Advanced Business Statistics Mathematics Assignment Help

Advanced Business Statistics Mathematics Assignment Help. Advanced Business Statistics Mathematics Assignment Help.

Fit a model predicting energy consumed per capita (energy) from the percentage of residents living in metropolitan areas (metro) in the States.xlsx file. Use Excel and Word for your responses as necessary.

Excel cannot perform regression analysis on words, so if you use “Region” in your model, make sure to create a dummy column for it, specifically add a new column and specially code the word “South” as a “1,” the term “West” as a “2,” etc. Then run the regression using the new column of coded values.

Generate the following as at least part of your analysis.

  • Show the table(s) showing the Excel regression analysis printout(s). 10 pts.
  • From your analysis, show how to compute the average energy consumed. 5 pts.
  • Include a Spearman Test analysis if the best model has only one x value . 5 pts.
  • Your recommendation as to whether the model is statistically significant and use the Causal Test to recommend if there is a cause and effect relationship (or the degree of cause and effect) with some other related model. Show your reference used for the Causal Test (literature, a phone call to an authority in the field, or some other reference). Use plain English for your explanation. 10 pts.

Now, run a stepwise regression on this same data set to find the “best” model for energy consumption.

1. Develop and test several regression models, and identify which model seems to be best. 10 pts
2. Justify why it is the best model, based on its associated statistics. 5 pts.
3. Develop an estimated regression equation that can be used to justify the salary level. 5 pts.
4. Discuss how to use the causal test to complete the analytics. 5 pts.

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healthcare Other Assignment Help


Part 1 300-400 words

As you begin to consider your career goals, it is important to clarify your specific needs and interests. In most instances, you cannot get the job you want if you are not clear about what you are searching for as well as the types of jobs for which you qualify. With this in mind, discuss the following:

  • Why did you decide to go into health care?
  • What job titles have you considered?
  • What skills and abilities would you like to use in your day-to-day work?
  • What type of health care setting do you imagine yourself working in?

Part 2 4-5 pages

Part 1

This week, you will begin by conducting research on two (2) health care administration positions you are interested in and answer the following questions using is a site created by the U.S. Department of Labor that will allow you to dig deeper into a variety of health care positions. For more information about searching for positions, view the tutorial below.

  • Give a description of the job and typical job duties.
  • What type of health care setting would this person work in (e.g., hospital, retirement home, insurance company)?
  • What skills are needed to be successful in this position?
  • What qualities are needed to succeed in this position?
  • What certifications and education are needed for this position?
  • What technology knowledge is needed for this position?
  • How many years’ experience is required for this position?
  • What is the typical salary for this position?

Part 2

To answer the questions below, you will need to first review three (3) advertised job descriptions you most likely want based on your research—using a job board, such as this one—for a position that you could realistically get after you graduate with your current level of experience, skills, and education. These jobs do not have to be in your geographic area, but make sure the descriptions are detailed enough to understand the requirements (e.g., provide job duties and qualifications) and that they match your current level of experience. Have these job descriptions in front of you as you answer the questions below. For more information about searching for jobs, view the tutorial below.

  • Name the three (3) titles you found on this Web site.
  • What skills do you possess that are needed to be successful in each position, and what skills do you need to develop?
  • How can you develop the skills that you do not currently possess?
  • Do you have the work experience needed for each position? If not, what can you do to gain this experience while obtaining your degree?

Part 3

Lastly, you will choose a health care organization to study over the course of the term. You may select any health care facility you wish (e.g., long-term care, hospital, home care, ambulatory surgery, physician practice, etc.). Once you have chosen your facility, examine its organizational structure. Identify and discuss the following characteristics of your organization:

  • What is the mission statement of this organization?
  • What patient population does this organization serve?
  • What interests you about this particular organization?
  • What skills and experience do you feel you can contribute to the success of this organization?

Note: Use APA style to cite at least 2 scholarly sources.

Part 3 400-600 words

There has been much debate over whether or not being a leader and a manager is the same thing.

  • What do you feel are the most important qualities that a manager must possess to be effective?
  • What do you feel are the most important qualities for a leader to possess to be effective?
  • Do you feel that a person can be both a leader and a manager, or are they mutually exclusive roles? Why?

Be sure to support your answer with properly cited references. Note: Use APA style to cite at least 2 scholarly sources.

Part 4 3-4 pages

As the manager of your chosen facility from Week 1, you have been tasked with creating an organizational chart that demonstrates all of the employees in the facility.

  • Create an organizational chart for three departments in your selected health care facility.
  • Identify two examples of the primary responsibilities that each employee on your chart has as a part of his or her job description.
    • The duty list should follow the organizational chart as a separate part of your project.

