AMBM: Unit 4 Individual Project Business Finance Assignment Help

AMBM: Unit 4 Individual Project Business Finance Assignment Help. AMBM: Unit 4 Individual Project Business Finance Assignment Help.

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The deliverable length for this assignment is 2,000-2,500 words

Title: Understanding Business Drivers and Improving Business Forecasts

Big D Incorporated will be examining how multivariate techniques can serve the organization best and how they can be applied to their new client, the outdoor sporting goods customer. The Board of Directors has asked you to research and explain 3 major ways in which multivariate statistics are utilized in this scenario. In this case, be sure to justify your decision.

Research using the library and the Internet to find at least 1 example of how a real company has used each of the following multivariate techniques: factor analysis, multidimensional scaling, and cluster analysis. This can be considered a benchmark if you can justify how it could benefit Big D Incorporated.

Write a summary to upper management explaining the following:

  • How can each multivariate technique be utilized in Big D Incorporated, and what purpose would each serve?
  • Which technique is your preferred method, and how is your chosen multivariate technique different from the other two techniques?
  • What will the Board of Directors learn from your selected technique and more importantly, how will it contribute to the overall decision-making process? Ensure that your explanation is clear and concise in its explanation.

AMBM: Unit 4 Individual Project Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Primary Source Compare/Contrast Paper Writing Assignment Help

PAPER TOPIC: Hammurabi’s Laws on Family Relationships (FROM PAGE 39 OF TEXTBOOK)

TEXTBOOK: Bentley, Jerry H. Herbert F. Ziegler, and Heather Streets Salter, eds. Traditions & Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past. Combined Volume. 6th Edition. McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages, 2015. ISBN: 9780073407029.


Assignment #4, Final Paper: You will explain what your “Source from the Past” says and who the author is. You will then use the scholarly history source that you chose to describe the event and how the information in your Source from the Past is similar to or different from the facts on the same topic in your scholarly history source. Complete technical requirements are found below.To help organize your paper, I have included a sample outline at the end of these instructions.DUE: FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16


Sample Paper Outline: To help you organize your thoughts, below is a sample outline of how you might organize your paper. In the body of the paper, you can have more than the two or three paragraphs listed below if you have lots of information. Be sure you give concrete examples and quotes from your Source from the Past and your scholarly source to back up all your claims.

Introduction: Introduce your document and the historical period during which it was written, give general historical background about the document or the event that it describes, and state your thesis (i.e. what is the purpose of your paper and what is the most important finding when comparing your Source from the Past and your scholarly source. This can be as simple as “The document, ‘Trip to India’ and Bob Smith’s book on India both describe the importance of local governors, but disagree on how those governors took power.”). You should also make some attempt to state how well the contents of your primary source document agree or disagree with the historical information contained in your scholarly source. The point is, whatever you express to your reader, state it firmly and with conviction (no wishy-washy statements).

Body: Paragraph 1 – Summarize the content of the document, tell me what it says. Discuss who wrote it, when it was written, why the author might have written it. Be sure to give concrete examples from the document to back up all your assertions.

Paragraph 2 – Compare the document with your outside history source. How does the document agree with your history source? Do they contain similar information? Are these similarities important or are they just superficial? (ex. Saying that both sources discuss China is very superficial, while stating that both sources agree that the Mongol invasion destroyed China’s government and led to famine, is important.) (While you should introduce the title of your sources and by whom they were written, one thing to avoid is giving detailed publication information for either your source from the past or the scholarly history source.This includes statements like “The scholarly book Columbus was published in 1963 by University of Chicago Press.”This is in your bibliography, so is unnecessary in the body of your paper, unless directly relevant to your argument.)

Paragraph 3 – Contrast the Source from the Past with your outside history source. How is it different from your history source? Are the differences important or are they just superficial? (ex. stating that the sources spell something differently is a superficial difference, but if your Source from the Past claims that the Polish started WWII and your scholarly source says the Germans started it, that is a very important difference.)Do you believe these differences make the Source from the Past unreliable or not? Why might this matter? (i.e. if the Source from the Past is accurate, then it matters because it gives an accurate account of events in the past…or if it is inaccurate, then it might matter because it is an example of false information being circulated at that time [especially if it is the only account that gives inaccurate information].)

Conclusion: Summarize your best arguments and best evidence from the rest of your paper. Restate your thesis. No new information should be introduced here. If it is not somewhere else earlier in your paper, it should not be in your conclusion.


MY Paper Scholarly Source (FROM ASSIGMENT #2: DONE)

  • MY CHOSEN “Source from the Past” from textbook which that is analyzed for my Primary Source Compare/Contrast Paper
  • Instructions on Primary Compare Source and Contrast Paper (MUST READ)
  • Check List for Primary Source Compare and Contrast Paper
  • Paper Grading Sheet


Assignment: Waste Management Regulation Compliance Science Assignment Help

Auto body shops typically generate several kinds of waste, including waste cleaning solvents, contaminated rags/wipes/absorbents, used car batteries, mercury switches, high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, paint stripper, unused or leftover paint, used oil, antifreeze, metal scraps, and sanding or grinding dusts that may contain metals and/or paint.

