Analytic Essay Humanities Assignment Help

Analytic Essay Humanities Assignment Help. Analytic Essay Humanities Assignment Help.

Choose either one, ūüôā work only with one .

–Argue how Marlowe‚Äôs Dr.
Faustus  attacks escapism.

how Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus  advocates that moral corruption pervades

=Yes, you must once again provide a works cited at
the end and one that is correct according to MLA format, which includes a works
cited and proper citations.

Please fallow the instruction,
the professor is very strict on this

3 full pages please        

Introductory Paragraph (The essay’s first paragraph):

-Your introductory paragraph ends with a
thesis; by ‚Äúend‚ÄĚ, make sure it‚Äôs the last sentence of your first paragraph.

-Your thesis must take a position; it’s must
explicitly state you think people should (or should not) do. Your thesis should
refer to the character or he author; it should refer to people who exist in reality,
don’t write what you think is the author’s viewpoint; instead write your own.  

-Make sure that the position is worth arguing. In
other words, make it an opinion some people would disagree with it. If your
position is one that most people agree with, then is a week thesis that makes a
week essay.

Your analytic
paragraph (the 2nd paragraph, but also the 3rd, the 4th
and the 5th at least)

 Open each analytic paragraph with viewpoint;
state what you think people should do; it should act as a sub-heading for your
thesis that also declares what people should do.  

1—Do not open your analytic paragraph by
announcing the story/poem/play/ and what happen in it, or what the writer
believes. When staring your analytic paragraph, try not to mention the work- or
the author ‚Äď at all. Neither one relates to what should be your viewpoint.

– Do not open you analytic paragraph by
mentioning the characters and their problem; remember you must focus instead on
opening with what you think people should or should not do.

– Do not open you analytic paragraph with a quote.
You must star with  your own words, not
the author’s.

2–Provide a quote. After you have finish opening
with viewpoint for your analytical paragraph, then introduce the quote; before writing
it, you may briefly relate the character’s trouble or situation that relates to
your viewpoint , You certainly want to name (narrator? Character? Authors? )
who says this quote.

– Start the quote with a quotation mark and
finish with one; keep them close to the letters and each one should pint toward
the quote.

-you must add citation after your quote.

-do not quote too much; no more that forty per
cent  of the paragraph’s words should be
the author’s if your quote is that long or longer, then you need to either edit
your quote or write more.

3– Comment after you r quote in your words after
your quote; do not end the analytic paragraph with a quote.

how your quote connects back to your viewpoint at the paragraph’s beginning .

-do not write what happen next in the story or
play after your quote.  

-Do not end your paragraph telling about
characters; end it, like you opening, without mentioning either the character
or the author, again end your paragraph by clarifying how your quote proves
your papers arguments. This will inevitably refer back to your opening paragraph’s

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Software Assignment S, Computer Science Assignment Homework Help Computer Science Assignment Help

1. When describing a system, explain why you may have to design the system architecture before the requirements specification is complete

2. Draw diagrams showing a conceptual view and a process view of the architectures of the following systems:

  a. An automated ticket-issuing system used by passengers at a railway station.

  b. A computer-controlled video conferencing system that allows video, audio, and computer data to be visible  several participants at the same time.

  c. A robot floor cleaner that is intended to clean relatively clear spaces such as corridors. The cleaner must be able to sense walls and other obstructions

 3. Assume that the MHC-PMS is being developed using an object-oriented approach. Draw a use case diagram showing at least six possible use cases for this system.

make sure no plagrisiam


Stop eating meat Urgent Ethics, College Assignment Help Assignment Help

Foer is asking people to:

Stop buying factory-farmed meat

Defend the rights of animals

All of these

Regan is against

Hunting animals

Eating animals

Experimenting on animals

All of these

Cohen is against

Neglecting your pets

Eating animals

Experimenting on animals

None of these

Kant believes that

We should not be unnecessarily cruel to animals

If you are cruel to animals, you will be cruel to people.

Animals are our instruments

All of these

  1. Pollan¬†thinks domestication benefits us but is not in an animal’s best interests



Michael Pollan

Calls for alternatives to factory farmed meat

Defends the rights of animals

Defends speciesism

None of these

  1. Singer insists on equal treatment for all people and animals



  1. Cohen thinks being part of a moral community involves

    Making decisions

    Having a free will

    Having a moral free will

    Being able to do good things

  1. Kant thinks your reason for harming an animal is relevant to whether it is wrong to harm it.



Regan thinks animals have rights because

They can suffer and enjoy life

They have reason and emotion

They are subjects of a life‚ÄĒwhat happens to them matters to them

They are capable of caring for their young

  1. Singer thinks

    Animals have rights because they can suffer and enjoy life

    Animals interests should be counted because they are part of a community of beings who can reason

    None of these

    Animals interests should be counted because they can suffer and enjoy life

Cohen’s thinks:

We are permitted to perform medical experiments on animals because they cannot feel pain to the same degree that humans can

We are sometimes permitted to perform medical experiments on animals

We are obligated to perform medical experiments on animals, whatever it takes

We are obligated to perform medical experiments on animals but not unnecessarily harm them

Pollan agrees with Singer that

Domestication is mutually beneficial.

