Alamance Community College Socially Responsible Business Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

Alamance Community College Socially Responsible Business Essay Business Finance Assignment Help. Alamance Community College Socially Responsible Business Essay Business Finance Assignment Help.

As a consultant to Jane Cortez, she has asked your advice on what she should do now, as the
picking is about to start.
However, Jane wanted to create a more socially responsible business. She wants the farm to
make money so she can pay dividends to the investors, this is mostly her family, but she was
equally interested in doing the right thing for her stakeholders and the environment. It was
obvious to her that this wasn’t going to be easy and it was going to take time.
As you are her trusted consultants, Jane asked for your help. As well as running a successful
business she wants to run a socially responsible business. In your recommendations, you will
have to evaluate possible CSR and/or CSV approaches to help her achieve her goal.
Jane wants the answers to these questions in an essay format. The essay should evaluate the
issues and the conclude with a clear and well justified recommendation for Jane. You need to
make sure that you use relevant course content in your essay.

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Discrimination in Healthcare Campaign Report Business Finance Assignment Help

I need your written report in order to award more points for the assignment. For the presentation: great use of course concepts (prejudice, healthcare, stereotyping) to discuss healthcare discrimination in the US. Excellent attention to how COVID-19 has exacerbated inequalities. The campaign to “stop discrimination” is good, but can be improved by being more specific — discrimination by whom, against whom, and how? Muslims are discussed, but say more about why they are experiencing discrimination in the US (e.g. religion, race, nationality, ethnicity, immigration status, broader political context in the US, etc).


FIU Week 13 Barriers of Substance Abuse Treatment for Women Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

Same book you use before

After reading chapters 10 & 11, please post at least 250 words in the discussion board on one of the following topics:

  1. Identify the barriers to substance abuse treatment for women.
  2. Explain the reasons for considering the importance of not overlooking the relearning of pleasure in the recovery process
  3. Compare the similarities and differences between Gorski’s 9 step model of relapse prevention and Marlatt’s 6 step RP model.

Respond by writing at least 70 words, to Camila

Barriers to treatment confront women from the outset, and it’s no surprise that most women with an SUD are never treated for it. Compared to men with OUDs, women are likely to be at a socioeconomic and educational disadvantage, to be underemployed or unemployed, and to have primary child-care responsibilities. Their OUD comes on more quickly, and they progress more rapidly to serious consequences. Yet women tend to see their substance abuse as stress-related, a temporary crutch that will go away without treatment.

Women are less likely than men to know how and where to get treatment. Typically they refer themselves, sometimes prompted by family or friends, or are referred by the criminal justice system or social service agencies. Men usually are referred by employers, doctors, or the legal system—sources generally considered more knowledgeable about treatment options. Women may consider private residential clinics too time-consuming, expensive, and tightly regulated to be an option.

Depression and anxiety may lead women to delay or do without treatment. Studies suggest that high levels of estrogen can enhance the stress response in subcortical regions of the brain, contributing to the higher prevalence of depression and anxiety in women.Many women with an SUD have a history of sexual, emotional, or physical abuse, as well as suicidal thoughts and attempts. Post-traumatic stress disorder is common, resulting from trauma or abuse. If a woman with an SUD has a history of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse perpetrated by men—and most do—the very idea of a treatment environment that includes men can be distressing. Women are more likely than their male counterparts to have a drug-using partner supporting her drug use. These women generally receive little encouragement to enter treatment, and may instead encounter resistance.

Society stigmatizes women who abuse substances—especially women who have children or are pregnant. Communities and families often fail to provide the support women need, including child care and encouragement to enter treatment.

Respond by writing at least 70 words, to Gema

There are some barriers to substance abuse treatment in women. Substance abuse problems affect women’s daily life routines and aspect more than men. Other factors that may lead to consumption are mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders. Rejection from society, experiences with disempowerment, economic problems, and physical and sexual violence are other factors that may lead to substance abuse problems.

One of the barriers to treatment is that society thinks that women are the foundation of the family. Also, they have the responsibility of the house and childcare. Men tend to admit more than women that they have a substance abuse problem. Denial leads to treatment barriers like finding, entering, and completing the treatment. Childcare responsibilities are another factor. Finding someone you trust to take care of your child is hard, not everyone wants to stay with a baby or a child, which makes it difficult for a woman to seek substance abuse treatment. Having a support group such as family, friends and other community members can influence the competition of the treatment. Financial support, including transportation and homelessness, are barriers that affect substance abuse treatment as well. Most women are not aware of the treatment options that are available, and they do not seek help with their problems. Social stigma is another barrier since many women feel ashamed of their problem and they do not want others to know. Substance abuse treatment in women can be affected by low self-stem and low self-efficacy. Women need to believe in themselves and they have to have a positive attitude not only to beginning and complete the treatment but to stay away from substances for the rest of their life.



