Analytical Research Paper on the case of Karen Ann Quinlan Writing Assignment Help

Analytical Research Paper on the case of Karen Ann Quinlan Writing Assignment Help. Analytical Research Paper on the case of Karen Ann Quinlan Writing Assignment Help.

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You have been tasked to develop an in-service education product concerning end of life decisions. Your instructions are to base your analysis on the case of Karen Ann Quinlan. Research this, then write an analytical research paper. Be sure to include the following information in your paper. What were the facts and court holding in the Quinlan case? What law(s) did the judge rely upon to support his decision? Analyze the hospital’s and the parent’s actions and beliefs, supporting one or the other. Discuss the end of life issues (legal and ethical) involved in the case to support your defense of either the medical center or parents. Consider these issues: autonomy (self-governance), justice, right to die, the need for an advanced directive, living wills, and powers of attorney. Don’t assume the reader is knowledgeable about these issues. Define them and discuss them to support your position in the paper. Do not use the first person.

Paper needs to be in APA format with references and cover page

Analytical Research Paper on the case of Karen Ann Quinlan Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

20 Questions in Human Computer Interaction Other Assignment Help

Short answers

1. HCI is a multidisciplinary field? (T/F).

2. List and describe 4 new challenges mobile phones added to the HCI field.

3. Which one does not ensure reliability
(a) Actions must function as specified
(b) Database data displayed must reflect the actual database (c) Disregard the user’s sense of mistrust
(d) The system should be available as often as possible
(e) The system must not introduce errors

4. Describe how the following promote usability:





5. Define “anthropometry”

6. How would you account for variances of the user population’s sense perception for the following?



7. What are ways a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator might guide a user interface design?

8. Name and Describe 5 ways Cultural and international diversity might effect your design?

9. Which of the following are high-level widely applicable frameworks to draw on during design and evaluation, as well as to support communication and teaching?
(a) Theories
(b) Guidelines

(c) Patterns

(d) Principles

10. Which of the following are mid-level strategies or rules to analyze and compare design alternatives?
(a) Theories
(b) Guidelines

(c) Patterns

(d) Principles

11. Which of the following are low-level focused advice about good practices and cautions against dangers?
(a) Theories
(b) Guidelines

(c) Patterns

(d) Principles

12. Describe 6 of the ways talked about to get the users attention in an interface

13. Explain how to delete a file using each of the following interaction styles

1)Direct manipulation 2)Menu selection 3)Form fill-in 4)Command language 5)Natural language

14. Draw 4 interaction styles(Direct manipulation,Menu selection,Form fill-in,Command language) for rotating an image on your phone

15. Describe 3 things you can do in an interface to reduce and prevent errors?

16. Machines are better at performing multiple tasks simultaneously than Human?(T/F).

17. Explain what happens in phase 1,2,3,4 in the following figure


18. Describe the differences in User Centered Design and Participatory Design:

19. Describe the differences between Story Boarding and Prototyping

20. Describe testing techniques that you would conduct at each stage of design (early, middle and late)


“Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan Humanities Assignment Help

( “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan)

1.Using the three articles you have read and annotated, please list a series (six minimum) of “insights” or take-aways from the readings. This can be a bulleted list or a comprehensive list, but it doesn’t need to be in a formal paragraph format.

2. Then write a 250 word count response to the one insight you found most interesting and intriguing. Write the actual quote that inspired your insight. What about the quote made you pause and reflect? Why did that particular quote capture your attention? What did it make you think about? Would you share this insight with others? How can this insight apply to your own life? These are questions to consider and help you begin to think and write, but you may also have a response that does not reflect the questions I have provided.


Managerial Economics Quiz Other Assignment Help


  1. Firms that buy inputs from suppliers have more bargaining power when:
    A. they purchase a relatively small quantity of product
    B. the costs of switching suppliers are low
    C. the suppliers sell highly differentiated products
    D. there are many other buyers in the market

3 points


  1. If a firm successfully differentiates its product from other products in the market, then we should expect the elasticity of demand for the differentiated product to become:
    A. We do not have enough information to answer this question
    B. more inelastic
    C. more elastic
    D. retain the same elasticity of demand

4 points


  1. Which of the following factor does NOT contribute to higher rivalry in a market?
    A. Large number of competitors
    B. Fast growth in the market
    C. Low switching costs for buyers
    D. High fixed costs

