AMU Personal Experience & Reflection on The Supernatural TV Show Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

AMU Personal Experience & Reflection on The Supernatural TV Show Discussion Humanities Assignment Help. AMU Personal Experience & Reflection on The Supernatural TV Show Discussion Humanities Assignment Help.

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Part 1 (Practice Outline)

Using the format we discussed in our Lessons this week, please create a practice outline. Since we are only practicing organization here, let’s keep the topic choices simple: your favorite (or least favorite) TV show or movie, your favorite (or least favorite) holiday, or another similar topic. If you prefer to choose your own topic, please Message me your idea for approval. See my example below.

Essay Title: Ghost Adventures


Introduction Details:

Open with various TV genres that I enjoy (examples: vintage TV shows, news, movie channels).

My favorite genre is suspense, particularly the show Ghost Adventures.

Thesis Statement:

Ghost Adventures is my favorite TV shows because of the investigators, the paranormal theme, and the locations they visit.


Topic Sentence (with a transition word):

First, I tune in to Ghost Adventures because I enjoy watching the investigators.

Supporting Details:

Discuss Zac, Nick, and Aaron (original members)

Mention support staff and new members


Topic Sentence (with a transition word):

Additionally, the paranormal theme of Ghost Adventures is intriguing.

Supporting Details:

Purpose of show is to prove that ghosts exist

High-tech equipment (examples)

Ghost sightings and audio evidence


Topic Sentence (with a transition word):

Finally, the crew of Ghost Adventures travels to many exciting locations.

Supporting Details:

Places: Hotels, old buildings, houses, etc.

Specific cities: Salem, Los Angeles, Gettysburg


Thesis restated in a slightly different way:

For many reasons, Ghost Adventures is my favorite television show.

Concluding Thoughts:

Paranormal theme



Looking forward to many more seasons

Part 2 (Practice Outline)

Now pick ONE paragraph from your outline and fully develop it. You may use first person, if you wish, but avoid second person (you). Do not use sources. Write five to eight well developed sentences and no less than 100 words. See below for an example.

Below is my completed fourth paragraph.

Finally, the crew of Ghost Adventures travels to many exciting locations. It is always so much fun to start an episode and find out what and where the crew will be investigating. For example, they investigate hotels, houses, prisons, hospitals, and basically any location that is rumored to be haunted. My personal favorite episode is when they investigate a house a few doors down from where some of the Manson murders occurred. Also, they are willing to travel all over the world and have been to cities such as Salem, Massachusetts; Los Angeles, California; Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; and to countries overseas, like England and Ireland. No matter where they go or what type of structure they investigate, every episode is sure to be exciting and full of ghostly adventures!

Part 3

Assignment Instructions

This week, you will write your first essay. Please develop the ideas you began in the forum area this week into a full essay. Use the three-part thesis and five-paragraph essay format you learned this week under Lessons.

(Example thesis: Ghost Adventures is my favorite TV shows because of the investigators, the paranormal theme, and the locations they visit.) Tip: TV or movie titles should be put in italics.

Do not use sources or include research for this essay. We are practicing organization this week, and this essay should be strictly your own writing.

Please do not let anyone else write or revise your writing. My job is to help you improve YOUR writing. I can only do that if you let me see your mistakes. I am not interested in how well someone else writes. I want to help YOU!

(Hint: if you are struggling, there are tutoring opportunities listed on our Syllabus. This is an appropriate route for acquiring help with your writing. You may contact me for help anytime too!)

Download the template and save it as your last name and Essay 1 (Example: Smith_Essay1). The MLA formatting is done for you (e.g., Times New Roman size 12, double-spaced, header, etc.). Update your name, your professor’s name, and date. Don’t forget to put your last name in the header. (Let me know if you don’t know how to get into the header section or type a question into your Word help section.)

Your essay should be between 500 and 750 words. Please do not go under the word count at all. Do not go over the word count by more than 50 words. Following instructions is an important part of any writing assignment, and often you will be asked to adhere to word count guidelines, so this is good practice!

Be sure that all paragraphs are well developed. I suggest 5-8 sentences per paragraph and no less than 100 words per paragraph, including your introduction and conclusion.

(Points saver: as you proof your essay in Word, hit the control [ctrl] key and the “F” key at the same time. This will bring up the search feature. Type in what you wish to find, such as the word you, to be sure you have avoided second person. This works in finding contractions too. Type in an apostrophe and hit enter!)

AMU Personal Experience & Reflection on The Supernatural TV Show Discussion Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Glendale Community College Sociology Racism and Prejudice to Ethic Groups Test Humanities Assignment Help

A Race or racial identity is ascribed to groups of people based only on differences in skin color.