ENG 1102 CTC Double Standards for Afghan Men and Women Essay Writing Assignment Help

1.Length – 6 to 8 pages (no more than 10)

  • Sources – 6 to 8 (no more than 10) At least two sources must come from GALILEO.
  • Format – MLA 8th Edition
  • Note: any paper that doesn’t meet the length requirement will receive a grade no higher than a C.
  • Note: any paper that doesn’t meet the source requirement will receive a grade no higher than a D.
  • Note: any paper that doesn’t meet the length and source requirement will receive a grade no higher than an F.
  • Note: any paper that isn’t formatted in 8th edition MLA Style will receive a grade no higher than a D.
  • The paper should be 6 to 8 pages, and you should refer to 6 to 8 sources in your paper.
  • The paper should be formatted using 8th edition MLA style. Papers formatted with any style other than MLA will receive a grade no higher than a D.
  • The Works Cited page should be numbered just like the rest of your paper.
  • No work should appear on the works cited page if it hasn’t been cited in the paper.
  • The introduction of the paper should give relevant background information.
  • The thesis statement should contain the focus of the paper.
  • The body of the paper should revolve around the points in the thesis statement.
  • No more than 1/3 of your paper should be direct quotations.The rest should be paraphrased or summarized – but must be documented, unless the info is common knowledge.
  • A paper the length of yours should contain no more than two long direct quotes (more than 4 typed lines).Long direct quotes are handled differently from shorter ones.
  • You can’t change a few words and call the info yours.That’s plagiarism!
  • All direct quotes and paraphrasing must have a lead-in and must be documented.
  • Direct quotations must be placed in quotation marks.
  • You have numerous handouts, sample documents, and external links to help you with this paper.
  • In SafeAssign, any originality report that is a high percentage means that you have plagiarized, probably not intentionally.It means that you have not paraphrased sufficiently or have quoted directly without quotation marks and documentation.
  • Different fonts in your paper indicate that you have cut and pasted.This is not the proper way to write a research paper and may create plagiarism problems.

You may use a source several times in the paper, but it appears on the works cited page only once.

Refer to the external links to see how to handle long direct quotes.

You should look at your own originality report and make the proper changes so that your paper will not receive a failing grade.


College of San Mateo Concept of Positive Feedback Loops Discussion Science Assignment Help

Case Study 5 Discussion Forum

No unread replies.No replies.

Directions For Your Post……

  • “The Muddiest Point” is a technique to help you assess where you are having difficulties with the lecture materials.
  • Write a post that is no less than 100 words in length to the prompt below.
  • You must post your own content before you can see other student’s replies.
  • Click the reply button (arrow icon) to start your post.

Muddiest Point Prompt

  • “What was the muddiest point in [the lecture, discussion, homework assignment, etc.]?”
  • The term “muddiest” means “most unclear” or “most confusing.”
  • It’s okay to choose several muddiest points, but don’t go too much over 100 words, if possible.
  • Use the Study Guide Final Exam to get ideas for what will be on the exams from Case Study 5.

Reply to Two Students

  • After you post, respond to TWO other student’s posts, commenting on similarities or new questions that you may have after reading their post.
  • Each post should also be no less than 100 words.
  • Be sure to be respectful to your online colleagues…remember, we are all here to learn together!

Grading Rubric

  1. Post a complete response to the Muddiest Point prompt that is at least 100 words: 5 points
  2. Reply to two other students, in at least 100 words, following the Rules of Netiquette: 5 points each
  3. You may also review the Discussion Forum Grading Rubric page



EVMS Socrates & Thrasymachus Intrinsic & Instrumental Good Argumentative Essay Writing Assignment Help

1. Argumentative Essay (Defend a position): Who won the argument: Socrates or Thrasymachus? [800-900 words]
Citation format :Cite Plato using the line numbersin-text citations –> (Plato 347a).

