside in SF bayarea).

    Requirements – Include the following information in your post:

    1. A brief (1-2 sentence) summary of each of the articles.

    2. Identify and explain the predisposing, reinforcing, and enabling factors in the articles.

    3. Include a complete APA citation for each of the two articles.

    4. In your summary, if you have questions, include them at the end of your summary and citations.

    Part C: Epi data (Finding and Writing with Epidemiological Data)

    The topic of this discussion is using epidemiological data in writing.

    After you have found some credible epidemiological data and you are developing your understanding of the health problem in relationship to distribution, trends, and disparities in your community of focus, you are ready for this discussion. (Asian-American immigrant community, college student, reside in SF bayarea)

    Requirements – Include the following information in your post:

    1. Find at least two articles that report on epidemiological data and trends related to the health problem that you are analyzing in your community.

    2. Summarize the data and trends in your notes.

    3. Write a 2-paragraph summary that interprets the data. Support your claims with evidence (data) and include the citations (source of the information).

    Part D: Community Asset Map

    You will be viewing a documentary called, “Bring It To The Table” linked (Links to an external site.). This film explores the division between many in this country and delves into some of the reasons why.


    • View the film.

    • Write 2-3 paragraphs (5-6 sentences each) about what you found most interesting. For example, what was your reaction to the reason the filmmaker decided to pursue this project? Think about the current political divisions in our country-how did the film give you insight into some of these divisions?



    Mercer University Marketing Discussion Questions Business Finance Assignment Help

    Odyssey Vacations, a travel company that sells vacation packages, operates a VIP lounge at a major amusement park.

    Customers that purchase special vacation packages from Odyssey Vacations to this amusement park get to use the lounge to relax during visits to the park.

    Those customers that have used the lounge have very high satisfaction, but only about ¼ of the customers that purchased packages from Odyssey actually use it.

    The lounge is one of many points of differentiation for the packages sold by Odyssey. Because there is so much competition, Odyssey has added several features to attract customers such as special parking, discounts on in-park dining and reserved seating for fireworks.

    With the economy soft and the demand for vacation packages down, Odyssey’s sales to this amusement park are up down about 5% from last year’s levels.

    The VIP Lounge is the most expensive of the points of differentiation Odyssey offers because of the staffing and related costs.

    With sales down, the CEO feels that the cost of the lounge is cutting into the overall profitability and wonders if “it is worth it to continue to operate the lounge.” “Wouldn’t they still buy from us if we stopped offering this one benefit?” the CEO added.

    To understand whether the lounge is “worth it” you survey the front line travel agents who sell the product to the customers to see if having the lounge helps close the sale. The counselors state that while the lounge is a great benefit to offer clients, usually the price of the overall package is what closes the sale.

    In addition, you also conduct an on site survey at the amusement park to see if customers are aware of the lounge and where it is located – the survey results show that the awareness continues to be low.

    Your intuition tells you that the lounge is of great asset to your company, especially because you are the only travel company that has an on site presence. You believe the lounge and all of the other benefits are what differentiates Odyssey and has stimulated the sales that you do have. You are also concerned that you’d have to lay off the staff that works for you at the lounge.

    However, sales are down and your CEO is looking to cut costs and wants proof that this lounge is worth it. Your intuition says that the lounge is important, but you have no strong evidence to support it remaining open.

    • What is your recommendation to the CEO? Provide some support for your position.
    • Does bias play a role in your intuition?
    • Is this a battle worth fighting for or do you just do what the boss wants?

    Mercer University Marketing Discussion Questions Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    Fitchburg State University Pumpkins Hereditary Traits Problem Science Assignment Help

    I need this done in the next 14 hours, no later it is due at 2 tomorrow afternoon so I would like it by 1!

    A farmer is interested in knowing why some pumpkin plants seem to produce more pumpkins than other plants. The farmer knows that you have taken an Evolution course, so he has hired you to help him.