Race and social class operate independently of each other, making it easy to determine if one or the other is the source of inequality in a social situation.



Racism relies heavily on the use of negative stereotypes to justify prejudice and discrimination.

Which of the following problems is/are directly related to racial inequality’s impact on life chances?

Group of answer choices

Race is perceived or read ______________ , while ethnicity is perceived or read _________________ .

Group of answer choices

Race, though biologically meaningless, is an ideology historically designed to

Group of answer choices

Which of the following is not a feature of aversive racism?

Group of answer choices

In _______________________, Omi and Winant describe race as a decentered complex of social meanings that are the result of political, economic, and cultural struggles.

Group of answer choices

Racial transparency is the idea that a given society’s dominant group

Group of answer choices

Match this statement with the theoretical perspective it most represents:

Stereotypes, with their meanings and expectations, guide much of the social contact between racial groups.

Group of answer choices

Match this statement with the theoretical perspective it most represents:

Assimilation is a valid path to racial harmony and acceptance.

Group of answer choices

Match this statement with the theoretical perspective it most represents:

Traditional gender roles, in which women take care of expressive tasks like child-rearing, represent the natural order.

Group of answer choices

Match this statement with the theoretical perspective it most represents:

Women and men are frequently socialized to conform to a culture’s ideas of what is feminine and masculine, despite the often arbitrary nature of these ideas; to act against gender roles might result in being judged as deviant.

Group of answer choices

_____________ is the subordination of one sex based on the assumed superiority of the other.

Group of answer choices

According to the Marxist (and Engels) analysis of gender inequality, women are doubly exploited by

Group of answer choices

Which of the following are a result of gender ideologies in U.S. society?

Group of answer choices

The difference between sex and gender is:

Group of answer choices

The idea that there is a limit to how far most women can travel upward in the work and political spheres is called the:

Group of answer choices

Which theoretical perspective’s analysis of gender roles in the family comes closest to the idea of essentialism?

Group of answer choices

At its core, _______________ is simply the idea that women and men should have equal opportunities and respect.

Group of answer choices


ENG 105 UCLA Brainology Transforming Students Motivation to Learn Autobiography Writing Assignment Help

You will now organize your original essay into a recognizable essay format with an Introduction, Thesis, Topic Sentences, PIE Paragraphs, and Conclusion. The only sources you need to cite are Dweck and Miranda in MLA format. You will also reflect on your experiences during this semester by writing an additional section of the essay that will answer the following questions:

  1. Did you accomplish your goals for this class, including improving your writing confidence and your study skills?(the answer is yes)
  2. What aspects of the class were the easiest and the most difficult for you to accomplish and why?(the reading were easiest for me, and writing were most difficult for me.)
  3. In of view of what you have learned from your readings and research about your relationship to the environment and overconsumption, what personal habits have you changed or do you intend to change? How will you try to teach others about the problem? (i learned about the solar energy from my research and i realized that global warming was cited as a key issue that is
    likely to impact current and future generations. we have to protect the environment. )

Your revision should be at least one additional page in length, a minimum of 4 pgs.

I am not very good at writing, just try to do the revision for my essay, thanks!


UCumberlands Teaching Social Studies Students with War Games Movie Questions Writing Assignment Help

Question-1 : Watch the Movie War Games from 1983. According to the New York Times, this movie had a tremendous effect on President Ronald Reagan. Discuss in 500 words your opinion on whether it should be required viewing in social studies classes in high school. Do not repeat the story. Discuss it’s use in school.

Use at least three sources. Use the Research Databases available from the Danforth Library, not Google. Include at least 3 quotes from your sources enclosing the copied words in quotation marks and cited in-line by reference to your reference list. Example: “words you copied” (citation) These quotes should be one full sentence not altered or paraphrased. Cite your sources using APA format. Use the quotes in your paragraphs. Do Not Double space.

Reference : 1. #12

2.Has my email been compromised?

Map of DDOS attacks

Fireeye cyber threat map

10 largest cyber attacks


Hacking in the movies with Samy

Wietsse Venema & Dan Farmer (for historical reasons)

Cliff Stoll (author of The Cuckoo’s Egg)

Kevin Mitnick at Google

Hacker (the film)


Hacking Types

Red Team

The Troll Factory

Russian Election Hacking


Swift Network

US Military Personnel data hacked

Unit 8200

4. 8 top cyber attack maps and how to use them

Supply Chain Hacking from Wired Magazine

Question-2: Use the Web to search for methods to prevent XSS attacks.

Write a brief description of more than one method.

Use your own words and supply references.