3 points


  1. Movie theaters tend to charge higher ticket prices for evening and weekend shows. This implies that the demand for these tickets is relatively:
    A. necessary
    B. inelastic
    C. elastic
    D. unresponsive to income changes

3 points


  1. Recently, Quandl announced that they were purchased by NASDAQ. Both firms provide historic market data and other information about exchange transactions in equity and futures markets, so they offer substitute products. After the merger is completed, we should expect that the price of these market data products offered by the combined firm will:
    A. decline
    B. increase
    C. We do not have enough information to answer this question
    D. remain unchanged

3 points


  1. Suppose the marginal cost to produce Apple iPhones is $400 per phone. Initially, the elasticity of demand for the iPhone is -2 when the product has no close substitutes. As other smart phones enter the market place, the elasticity of demand for iPhones changes to -3. If Apple is setting prices to maximize profits, how much should the iPhone price decline in response to the entry by competing phones?
    A. $200
    B. $300
    C. $400
    D. $600

4 points


  1. To successfully adopt a price discrimination strategy, the seller must:
    A. be able to know which customers belong to the different pricing groups
    B. be able to prevent resale between buying groups
    C. offer distinct products for each separate pricing group
    D. be able to identify the willingness to pay for each individual customer

4 points


  1. Which group is offered the lower price under a price discrimation scheme?
    A. Inelastic demand group
    B. Elastic demand group

3 points


  1. The remaining consumer surplus is zero under a successful first-degree price discrimination scheme.

3 points


  1. In general, women’s clothing items (e.g., running shoes) have higher prices than comparable products designed for men due to price discrimination. How do the clothing sellers prevent resale in these markets?
    A. State consumer protection laws prohibit selling goods intended for one group to members of the other group
    B. The clothing products are differentiated by styling or design features
    C. Price discrimination is not possible in clothing markets
    D. The retailers are prohibited from selling products intended for one group to members of the other group

4 points


  1. Which of the following claims is NOT true?
    A. Volume discounts are not a form of price discrimination
    B. Bundling is profitable if the willingness to pay for the bundle is more homogeneous than the willingness to pay for the bundle components
    C. Price discrimination is feasible if the costs of arbitrage exceed the difference in prices charged to the different customers
    D. If arbitrage between customers is possible, the seller should offer uniform prices

3 points


  1. Metering is a type of direct price discrimination.

3 points


  1. The joint payoffs to both players in a prisoners’ dilemma would be higher if the players could collude.

3 points


  1. Which of the following statements is true?
    A. One of the players must have a first-mover advantage in a two-player sequential game
    B. Nash equilibria are only defined for repeated games
    C. Players take actions that maximize their joint profits under a Nash equilibrium
    D. There may be no unique Nash equilibrium to a two-player simultaneous game.

4 points


  1. Please refer to the game associated with Multiple Choice question 8 in Chapter 15. If the low price / low price payoffs for both players are 30 (instead of 0), is this game a prisoners’ dilemma?
    A. Yes
    B. No

3 points


  1. Please refer to the two-player simultaneous game in Multiple Choice question 3 in Chapter 16. How many pure strategy Nash equilibria does this game have?
    A. 0
    B. 1
    C. 2
    D. 3

3 points


  1. Sonny and Cher were a popular singing duo in the 1970’s. After establishing their success in the music business, they met to decide how future earnings should be split among the two partners. Together, they could earn $5 million per year from their music act. Separately, Cher could earn $1 million as an actress, and Sonny did not have any outside options for employment. How much of the $5 million joint earnings should be paid to Cher?
    A. $1 million
    B. $2 million
    C. $2.5 million
    D. $3 million

4 points


  1. For threats or commitments in a game to be effective, they must be:
    A. credible
    B. irrational
    C. ethical
    D. None of the above

3 points


  1. The prospects for success facing your startup are risky: there is a 0.5 probability that you lose $1 million, 0.2 probability that you break even, and 0.3 probability that you make $5 million. What is the expected return from the startup?
    A. Lose $1 million
    B. Break even
    C. Gain $1 million
    D. Gain $1.5 million

4 points


  1. Your ad agency advises you that the new email marketing campaign that they designed is expected to have 0.3% of the messages opened. Then, 10% of the recipients who open the email message with click through to your website. If you send the email marketing message to 500,000 people in the first round, what is the expected number of people who will visit your website?
    A. 150
    B. 1500
    C. 15000
    D. 100000

