American University China and US Climate Change Policy Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

American University China and US Climate Change Policy Discussion Humanities Assignment Help. American University China and US Climate Change Policy Discussion Humanities Assignment Help.

It is a debate about China-US climate change policy. Part of the work has been finished. Please make sure you have enough ability to handle this, it is graduate-level work.

Climate Change: Envoy John Kerry has called for the Chinese to consider climate change as “a critical stand-alone issue.” However, China is not incentivized to do so, and better meet its interests by issuing a quid pro quo to the U.S. that it will only work jointly on climate change if the U.S. does not push the genocide designation in Xinjiang.

Below is two docs. One of the docs describes the one side of the augment. You should follow the sample, follow the given augment to finish the other side of augmenting. It should be one page long. Please read all materials carefully before writing. The higher quality and less time using will receive high tips.

American University China and US Climate Change Policy Discussion Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

BUS 661 Ashford University Mitigating the Chaos of Change Essay Writing Assignment Help

Change managers play an active role in the way change occurs within the organization. There are specific foundational approaches associated with the change process and the coach and interpreter images. Evaluate and discuss the Organizational Development (OD) approach as associated with the coach image. Evaluate and discuss the sense making approach as associated with the interpreter image. Compare and contrast the steps of each evaluated framework.

Your paper should be three to four pages in length (excluding the title and reference pages). Your paper must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center, and it must include in-text citations and references for at least two scholarly sources from the Ashford University Library, in addition to the course text.


HST 102 Indiana Wesleyan University World War II Video Summary Humanities Assignment Help

I’m working on a history discussion question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

  • When finished with watching this video, please write a summary of at least 150 words, describing what happened and your thoughts on this video. Include in your summary the names of the ship and the four chaplains. Think about how this true story demonstrates the words of Jesus, “Greater love has no man than this, than a man would lay down his life for his friends.”Please watch the entire moving video including the poem at the end. This is a story that needs to be told and not about specific faith but the love and faith of four men who should be always remembered.
    1. The Four Chaplains -WWII
  • [supanova_question]

    Florida Atlantic University Barriers & Intimacies in International Mobility Responses Business Finance Assignment Help



    Tung asked a sample of multinational managers to indicate the reasons for the failure of his expatriates (Hill & Hult, 2017, pp. 561-566). For USA multinationals, the reasons, in order of significance, were (Hill & Hult, 2017, pp. 561-566):

    • Spouse’s inability to adapt.
    • Administrator’s inability to adapt.
    • Other family problems.
    • Personal or emotional immaturity of the administrator.
    • Inability to handle greater responsibilities abroad.

    The managers of European companies gave only one consistent reason for the failure of their expatriates, the inability of the spouse to adapt to a new environment (Hill & Hult, 2017, pp. 561-566). For Japanese companies, the reasons for the failure were (Hill & Hult, 2017, pp. 561-566):

    • Inability to handle greater responsibilities abroad.
    • Difficulties with the new environment.
    • Personal or emotional problems.
    • Lack of technical knowledge.
    • Spouse’s inability to adapt.

    The most noticeable difference between these lists is that the “inability of the spouse to adapt” was the main reason for the failure of the expatriates, in the cases of the US and European multinationals, but it ranks only fifth among the reasons of the Japanese multinationals (Hill & Hult, 2017, pp. 561-566). Tung explains that this difference is not unexpected, due to the role and condition to which the wife is traditionally relegated to Japanese society, and to the fact that most Japanese expatriate managers in the study were men (Hill & Hult, 2017, pp. 561-566).


    Hill, C. W., & Hult, G. T. (2017). International Business (11e, Previous Editions 2015, 2013 and 2011 ed.). New York, NY, USA: McGraw Hill Education



    Good Evening Dr.,

    Selection of a candidate has a formal procedure to follow and go through. Since cultural value can be different between headquarters and the host country (Dowling, Marion, & Allen, 2017) it is important to hire someone who is the right fit for the job. There is no perfect candidate to manage a project, but such candidate must be able to handle the challenges that international project management can have. Let us remember that employer branding can play a crucial role in the selection of a potential candidate where domestic or international positions have a certain fit in mind.

    For example, ethnocentric, polycentric, regiocentric and geocentric staffing all serve a specific role. Multinationals should be concerned with expatriate failure because of the lingering effect it may have on the organization. Failure can equal to loss of cost in training and developing, resulting in the loss of funding. The inability for an expatriate’s family to accustom to a foreign country is an imbalance of work life and family life that should raise the concerns of multinationals.

    Local policy of a host country can change because of the failure of an expatriate in relation to their families. IT is noteworthy to recognize that the families of expatriates are forced to get creative to understand how daily life is conducted in certain countries (Cangià & Zittoun, 2018). Culture shock and language barriers are some challenges faced when training expatriate managers. For example, female expatriates may face cultural challenges that does not allow them to travel alone due to their gender and marital status (Shortland, 2018).

