Adobe Animate CC 2018 help with assignment Humanities Assignment Help

Adobe Animate CC 2018 help with assignment Humanities Assignment Help. Adobe Animate CC 2018 help with assignment Humanities Assignment Help.

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I have to create a mini portfolio using Animate cc 2018! create an action script 3 file and the portfolio needs to have a home page: the home page needs the following;

  • LOGO (see attached file)
  • MY IMAGE (see attached file)
  • HOME page contents, (see attached file)
  • 5 buttons (just like the one I created) each button has to have 5 different buttons inside them and inside each of those 5 buttons need to have some contents like descriptions. (see attached file)
  • Date
  • Home Button

The whole file needs to be a minimum of 5 minutes. Each section needs to operate by clicking the right buttons.

Need to use color gradient, fade-In effect when transitioning from one frame to another. (motion twin)

The codes must be accurate, so the file will function properly

  • The first 5 buttons which are going to be shown on the home page are the followings; (see attached file for the images)
  • Beachsunset
  • Riversunset
  • TheBird
  • TheBoat
  • TheDeer

Within each of the buttons listed above you need to create 5 different sections (buttons) as listed below;

(see attached word document for the needed contents)

  • Size
  • Color
  • Space
  • Composition
  • Line

And in each of the buttons or sections listed above needs to be a description about that section. See attached word documents for the needed materials. (you can use the same description for all different paintings).

At the end just create a frame for me to add a video later on. Just label the frame as watch video and I will take care of that. so this project is like a big box with small boxes inside of it. by clicking each button it needs to take me to that specific button’s content, then click on the Home button and sends me back to the home page and from there i can click the next button.

the home page needs to look like this attached picture below

Adobe Animate CC 2018 help with assignment Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Netlogo and paper Programming Assignment Help

-Use the HIV model in Netlogo and try these modifications:

*What will be the frequency of the disease if all people infected are known?

*how will be the spread of the disease if the gender of each individual is known?

*How will be the spread of HIV transmission if we increase the average use of condoms, or change the average commitment.


-Now write 10-12 pages paper of your results.

The paper should have:

*Abstract( 0.5 page maximum)

*introduction (3-4 paragraphs , no subheads)

*Litterature review(3-4 paragraphs , no subheads)

Required : four peers review journals from JASSS. Use the journals below:

The Impact of HIV/AIDS in the Context of Socioeconomic Stressors

Efficient and Effective Pair-Matching Algorithms for Agent-Based …

R. Bagni, R. Berchi and P. Cariello: A comparison of simulation …

Modeling Spatial Contacts for Epidemic Prediction in a Large-scale …

*Agent-based methodology(5-6 paragraphs, 3 subheads)

Use the ODD ( Overview, Design concepts, Details)protocol

*Results (5-6 paragraphs, 3 subheads)

A-Stimulation output ( findings from agent based-model stimulation , use BEHAVIOR SPACE,confirm or reject hypothesis?)

B-interpretation of results (any unexpected, emergent behavior?)

*Concluding remarks (2-3 paragraphs, no subheads)




Research paper Business Finance Assignment Help

I did a ride along with a police officer and the notes are in the attachments labeled as ch 13.

Make sure to site all the sources you use.


I will send all the class power points.


In your paper, you will describe the details of your setting and analyze your findings by using the theoretical perspectives we study in this course. • In your analysis discuss three themes that emerged in your data. • Use theoretical perspectives to analyze these themes. • You are required to submit your field or research notes from your observation. • Your paper should be 5-7 pages in length, 12-point font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins. • You are required to use a minimum of 5 sources cited within your paper in either ASA or APA citation format and noted on a reference page. Course materials and additional sources must be used. • You will submit your paper on Blackboard in the assignment tab. It is listed under the research paper proposal assignment.


