alshabab terrorist group case study watch video ? Writing Assignment Help

alshabab terrorist group case study watch video ? Writing Assignment Help. alshabab terrorist group case study watch video ? Writing Assignment Help.

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please watch this video and write about it 2-4 pages

1. To be able to watch this video you have to create account here

2. after creating an account please click this link to see the video its a 59 min length.

3. Go over the attached file to take an idea about what we are writing about please write something that fits the file attached.

4. we are doing the case study part

** this video is bad it might have harmful pictures and words

if there is anything else please let me know ASAP.

alshabab terrorist group case study watch video ? Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Healthcare Statistics & Research Writing Assignment Help

Health care organizations such as Choice Hospital must keep up to date with new initiatives related to reimbursement by third-party payers for services provided. This is especially true for Medicare reimbursement and initiatives tied to legislation such as the Affordable Care Act and the 21st Century Cures Act.

You are working with the chief financial officer and his team on two types of statistics related to Medicare reimbursement initiatives:

  1. Medicare spending per beneficiary (MSPB)
  2. Hospital readmission rates

You will be working with the finance team to prepare a presentation for the CEO and executive leadership team to help them understand these requirements. Your presentation should be 5-7 slides (100-150 words per slide, not including the title and reference slides) with APA formatting. Cite at least 2 scholarly reference articles or government publications that were published within the last 3-5 years.

Your presentation should address the following for both the MSPB and hospital readmission rate statistics:

  • Describe the Medicare program or initiative that uses the statistic.
  • Is it an incentive- or penalty-type program related to the rate of Medicare reimbursement?
  • Are the statistics and the program or initiative tied to performance, for example improving quality of care? If so, how?
  • Which legislation is authorizing the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to initiate these programs?
  • Define the statistic and how it is calculated.
  • Provide examples of these statistics from publications or government sites. For many of the CMS initiatives, data for health care institutions is made available through the CMS Hospital Compare Web site.

Cite all references using APA formatting.


Global Supply Chain Paper with Excel Business Finance Assignment Help

Five page paper, double spaced, 12 Font, TNR. It needs to have images, graphs, and info from the attached excel (don’t count toward the 5 pages). This may be time consuming so please try to start it right away and don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

This paper involves an excel, which plays a major factor int he paper. Please don’t bid before looking at the attached excel file.

Part Teardown Exercise – The Computer Mouse

Situation:You are a buyer at a major computer manufacturing company.Having recently been hired after graduating from the prestigious WSU Supply Chain Management program, your management has decided to let you lead your own sourcing package in order to demonstrate your purchasing abilities.You have been assigned to work in a team.The product you have been tasked to source is the computer mouse.Recently technological innovations have rendered the traditional mechanical mouse with the rolling ball underneath obsolete.The new technology is the optical mouse.Your organization does not know how much the new optical mouse will cost and has therefore asked you to run a sourcing package in order to find out the new market price and identify a recommended supplier to partner with.

The current supplier of the mechanical version of the mouse has been an excellent supplier in the past and has gone out of their way to try to win the business for the new optical versions.In fact they have even given you a prototype sample to demonstrate the maturity of their development process.The supplier will be providing you with a quotation for the product using the standard piece price breakdown form at a later date.

Task: Your task is to get ahead of the curve and develop your own price analysis of what the part should cost. You will do this by taking apart the prototype mouse down to the component level and building up your own price breakdown sheet that you will be able to use in price negotiations with the supplier.

( I found a link which could give you some idea as to how this may work:…)

Traditionally, suppliers are less than complete in their piece price breakdowns, choosing to lump together numerous cost components in order to inhibit full visibility into component pricing. You however, cannot do this, but must estimate costs down the component level of purchase for your supplier.In other words, the paper label on the bottom side of the mouse must be a separate line item, just as each screw, resistor, capacitor and microprocessor, to name a few items, should also be separate line items.You will use your company’s standard quoting template / piece price breakdown form for all parts.

Volume Assumptions:100,000 units per year for 3 years

Use a standard Dell Computer Mouse. Please be specific about the mouse parts. (I mean very specific. List everything you can think of, even the smallest parts that are used to make the mouse, don’t forget the interior along with the exterior i.e the plastic used to bulit it, wire etc) Look at the attached excel for price breakdown template which needs to be in the paper.

The paper should have the information below and whatever else you think is necessary

Executive summary: Overview of the whole paper

Supplier Quotation

Team estimate: Insert copy of breakdown here for example, (excel)

Material: Labor:Burden:Etc….Total:

Table here comparing supplier quote to your estimate. Highlight the discrepancies as “opportunities” for improvement on quotation

Details of each component

Mouse Cover


Weight: 0.05kg

Per Piece Material Cost: $2.00/kg * 0.05kg = $0.10

Price estimate source:…

Painting and Printing Logo: $0.20

Estimated Tooling Cost: US$50,000 (capacity 100,000 units per year)

Per Piece Tooling Cost: US$0.10

Total Estimated Piece Cost: $0.40

Quoted Piece Cost: $0.90

Opportunity: $0.50


Summary of the paper : Total up the opportunity and document what you feel the quoted price should reduce to….. This will “kick off” negotiations with the supplier


Financial Statement Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help

You just need to calculate 16 ratios for two companies and compare them: Colgene Corporation and Gilead Sciences, Inc.