Animals’¬†interests should be considered equally.

Animals, like humans, have rights.

Meat from family farms is morally OK to eat.

Singer’s¬†utiliarianism¬†commits him to the following position with respect to animals and people:

We cannot justify eating factory-farmed meat because the suffering of the animals outweighs the pleasure of the persons eating them.

We can justify eating factory-farmed meat; although the animals suffer, it is significantly different from human suffering (and, so, is counted differently)

We cannot justify eating meat because animals have rights

We can justify factory farming provided we are not talking about mammals.

  1. Regan, Cohen, Singer, Pollan, and Foer agree on this: Our conclusions about how to treat animals rests on whether they have rights.




shareholders in Odogwu Casino, Inc., Business & Finance Assignment Homework Help Business Finance Assignment Help

Odogwu Casino, Inc.

Racquel and Danielle were shareholders in Odogwu Casino, Inc., which operated a casino in West Baltimore.
Racquel owned 51 percent of the stock and Danielle owned 49 percent. Danielle managed the casino, which
Racquel typically visited once a week. At the end of 2013, an accounting audit showed that the cash on hand was
less than the amount posted in the casino’s books. Later, more shortfalls were discovered. In December 2014,
Racquel, and her team of accountants, did a complete audit. Danielle was unable to account for $1,650,230 in
missing cash. Racquel then kept all of the casino’s most recent profits, including Danielle’s $980,909 share.
And, without telling Danielle, Racquel sold the casino for $5,400,000 and kept all of the proceeds. Discuss.











The presentation of your paper shall adhere to the following structure:

Issue ‚Äď Identify the issue(s) (Each issue must have its own IRAC)

Rule ‚Äď Identify and explain/define the applicable rule(s), term(s), or concept(s)

Analysis ‚Äď Apply the applicable rule, term, or concept to the facts. And, present arguments for both sides.
Conclusion ‚Äď Pick one side and give a conclusion

Formatting rules

Times new roman 12 Point font

Double spaced

End justify (both right and left)

Include page numbers

0.75 inch page margins all around

Header should take up no more than two lines and should include your name, student id, class, and
assignment name

Case should be no more than three pages, no less than one

Must be hand delivered on blackboard on or before class on May 5, 2016 at 11:00 p.m.

References ‚Äď APA format (should have its own page)

Case Rubric:

Proper format, spelling, grammar and aesthetics: 10%
Correct issue(s) identification: 30%
Correct rule(s) identification: 20%
Analysis: 30%
On-time submission: 10% 


Building an Access Control System, Business & Finance Homework Help Business Finance Assignment Help

Case Study 1: Building
an Access Control System

As a member of the Information Security team at a small college, you have been
made the project manager to install an access control system (ACS) in a
dormitory. The ACS will automatically unlock the dormitory doors via an
electronic proximity reader and integrate with an existing security camera
system.  The cameras are designed to face and rotate to record a person as
they use their identification card to unlock the door. 

Create a 3-4 page project plan for this project in which you:

1.  Include a
one-half page project scope statement.

2.  Define five (5)
major tasks, each with one to two (1-2) subtasks. Also write a brief
description for each task.

3.  Create a Gantt
chart illustrating the project tasks (use Microsoft Project or a similar
project management program).

4.  Create a system
diagram illustrating the equipment and connections required for this project
(use Microsoft Visio or a similar software package).

Your assignment must:

Be typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12),
with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or
school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional

Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the
student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover
page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page

Include charts or diagrams created in Excel, Visio, MS Project,
or one of their equivalents such as Open Project, Dia, and OpenOffice. The
completed diagrams/charts must be imported into the Word document before the
paper is submitted.

The specific Course
Learning Outcomes associated with this assignment are:

Distinguish between non-functional and functional requirements.

Use contemporary CASE tools in process and data modeling.

Use technology and information resources to research issues in
systems analysis and development.