If you were asked to provide consultation for an owner of an auto body shop in your home state that generates each of these materials, identify a stepwise process for the business owner to address each of the above-listed types of waste. Consider putting your response in the form of a checklist, questions, or in a decision tree in an “if” and “then” format. For example, “Does the paint stripper include chemicals that meet the criteria for hazardous waste?” “If yes, for what characteristic?” and then describe the different procedures given the specific characteristics that might be present. Another option is to provide your response in a table format with columns of information for each waste material. Be sure to identify in what state or other jurisdiction you are consulting, as regulations are different in each state and jurisdiction. For example, used oil may be regulated as solid waste, or it may be considered hazardous waste, depending on your location.

Your response should be in APA format including a title page and a reference page. An abstract is not required for this assignment. The body of your paper (not including title or reference page) should be approximately 2-3 pages.


Team Proposal Business Finance Assignment Help

Original work please, this is a final ?

Imagine you have been asked to create a team at work to meet a specific need within your company.

Create a 350- to 700-word proposal of a team to present to your manager. Include the following:

  • A description of what type of group/team this will be
  • A description of the goals of the group/team and how many team members will be needed
  • An outline of a plan for how this group/team will be effective, including the following:
    • A proposed leadership style
    • The characteristics that you are looking for in team members
    • The roles that each team member will take on
    • Methods for enhancing group cohesion
    • Strategies for managing conflict
    • Strategies for decision making and problem solving
  • A proposed team agenda for the first meeting


Water crisis in west virginia Writing Assignment Help

I attached my overview paper and it has been done but i want you to do my Term paper

each student will turn in their own independently written 3-page
overview (via Turn-it-in) that summarizes the historical and geographical background of their
issue. In addition to the three pages of text, you must include a map and a list of 4-5 scholarly resources
(academic journals or books, not newspapers or magazines) that you have used (or plan to use) for your
paper. If you have any confusion about what a “scholarly” source includes or excludes, be sure to
contact me or read more here This overview
and your final paper must be fully and properly referenced. See the WVU library for more information
about citation-styles The citation-style you use does not
matter just be consistent in how you cite and reference your sources. Your papers must be doublespaced,
Times New Roman 12-point font, with 1 inch margins all around. On this same day, we will
discuss each of these six topics, so please be prepared to speak briefly on your topic. I will give you
feedback on this paper that you MUST incorporate into your final term paper.

Final Term Paper (25% for the paper & 5% presentation)
Your final term paper must include an introduction that highlights the geographical concepts you
are using in your paper. Some of the major Political Geography concepts that we will examine throughout
the semester include: the state, nation, spatial identity, globalization, imperialism, orientalism, post
colonialism, resistance, development, territory, sovereignty, borders, conflict, natural resources, human
rights, security and migration. Building from the overview paper you wrote earlier in the semester, use
between 3-5 of concepts to help explain your geopolitical issue. Provide some historical and geographical
context about the issue, but focus on how your chosen concepts help us to understand your
issue. Make sure to include a conclusion that summarizes the connection between your specific
geopolitical conflict and the relevant geographical concepts. You are required to cite at least five
“scholarly” sources (see above for links to more info on scholarly sources and properly citing work). Many
of the articles you will read in class will help with your term papers and I strongly encourage you to use
them in your term paper. Your papers will be double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, with 1
inch margins all around and be 10 pages in length, not including “works cited” or any images,
graphics or maps. Final papers due on Monday 12/10 at noon via Turn-it-in.
You will research and write your papers on your own, but work in groups to present your findings
formally to the class at the end of the semester. As a group, you will share ideas and work together to
create a group presentation. On 12/5, each group will present their findings formally to the class.
Your group presentations will be 15 minutes long and be illustrated with Powerpoint (or comparable
software). On 11/14 (after your exam), 75 minutes of class time will be dedicated to working within your
groups to share ideas about the topic and to outline your presentations.



How the events in 1492 and after affected religious minorities and native Americans? Writing Assignment Help

Write 8-pages research paper on the year 1492 and the impacts on Granada Kingdom (Muslims), Jews and the native Americans. The essay type is going to be type A in the guidelines. Also, the annotated bibliography with the sources is attached, and the 2 primary sources are included too ( The Letter of Columbus and Edict of the Expulsion of the Jews ). Rubric and research proposal are attached too.

The topic needs a bit of narrowing down, so we could foucs more on the catholic kings and the jews, and the Americas.