Note: Use APA style to cite at least 2 scholarly sources.

Part 5 400-600 words

Assume that you are the manager in your chosen health care facility in the medical records department. Your boss has asked you to assist him in preparing a talk to the other department employees on the most important ethical issues they might face in working in medical records.

  • Identify two of the biggest ethical issues that medical records employees may face, and discuss why these issues are so important to be aware of.
  • Be sure to provide a properly referenced rationale for your choices.

Part 6 2-3 pages

Using the same facility you chose in Week 1, construct a policy that details how employee performance appraisals will be conducted in the organization. In your policy, be sure to address the following criteria at a minimum:

  1. Details of the appraisal process
  2. The frequency of performance appraisals
  3. The employees involved in the process

Keep in mind that the type of organization, as well as regulations, may impact the type of criteria that the employee is appraised on.

Part 7 400-600- words

As a leader within a healthcare organization, whether large or small, you need to understand the governance structure of the organization and your role.

  • What are the three components of the governance structure of a healthcare organization?
  • What is the difference between corporate governance and clinical governance? Are they independent or co-dependent?
  • What are the main areas of organizational performance oversight for the governing body of a healthcare organization and what tools are used to monitor performance?
  • Imagine yourself in the role of a department head, what would your responsibilities be in the governance of the organization?

Part 8 12-15 powerpoints

Healthcare managers must deal with three components of healthcare delivery: access to care, quality of care and the cost of care. With the move to a value based care model from fee for service, there is a stronger connection between quality of care and payment. Organizations that accredit healthcare facilities such as The Joint Commission focus on quality standards. These organizations may also hold what is called “deemed status”. This means that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) will accept accreditation of a healthcare facility by an accrediting organization such as The Joint Commission as meeting the Conditions of Participation (CoPs). Healthcare organizations that meet the CoPs are eligible for reimbursement for the care of Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. Thus, the standards for accreditation include those that align with the CoPs. Managers must ensure that their organization meets these standards.

Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation of 12-15 slides, not including title page and reference page, with 150-300 words of speaker notes. Review the CMS Conditions of Participation for the type of health care organization that you chose in Week 1 and that you have used throughout this course.

  • Identify at least two sections of the CoPs (e.g., patient rights, medical record services).
  • Explain how these sections are implemented in your selected health care facility.
  • Compare and discuss how these sections might be implemented differently in another type of health care facility.
  • Make recommendations for how your healthcare facility could make improvements to ensure meeting the CoPs.
  • In addition to the two CoPs that you have chosen, describe the Emergency Preparedness CoP, and how your health care facility will implement this standard.

You can research the CoPs for your chosen health care organization in the Code of Federal Regulations at 24CFR utilizing the links below:

Note: Use APA style to cite at least 2 scholarly sources.

Part 9

Review and reflect on the knowledge you have gained from this course. Based on your review and reflection, write 300-400 words on the following:

  • What do you feel are the most important responsibilities of a healthcare manager?
  • What were you most surprised or interested to learn in this course?
  • What were the most compelling topics learned in this course?
  • What topics will you continue to research and expand your knowledge?

Part 10

An integral part of the strategic planning process is to gather information. One method of doing this is by conducting a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis. Now that you have reviewed your chosen standards, you will examine the impact of both internal and external forces on your chosen facility.

  • Conduct a SWOT analysis for your chosen facility that examines the forces that may affect the facility.
  • Be sure to pay particular attention to the issues of financing, productivity, and marketing, as well as others you feel have the potential to impact the facility.
  • Present your SWOT analysis using a standard SWOT analysis matrix.
  • Below your SWOT analysis, identify and discuss at least one issue from each section of your SWOT analysis in further detail in an effort to analyze why you feel the chosen issue may have the greatest impact on the facility.
    • When discussing your weakness and threats, be sure to include:
      • 12 goals that should be created to improve in these areas
      • A brief description (12 paragraphs) of a plan of action to improve in these areas that includes how you will accomplish the goals that you set in the first bullet point. In an action plan, there is usually a time frame, steps to how you plan to meet the goals you set, and how you will measure the goals.

Note: Use APA style to cite at least 2 scholarly sources.


