Alliant International University Standrization Of NaOH Lab Report Science Assignment Help

Alliant International University Standrization Of NaOH Lab Report Science Assignment Help. Alliant International University Standrization Of NaOH Lab Report Science Assignment Help.

I need to write a lab report including the data attached and answer the discussion questions

“QUESTIONS1. Discussion:

1)Discuss the accuracy, precision, systematic errors, and random errors of your data.

2. From your data in Part C, calculate the average value of the molarity of the NaOH solution. If you have one “bad” set of data that you have rejected, calculate the average with and without its inclusion in the calculation.

3. Discussion: If you rejected any data in your calculation of the average molarity, discuss your rationale for doing so”

Please include any balanced equations and formulas

Alliant International University Standrization Of NaOH Lab Report Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

University of Hail Data Analysis Part and Processing Project Mathematics Assignment Help

In this task, you will be writing ch 4 & 5 in this analysis including making adjustments in ch 3 (data analysis part and processing) based on what you do when you analyzed the work. This will be approximately 25-35 pages total. No limited pages. but you must cover all instructions and codes. Here are some of my instructions you must follow if you are ready to do this work.

Plus, the tips and the example provided necessary to be followed. When you extend or change anything in this work.

Please make sure you read all 9 items and remember them when you do your work or copy them and put that next to where you are working. If these rules are not followed, our work will not be accepted. As I’m sure you know, this work must be of high quality and the very best you are able to do.

1. If you make any changes or any information on the method part you require to put them in red color.

2. All resources must be academic, reliable, and new.

3. Sources that will be accepted are strong books, academic articles, journals, and NO website sources accepted.

4. The sources used must be copied and put in a pdf document and included. The place where these resources refer to must be put in YELLOW or highlighted so I can know where to look for it. This will make it easier for me to find the location to track the information. These sources used must be included with your work.

5. As you write and revise the information please make sure that it follows what came before it and leads to what comes next. This way it will make the document smooth and clear to the reader.

6. You may use direct quotations, mark them as such, and cite them. However, please do not plagiarize anything because I am using 2 types of software that can detect it immediately.

7. Please check your work before sending it to the theme to make sure there are no grammatical or punctuation errors. Any of these errors will make the work unacceptable and will not ask for revision. 8. All content, references, tables, or any other item must follow APA 7th edition format(See links attached for more details).

9. Please use your own words and avoid being biased or sensitive. I will provide my draft and the syntax file if I found the right person. I want to find the most qualified, available writer first, and identify the cost. See attached for more guidance and details.

At least need 9 Sources need to be cited address them in ch 4, and 5.

Make sure the data analysis part in ch 3 matches with what you doing in ch 4.

You require to run all code in the syntax files and interpret all the findings.

I have attached the work called “Use of Cell Phones in Education at King Saud University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” as a guideline and to give you more details of what i am expecting you specifically to do.

Note you need to talk about the Reliability of the Instrument in result part 4 based on Cronbach’s alpha analysis that code in my syntax file.

You need to create a Table of Contents and a List of Figures. Table and Figures MUST be followed APA 7th edition formatting (See links attached and the examples)………

I need a sample of your previous work to make sure you can handle this task. Delay work will not be accepted because there will be no extension for the deadline.



Steps for writing results:

You essentially need to start by specifying exactly what type of test I did ran, (See the syntax files attached and create an output file) such as: “A 2 x 2 x 4 mixed factorial analysis of variance was conducted.” This is determined by the number of levels your variables have, and whether they are within or between subjects.

You then need to state what your outcome variable was, and what your independent variables were, along with the levels of those variables.

Next, you should talk about significant interactions if they are there. If not, mention that there were no significant interactions and talk about main effects (report significant and nonsignificant effects). Here are examples of the format for how to report F statistics from previous work I have done:

There was no main effect of biological sex, F(1,603)= .095,p>.05,η ̂^2= .002.

There was also a main effect of perception source, with victims reporting greater relationship violence than perpetrators, as well as a main effect of relationship duration, F(1,603)=25.95,p< .001,η ̂^2= .04 and F(4,603)=7.64,p< .001,η ̂^2= .05, respectively.

Here’s what the different pieces are/mean:

F(1,603) – this is denoting that you ran an F test, with the degrees of freedom for the variable on the left, and the total degrees of freedom on the right

= 25.95 – this is the value of the F test

p < .001 – this is the significance of the F test. Generally you report one of the following numbers: > .05 if the result was nonsignificant, or < .05, < .01, < .001, whichever is closest to your result.

