Analytical Research Paper on Negative/Risks Use of Medical Marijuana, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Analytical Research Paper on Negative/Risks Use of Medical Marijuana, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help. Analytical Research Paper on Negative/Risks Use of Medical Marijuana, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help.

Topic : What are the benefits and dangers or risk of medical marijuana and does this justify legalization?
Write an analytical research paper on the topic above.
I have a few attachments about the outline of the paper
3-4 page paper including the work cited page in MLA format

For the interview part of the requirements just act like you have done the interview and implement it in within the paper as you would do if you actually interviewed someone

this is not an argumentive or compare paper, this is an analytical review which is totally different so bid only if you are experienced in such writing thanks

Analytical Research Paper on Negative/Risks Use of Medical Marijuana, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Security Portion of Implementation Plan, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

I need help with my portion of this group project. I have attached the following documents. Please open and read each one to fully understand this project. My group received a poor grade and the instructor left these comments: “The security section does not provide the implementation details expected to include a specific task list (How will you know what and where you are in the implementation?), the configuration of the security specific equipment (at least a location and representative setup/example).

**Only focus on the SECURITY portion of this project. That is my assigned portion. Please compose in correct english grammar and industry standard technical terminology. Absolutely no plagiarism, as it must be submitted to turnitin. In-text APA citations from trusted scholarly resources and please include reference page. If it helps, I can also provide what was originally turned in. Just ask.

Step 1: Open the WWTC case study and read entirely.

Step 2: Open my Group’s proposal (titled “Group5Week5 v3”) and read entirely (it’s not finished yet.)

Step 3: View the Project Implementation Plan document. This gives all the instructions for completing and an example. Remember, you only need to complete anything that pertains to Security implementation. You will have to customize it to my group’s proposal.


questions for international economics, writing homework help Economics Assignment Help

The questions are attached below. Can you give me the answers in detail? Thank you!

For example,

1.This question concerns purchasing power parity and Figure 1.

  • Define the real exchange rate. What is the equilibrium value?
  • It appears that the Japanese nominal exchange rate experienced a significant shock between 1984 and 1986. Was there a similar shock to the Real Exchange Rate? Explain.
  • Consider Japan between the years 1986 and 2000. Is the Japanese currency overvalued or undervalued in those years? Explain.
  • Above, you chose over or undervalued. Using the IS curve and the Expectations Augmented Phillips curve explain how a country would move from that state (either over or undervalued) to an equilibrium.
  • Given your answer to 1d, are the data consistent with your discussion? Explain.
  • Now consider the overall graph, that is all years 1980 to 2012. Are the trends depicted in the graph consistent with the empirical findings of the Taylor and Taylor article we discussed in class?

More questions are in the attached files.


Discussion: Emotional Intelligence, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Discussion: Emotional Intelligence

The patient in 4D had been admitted for multidrug resistant pneumonia. Given her advanced age and a host of other medical problems, the outlook was dire. Over the weeks she and the night nurse had struck up something of a friendship. Other than that she had no visitors, not a soul listed to notify in case of death, and no known friends or relatives. As he dropped by on his night rounds, the nurse was her only visitor, and the visits were limited to the short conversations she could manage. Now her vital signs were failing, and the nurse recognized that the patient in 4D was near death. So he tried to spend every spare minute on his shift in her room, just being present. He was there to hold her hand during her last moments of life. How did his supervisor respond to this gesture of human kindness?
—Goleman, 2006, p. 252

How do aspects of emotional intelligence relate to leadership and management success? Does an effective leader–manager have to be emotionally sensitive and literate? Why or why not?

Goleman, D. (2006). Social intelligence: The revolutionary new science of human relationships. New York, NY: Bantam Dell.

To Prepare

  • Following the passage above, Goldman continues on to explain that the nurse supervisor reprimanded the nurse. Does this line up with what you were expecting? Why or why not?
  • Based on the information in the Learning Resources, think of a recent experience in your organization and consider how a nursing administrator demonstrated or failed to demonstrate emotional intelligence. How did this impact the outcome of the situation?
  • Reflect on your identified strengths and opportunities for growth related to emotional intelligence from the information in the Learning Resources. What surprises you about the concept of emotional intelligence? How would you rate your own emotional intelligence?