Write clearly and concisely about Systems Analysis and
Development topics using proper writing mechanics and technical style



I have English paper Humanities Assignment Help

Final Paper Instructions

1. You will need your notes from this semester’s readings.

2. Select two American or European movies you have previously viewed.

3.  Develop a feminist response to these two movies:

In this assignment, your task is to deconstruct different facets of two movies, analyzing how these movies use gender, race, ethnicity, cultural, social class, and sexual orientation assumptions that they depict and carry in images and storylines.  You will also propose alternative depictions and storylines that could indeed be considered an argument for not just inclusion but social justice in American/Western movie-making.

4.  Use these questions to guide you as you compose your essay:


¬† What are the movies’ presuppositions about its main topic (e.g., dating)?
¬† Imagine a child were watching these movies ‚Äď what does it tell that child about the world?¬† What values, messages, or ethics does it promote as healthy or unhealthy?
  How does each movie follow the same narrative structure and have the same message?
  What attitude do these movies take toward their own themes (e.g., beauty, competition, man vs. nature, etc.)?
  What are the implicit and/or explicit messages that the movies tell and reinforce?


  Who is the target audience for each movie; how and why does it appeal to this group of people?
  What kind of fan clubs or fan sites have formed around the movie?  What do these tell you about the movie’s appeal and its values?
¬† What specific editing techniques, advertising, or other strategies does each movie use to ‚Äúhook‚ÄĚ and maintain this specific target group?
  How does each movie imagine its audience?  As a homogenous group of people, or as different individuals with different interests?

Casting characters:

  What individuals are part of the movie?  What stereotypes do they reinforce?
  Consider the age, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, appearance, sexual orientation, profession, class, beliefs, and nationality of the cast members.  Who does it include?  Who did it exclude?
  What does the inclusion or exclusion of certain groups tell you about assumptions embedded in the movies you selected?
  Is the sampling of contestants an accurate representation or a distorted perspective on reality?
  How do the characters act?  Are there any common characteristics, or narratives, that apply to most of the characters?  What are they?  Who or what are the producers looking for when they cast such a movie?  Who do they stay away from?  How do these decisions reflect on the movie’s values?


  What editing and storytelling techniques are used?
¬† Consider the use of dialogue, contests, plot, editing, voice-overs, hosts‚Äô descriptions, music, screen captions, direction, and cinematography.¬† Which of these elements stand out?¬† How are they used and manipulated?¬† For what purpose?¬† Don‚Äôt focus on all them; best to choose one or two.¬† For example, analyze voice-overs ‚Äď when do they occur, what do they say, etc.
  Many movies are incredibly formulaic, following the same patterns and formulas for each movie.  What are some of those formulas and how do producers carry them out?


¬† Related to the category of ‚Äúaudience/fans,‚ÄĚ who is the target audience of the movie and what produces are sold to this group?¬† Who profits from the movie?
  Are any products integrated into the movie scenery, dialogue, action?

  What emotions does each movie appeal to?  What emotional affects does it produce in viewers?
  What techniques does it use to produce these emotions?
  How does it make viewers feel about themselves?  About others?
  Is this a healthy or unhealthy show in terms of what emotional affects it produces?  How so?

Personal Interest

  Why did you select the movie?  What does it mean to you?
  What are your viewing habits?  Why do you watch the show?  What appeals to you?  Think critically about how the show works on your emotions.
  What kind of feelings does the show instill in your mind?  How does it instruct you about the topics it addresses?

5.¬† FORMAT: Minimum 7 Full Pages (should reach the bottom of page 7 at minimum), double-spaced and typed in Times New Roman 12 pt. font, with 1‚ÄĚ margins.¬†

Please do not add extra spacing between paragraphs, in headers, etc. You must quote directly from a minimum of 5 of the essays/chapters we read this semester. 

You MUST include other course materials besides the readings from this course in your essay–3 BOOKS AND 5 PEER REVIEWED ARTICLES BEYOND YOUR REQUIRED READINGS FOR THIS COURSE–please refer to videos and presentations by title.¬†

You must document all your sources properly, incorporate every quote into one of your own sentences, and use a works cited page listing all the sources you cited, arranging them in alphabetical order according to the authors’ last names. 


Due April 29 by midnight.

APA or MLA style

7-9 pages, not including cover page or references/works cited page


Your essay should look like this:

Your Name
Dr. Cherie Ann Turpin
IGED 210-7

Title: Centered, in Bold

The first paragraph is your introduction; it should have an attention-grabbing opener, a summary/overview of the issue, and a clear and compelling thesis statement.