    Works Cited

    Cangià, Flavia, and Tania Zittoun. “EDITORIAL: When “expatriation” Is a Matter of Family. Opportunities, Barriers and Intimacies in International Mobility.” Migration Letters; Luton 15.1 (2018): 1-16. Web. 29 Jan. 2021.

    Dowling, Peter J., Marion Festing, and Allen D. Engle. International Human Resource Management. Australia: Cengage Learning, 2017. Print.

    Shortland, Susan. “Female Expatriates’ Motivations and Challenges: The Case of Oil and Gas.” Gender in Management: An International Journal 33.1 (2018): 50-65. Web. 29 Jan. 2021



    -Good Evening Professor and classmates

    What are the mist important factors involved in the selection decision?
    Ans: All organizations expect productivity and positive performance from their staff and employees. To find and retain talented employees that can provide the necessary skill set, an organization must focus on their recruitment and selection process. According to our text, International Human Resource Management (Dowling et al, 2019). Selection is the process of gathering information for the purpose of evaluating and deciding who should be employed in particular jobs. There are certain factors that take importance in this process to give an organization the best chances for effective selection. These factors are technical ability, cross-cultural suitability, family requirements, country/cultural requirement, the requirements of the multinational organizations and language skills.

    Should multinationals be concerned about expatriate failure ? Why or why not.

    Ans: Expatriate failure is defined as a premature return of the expatriate. Meaning that the expatriate returned from their assignment prior to its completion. If factors were not efficiently considered, the assignment can be too overwhelming for that expatriate. Yes, this should be a concern for multinationals. While international assignments are critical to global success, expatriates sometimes fail to achieve company objectives and these failed assignments are extremely costly and can severely affect an organizations bottom line (Miluwi & Rashid, 2012). It ranges around one million to assign an expatriate to an assignment. If that expatriate fails, that is an expense that the organization suffers.

    Summarize the challenges faced in training expatriate managers.

    Ans: One main challenge in training expatriates as managers is the differentiation of culture for each respective country. Cross-cultural training must include cultural sensitivity, cultural awareness, knowledge of the culture’s social norms and values as wells as language skills. An expatriate manager must have a global mindset to acknowledge the need for this training and be receptive to it. The challenge to enable people to work effectively across cultures in a global economy has forced multinational companies to provide their expatriates with adequate cross-cultural training (Bassu & Wood, 2010).


    Bassu, M. & Wood, E. (2010) Cross-cultural training of European and American managers in Morocco. Journal of European Industrial Training.
    Bradford. Vol 34, Iss. 4.

    Dowling, P., Festing, M. & Engle, A. (2019) International Human Resource Management. 7th Edition. Cengage Learning.

    Miluwi, J. & Rashid, H. (2012) Expatriate Management:The role of self-efficacy and motivation. Management Prudence. New Delhi. Vol 3. Iss. 2.


    SJCC Example for Cover Letter Resume & Thank You Letter for A Hiring Manager Writing Assignment Help

    Compose a cover letter for an imaginary job or internship that you are interested in at an actual company, educational institution, or governmental agency (city, county, state, federal). Put the correct address of the job at the top of your letter (see the model cover letter by Julia Kim for an example).

    Next, prepare an updated resume that is tailored for this imaginary job or internship. Your resume can follow any approved format. If you are unsure of which format to use, adapt the one used by Julia Kim.

    Last, compose a pretend “thank you” letter to the HR department of where you applied. The letter will be rather short; a half page is sufficient.

    Send me all three documents as one file.



    HRM 660 Ashford University Week 3 Research Methodology Essay Writing Assignment Help

    Week Three’s assignment builds on the previous assignments and will be part of the final assignment. Prior to beginning the assignment, review the Section III: An Overview of Quantitative and Qualitative Data Collection Methods article, specifically pages 49-61. One key role of an internal consultant is data collection. In week one, you identified a problem within an organization. The next step is to collect data relevant to analyzing and evaluating the problem.

    • Evaluate the three research methodologies described in the article – quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods.
    • Choose the most appropriate methodology for the identified problem and explain why you believe this is the most appropriate.
    • Evaluate a minimum of three data collection techniques described in the article.
    • Choose the method(s) that you believe would be most appropriate for the identified problem and explain why this would be the most appropriate data collection technique.
    • Explain how you will evaluate the gathered data and how the data will fulfill the needs of the Human Resource Management strategy.

    Be sure to support your statements with evidence from your sources.

    The Data Gathering/Research Methodology paper

    • Must be four to five double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
    • Must include a separate title page with the following:
      • Title of paper
      • Student’s name
      • Course name and number
      • Instructor’s name
      • Date submitted
      • Must use at least three scholarly sources, in addition to the course text.
        • The Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources table offers additional guidance on appropriate source types. If you have questions about whether a specific source is appropriate for this assignment, please contact your instructor. Your instructor has the final say about the appropriateness of a specific source for a particular assignment.
        • Must document all sources in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
        • Must include a separate references page that is formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

        HRM 660 Ashford University Week 3 Research Methodology Essay Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

        Rasmussen Emotional & Psychological Post Crisis Trauma Is Psychological Disorder Ques Humanities Assignment Help

        Managing the emotions of clients involves understanding the strengths and weaknesses of clients so that the Human Services Professional is sensitive to client needs when actively engaged with them. Sometimes clients may respond through anger, shock, or may not show emotions outwardly. Still, the Human Services Professional has to assist all clients with processing individualized thoughts and feelings so that a progressive plan of action for addressing the crisis can be developed.