Post a description of a situation in which a nursing administrator demonstrated or did not demonstrate emotional intelligence when managing a situation. Explain how this may have impacted the outcome of the situation. Describe how you would handle the situation differently based on your own identified emotional intelligence strengths.

1-2 pages, APA format, 3 scholarly references


Use of Statistics in Research, psychology assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Use of Statistics in Research

You might be surprised to learn that many statistical terms are used in everyday life. For example, most people value a friend or coworker who is reliable. What is meant by reliable? Generally speaking, it means that you can count on the friend or coworker to behave in a consistent manner over time. The same is true with reliability as it applies to statistics. For example, a test’s reliability is measured by how consistently the test produces the same or similar results over time.

Another statistical concept, validity, can be illustrated in the following example. When you accept a check from a client, you would like for the check to be good. What is meant by good? The check represents the client’s willingness to pay for your services and promises that the client has, at minimum, the money in his or her account to pay for the services. Using a term other than good, but meaning the same thing, you want the check to be valid; you want it to represent what it is supposed to represent. Again, the same is true with statistical validity. Statistical validity provides you with a numerical value that represents how accurately something measures what it claims to measure, that the value is good. These are two of the most important statistical concepts that you encounter as you delve into research in forensic psychology.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review the article, “How to Read a Research Article.” Pay particular attention to the step-by-step description and explanation of areas found in most research.
  • Review Chapter 4 in your course text, Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences. Focus on how conceptual ideas are converted into numbers, measured, and reported.
  • Review Appendix B in your course text, Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences. Pay close attention to how statistical concepts and analyses are used in research.
  • Select two statistical concepts you believe are the most important to psychological research, two statistical concepts that you find most interesting, and two statistical concepts you find the most difficult to understand.
  • Think about why you find each of these statistical concepts to be most important, most interesting, and most difficult, respectively.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 a brief description of two statistical concepts that you think are most important to psychological research and explain why you think they are important. Then, briefly describe two different statistical concepts that you find most interesting and explain why you find them interesting. Finally, briefly describe, as best you can, two statistical concepts that are most difficult for you to understand and explain your difficulty in understanding them.



Assignment: Emotional Intelligence, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Assignment: Emotional Intelligence

Empathy, motivation, self– and social awareness—what thoughts or images arise as you read these words? These terms relate to skills for understanding, expressing, and managing emotions in self and others, which are attributes of emotional intelligence.

Research frequently demonstrates the importance of emotional intelligence for leaders and managers. In health care, nursing leaders who demonstrate emotional intelligence can positively influence organizational outcomes by contributing to improved nurse retention, increased job satisfaction, and better health outcomes for patients (Codier, Muneno, Franey, & Matsuura, 2010).

To further your self–knowledge, you examine your own emotional intelligence and consider strategies for developing this important leadership characteristic.

To Prepare

  • Review the leaning resources for Week 10. There are 2 tests that are available to you to assess your personal Emotional Intelligence. Take both the tests and consider your personal attributes of emotional intelligence..
  • Identify strategies for developing any areas of opportunity or areas for enhancing your emotional intelligence. What do you need to do to achieve or sustain a high level of performance in this area?
  • Also consider how to work with leaders who do not demonstrate strong emotional intelligence (EI) or whose EI strengths differ from yours. Include these strategies as well.