Writing a research paper on a scene from a film. Writing Assignment Help

The final paper should be an analytical research paper that constructs an argument using one or more of the film theories that we have discussed in class. This means that your film could make an argument about:

  • Film and ideology – Gender and film, Race and film, Otherness and film
  • Medium-specificity – film as a photographic medium (Benjamin or Bazin), film form and its manipulation of time and space (Eisenstein, Pasolini, Benjamin), film and the gaze (Mulvey)
  • How new digital technologies transform film/media (McPherson, Casetti, Hodge,Steyerl)Your paper must include a close analysis of one scene (you can include analyses of more than one scene). Your paper must have a thesis that you support with concrete evidence, whether historical (from your research), theoretical (from a recognized theorist or philosopher), or audio-visual (specific information from your analysis of the scene/film – this last one will be the easiest and the most effective!).


10 pages double spaced.

6 scholarly sources used.

I’m writing about Titanic, specifically the scene that Jack enters the first class and has dinner.

I want to make a thesis about class barrier and free will.

I want to use a integrated form instead of the context quote analysis form.


Bernie Madoff Scam Other Assignment Help


Reference the Scam of the Century?: Bernie Madoff and the $50 Billion Heist (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. video.

A Ponzi scheme occurs when a fraudster uses deposits of new investors to payoff previous investors; no real investing is happening. A Ponzi scheme will collapse if new clients don’t invest, or their investments are too small to fund a decent return to previous investors.

Ponzi schemes are based on trust and greed. The fraudster develops trust by building a relationship with the investors. The fraudster usually gains trust through their actions, their professional, social, or religious affiliations, and personal references. Fraudsters exploit the greed of their investors, who see a chance to obtain higher returns than usual. Because the investors trust the fraudster, they do not perform their normal due diligence.

In March 2009, Madoff pled guilty to 11 federal crimes and acknowledged turning his broker-dealer business into a substantial Ponzi scheme that defrauded investors out of billions. Federal investigators believe that the fraud began as early as the 1980s and the whole things was possibly never legitimate. The fraud totaled almost $65. On June 29, 2009, Madoff was sentenced to the maximum 150 years. He is still in prison.

Madoff was once the chair of NASDAQ and often spoke about the securities industry on CNBC. Madoff took advantage of his connections in the investment community and made it seem like it was an honor to invest with him. A Ponzi scheme can only work if plenty of funds are brought in year after year to pay off previous past investors; as such, Ponzi schemes grow exponentially until they collapse. Until that collapse, Madoff had a luxurious lifestyle.

Madoff pulled this off by omitting all the transactions from his formal books. He hired a CPA firm to audit the books, but that audit didn’t really occur. In fact, the CPA was violating independence requirements by being an investor in the fund himself. For a fund of its size, it would normally be audited by a very large, high-quality audit firm. The investors were greedy and enjoyed the higher returns instead. They trusted Madoff, so they didn’t perform the typical due diligence with a verifiable external audit.

It is alleged (as reported on a CNBC Primetime Special) that one of Madoff’s investors was with the Russian mob and Madoff chose to turn himself in and plead guilty because he feared for both his life and that of his sons. Many have speculated that his sons helped him orchestrate the fraud: both died within a few years of the fraud being revealed. As a result of this fraud, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) began requiring broker- dealers to obtain audits using firms registered with the PCAOB, and the PCAOB now sets standards for audits of broker-dealers.


Please respond to the following questions:

  1. How would you describe a Ponzi scheme? What are some other examples of this type of scheme outside of this case?
  2. Describe the essential elements of the Bernie Madoff fraud. What made it so effective?
  3. Is this fraud primarily a case of asset misappropriation or fraudulent financial reporting? Explain the reason for your answer.
  4. Do you believe the PCAOB actions in this case will keep this from occurring in the future? Explain.

Your written response paper should be 3-4 pages in length. Please type your paper in a Word document and follow APA format, according to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Include a title page and reference page. Use two (2) outside academic sources other than the textbook, course materials, or additional informatio


Write 5 page APA style double spaced paper Writing Assignment Help

The paper is about financial literacy for teenagers,

Use the following resources to prepare a five-page double spaced APA style paper’s method section (how to make children more financially responsible):

Alhabeeb, M. J. (1996). Teenagers’ money, discretionary spending and saving. Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning, Vol. 7. 123-132

Johnson, E., & Sherraden, M. S. (2007). From financial literacy to financial capability among youth. The Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare, 34(3), 119-145

Carlin, B. I., & Robinson, D.T. (2010). What does financial literacy training tech us? Journal of Economic Education, 43(3), 235-247

Huston, S. J. (2010). Measuring financial literacy. Journal of Consumer Affairs, 44(2), 297-310

Mandell, L. (2008) Financial literacy of high school students. In: Xiao J.J. (eds) Handbook of Consumer Finance Research. Springer, 163-183

Reba Dominski: “The importance of financial literacy for a secure future”

Paul Sullivan: “How and When to Talk to Your Children About Money”