    You decided to conduct a multi-year breeding experiment. To do this, you visited the farm last year and randomly selected 10 plants. For each of the plants, you counted how many pumpkins each produced. You then crossed the ten plants (i.e. a total of 5 pairs of plants) to produce offspring, which you let grow over the winter. You then went back out this year to examine the offspring plants. You went to three offspring from each cross and counted how many pumpkins each offspring produced. The table below summarizes the data you collected:

    Pair #

    “Father” Plant # of Pumpkins

    “Mother” Plant # of Pumpkins

    Offspring A # of Pumpkins

    Offspring B # of Pumpkins

    Offspring C # of Pumpkins































    A couple of weeks after you had got done counting the number of pumpkins on each offspring plant, you get a frantic call from the farmer! He tells you that a fungus ran rampant in the pumpkin patch and killed several of the offspring plants you had collected data on. This fungus killed them before their pumpkins could ripen.

    The farmer is no dummy. He knows that diseases can have evolutionary effects on populations and he wants to know if this fungus is likely to have an evolutionary effect on his pumpkin plants, so he pays you double to also study this for him. In order to do that, you visit the farm again because you need to know which specific plants survived and which ones did not. You re-run your calculations and find that the surviving offspring plants now have an average of 4.64 pumpkins per plant.

    Based on this information, please upload a single Word document with answers to the following three parts:

    A) Use Excel or another graphing software to determine the heritability of the trait the farmer initially hired you to study (the number of pumpkins per plant). Impress the farmer by not only telling him a number, but by also making him a very scientific looking figure. Be sure to include a copy of the graph in the file that you upload. (Please be sure to label the axes of your graph and please do NOT include a title on your graph).

    B) Show the farmer that his money was well spent! Help him to understand your findings. Explain whether the number of pumpkins is a trait that is strongly environmentally determined, strongly genetically determined, or if both are (roughly) equally important.

    C) Using the information about the effect of the fungus on the pumpkin patch, predict what the evolutionary response to the fungus was. Show the formula you used and your work.


    Georgia Military College Week 6 Legal Environment of Business Discussion Writing Assignment Help

    Put your writing into your own words; do not copy directly from the source. Be sure to incorporate scholarly/peer-reviewed sources and cite them properly in your posts.

    • Discuss the forms of business organizations and how to create/terminate them.
    • Discuss the factors to consider when selecting a business’s organizational form.
    • Explain a trend and the main reason for boards of directors and shareholders becoming more active in the operations of publicly held corporations.
    • Discuss any of your own experiences as sole proprietors (or partners in a partnership). Feel free to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this form of business. Try to answer the following situations:
    1. Four friends jointly own a summer cottage and use it solely for their personal enjoyment. Is this a partnership? Please explain why or why not?
    2. What if the four friends rent the cottage to other people for part of the year?
    3. Suppose a renter dies in the cottage due to a gas leak. Would all of the owners be liable? Please explain why or why not?


    Prin of Marketing Volkswagen Marketing Environment Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help

    Prin Marketing:

    Discussion 1:

    • What is social responsibility? Why is it important? Can you give me an example of a person or company being socially responsible? Why was it important for the company or person to do this?
    • Example for questions 3 and 4 below.
    • My friend worked at Walmart. They allowed him to volunteer time with an organization and in return, Walmart would donate money to that organization. This money helped give supplies like food, clothing, and books to kids I used to volunteer with. The books, for example, were used to help the kids learn how to read and write. This helped them do better in school.

    No word count requirement for initial post, but One peer response which I will screenshot and post it on here.


    Case study 1 Chapter 3

    Please read the article below and answer the questions in a separate document. You can use the book, news articles, or the school’s database to answer the questions included in the case. Try to site your sources unless it is from the book. You can use the zoom feature in your browser to increase the font if it is hard to read.


    Lindenwood University Forgotten Plague History of Tuberculosis Discussion Health Medical Assignment Help

    Watch “The Forgotten Plague”. It covers the history of Tuberculosis.

    Link (Links to an external site.)

    Grading Criteria

    • Your response will be written in 2-3 pages addressing the following points

    1. How was tuberculosis used as a tool to attract settlers to western locations via the railroads?

    2. When/why did this attraction end? What discovery caused this?

    3. How was tuberculosis originally treated? What were the hospitals like?

    4. When did an effective treatment come about? What two drugs were involved?

    5. Is there any similarity between this “Forgotten Plague”, the 1918 Influenza epidemic, and the current pandemic in terms of the public’s response?

    • Proper grammar and spelling
    • Site your sources
    • MLA format


    ADMN 575 UNH Individual Awareness & Implications for Organizational Behavior Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

    ADMN 575 UNH Individual Awareness & Implications for Organizational Behavior Essay Business Finance Assignment Help