Advertising Analysis

Advertising Analysis. Advertising Analysis.

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As you’ve seen throughout the course, the look and feel of advertising, both in print and on TV, has changed with the times. As a savvy reader, you can draw interesting inferences by focusing on these changes, noting trends, and shaping an argument.

For this project, you will be asked to:

  • Select an advertising topic about which you have some interest or knowledge.
  • Search the Internet to find print, television, or a combination of both forms of advertising about your selected topic.
  • Try to find examples that span at least 10 years, though a longer time span is even better. If you are looking for a new device, such as an iPod, you should broaden your search to include older forms of portable music devices in order to have more evidence from which to draw your inferences.
  • As you view the advertisements, take careful notes on their traits.
    • Watch for style. (Are they visually-oriented or more text-based? Do they use music in an interesting way?)
    • State the argument the ads make. What blocks to critical thinking (see attachment) are important to remember as it relates to the argument? Explain your response.
    • Note how they appeal to the audience.
  • When you are done, study your notes and note interesting trends, changes, and other qualities that stand out based upon your observations.
  • With your notes in hand, you will write a 4-6-page, double-spaced analysis of your observations.
  • Your project should include:
    • An introduction to your topic with a clear thesis based upon your observations.
    • A comparative analysis of key advertisements that highlight their central arguments, and how they could be effective in reaching an audience. Also, note changes in the advertisements over time. You can limit to the most interesting items from your observation, but you should have at least three examples.
    • A clear conclusion.
    • A works-cited page/slide that cites the visuals that were used in MLA format.

Advertising Analysis

Advertising Analysis

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