3 points


  1. Which type of randomness can be fully described by a probability distribution?
    A. Risk
    B. Uncertainty
    C. Both of the above
    D. None of the above

3 points


  1. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
    A. The outcomes from Vickrey auctions are identical to first-price sealed bid auctions
    B. English auctions are also known as oral auctions
    C. Common value auctions are subject to the winners curse
    D. Oral auctions are also second-price auctions

4 points


  1. The prices achieved by common-value auctions tend to increase as more information is provided to buyers.

3 points


  1. There are five buyers at an online book auction with willingness to pay {$20, $25, $30, $30, $40}. What is the likely value of the winning bid?
    A. Just over $25
    B. Just over $30
    C. Just over $35
    D. Just under $40

3 points


  1. In a situation subject to asymmetric information, which party should use the screening techniques?
    A. Less informed party
    B. Neither party should use screens
    C. We do not have enough information to answer this question
    D. More informed party

4 points


  1. Which of the following actions can be an example of a signal designed to reduce the impact of asymmetric information?
    A. A money-back guarantee
    B. Students pursue graduate training
    C. Students take an unpaid internship
    D. All of the above

3 points


  1. A business owner attains a bank loan to purchase a new delivery truck for the business, but they use the funds to take a vacation to Australia. Which of the following terms describes the problem with this situation?
    A. Adverse selection
    B. Moral hazard
    C. Both moral hazard and adverse selection
    D. There is not a problem with this situation

3 points


  1. Firms that hire outside consultants can reduce the impact of moral hazard by:
    A. hiring work on a fixed-fee basis
    B. monitoring the quality of the completed work
    C. hiring consultants with an established reputation for not shirking
    D. All of the above

3 points


  1. Please refer to Individual Problem 20-5 in Chapter 20. If the client pays the cost for Form A for all forms processed, what is the average gain or loss earned across all forms processed?
    A. Lose $0.10 per form
    B. Break even
    C. Gain $0.10 per form
    D. Gain $0.15 per form

3 points


  1. Which of the following statements about moral hazard is true?
    A. Moral hazard arises from actions that cannot be observed
    B. Shirking is a form of moral hazard
    C. Moral hazard involves taking excessive risk
    D. All of the above


Film/video Case Studies – Symbolic Frame Business Finance Assignment Help

Film/video Case Studies. Students will identify a fictional organization from a film or television source (such as feature films, television series) and evaluate them based on the subject matter presented in class and the text . Examples include the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club in Sons of Anarchy, Hogwarts School in one of the Harry Potter films, the mafia in one of the Godfather films, the federation in Star Trek, or any of many examples of business, military units, police departments, hospitals, or schools represented in film or television. The student will produce a final paper that provides an analysis of the organization they studied. Papers should present a clear, thoughtful and organized essay in the light of both the organization under analysis and the conceptual material covered in readings and in class. Papers should be 3-5 pages (excluding cover and references) and follow APA guidelines.

For this assignment, evaluate a fictional organization based on the symbolic frame.

Citation only form Film or video.



I need a political science project on Immigration and Crime: An American Dilemma Institutional Affiliation Humanities Assignment Help

I need a political science project on Immigration and Crime: An American Dilemma Institutional Affiliation.

I have done some part of the project like introduction, research question, problem statements method briefly this should help you as a guide to see what was in my mind you may or may not use it that’s your choice but the topic of the project is Immigration and Crime: An American Dilemma Institutional Affiliation. I have attached all the document necessary below after you complete project I need a power point presentation should be brief and on point covering all important aspect of the project, Note use the format of a project to do the work. It’s important to note that the project should be lengthy.

The work should be cited using APA format and all references must be

I need a political science project on Immigration and Crime: An American Dilemma Institutional Affiliation Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Network Security Plan Computer Science Assignment Help

For this assignment, you will create 2 additional sections for the Network Security Plan document.

First, you will create a 2–3 page section in the plan to list all of the policies that you would have for your organization and a brief description of what each policy will contain. After the risks have been identified within an organization, you must devise a plan that will provide the best possible protection without significantly impacting daily operations. Then, you must write and implement written policies that will inform everyone within the organization what can and cannot be done while they are connected to the Internet. Written polices need to adhere to the following guidelines:

• No more than 2 pages

• Clearly identified rules

• Clearly identified punishments if rules are not followed.

• A way to monitor the network for violations of the policy.

The following are the first task’s deliverables:

• Update previous sections based upon your peers’ and instructor’s feedback

• Update the table of contents.