η ̂^2= .05 – This is called “eta squared”, it is a measure of effect size. Basically, how much your variable influences the outcome.

If you have a significant variable with more than two levels, you should talk about those differences using post-hoc tests of pairwise comparisons. Make sure to specify which post-hoc tests you ran and how you controlled for familywise Type I error (not all tests do this automatically). Here’s an example of how to write about these from previous work:

Among perpetrators, males reported less average relationship violence than females, p < .001.

If you want to know more about what these violations are/how to identify and remedy them, a search for “ANOVA test assumptions” should help.

*****I will upload the Syntax file with a brief of my work after i get the right person that will be able to handle this work.


Soul Wound Trauma Transmission Across Generations Discussion Paper Humanities Assignment Help

I’m working on a psychology writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Soul wounding, or soul retrieval:
This question has two parts:
1. you will answer the question :
In indigenous traditions, it is not uncommon to hear the term soul wounding, or soul retrieval.
In a soul wound the soul itself can be fractured, split, or part of it
becomes lost or dissociated. Based on our readings for this week, in
what way is trauma a soul wound? How might this trauma be transmitted
across generations?



Florida International University World War I Propaganda Discussion Writing Assignment Help

I’m working on a history writing question and need guidance to help me learn.

In April 1917, to counteract antiwar sentiment the Committee on Public Information (CPI), headed by George Creel, arranged for campaigns to build support for the war.The CPI enlisted academics, journalists, artists, and advertisers to flood the nation with prowar propaganda, from posters to movies. Civic organizations, like the Red Cross, also created advertisements to sell the war. 1.Explore some of this WWI propaganda and choose three posters that targeted the general population. State why you would include them in chapter for a book covering World War I by analyzing the messages and carefully explaining the historical context. Include the image along with the references.2.Until recently in the United States, only men oficially served in combat. It could be argued that by virtue of asking men to risk death, wartime gave them a heightened claim to citizenship. To what extent do the World War I posters reinforce the notion? To what extent do they challenge it? 3.Government and voluntary agencies did reach out to African American communities but in your search did you find posters aimed at African Americans? Why is the void so striking? 4.How did the war affect race relations in the United States? 5.Why was the year 1919 such a watershed year for the United States and the world?


Lewis University Final Engagement Presentation Computer Science Assignment Help

Activity File: Final Group Presentations


You are working as a Security Engineer for X-CORP, supporting the SOC infrastructure. The SOC Analysts have noticed some discrepancies with alerting in the Kibana system and the manager has asked the Security Engineering team to investigate.

Yesterday, you monitored live traffic on the wire to detect any abnormalities that aren’t reflected in the alerting system.

For the final part of this project, you will report back your findings to both the SOC manager and the Engineering Manager with appropriate analysis.


Congratulations on making it through a comprehensive and demanding project! The tools and knowledge used to complete this week’s tasks are a large chunk of offensive, defensive, networking, and system administration cybersecurity skills.

In the final part of this project, you will work with your fellow students to complete a group presentation. The presentation will contain analyses from one of the three perspectives: an offensive red team analysis, a defensive blue team analysis, or a network administration analysis.

In groups of three to six, divide responsibilities to complete one of the three presentations below:

Example of an Offensive Presentation split between six students: Student A and B work on the “Network Topology” and “Critical Vulnerabilities” portion. Students C and D work on the “Exploits Used” section. Students E and F work on the “Avoiding Detection and Maintaining Access” sections.

Once all the sections are complete, combine them into a single slide deck. You will use this to present and submit your findings.

As a group, decide on which of the three presentations you would like to complete and present on.

This project and all of the deliverables created during this six-month course are valuable evidence of your skills and knowledge, which you can present during job searches and networking events. Make sure your project is complete, presentable, and free of errors.

The following is an overview of what each section covers. The slide templates provide the same information.

Offensive Security Presentation Option

The offensive red team section must include the following sections:

  • Exploits Used

    • Choose three important exploits used during the assessment of the VMs.
    • Explain how each exploit works.
    • Provide the commands used to run them.
    • Add a screenshot confirming success (For example: a screenshot of a user shell if you ran a bind shell exploit).
  • Avoiding Detection

    • For each exploit, explain which alerts in Kibana can detect it, if any.
    • Identify which metric the alert is responding to.
    • Suggest a technique for bypassing detection.
    • If possible, demonstrate your stealthier solution in action.
  • Maintaining Access

    • Find a way to implement a backdoor on each target.
    • Provide an example or screenshot of the commands used.
    • Options include using Metasploit, dropping SSH keys, adding users, etc. You only need to choose one.