The instructions are attached

Required Ratios for Final Project Submission

  1. Earnings per Share of Common Stock
  2. Current Ratio
  3. Gross (Profit) Margin Percentage
  4. Rate of Return (Net Profit Margin) on Sales
  5. Inventory Turnover
  6. Days’ Inventory Outstanding (DIO)
  7. Accounts Receivable Turnover
  8. Days’ Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  9. Asset Turnover
  10. Rate of Return on Total Assets (ROA)
  11. Debt Ratio
  12. Times-Interest-Earned Ratio
  13. Dividend Yield [For
    the purposes of this ratio, use Yahoo Finance to look up current
    dividend per share and stock price; just note the date that you looked
    up this information.]
  14. Rate of Return on Common Stockholders’ Equity (ROE)
  15. Free cash flow
  16. Price-Earnings Ratio (Multiple) [For
    the purpose of this ratio, look up the market price per share as of
    December 30, 2016 for Celgene Corporation and for Gilead Sciences, Inc.

The excel file is a template for you

The Excel files uploaded as the assignment submission should not
include any unnecessary numbers or information (such as previous years’
ratios, ratios that were not specifically asked for in the project,


writing a report Business Finance Assignment Help

Play Money Paper

Pretend that you have $10,000 to invest for four weeks. You are to “invest” this money in stocks or mutual funds and to track your investments on a weekly basis for four weeks (see schedule for due date). Pick five different stocks or funds to follow.

Write a 3 page report on

  1. why you selected the investments you did
  2. whether any noteworthy company results, news events, or economic events impacted your investments during this period (show your gains or losses for the period)
  3. how your investments’ performance compared with the performance of the S&P 500 index during this period
  4. your tracking of the following three stock market indexes:
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • S&P 500 stock index
  • Russell 2000 index for small caps

The play money paper is worth 10 percent of your final grade.



POSC 3353/MLPOS 5353 The Presidency and Executive Branch Writing Assignment Help

Choose one of the chapter topics in the Bessette/Tulis collection The Constitutional Presidency. Write an updated version of it to include what has happened in the Obama and Trump presidencies. You should also present some of the same history the chapter covers, but put it your own words; present whatever you think is relevant to the topic.

Graded passed on the precision of your language, and ow well your argument is justified with evidence. Have an actual thesis or claim you’re arguing.

Times New Roman 12pt, 1 inch margin, properly footnoted. NO PLAGIARISM

POSC 3353/MLPOS 5353 The Presidency and Executive Branch Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Drafting A Case Brief Law Assignment Help

The assignment for this week is to locate a specific landmark U.S. Supreme Court case and draft a case brief.

Go the following website ( and locate the following case: Gideon v. Wainwright.

Write a 1-2 page case brief utilizing the sample case brief in chapter one of the textbook as a guide. Please note that you do not need to include the concurring or dissenting opinions in your brief. Be sure to cite any outside sources used in your work, and follow APA guidelines. Be sure you brief the correct case and be sure to include all of the subparts of the brief from the textbook example.


Family Health Assessment Health Medical Assignment Help

choose a family in your community and conduct a family health assessment using the following questions below.

1. Family composition.

Type of family, age, gender and racial/ethnic composition of the family.

2. Roles of each family member. Who is the leader in the family? Who is the primary provider? Is there any other provider?

3. Do family members have any existing physical or psychological conditions that are affecting family function?

4. Home (physical condition) and external environment; living situation (this must include financial information). How the family support itself.

For example; working parents, children or any other member

5. How adequately have individual family members accomplished age-appropriate developmental tasks?

6. Do individual family member’s developmental states create stress in the family?

7. What developmental stage is the family in? How well has the family achieve the task of this and previous developmental stages?

8. Any family history of genetic predisposition to disease?

9. Immunization status of the family?

10. Any child or adolescent experiencing problems

11. Hospital admission of any family member and how it is handled by the other members?

12. What are the typical modes of family communication? It is affective? Why?

13. How are decisions make in the family?

14. Is there evidence of violence within the family? What forms of discipline are use?

15. How well the family deals with crisis?

16. What cultural and religious factors influence the family health and social status?

17. What are the family goals?

18. Identify any external or internal sources of support that are available?

19. Is there evidence of role conflict? Role overload?

20. Does the family have an emergency plan to deal with family crisis, disasters?

Identify 3 nursing diagnosis and develop a short plan of care using the nursing process.

Please present a summary of your assessment in an APA format on a 12 Arial font, 4 evidence-based practice references besides the class textbook are require and must be quoted in the assignment. A minimum of 1000 words are required, excluding the first and reference page (Websites can be used but must be from reliable sources such as NIH, CDC, FDA etc.)


second draft Economics Assignment Help

Does the exchange rate of your data appear to support the theory of Purchasing Power Parity?Requirements:

  • 2 page descriptive analysis;
  • Graph of Nominal Exchange Rate and Relative Prices over time (Figure 16-2 from text, “The Yen/Dollar Exchange Rate and Relative Japan-US Price Levels, 1980-2012,” is a good model);

To construct the graph, you will need 3 data series:the official exchange rate, your country’s CPI level, and the US CPI level.First, construct a ratio of your country’s CPI level to the US CPI level.Normalize that ratio so that it is 100 in the base year.(Divide the entire series by the value of the first year, and multiply by 100.)Also, normalize the exchange rate to be 100 in the base year.(Divide the entire series by the value of the first year, and multiply by 100.)Plot the normalized price ratio and the normalized exchange rate on the same graph.


Myst Video Game Critique Writing Assignment Help

Use concepts from Hamlet on the Holodeck, Reality Is Broken and other readings to critique a work of digital media. The work must incorporate multiple media and respond to user interaction. Papers must include a link or other citation of the work and include references to in-class readings. The paper may be written in magazine style, where citations are inserted conversationally. For example: “In Hamlet on the Holodeck, Janet Murray describes works of digital media as procedural, which is related to the computer’s ability to execute a series of instructions.” However, unlike a magazine article, students must submit a reference list with their paper. Papers should be double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, and a minimum of 1000 words.



alshabab terrorist group case study watch video ? Writing Assignment Help

alshabab terrorist group case study watch video ? Writing Assignment Help

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