• Update date on the cover page.

Security Policies Section

• Identify what written polices need to be created for your organization.

• For each policy, you will address how you plan to monitor the policy.

• For each policy, you will provide what you feel the appropriate punishment should be for violators. These punishments must be able to be enforceable, not just a threat.

• For each policy, you will identify a timetable for when each policy should be reviewed and updated and who will do the review.

The second task this week is to prepare for how you would handle an incident. It is best to have a thorough, rehearsed plan to be prepared for a potential incident. This will help to limit the damage and it will help recovery afterward. You will create an Incident Response section of 2–3 pages that includes the actions that need to occur when an incident is in progress.

The following are the second task’s deliverables:

Incident Response Section

• Identify the process of how your organization will identify an incident.

• Identify the process for classifying the incident.

◦ What are the criteria for each classification within the organization?

• Identify what the response will be for each classification identified.

• Identify a general plan to recover from the incident.

• Identify a process for evaluating the incident response plan after each incident has been mitigated.

Discuss how the incident response plan will be tested and updated.

The final step in developing the network security plan is to define how the plan that you have developed will be implemented within the organization. Implementing security controls and adding security devices can be a complex process that will affect every aspect of the organization. A detailed plan that phases in controls and new devices—and has a backup plan for any problems—will greatly increase the success rate of implementing a network security plan.

• For this assignment, you will add a detailed implementation plan of 4–5 pages, which will describe your proposed solution for the implementation of a network security plan in your organization.

• Finally, you will refine the Network Security Plan document to produce the final draft version. Updates may be based upon peer and instructor feedback.

The project deliverables are the following:

• Update the Network Security Plan with a new date.

• Update the previously completed sections based upon your peers’ and instructor’s feedback.

• Implementation Plan

◦ Develop a plan to implement the security controls and policies that you identified in previous sections.

◦ Develop a plan to implement new security devices and modify existing security devices that are required to monitor the network and the polices that were created or updated.

◦ Describe how these controls, policies, and security devices have addressed the key security areas of confidentiality, integrity, authentication, authorization, and nonrepudiation cryptographic services.

• Network Security Plan

◦ Revise the entire document, and make any necessary changes and improvements.

Ensure that the final version is sufficiently detailed to allow the organization to confidently move forward with the implementation of the security controls and devices based upon your recommendations.


Chinese history paper of historical ideologies (confucianism, legalism, buddhism) and interaction between Han (ethnic group) and non-Han people Writing Assignment Help

Period we’ve studied so far: Xia, Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han, The Northern and Southern Dynasties, Tang

1. Describe the influences that Confucianism, Legalism, and Buddhism had on Chinese empires and society. In the period we have studied so far, how were specific elements of these ideologies incorporated into various governments and aspects of society, and, where relevant, to what end?

2. How did the interactions between Han (the ethnic group, not the dynasty) and non-Han peoples and cultures shape the formation of Chinese empires and civilization in the period covered by class so far? Use specific examples.


final draft Healthy Aging in the Age of Genetics Writing Assignment Help

write a final draft

research argument that is written to peer view they already have a background about the topic. the Classical Argument and write a sustained, well-supported essay for a specific peer-reviewed journal, write a final draft for my research. you need to

1- narrowing the topic

2- make the argument clear

3- make the citations more clear ( the way that uses in sentences)

4-conclusion (call to action) use the same references but u can also add more if u want u do not need to start a new research just fix this one


I need immediate help to answer online questions in biochemistry (Metabolism) sometime later today “you have to have a very good knowledge in biochemistry (Metabolism), please do not assign to this question if you don’t” Science Assignment Help

I have an online assignment in biochemistry (Metabolism), but I have only 20 min to submit it which means you will have only about 15 min to give me the answers. it is about 10 to 12 multiple choose questions and sometimes there will be question or two that you full the blank by one or two words. it will be due Today April 18 about at noon US central time (Houston time) (be ready at 11:45 am) and it will be close at 12:20 PM, so can you make yourself free at this time I will copy all the questions and will send them to you that will take me about 1 or 2min and you send me the answers in 15min or less if you can after I send you all the questions…

the assignment will be over chapters 21 to 23 of the book I mention or use any other resource to give a correct answer


Analytical Research Paper on the case of Karen Ann Quinlan Writing Assignment Help

Analytical Research Paper on the case of Karen Ann Quinlan Writing Assignment Help

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