Your next paragraphs are body paragraphs. They should include transitions from previous/to next paragraphs, a topic sentence with a single focus, and secondary support. (Note: Do not put extra spaces between paragraphs, all spacing in the body of the essay should be the same ‚Äď go to format, paragraph and make sure spacing before and after is set to 0).

The last paragraph is your conclusion; it should remind the reader of the thesis/why
you’ve written this thing in the first place, returning to something from the introduction is a good way to bring the piece full circle.

I have English paper Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Usability Testing, Computer Science Assignment Help Computer Science Assignment Help

check this website and write for each topic 2 pages

How was the task list developed? 2 pages

Describe how tasks were chosen for inclusion in the task list. What tasks were chosen, and why were they deemed to be important tasks? How was the task list tested before it was utilized?

Results of the Testing 2 pages 

Describe the results of the tests. Address the performance of each user individually. Note where the interface was problematic. Describe your data from satisfaction surveys after the usability testing. Note: You MUST provide the task and time performance for every user on every task in a table or two.


Hamlet “Scene Analysis” Humanities Assignment Help



(1) Select a scene below after you’ve read the play.


(2) Caution:¬†Don’t overthink this.¬† It’s short, to the point, and just your opinion.


The Norton Anthology
of World Literature, Shorter Third Edition
.. Ed. Martin Pucher et al. Vol.
1. New York: W. W. Norton, 2013.

 Print. 2 vols.





In Shakespeare’s classic tragedy “Hamlet,”¬†[INSERT YOUR CHOSEN SCENE HERE]is pivotal to the development and success of the entire play in 3 distinct ways.


(NOTE: If you do NOT have an A average in this class, stick with this sentence structure. Don’t wander off into a character analysis–this will help you stay focused. Then just come up with your 3 main points and quotes to back it up as you did with Midterm Essay. ¬†If you’re confident, then rewrite it however you see fit.)




(CITATION REMINDER:  See all those little numbers?  1.5.114.-90, etc.?

As explained, scenes are given by Act/Scene/Line: 1.2.64-92 means Act 1, Scene 2, Lines 64-92.¬† This is often done with Shakespeare plays and is helpful for you to find since I can’t offer page numbers here.

But don’t use those in your essay. I’m leaving them here to help you find the lines, but I want you use text citations just as you did with the Midterm Essay, as a hedge against unintended plagiarism.¬† EXAMPLE:¬† (Shakespeare 1233)

If the Writing Lab suggests otherwise, then stick with my preference as we’ve done all term, please.




1) “The Hamlet Saw a Ghost” Scene: Hamlet’s state of mind when he speaks with his friends Horatio and Marcellus after Hamlet has seen the Ghost–1.5.114-90. Include in your discussion Hamlet’s plan to put on an “antic disposition.” In light of the rest of the play, what does this add to the rising action of the tragedy?




3) The “Nunnery” Scene--3.1.88-143. The performance history of the “nunnery scene” is notable for the many different ways that actors play it. Sometimes the setting is private, perhaps even in Ophelia’s private chambers. Sometimes Hamlet is tender; sometimes he is violent. In the version of the filmed play you saw, which was it? And in your reading of the play, how does the passage show Hamlet and Ophelia truly feel about each other? And does Hamlet know that Claudius and Polonius are watching him? At what point does he know? And why? And what ramifications does that have for the rest of the story?


4) “The Mousetrap” Scene--3.2.121-246. The play-within-a-play scene. What is a “dumb show”? (Check online resources for Hamlet for information.) Explore why this scene is appropriately called “The Mousetrap” scene. Who sets the trap? How is the trap baited? Who is the “mouse?” Is there more than one “mouse”? Explore the behaviors and movements in this selection. How effective is “The Mousetrap”? In light of what happens with it, how is the plot propelled by it?


5) The “Claudius at Prayer” Scene–3.337-99. Note that both Claudius and Hamlet have significant roles in this selection. Explore the behaviors and motivations of both Claudius and Hamlet. Focus on what this passage contributes to the character development of the two principal characters. And about that character development, what do you as a reader know now that you didn’t know before, i.e. what does Shakespeare let you know–and how does that affect what happens next?


6) The “Closet” Scene–3.4. (This scene takes place in Gertrude’s private chambers, not in a closet as we use the word today.) The selection has three main parts?Choose one or all of them to discuss: Hamlet’s argument with Gertrude; Hamlet’s seeing the Ghost again; Hamlet killing Polonius. Or focus on the overall significance of the selection to the play as a whole.