Assessment Tests and Measurements Writing Assignment Help

Final Assignment

In this assignment, you will be applying your knowledge of assessment in counseling to a specific scenario. Use the Resources provided and the Capella University Library to complete the following:

  • Select one of the cases in your specialization area. (
    • The scenario you choose should be based on your specialization (MHC, MFCT, or School Counseling). SCHOOL COUNSELING
  • Identify the primary question an assessment needs to address for your identified scenario.
    • What is the primary presenting concern of the client or clients in your scenario?
  • Examine three different assessment tools for the identified case:
    • Identify a symptom checklist that might be useful, and describe its application in this case.
    • Describe personality assessment, and identify a personality assessment instrument and its application in this case.
    • Describe a third assessment that has been identified and completed providing hypothetical results for your chosen case. Examine the following:
      • Provide a clear description of the case’s completed assessment tool, and measure of the identified problem. Use evidence from the literature to support your description.
      • Describe how the case’s completed assessment is scored and interpreted. In your description of the assessment’s scoring and interpretation, be certain to incorporate the measurement constructs (such as reliability and validity) you have learned about throughout this course. Be certain to discuss the ways in which the assessment is validated for use with diverse clients.
  • Review the hypothetical results of the completed assessment for your case.
    • Interpret and present these results in your paper.
  • Evaluate how assessment is linked to the practice of counseling.
    • As the counselor or therapist for your identified scenario, how do the assessment tools you examined in the previous section support your work as a counselor or therapist? Be certain to discuss the applicability of each to initial assessment.
    • Then, go beyond initial assessment to examine the ways you can use assessment throughout the counseling process.
  • Evaluate how the assessments can be used with diverse clients as part of an ethical assessment process.
    • How would you present the assessment results to your client or clients?
    • Describe the process of presenting assessment results with a clear consideration of the client’s unique cultural context. Be certain to identify the relevant sections of the code of ethics for your profession (ACA, AAMFT, or ASCA).

Please use the Assignment Template listed in the Resources to compose your final assignment paper.

Assignment Requirements

  • Written communication: Written communication must be free of errors such that the overall message is clear.
  • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style.
  • Number of resources: Minimum of five scholarly resources (distinguished submissions will likely exceed that minimum).
  • Length of paper: Seven to ten double-spaced, typed pages, excluding title and reference pages.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.



Philosophy Paper-Theory Building Writing Assignment Help

This final paper will provide students the opportunity to compare and contrast the different philosophies of science discussed throughout the semester. Your paper should include detailed discussions of each philosophical perspective and the scientists who posited them (Karl Popper, Thomas Kuhn, and Stephen Pepper). In addition, you must write about how positivism (in its several forms, including logical positivism) has influenced scientific inquiry and discourse in the field of Family Therapy. This is not a paper about any particular theorist or metatheorist, but rather a paper where you discuss their ideas/insights as you illustrate your depth and breadth of knowledge regarding the different fundamental philosophies of science. Furthermore, your paper must also discuss the intersection of two of the “pantheoretical polarities” discussed in class. USE: Nature versus Nurture. Note that each side of the chosen polarities must be addressed logically and rationally regardless of which polarity you most agree with. This paper should not exceed 20 pages in length, (the reference section does not count toward the 20 pages) so be sure to synthesize your points accurately using the works of others. You must use a minimum of 20 academic/scholarly references (of which at least 5 must be outside the list of required readings for the class). Use APA formatting for manuscripts in formatting of the manuscript, writing style, documentation, and the reference section.



General Chemistry II Homework Science Assignment Help

This homework is about 55 questions. The topics covered are as follows.

  • · pH and pOH Calculations · Acid and Base Properties · Acid and Base Equilibrium Calculations · Acid and Base Titrations · Buffers · Acidic and Basic Salts · Sample Test: Acid-Based Equilibria

Please show your work, and highlight the answers that are supposed to go in each box. Please if you are not sure about an answer highlight it red. I better have you tell me that you are not sure and get help from my professor than get 0’s. Thank you1

General Chemistry II Homework Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

in a 2-3 page essay (in MLA document style), compose a reader response essay. Writing Assignment Help

Attend one of the following four 2018 Fall Readings Series events:

  1. Chest-O-Drawers Press: An Open Reading • Wednesday, September 12 • 7-8:30pm, GC Library, 1st Floor
  2. Banned Books/Banned Lives Reading • Thursday, September 27 • 7-8:30pm, Griffin Gate (Student Center)
  3. rock critic and memoirist Pamela Des Barres • Tuesday, October 9 • 7-8:30pm, Griffin Gate (Student Center)
  4. poet Joe Medina: Reading/Book Launch • Thursday, November 1 • 7-8:30pm, Griffin Gate (Student Center)

Then, in a 2-3 page essay (in MLA document style), compose a reader response essay. A “reader response essay” is not a simple review or recommendation. Rather, it critically engages (i.e., critically thinks about) the event as a text and reacts to its premise, its writers/readers, their individual works, the topics and issues of those works, etc. It should include the following:

  • Agreement/disagreement with the ideas in the text.
  • Reaction to how the ideas in the text relate to your own experience.
  • Reaction to how ideas in the text relate to other things you’ve read.
  • Your analysis of the author and audience.
  • Your evaluation of how this text tries to convince the reader and whether it is effective.