Defensive Security Presentation Option

The defensive blue team section must include the following sections:

  • Alerts Implemented

    • Explain each alert implemented in Kibana and provide the metric it responds to.
    • Note the threshold it fires against.
    • Include a screenshot demonstrating that the alert indeed fired.
  • Hardening

    • Choose three vulnerabilities or exploits.
    • For each, explain how it works, how it’s delivered, and how to harden or patch the vulnerable VM against it.
  • Implementing and Distributing Fixes

    • Create an Ansible playbook that implements all of the hardening steps specified above.
      • Include a README explaining what the playbook does and which vulnerabilities or exploits it mitigates.
    • If creating a functional playbook is too difficult or time-consuming, you can create just a README describing what it should do.

Network Security Presentation Option

The network security section must include the following sections:

  • Traffic Profile

    • Fill out a table with information from the analysis, including data about top talkers, amount of traffic, type of traffic (protocols), and purpose of the observed network activity.
  • Normal Activity

    • In this section, identify users who are participating in non-malicious traffic.
    • Explain what they’re doing and include a screenshot of packets clarifying their behavior.
    • Elaborate on the packet, explaining how you know the traffic is not malicious.
  • Malicious Activity

    • Identify which users are sending suspicious and malicious traffic.
    • For each, explain what kind of traffic they’re sending.
    • Identify the IP addresses involved.
    • Identify and explain any interesting files in the conversation, such as malware, images, etc.



ENGL 110 American Public University System Week 5 Opal Mehta Got Kissed Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

Following up on our discussion of how to use and cite sources, let’s look at some famous people who have been accused of plagiarism. If you would like to participate in this optional forum, just do a quick search (open web is fine) of famous people who have plagiarized. Share with us the following info, if you can find it. Please include links to your sources for this information so we can do our own exploration if we’re interested.

Include these items:

  • Name of the person
  • Title or profession
  • Allegation of plagiarism
  • Outcome of that allegation

ENGL 110 American Public University System Week 5 Opal Mehta Got Kissed Discussion Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Florida National University Principles of Macroeconomics Key Concepts Economics Assignment Help

Here is the link to last nights class…

In chapter 11 we enter the world of fiscal policy. We will focus on the Federal government although what we learn applies all governments. We learn about taxes and government spending and how government intervention can it affect unemployment and inflation. in Chapter 12 we look at the Federal budgeting process along with the national debt an its impact on the economy.


Chapter 11: Pages 250-1

  1. Describe/Explain any five (5) of the key concepts.
  2. Answer 1 and 5 in Questions for Review

Chapter 12;

  1. Read the case study on pages 275-7 and answer question 13 in Questions for Review Page 278
  2. Answer #17 in Problems and exercises on page 278


Harold Washington College Building Blocks of Health Systems Paper Health Medical Assignment Help

Building Blocks of the Health System

Service Delivery

Health Workforce

Health Informatics Systems

Access to Essential Medicines


Leadership / Governance

After completing the assigned readings and watching the videos, carefully read and complete the following assignment:

Out of the above six building blocks of global health systems, which block do you believe to be the most consequential for effective global health practice? Why? Support your analysis with examples from the readings and videos. You must also cite examples from current events around the COVID-19 pandemic. All citations must also be referenced in APA style.



Thomas Edison Five Elements of Leading a Team to High Performance Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

Hello I need assistance with writing at least a one page essay or more on the topic below. The five elements are stated below.

Lead a team to high performance by providing

  • A compelling purpose and clear objectives.
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities.
  • Designing the team in terms of size and diversity.
  • Giving team members decision authority.
  • Providing support and coaching.

Using your own words, please describe and fully discuss the five elements of leading a team to high performance. In the description of each of the five elements, include specific details about “why” each element contributes to high performance teams. Minimum length: 1 Page.


West Virginia Junior College Morgantown Good Mission Statement Discussion Writing Assignment Help

Hello, these are 2 discussion posts, please put each one on a separate word document

1 Response posts should advance and enrich the discussion.

  • Do you agree or disagree with the points that Heath makes on writing good mission statements? Please elaborate.
  • Post an example of a good mission statement. Remember to cite your source.
  • What makes your choice a good mission statement?

2 Response posts should advance and enrich the discussion.

As CFO of Meals on Wheels, where would you shop for the organization? Costco, Walmart, or Giant Eagle? Please explain why and support your response.


Alliant International University Standrization Of NaOH Lab Report Science Assignment Help

Alliant International University Standrization Of NaOH Lab Report Science Assignment Help