7) Ophelia’s “Mad” Scene–4.5. The appearance of the mad (as in “insane”) Ophelia is disturbing to Laertes, Claudius, and Gertrude. Why? How individually do they respond? Keep your main perspective on what the selection contributes to the play overall. REMEMBER that your essay is NOT about why she went mad. Your essay is about why the scene is pivotal to the success of the play!


8) The Gravediggers Scene–5.1. The main focus of this scene is death. Explore how this selection approaches death in both comic and tragic modes. Be sure you consider why Ophelia’s burial is such a sensitive matter. Consider also the significance of the scuffle between Hamlet and Laertes in Ophelia’s grave. Then stop and think–how is this death the tipping point for what happens next?


9) The Final Scene–5.2. This selection brings together many of the threads of the play. The action is rapid, making the scene rather demanding for the reader/writer. Don’t try to cover the entire scene; select one of the threads to write about–while always referring back to its importance to the scene’s effectiveness to the ending. For example, consider the role of poison in the success of the scene. Or consider how a director can convey the importance of Horatio. Or consider the importance of Fortinbras, remembering that many directors have cut his part altogether. The Kenneth Branagh Hamlet film is a good one that didn’t cut it.) If you choose this scene, you will want to explore this question, perhaps in your conclusion: Do we find the ending of the play satisfying or disturbing? How well does the ending tie in with the beginning?



Introduction (HOOK) that leads into:


· The Thesis Sentence (BIG IDEA) 

Paragraphs of essay:

¬∑¬† Main point #1‚Äďexample from your scene with comment/quote

·  Main point #2-example from your scene with comment/quote

·  Main point #3-example from your (or another) scene with comment/quote  (You may choose another scene to quote to make your pt, but only do it once. Or you can have all 3 from your scene.)


¬∑¬†Conclusion-Step Back. Think of entire saga and the point you’re trying to make. What have you learned and what is the impact on the story?


· Works Cited Page

  (See Works Cited Folder for full text citation to use. Also use it for how to cite your page citations correctly!)


LENGTH:  GO by Length stated above, remember!  More or less will count against you.



‚ÄĘ Decide what scene was most interesting and important to how the play unfolds–and then why. Doing so makes you think about the entire play and how Shakespeare masterfully plotted the story.

‚ÄĘ Use the questions I’ve added to each of your choices above for a jumpstart. Have fun with it, but stay focused on your thesis.

‚ÄĘ Under NO circumstances should the paper become a retelling of what happens in these Hamlet scenes alone.¬†

‚ÄĘ Dissect the scene with an eye to its relevance to the overall plot and impact of the play.

‚ÄĘ You will be PROVING how the action in your scene makes the rest of the story unfold as it does. Regardless of which passage/scene you choose, your paper should show the overall relevance of the passage to the play.

‚ÄĘ You will be thinking deeply and coming to conclusions about a scene, everything that is going on, and how Shakespeare used your chosen scene to further the action and the impact and success of the entire play.



Definition Essay Writing Assignment Help

  • As stated in the Overview, you are to write a 900 word essay based on a definition. Start with the Dictionary Definition of your subject and then expand into more definitions based on peoples’ concepts of the subject. Explain using examples, beliefs and other components. ¬†Choose one of the following subjects as your topic: wealth; discipline; happiness; vacation; relaxation. Remember that you are not allowed to use personal pronouns.For example, the dictionary might define a classic car as one that meets specific criteria in age, body style, etc. But, one person might think there is more to a classic car. To that end, a definition paper would expand the characteristics of a classic car.¬†So, you will have a dictionary as one source and at least one more source in your paper.Remember to cite these correctly in the text of your paper and list them on your Works Cited page.¬†

 MLA format require.


Response to 2 posts discussions, Management Assignment Homework Help Business Finance Assignment Help

3 files are attached. (my post, student’s 1 post, and student’s 2 post)

1- Read  the file (my post)

2- read the file (student’s 1 post)

3- Respond
to post:
(at least 400 words):

 Discuss the similarities and
differences you see between your post (my post) and¬†student’s¬†1 post.


1- Read  the file (my post)

2- read the file (student’s 2 post)

3- Respond to post: (at least 400 words): 

Discuss the similarities and differences you see between your post (my post) and¬†student’s 2 post.

[supanova_question] and write for each topic 2 pages

How was the task list developed? 2 pages

Describe how tasks were chosen for inclusion in the task list. What tasks were chosen, and why were they deemed to be important tasks? How was the task list tested before it was utilized?

Results of the Testing 2 pages 

Describe the results of the tests. Address the performance of each user individually. Note where the interface was problematic. Describe your data from satisfaction surveys after the usability testing. Note: You MUST provide the task and time performance for every user on every task in a table or two.