How the events in 1492 and after affected religious minorities and native Americans? Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Unit 1 discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

Unit 1 Discussion 2: Streamlining Processes

2525 unread replies.2525 replies.

EO1.2: Explain how value stream improvement builds organizational value.

EO1.3: Describe how value stream improvement supports customer relationships.

Sigma is a quality improvement process that decreases defects and costs, which in turn, adds value to the business and improves how the customer and other stakeholders view the business. Whether the firm is a for-profit business such as Caterpillar, a non-profit organization such as the Red Cross, or a government agency such as the Department of Defense, Six Sigma methodology and processes improve performance and decrease defects and costs.

Watch this short video (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. on how Caterpillar used Six Sigma methods, especially Value Stream Mapping, to add value and increase profits. Note: You may click the CC button for close captioning.


Assume you are a Six Sigma Green Belt. Your supervisor has tasked you with forming a Six Sigma team to determine how to increase profits and add value. You are observing Caterpillar, a company that has implemented Six Sigma methodology very successfully. After you have watched the video, respond to these points in your post:

  1. Briefly describe how Value Stream Mapping helped to streamline Caterpillar’s processes and increase profits.
  2. What is your main take-away from this video about Six Sigma methodology and Value Stream processes?
  3. Describe two ways the company for which you work (or with which a friend/family member works) might use Six Sigma to improve quality and add value.


Government Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

I will send you the two classmates response once I recive the discussion… Thanks in advance!

In Federalist No. 78, Alexander Hamilton argued that the judiciary was the least dangerous branch of government. Many people would argue that Hamilton was incorrect and that today’s courts wield an enormous amount of power. However, Hamilton believed the courts were the least dangerous branch because they had the power of neither the purse nor the sword. The courts’ power increased with John Marshall’s establishment of judicial review.

All presidents are concerned with the legacy they leave once out of office and major influence on this legacy is the Supreme Court justices they appoint. For this reason, politics plays an immense role the nomination process. Consider the nomination of Merrick Garland by Barack Obama in 2016 to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia (an icon of conservative ideology). However, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declared any appointment by the sitting president to be null and void. He said the next Supreme Court justice should be chosen by the next president — to be elected later that year. According to McConnell, “the American people should have a say in the court’s direction. It is a president’s constitutional right to nominate a Supreme Court justice, and it is the Senate’s constitutional right to act as a check on the president and withhold its consent.” Supreme Court picks have often been controversial but there was no precedence to ignore the nominee entirely. Scalia’s seat would later be filled by Neil Gorsuch (nominated by President Donald Trump).

Based on this information (and your own outside research), analyze the process by which U.S. judges are nominated and confirmed. Does this seem like a fair process? What extent does it have on the political lean of the Court, and therefore, on United States law (specifically civil rights and civil liberties)? Cite specific examples. Consider the concepts of judicial activism and judicial restraint in your response.

Your initial discussion postings (250-300 words) should demonstrate an understanding and analysis of the assigned readings and video. It may be helpful to reference the assigned material in your response demonstrating connections between your thoughts and the course resources. In addition, you will also need to post two substantial responses (about 150-200words) to at least two of your classmates’ posts.


assignment Writing Assignment Help

  • Worth 20 points based on rubric criteria.
  • Expect feedback within 10 days of submission date.
  • The information should contain relevant information about the program. Students should reflect an understanding of the topics addressed in each module in a parent-friendly language.

Purpose: This assignment aims to help students understand major theories of early childhood education that include the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of young children. Please review the rubric criteria (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. that will be used in grading this assignment.

Write the school philosophy containing:

  • Name of the school
  • Theoretical foundations and rationale of school philosophy (300 words)
  • Mission statement (50)
  • Vision statement (50)
  • School philosophy based on theoretical foundations of the program and a rationale for selecting this program (300 words)

Write a program description including:

  • The role of the teacher, the parents, the children and the environment in connection with school philosophy (150 words)
  • Program or curriculum (150 words)
  • How the program meets developmentally appropriate practices (DAP) (150 words)

Describe the environment:

  • Materials and room arrangement connected with school philosophy
  • Explain how materials and room arrangements support children’s learning

Explain discipline policy:


critical response ( at least 300 words) Business Finance Assignment Help

please read the following website articles, and write a critical response, the response should think about the question of how do people breakup in the digital age? Gershon’s chapter is a bit dated, but that can be useful: what has changed and what has stayed the same? For more recent attitudes, skim Lenhart et al. please use APA format and the response should include the in-text APA citation.




  • Ilana Gershon, How do you know?, ch=4
  • [supanova_question]”.

  • Ilana Gershon, How do you know?, ch=4
  • [supanova_question]”.

  • Ilana Gershon, How do you know?, ch=4
  • [supanova_question]

    AMBM: Unit 4 Individual Project Business Finance Assignment Help

    AMBM: Unit 4 Individual Project Business Finance Assignment Help

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