Read and respond to at least two other students Discussions.

Post between 200 and 300 words.

Reference : 1 .



CSUN Critical Analysis on The Lottery & The Story of an Hour Comparative Essay Writing Assignment Help

In this Analysis Essay you will be projecting your critical reading skills and your knowledge of Critical Theories
learned in this course by analyzing 2 texts (of your choice from what we have discussed) in terms of 2 theories/
themes. That is to say, you will choose 2 texts from the list and will discuss how both can be analyzed using the
2 theories/ themes.
1. Choose any 2 stories (from the 4 we read for this class). This will be your PRIMARY SOURCES in the analysis Essay.
Here are the PRIMARY SOURCES to choose from:
• “The Lottery”
• “Two Kinds”
• “The Story of an Hour”
• “The Chaser”
You will be writing an analysis paper comparing the 2 stories in terms of 2 themes/ theories.
2. Choose any 2 Theories/ Themes (terms) that could be applied/ used to analyze the 2 stories you chose.
Here are the Critical Theories and Themes/ terms to choose from:
• Semiotics: Denotative/Connotative/ Symbolic meaning (De Saussure’s and Pierce’s theories)
When analyzing from the semiotic perspective, consider the meaning of the titles, some words/ phrases from the text and/or
the names of the characters in the stories, and their denotative / connotative meaning in the context of the text.
• Irony:
If any meaning (of the title, characters’ names, or words/phrases/ideas from the stories you chose are used ironically
• Ideologies/ Power, Privilege, Control gained through certain beliefs/ traditions, through social
status and/or education, knowledge, or certain skills (Marx’s theory)
• Capitalism: Competition, American Dream, Hero Motif, Commodification; Colonial Subject
When analyzing from this perspective, you may consider if the characters in your chosen stories hold any power and have
certain privilege among others based on their social status, gender, educational level, knowledge or any skill that the
characters possesses. You may also consider if the characters can be related to any type of capitalist ideologies or are
colonial subject vs. colonizer.
• ISA/RSA: control via ideologies and repression (Althusser’s theory)
When analyzing from this perspective, you may considerif the character(s) from your chosen texts are acting as the “state
apparatus” meaning if they are theones imposing ideologies,rules,beliefsor areusing any typeofpunishmentmethods
upon others/ “the disobedient.” Or areyourcharacterstheobedient/arethey theonefollowingthepre-set ideologies,rules,orare
beingpunishedfor deviatingfrom those expectations?
• Gender expectations in Patriarchal society and/or from Feminist perspectives
• “The Cult of the True Womanhood”
When analyzing from this perspective, you may consider if there are gender expectations imposed by the society in your
chosen stories. If your character(s) abide with any expected gender roles. You may consider their lifestyle, profession,
appearance, behavior, actions, interactions with others that re-affirm their gender role/prototype expected by the society.
• Altruism and/or Narcissism:
When analyzing from the perspective of this term, you may consider if the character(s) of your chosen texts are selfless or
self-centered; how much do they care about others.
E102/ 103: Final Analysis Essay _ Fall 2020 K. Yegoryan
Essay Due on Canvas by December 20, 2020 midnight
The Critical/ Theoretical Analysis Essay:
• Should have an academic essay structure: Introduction, Body Paragraphs, and a Conclusion
• Should be 3.5- 4.5 pages typed/ double spaced/ Times New Roman 12 font
• Should be analyzing 2 works in terms of 2 themes/ theories
• Should refer to at least one of the critical theories we discussed in this course and should
mention at least one theorist.
• Should refer to the Primary Sources/ the 2 texts you chose. It should have supporting
information, quotes, examples/references from the sources considered for the analysis.
• Should also have at least 2 (max 4) Secondary Sources researched to support your claims
The secondary sources may include:
v Credible texts / electronic sources such as an article, book, journal, scholar essay,
encyclopedia, etc. (* At least 2 credible sources)
* Use Google Scholar, or Academic databases of LAVC Library.
v Our course materials (example Theory Handouts, PowerPoints, lecture notes)
(but no more than 1 website information searched via regular search engines)
• It should use MLA format for in-text citations and a Works Cited page
You can choose any of these examples or come up with your own selection:
Critical Analysis of the short stories “The Lottery” and “The Story of an Hour” in terms of irony and expected
gender roles.
Critical Analysis of the the short stories “The Lottery” and “The Chaser” in terms of symbolism (semiotics) and
Power-Privilege ideologies imposed through gender.
Critical Analysis of the short stories “The Lottery” and “The Chaser” terms of Narcissism and the “Cult of the
true womanhood” patriarchal expectation.
Critical Analysis of the short stories “Two Kinds” and “The Lottery” in terms of symbolism (semiotics) and
Capitalist ideologies.
* I will also show some samples and we will discuss all the details!
E102/ 103: Final Analysis Essay _ Fall 2020 K. Yegoryan
Essay Due on Canvas by December 20, 2020 midnight
Grading Rubric
Analysis Essay is 45 points
• Academic structure/Paragraph Organization and balance 5p
• Length (3-4.5 pages)- 1p
• 2 X 2 ratio (2 Texts/Primary Sources x 2 Theories/ themes)- 2p
• Thesis Statement (1 or 2 sentences)- 5p
• Introducing the primary sources (brief summary)- 5p
• Mentioning at least 1 theorist-2p
• Application of themes: Referring to Primary sources (ref. or quote) 5p
• A min of 2 Credible- Secondary sources- 5p
• MLA Format and In-text citation 5p
• Works Cited page-5p
• Mechanics-5p