To Complete

Write a 2– to 3–page paper that describes the results of your emotional intelligence assessment and include your strategies for developing your EI. Be sure to refer to your week 10 resources to develop these strategies and of course cite any references that you use. Also consider how to work with leaders who do not demonstrate strong emotional intelligence (EI) or whose EI strengths differ from yours. Include these strategies as well. Refer to your assignment rubic for grading criteria.

include a title page, introduction, summary, and references, APA format, 3 scholarly references

Assignment: Emotional Intelligence, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

individual research of a film, or a series of films, writing homework help Humanities Assignment Help

individual research of a film, or a series of films, or a
subject relevant to film appreciation and criticism, with the results addressing: 1. the need for
the study, 2. a working hypothesis, 3. the research methodology used, 4. the research results, 5.
a discussion of the research and its results, including a possible need for further research. The
results should be summarized in a 2-3 page report.

in other words choose a film and analyze three aspects form these:

plot, character, sound, mise-en-scene ,editing ,cinematography ,narrative




Couple paragraphs on Leadership and Diversity: Starbucks and Howard Schultz, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

I need 2-3 paragraphs addressing this topic of discussion. I will need references cited, but I do not need a cover page.

Discussion 8.1: Once you “research how your chosen leader (Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz) did or did not follow best practices and initiatives for achieving cultural diversity in the organization,” we can compare that leader’s efforts against our own experience as well as on research. The discussion asks two questions to consider/address when writing the paragraphs:

  • Do you think these initiatives are critical for successful leadership? Why or why not?
  • Did the leader hold managers accountable for diversity practices? How or how not?

I ask you to think in terms of diversity, not only in the US, but globally. Also consider not just racial, sexual, and cultural diversity, but also generational, national, geographical, religious, and other factors important in a diverse workforce. Think also a bit about diverse customers, market dynamics, and economics. Clearly an enterprise will need to think differently about selling into the developing world than in North America, Europe, and East Asia. What have our leaders done in developing their workforces and organizations to address diverse markets?

Consider also the operational and strategic benefits and challenges of a diverse workforce. It is politically correct to talk about the advantages—but what about the challenges and even disadvantages to building a diverse workforce. How do/did our leaders overcome these issues? Did the enterprise do just enough to comply with the law and keep from getting sued—or did it embrace being diverse and global?

Certain types of enterprises have some diversity built in—global companies like GE are very diverse. But even in a global company, it has had to work hard—especially in developing diverse leadership. Here are two articles about GE—one ranking it #10 in diversity leadership in 2013; the other criticizing it for not enough diversity in 2000 (right before Jack Welch retired). (Note: when comparing leaders on diversity efforts, make sure to take time-period into account. What was normal, or even achievable, 20 years ago, would be considered sub-standard today.)


Business Organizations and Governance, law homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

There are seven forms of business: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, limited liability company (including the single member LLC), S Corporation, franchise, and corporation.

Part 1:

Write an 525-word response to the following:

  • Select one of the forms of business identified above.
  • Research and provide three advantages and three disadvantages for this business form.

Part 2:

Write six 175-word summaries, a total of 1,050 words, in which you provide the following:

  • Choose an example business for each of the remaining forms of business listed above.
  • Discuss at least one of the advantages, one of the disadvantages, and the potential legal forms that might be required for each of the remaining forms of business listed above.

Cite a minimum of 3 scholarly references.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Discussion: Unionization and the Nursing Profession, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Discussion: Unionization and the Nursing Profession

Unionization is a highly charged topic. No matter what your beliefs or thoughts are on the subject, one thing is clear—nurse managers have a significant responsibility to promote the goals of their organizations while appreciating the labor concerns that may prompt employees to join unions. Beyond that, it is helpful to reflect on the core values of nursing and consider the extent to which they align with unionization.

To Prepare

  • Review the information in the Learning Resources. Conduct additional research on unionization in health care.
  • Consider the professional basis of nursing and the presence of unions in health care. Does unionization conflict with a professional nursing orientation?
  • Reflect on the experiences you have had working in unionized settings, or consider what would be required of you in such a setting if you do not have that experience.
  • Consider how you would address transitioning from being a member of a collective bargaining unit to being a manager who cannot be a member of a collective bargaining unit. How you might prepare to make this sort of transition?

Post your position on whether unionization aligns with or conflicts with a professional nursing orientation and what this may mean for the role as a nurse manager. Share your experiences working in a unionized setting or describe what might be required of you when transitioning from one circumstance to another.

1-2 pages, APA format, 3 scholarly references