        As you continue to develop the Crisis Support Plan for your chosen crisis situation, it is essential that you are ready to support a highly distressed client who is having difficulty working through the situation. In a 3-page paper, written in APA format using proper spelling and grammar, address the following:

        1. Perform some library research to identify strategies that Human Services Professionals can use when managing clients in emotional and/or psychological distress post-crisis. Describe the techniques that you feel will be most valuable in your Crisis Support Plan. Be sure to cite your sources.
        2. What factors in your scenario need to be considered when developing a plan for supporting your highly distressed client?
        3. Why is it important for a Human Services Professional to manage highly distressed clients who are having difficulty managing their emotions independently? What are the potential outcomes (both positive and negative)?
        4. What are the things that one should NOT do or say when working with highly distressed clients?


        Appalachian College of Pharmacy Fyre Media Stakeholder Map Paper & Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

        you need to create a stakeholder map. A stakeholder map is a network diagram of the relationships between all of the stakeholders.

        To make the stakeholder map, you will first read the Fyre Festival case linked below. While reading that case you need to think about and identify who Fyre Media’s stakeholders are. Remember, stakeholders are those who can affect or be affected by a business’ decision. Making a stakeholder map will help you identify who the stakeholders are and the relationships between and among the stakeholders.

        Fyre Media should be at the center of the stakeholder map. From there, you can show the stakeholder relationships with Fyre Media and relationships among other stakeholders by lines or arrows.

        here is the stakeholder map picture


        MSWK 7340 SSU Difference of Children and Adolescent Assesment Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

        Evidence-based practice for social workers: One Size FITS ALL

        After reading chapter 1 and 2 in the text Clinical Assessment of Children, discuss in a minimum of 500 words why it is important that clinicians use multiple sources of data, particularly when making diagnostic decisions and classifications that will be meaningful for treatment. What skill sets do you have to aid in your practice of clinical assessment? What do you believe are your weaknesses. Describe your theoretical framework for working with families and children (If you have not devised one, please use this opportunity to develop one, by adding it to this discussion) at least 2 reference in addition to the unit material, text, or other academic source, and meet the length requirement of 500 words minimum.

        Use APA Style-Format. You may use subheadings and respond in a narrative format (paragraphs).


        Hudson County Community College Wk 2 Twelve Angry Men Film Reaction Paper Writing Assignment Help

        Week 02 Assignment 1 – Twelve Angry Men

        Please submit under Safe Assign

        Students will view the movie “Twelve Angry Men” starring Henry Fonda. It is available at movie rental outlets and on NetFlix. You may also read the play or the book obtained from your local library or NookBooks. Write a reaction paper to this story of group interaction. Do not write a “movie review”. Describe the action from the point of view of an observer. How was the group formed, who is the leader, what motivations are discernable, and how does the group move through the phases of orientation, working and termination. In this reaction paper thoughtful analysis of process is more important than the description of content. Review the link for Guidelines for Film Discussion below.

        Guidelines for Film Discussion

        Part One (20% of grade)

        Describe what you are reacting to in terms of your understanding the general thesis of a book/play/movie. Consider what was occurring at the time that this story was written. Basic information might include the author (do we know something about the author’ motivation that might help us to understand why the story needed to be told), time in terms of era, or decade, country in which the action takes place, and environment (city, farm, war zone, etc.). Might the process, content or outcome change if this activity took place during a different historical time period?

        Part Two (30% of grade)

        Reflect and comment on the contents of the Guidelines for Film Discussion. Remember, a Reaction Paper is just what the name suggests. It is a paper describing your reaction to the story. After a brief description of the situation state your opinion or your evaluation of what occurred. You should address the questions in the Guidelines for Film Discussion including i.e. evaluating the relationships among the characters, focus on one character or explain how the interactions of the characters lead to the denouement of the story. Do not attempt to write a comprehensive review of the story. We all know the story.

        Part Three (30% of grade)

        Apply knowledge gained from reading the textbook and other sources. React to the significance of the group interaction and describe the group process that was going on. How does the group move through the phases of orientation, working and termination? Also, examine Tuckman’s Model of Group Development and how the jurors went through these stages. Provide examples. After explaining your perceptions support that perception with specific evidence (e.g. direct quotes or specific scenes). Refer briefly to the content you gleaned from reading/ watching the story.

        Part Four (20% of grade)

        Conclude with your personal reaction to the group. You will be telling the significance of the story as you discern it. It is your personal appraisal of the action. There is no “correct” personal reaction. This is a formal essay.


        • Minimum of 400 words
        • Must reference textbook and use two additional references
        • Use APA, 6th Edition, citation format


        American University China and US Climate Change Policy Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

        American University China and US Climate Change Policy Discussion Humanities Assignment Help