Nova Southeastern University what Do You Think Will Happen to The Euro? Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

I’m working on a business question and need an explanation to help me study.

Review the reasons for the establishment of the Euro, and review the cases to be made for its continuance or its demise. What do you think will happen to the Euro.


  • The body of the research papers must be at least three (3) pages in length minimum, but no more than five (5) pages.
  • Format – Follow APA format/Graduate Program standards.
  • Font – Please use Times New Roman, 12 point.
  • Margins – Please see your APA manual.
  • Page numbers – Please include page numbers in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Headings and subheadings – See your APA manual for information about the placement of headings and subheadings.
  • References – Please use peer-reviewed references only.

Nova Southeastern University what Do You Think Will Happen to The Euro? Paper Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Mental Health Nursing Descriptive Essay Science Assignment Help

Initial Post

Areas for reflection:

  • Describe how you achieved each course competency including at least one example of new knowledge gained related to that competency
  • Describe how you achieved the transferable skill, Communication, including at least one example of new knowledge gained related to the transferable skill
  • Describe how this new knowledge will impact your nursing practice.

Course Competencies

  • Describe the foundations of mental health nursing.
  • Explain current legal issues and social concerns in mental healthcare.
  • Select appropriate nursing interventions for clients with certain cognitive, addictive and psychotic conditions.
  • Evaluate nursing care strategies for clients with certain mental health/mood/personality and eating disorders.
  • Assemble nursing care interventions for clients with mental health/stress related disorders.
  • Identify factors that impact mental health in special populations.

Transferable Skills

Communication: Displaying capability in writing, reading and oral communication; understanding of non-verbal language.


You are required to give a minimum of two responses and follow the criteria listed below:

  • Review how your classmates achieved each course competency and transferable skill.
  • Identify new knowledge others gained you had not considered.
  • Describe how this new knowledge could impact your nursing practice.

Please make your initial post by midweek, and respond to at least two other student’s post by the end of the week. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.


POSC 348 GCCCD The Double Edged Nature of Law & Objects of Contestation Essay Writing Assignment Help

Requirements: 10 pages. Title Page—not part of the 10 page requirement: 12-point font with 1inch margins, Times New Roman, page numbers, correctly cited bibliography (citation style is noted in syllabus). Avoid first person narrative.

(You will lose points for not these requirements)

You must use citation style noted in syllabus. Please remember the cardinal rule: IF IN DOUBT, CITE.

Don’t forget to include your thesis statement and roadmap in your first paragraph (you will lose a significant number of points if your thesis statement and roadmap does not appear in your first paragraph).

Respond to the following statement:

There exists a double-edged nature to law: it creates both uncontested constraints on action as well as the basis of future contestation of existing norms.

First, using articles that we have read during the second half of this semester (McGuire and Palmer (“Issue Fluidity”) to Haltom and McCann (Distorting the Law)), discuss when disputes are transformed and not transformed into an object of contestation and what resources are utilized? For example, when do individuals and or groups move towards contesting that their rights have been or are being violated? Second, describe the limitations to individuals and or groups attempting to change existing norms? This should include, but is not limited to, such discussions of strategic actors, issue fluidity, legitimacy and the myth of rights. Finally, discuss whether the Court is an avenue for social change and can social change be achieved? Make sure to use theories and case studies we have discussed and current examples.


UWW Learning Theories Momentary Maximization & Conditioning Analysis Essay Humanities Assignment Help

Answer the essay questions keeping the numbers.

Use the chapters uploaded for assistance please. Do not use outside sources.

At least 1300 words.