••No outside sources only cite from Plato’ Republic

Dear writer:
If you do not have access to Plato’ Republic, please inform me and i will send over the files to you. It is the only sources that professor allow to use in this essay. In addition, the professor is aware of buying essay online, so write the essay not too professionally.

Thank you
Best regards
-Thesis: Which position will you defend and why?
-What kind of good is justice?
.Is justice intrinsically good? Or is justice an instrumental good (Book II)
– Create a strong analogy ( to frame your argument
.Analogies are comparisons between two objects that share some obvious properties, and based on these initial similarities, you infer that they probably share other properties as well.
. For example: Justice is like math—they both function like universal standards of fairness/harmony. Saying that justice is an instrumental good is like saying all answers are correct in math class. You might be able to manipulate people with your opinions, but that doesn’t make your math results correct.
.Evaluate how Socrates and Thrasymachus define justice
.Analyze the reasons for their views—why do you find these reasons accurate/inaccurate?
.See Thrasymachus’ definition/speech (Book I)
.See Socrates’ definition (Book IV)
.Which life is best—the just or unjust? Why? How do you know?
-Explain how this debate is still relevant in the 21st century
§ These topics are among the most crucial for understanding Plato’s views about justice in the Republic
1. Individualism VS collectivism (forced social restrictions)
2. Can we reach justice without mass deception? (noble lies)
3. Social stratification (guardians, auxiliaries, producers)
4. What is education for? How should it be structured?
5. What are the qualities and qualifications of a good ruler?
6. Censorship (immoral art/speech)
§ Select three of the topics above and explain why they are important to this discussion by highlighting relevant real-world examples.
§ For example, one might say that the government’s positive outlook on the economy is a noble lie. Numerous economic and health experts are warning us about a second stock market crash, and that it could be a long time before the work

EVMS Socrates & Thrasymachus Intrinsic & Instrumental Good Argumentative Essay Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

LAMission Effects of Television Watching To Childrens Speech Bibliographies Writing Assignment Help

An Annotated Bibliography will be developed including Five (100 word minimum for each) Annotated Citations. With the exception of the first, these references will be based on topics obtained from the Language Development Hypotheses in the list provided at the end of this Section in BLUE. You may use the same Topic for all, or different Topics for each. The choice is yours.

The First annotated citation will be on the Topic of the “Legal and Ethical Dimensions of the Use of Information.” This information can be obtained from the Internet using a search engine such as ONE SEARCH on the Oviatt Library Home page. The annotated citation should be in APA format as much as possible, and should include the URL (address) of the Internet site; or a citation of the book or article if that was used. The annotation should provide a short overview of the article and/or list the most critical points. Please note that this one citation can relate to any topic and not only Language Development.

The second two of these citations will be full Text articles or books obtained through Databases of professional books and journals available at, or online through the CSUN Library. I recommend using ONE SEARCH on the Oviatt Library webpage. These citations will be reported in a APA format as much as possible. Included in the annotation portion of each citation will be a paragraph, which briefly (like in a few sentences) summarizes the article (you can usually get this information from the abstract), and answers to the following questions. If the answer is not available, you simply state that fact:
1. What is the background (authority) of the author (viz., degree and type of education, affiliated institution, history of research in the area as perhaps reflected by past articles in the bibliography)?
2. Who is the intended audience (i.e., professionals, laypersons, women etc.)?
3. How does this work compare or contrast with others you may have cited or be aware of? If you are not aware of any others, simply state that as the situation.
4. What is the scope and relevance of this work to the selected topic (hypothesis)? What the heck do I mean by that? Well, is it highly or only vaguely relevant to the hypothesis; and is it of minor or major importance.

The Last Two citations will be obtained through the Internet using any search engines but as before, ONE SEARCH on the Oviatt Library Home Page should do just fine. These citations will follow an APA format as closely as possible, including the URL information. Included in each citation will be a paragraph, which briefly summarizes the site, and addresses the following questions related to, for the purpose of this exercise, the voracity of the Website. If the answers are not available in the site information, which may often be the case, simply state so and move on:
1. Is the site owner/manager’s identity available and is it associated with a reputable organization, company or educational institution?
2. What is the background (authority) of the author (viz., degree and type of education, affiliated institution, history of research in the area as perhaps reflected by past articles in the site bibliography. If this information is not available, simply state that fact.)
3. What is the level of objectivity? For example, are there advertisements on the site related in anyway to the topic?
4. Is the Website current? Cues to the contrary, for example, include broken or expired links and/or no posting date or updated notations.
5. Is the information correct; error free, verifiable, and/or backed by full citations?