Valerie Strrauss: Grading U.S. states on teaching financial literacy: Some earn A’s, while others flunk

Karen Berman and Joe Knight: “Are People Financially Literate”



6 Precal questions please help Mathematics Assignment Help


Find the first six terms of the sequence.

a1 = -4, an = an-1 + 7 (1 point)

-4, 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

-4, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35

3, 10, 17, 24, 31, 38

0, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35


Find the first six terms of the sequence.

a1 = -8, an = 5 • an-1 (1 point)

-8, -40, -200, -1000, -5000, -25,000

-8, -40, -35, -30, -25, -20

0, 5, -40, -35, -30, -25

-40, -200, -1000, -5000, -25,000, -125,000


Find an equation for the nth term of the arithmetic sequence.

9, 11, 13, 15, … (2 points)

an = 9 + 2(n – 1)

an = 9 + 2(n + 1)

an = 9 + 2

an = 9 + 2(n)


Find an equation for the nth term of the arithmetic sequence.

-3, -5, -7, -9, … (2 points)

an = -3 – 2

an = -3 + -2(n)

an = -3 + -2(n + 1)

an = -3 + -2(n – 1)


Find an equation for the nth term of the arithmetic sequence.

a10 = 32, a12 = 106 (2 points)

an = -301 + 37(n – 1)

an = -301 + 37(n – 2)

an = -301 + 37(n + 1)

an = -301 – 37(n + 1)


certain species of tree grows an average of 3.1 cm per week. Write an
equation for the sequence that represents the weekly height of this tree
in centimeters if the measurements begin when the tree is 400
centimeters tall. (2 points)

6 Precal questions please help Mathematics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Final Project: Writing Assignment Help

Final Project: Stress Management Workshop, Evaluation, and Descriptive Narrative

Final Project Due (consisting of 10–15 total pages and 16–25 Microsoft PowerPoint slides)

  • Descriptive Narrative (5–7 pages):
    • Describe the population you selected in Week 3 as the intended audience for a stress management workshop.
    • Synthesize research related to stress management techniques.
    • Include the stressors common to that population.
    • Explain the stress management research techniques you selected for your population.
    • Describe the three original handouts you created on stress management techniques in Week 5.
    • Justify the strategy used for selecting these techniques for the specific population you selected.
    • Describe how your stress management presentation from Week 7 is applicable for future use within health psychology.
    • Explain how the stress management techniques you selected and the stress management workshop you created contribute to social change.
  • Stress Management Technique Handouts
    • Submit from Week 5, the three revised handouts of the stress management techniques specific to the population you selected in Week 3.
  • Stress Management Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
  • Submit the revised 16- to 25-slide PowerPoint stress management workshop presentation you created in Week 7. Submit the revised 16- to 25-slide PowerPoint stress management workshop presentation you created in Week 7.


Deliverable 5 – Optimal Strategy with a Nonzero-Sum Game Mathematics Assignment Help

During the city’s mayoral race one of the candidates hires G&B Consulting. This candidate is a challenger from the same party as the incumbent mayor and is vying to be put on the ticket in the general election. She believes that the nomination will likely come down to what stance she takes on a proposed tax bill. The bill is for a tax increase that would subsidize education grants. Staying within traditional party lines would be advantageous to gaining support from the core constituency, but going against party lines on the issue would help sway swing voters and independents. The issue is bound to come up at an upcoming debate and she wants the help of G&B Consulting to determine an optimum strategy.

Complete this assignment, you must first you download the word document.

Your step-by-step breakdown of the problems, including explanations, should be present within the word document provided.


(this draws on monopoly and antitrust regulation (Ch 15) to improve the argument made in Parts I and II as well as offer an alternative solution) – Final Draft Economics Assignment Help

Writing PART III

(this draws on monopoly and antitrust regulation (Ch 15) to improve the argument made in Parts I and II as well as offer an alternative solution) – Final Draft

Consider catch shares and the negative aspects of this government intervention. Add to your discussion of catch shares using what you have learned about how monopolies make pricing and output decisions, and how and why market power is a problem, in addition to the feedback you received. Include any other negative aspects of catch shares that you find through your own research.

Now put yourself in the role of a social advocate. Noting the problems you presented above, what solutions do you have to help protect society? Offer an alternative solution that addresses the issues you noted in part I and avoids the problems you noted in the first half of part II. Be creative, you are not limited to possible government interventions but should also consider potential interventions from other groups in society.

Note: This is the final part of the writing assignment. You must submit a completed paper with title page, introduction, body, conclusion, and references page. The paper should breakdown the fishing market and problems within it, evaluate the current solution and it’s limitations, and propose an original contribution/potential solution.