Because this a personal response essay, you’re permitted to use the pronouns such as “I” and “me.” However, strive to maintain decorum of language and academic tone.

Furthermore, although you’re welcome to attend more or all of the six events on the FRS calendar this fall, please focus on only one of the four above-listed events for your response essay. Although it will likely be clear to me from your essay, please also submit as proof of attendance one image (a scan or a phone pic) of the front page of the event program and upload it with your essay when finished.

2018 FRS Newsletter (.pdf)


Research Report Rough Draft Writing Assignment Help

The research report is all about your field research. You may use the sources from the literature review to set up the context of your field research, but after the intro, the methods and results should focus on explaining the research you did and the results of your work. The most important part of the assignment is the discussion section at the end, where you will explain your conclusion about your field work. Essentially, you present and explain your thesis about the research project at the end of your report.


I have an essay. please read the instruction carefully. Writing Assignment Help

There will be an online essay project which will include 3 essay questions. Prepare and submit your essays to Blackboard. This must be turned into Blackboard to earn credit. 300 words per essay (maximum). You may quote other sources, including the textbook, but you may not plagiarize content without giving credit. You must write in your own words.

Use The Invention of the White Race book and lecture to answer the following questions. Create an original essay using your own words. If you use another source, including the textbook, be sure to include quotes and a works cited. Any academic citation style is fine. Use 14-16 point font.

1. Summarize Theodore Allen’s argument in chapters 11, 12, and 13 of Volume 2 (The Invention of the White Race). Give three modern examples (2000-present) of rebellion and resistance in Africana Societies. Show how these examples are similar to the chapters. Give your personal opinion of whether or not rebellion and resistance is an effective strategy to end social control.

2. Summarize Theodore Allen’s argument in chapters 8, 9, and 10 of Volume 2 (The Invention of the White Race). Give three modern examples of Africana countries/territories/cities where racism is used as a means of social control. (You may not mention the examples from lecture ex. India, South Africa, and America). Give your personal opinion about why (or why not) this is an effective strategy to control the population.

3. Name 3 political figures from your classmates’ oral presentations that most influenced your understanding of Africana Political Thought. Explain these politicians’ political philosophies. Compare and contrast. State why you found these presentations meaningful. (You may not use your own presentation as an example).


For or against government funding of Planned Parenthood. Writing Assignment Help

This essay is about why I am for or against planned parenthood, in this case I am against it. So I need a good rhetorical strategy essay. It should include three resources as well as the list of rhetorical vocabulary.

For this paper, you should select one of the topics and positions below, research it, and make a case for what would be the best rhetorical strategy for a persuasive argument toward a specific audience.

Part of your research and your analysis should include rhetoric “in action.” Provide examples of strategies that others have used. Discuss what has made them effective, ineffective, or even counterproductive. The paper should have at least one example of a speech or written argument for each side. Remember, you want to be practical about contemporary audiences. A Tweet, for example, counts as a written argument.

You should name the argument’s specific audience. Discuss that audience’s relevant demographics, values, and experiences. Be specific about the goal(s) that the rhetorical strategy seeks to achieve. The main paragraphs of the essay should explain the best strategies to use and how to use them, as well as what strategies to avoid and why.

Your paper should cite a bare minimum of three sources, which can include both sources like Tweets and more robust sources. You would do well to research the context: What is the audience’s historical background with the topic, the broader issues behind it, and the individuals and groups involved in the topic? You would also do well to research the rhetoric surrounding your topic: What strategies have individuals and groups used? Is the audience aware of the goals of the individuals and groups involved? Are the goals concrete or vague? Has some of the rhetoric alienated/insulted/reassured/challenged/praised/etc. the audience?

[supanova_question] (.pdf)