Information Competency Exercise: Language Development Hypotheses (TOPICS) List to select from for the Student Research for the Term Paper (Class Requirement #2), and also the Annotated Bibliography (Class Requirement #4).

1. The effects of watching television for young children are detrimental to l language development.

  1. The number of siblings and their position in the family in terms of birth effects language development.
  2. Increased opportunities to experience (play with) many objects as a young child is beneficial to concept (and hence) language development.
  3. Letting the infant cry at night so that she/she will learn to sleep all night long is detrimental to language development if not the psychological development of the baby.
  4. Exposing the child in the first five years of life to classical music like Bach and Beethoven is beneficial for cognitive and/or language development.
  5. The more you talk to a child in the first five years, the better cognitive and/or language development will be.
  6. Children who are read to (or who read) have better imagery and/or language development than children who watch Television.
  7. A plentiful diet of sugar based cereals, soft drinks, pastries, cookies, and/or fast foods, is developmentally detrimental to a child’s ability to sustain attention.
  8. Reading to a child every day (even an infant) is beneficial for language development.

10. A baby, who immediately after birth is allowed to remain with the mother rather than being immediately put in a nursery, will demonstrate more vocalization in later months.

11. Babies who are not touched will perish at worst or have diminished brain development at best.

12. Children who watch Television spend less time reading or drawing than children who don’t.

13. Children with stay-at-home moms (or dads) have better language development than those having parents who both work away from the home.

14. Sustained middle ear infections among children from birth to 5 years will have a detrimental effect on language development.

15. Learning to read and play music facilitates attention of all kinds–(focused, sustained, selective, alternating and dual).

16. For the normal baby, being exposed to two, three or more languages simultaneously is a good policy for language development.

17. A person’s first language can not be acquired after puberty.

18. Parrots, porpoises, and/or primates do not acquire language .

19. Children have better eidetic imagery than adults.

20. Syntax is only found in human communication.

21. (Wild Card) You develop a hypotheses and then do the research for your report. But be sure to clear this with the instructor first.

(Please note that you don’t have to prove the hypotheses one way or the other. Just discuss the pros and cons as you see fit. Excluding the first, you may address all references to one Topic, or use separate Topics for each reference)


University of Miami Chapter Theories of Crime Discussion Law Assignment Help


  1. What are the differences between historical biological and biosocial theories of crime?
  2. Describe sociobiology; include the role of concepts such as altruism, territoriality, and tribalism
  3. Identify some criticisms of early biological theories of criminal behavior


  1. What was the purpose of the Human Genome Project (HGP), and what is its significance for modern biological theories of crime?
  2. What is the gender ratio problem in criminology and what traditional explanations have been offered for the problem?

Please answer numbered questions in writing for chapter 4 & 5, (*PLEASE NOTE: APA format is required for this assignment). Use only the text as your research material. Responses should be no more than three to five sentences each but include detailed information to cover the material.


Eastern Virginia Medical School DHLs Business Strategy Questions Writing Assignment Help

Pick a firm/company/organization from your country that you are familiar with
Question 1(50 Marks)
strategy allows organizations to develop a clearer understanding of
their own organization and what’s required for them to succeed.
Explain what business strategy is and discuss why the competitive
advantages are temporary along with the four key areas of a SWOT
b- Give an example to show how you may apply the SWOT. (MAX 1000 Words 50 Marks)

Question 2 (50 Marks)
Define critical success factors (CSFs) and key performance indicators (KPI)
Explain how managers use them to measure the success of MIS projects. (MAX 1000 Words 50 Marks)

Comments from Customer

Hi, the company we choose is DHL


Temple University Ruth Chris Steak House Case Analysis Questions Business Finance Assignment Help

answer the questions below individually and mention clearly
what question you are addressing. Do not use any additional sources of
information other than the case itself. 1 page
max, Times New Roman, size 12, single space.

Some bullet points are alright but must be supplemented by brief explanations:

Q1: What did Hannah do to make a first cut in the potential countries? How did he get from 200 to less than 35 potential new markets? Which variables seemed more important in his decision-making? Which unused variables might have been useful?

Q2: Hannah was focused on franchising as his mode of entry. Do the critical variables change if a different mode of entry is employed?

Q3: What are some of the internal and external challenges Hannah will face in moving from a list to actually opening a restaurant?

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