The body of the text must be at least 6, no more than 7, full pages: a revision of the first 4 pages already submitted (addressing all comments you received on the second draft as well as integrating the second draft with this one) PLUS an additional 2 pages. Your document must follow formatting rules (font, spacing, margins, etc), see GenEd Assignments.

Submit your final assignment using Turnitin under assignments Case Study #GEA2

I have attached the part one and part two of the writing. For part one of my essay they asked me to add demand supply. Second part Missing graph. Graph of negative externality should be included.
You should discuss market failure in terms of common resources/negative externality. This where my comments from my professor. So you should add graphs in separate page and talk about it too. Body text should be at least 6 to 7 pages without reference and title.But you still add the references and title. Please the instructions carefully.


Environmental Science assignment 1, assignment 2 and assignment 3 Writing Assignment Help

Assignment 1:

In the news recently there have been stories about “scientists discover an enzyme that eats plastic”. For this discussion you will be split into random groups of 4 to 6 fellow ESCi01 Students.You do not need to do anything special to get into your group, just post your piece like normal and Canvas will put you into a group.

Before you begin, make sure you have a good definition of what an enzyme is ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.)

For this assignment:

Step 1: find and review a reputable source that covers the story on “scientists discover an enzyme that eats plastic”. For this discussion it can be any media type, as long as it is reputable/reliable. Not sure what reputable/reliable resources are? Check out these quick guides at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Step 2: After you have consumed (read/watched/listened) to your source, write a brief summary that you will share with your group of what you found here and cite your source in CSE Name Year Style. (Not sure how to cite in CSE Name Year Style? Check out (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. ) – in addition to summarizing the content of your chosen piece, Your summary should include a line about why you specifically believe the source you chose to share is reputable.

As a final quick note, please make sure that you are using your most professional and respectful language here in our class. This is a great place to explore, discuss, debate, and disagree – but we must all do it with a culture of equality and respect. This means there is a zero tolerance policy of abusive language of any kind.

(Assignment 1 will be a shot paragraph, follow the requirement)

Assignment 2:

Start by watching the TEDed video at : (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Then submit your answers, in your own words, to the following questions. Do not remove the questions from your submission.

Question 1: Analyze this graph on Environmental Waste. Please view or download the graph HERE.

1a. Explain at least three problems with this graph?

1b. In what year was the amount of waste trashed closest to the amount recycled?

Question 2: Analyze this graph on rainfall in Atlanta, GA. Please view or download the graph HERE.

2a. The two graphs above show very different pictures of the rainfall in Atlanta. Explain how each graph is distorted.

2b. What information might help you decide if the variance in amount of rain in Atlanta is unusual? This is an open ended question designed to get you thinking like a scientist. If you were a senior scientist and your lab assistant brought you those graphs. What would you tell them to do to them to make them clearer and easier to understand?

All graphs should be looked at carefully and not just taken at face value. Distortion of the horizontal and vertical axis is just one of the many ways graphs can be misleading. When trying to make a point, people sometimes cherry pick data that supports their points, graph two totally different types of data measured in different units on the same graph, or ignore other variables that would explain the results. Even when someone is not trying to mislead you, his or her graph can be misleading by accident. Three-dimensional and picture graphs look nice, but often distort our perception of the data.

To learn more about other types of misleading graphs check out Misleading Graphs at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. There you will find other examples along with an activity to help you practice finding problems in different graphs.

(Assignment 2 will be an essay, follow the requirement)

Assignment 3:

This assignment has two parts. You must complete both parts in order to get full credit.

Part 1:

Watch: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. then answer the following

A. Bullet point 3 facts from the video.

B. In a minimum 150 words, summarize the highlights of this video. Think who, what, where, why?

C. Is this video reputable and trustworthy? Why or why not. Be specific.

Part 2:

Watch (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

then answer the following (yup – similar questions, different video).

A. Bullet point 3 facts from the video.

B. In a minimum 150 words, summarize the highlights of this video. Think who, what, where, why?

C. Do a little research on tropical rainforest destruction and its impact on chocolate. Write a 150 word summary of what you find and cite your sources in CSE Name-Year style.

(Assignment 3 will be an essay, follow the requirement)


then answer the following (yup – similar questions, different video).

A. Bullet point 3 facts from the video.

B. In a minimum 150 words, summarize the highlights of this video. Think who, what, where, why?

C. Do a little research on tropical rainforest destruction and its impact on chocolate. Write a 150 word summary of what you find and cite your sources in CSE Name-Year style.

(Assignment 3 will be an essay, follow the requirement)