Due Wednesday December 16, 2020 before 4pm

It is not sufficient to merely regurgitate phrases from class presentation or the text.Your answer must display your understanding of the material, as well as being accurate and complete.When you are asked for examples you must come up with your own, not repeat examples from the class or text.

1. Define/describe the matching law and explain its importance to our understanding of how organisms make choices.Give a concrete example of matching, either in a laboratory or “real world” situation. Define/describe momentary maximization and explain how that process is related to matching.

2. According to an operant conditioning analysis, why do animals and most people tend to choose more immediate but small reinforcers over larger reinforcers that can be gained after some delay?Be sure to describe the process called value discounting in your answer.Describe some conditions under which we can turn an individual away from an impulsive choice (small, immediate reinforcer) and toward a self-control choice (larger but delayed reinforcer).

3. Define/explain the economic variables elasticity, price, commodity, and substitutability in operant conditioning terms.Concrete examples may be helpful. What do these variables, traditionally the domain of economics, have to do with operant psychology?

4. Define/describe stimulus generalization and stimulus discrimination in operant conditioning.Give an example of each.Compare and contrast absolute and relational theories of stimulus control.Given that there is strong evidence for relational theory, what does that imply for the cognitive abilities of non-human animals?

5. Define/describe the peak shift phenomenon and explain Spence’s analysis of how it happens.Include an example of peak shift happening in real life.Your example must be different from those given in class or the text.

6. How is concept formation related to stimulus control over operant behavior?Describe how a person or animal might learn to form a particular concept.(An example might be helpful in your explanation but is not required.)How or why is the ability to form concepts useful?

7. What problem does observational learning present for behaviorists who state that behavior is learned through operant conditioning experiences?What are mirror neurons and how does their discovery suggest a solution to this problem?


COM 1388 RC Pre School Should Be Made Mandatory in All United StatesPPT Business Finance Assignment Help

Proposal-Based Presentation

Now that you’ve finished your written proposal, you are ready to create a PowerPoint presentation based on it. This should not be a reproduction of your proposal; rather it is to share information about your proposal with your instructor.

PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines

To create your Final Course Project PowerPoint Presentation, you should not copy and paste large sections of text from your written proposal. A PowerPoint presentation is different from a written report. Your slides should include only the main points from your proposal, and these main points should be condensed into short phrases and explanations. Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following elements: The presentation should include 9-10 slides, including the Title Slide. It is important to ensure your instructor can follow your presentation and understand what you are communicating. You will not be recording your voice; you will be giving your instructor your script directly on the slides themselves and in the dialog box.

The presentation should include:

  • Title Slide
  • Purpose Statement Slides
  • Audience Slides
  • Problem Slides
  • Original and Creative Solution Slides
  • Visuals that enhance your presentation

Title Slide

Your title slide should include the following:

  • An appropriate title for your proposal presentation
  • The name of this course (in place of the name of the company preparing the proposal)
  • The author’s name
  • The date of the presentation

Purpose Statement (1-2 slides)

Include the purpose statement from your project. Add a reflective statement if you think you have fulfilled the purpose of the project.

Audience (1 slide)

Your slides should explain who the audience of your proposal includes and what their needs are.

  • Tell how you will overcome skepticism.
  • What objections do you anticipate?

Problem Section (2-3 slides)

Just as you did in the written proposal, you must prove that a serious problem exists. You may want to answer these questions about your problem:

  • How long has the problem existed?
  • Is it worse now? Why?
  • What are some relevant statistics?
  • What are other people doing to solve similar problems?

Original and Creative Solution Section (2-3 slides)

Your slides should briefly outline the change you propose and want approved. Your solution should be directly related to the problem you just documented and be appropriate to the audience you’ve described.

Again, please remember that PowerPoint slides should use short phrases and explanations, not complete paragraphs from your written proposal. You should consider using visuals in this section if you cite numerical data to support your plan.

In the overall format of your PowerPoint slides, please use the following guideline:

  • Use an appropriate design template. Assume that your presentation will be given in a “bright” room (with the lights on).

The following resources may help you as you create your PowerPoint and cite your sources:

A Word on Visuals…

Make sure your visuals explain, support, or enhance your presentation. Do not use visuals simply as decoration.


A Word on Visuals…

Make sure your visuals explain, support, or enhance your presentation. Do not use visuals simply as decoration.


A Word on Visuals…

Make sure your visuals explain, support, or enhance your presentation. Do not use visuals simply as decoration.


A Word on Visuals…

Make sure your visuals explain, support, or enhance your presentation. Do not use visuals simply as decoration.


AMU Personal Experience & Reflection on The Supernatural TV Show Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

AMU Personal Experience & Reflection on The Supernatural TV Show Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

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