Analytics for decision making Business Finance Assignment Help

Analytics for decision making Business Finance Assignment Help. Analytics for decision making Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Question 1

Based on an organisation of your choice, search for a dashboard from internet. Attach a screenshot of the selected dashboard.

(a) Determine whether the selected dashboard is strategic, tactical or operational.

(b) Discuss the principles that were used to build the selected dashboard.

(c) Recommend three (3) possible general enhancements that can be made to improve the quality of the dashboard (e.g., filters, visual encodings).

(d) Use your own words to articulate the story behind this dashboard and explain how this would help the management team in their further decision making.

Question 2

This question requires you to conduct a search for an article that describes successful applications of data visualisation in the e-commerce industry. Give a brief summary of the selected article. The summary should include the following:

(a) state the business and data analytics objective(s),

(b) state the data used and explain how the data visualisation application had helped to achieve the stated business objective and

(c) identify the limitation(s) of the application.

Attach the selected article. Your answer shall not exceed 300 words.

Please quote cites and strictly follow APA formatting and style guidelines.

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Short Paper: Silk Trade Humanities Assignment Help

How have the diverse cultures of Eurasia impacted the manufacture, trade, and consumption of silk? Has silk been primarily a sign of power, corruption, or holiness? Why? Has the silk trade connected Eurasian peoples in a meaningful way or have differing attitudes towards silk and differing interpretations of silk’s importance divided as much as connected cultures?

Compose an essay response to one or more of the above questions. Your response should be at least 300 words in length. Be sure to draw upon facts from “The Silk Trade” in Trading Tastes. In particular it is important to include analysis of historical documents from the end of the chapter including, “Silk in the Roman World”, “A Chinese Buddhist Pilgrim Along the Silk Road”, The Fourteenth-century Road to China” and “Two Silken Artifacts”.

You are encouraged to compose your work on a word processor program and save it frequently. When you are ready to submit your work please attach it as a word processor file.

the attached file is the book from where you need to do the assignment.


Can you write a Business related research paper Writing Assignment Help

There is a major research paper due during the semester with multiple deliverables (drafts). Please note the due date listed on the syllabus in the third column of the schedule table.

The paper is an independent assignment. While each draft of the paper is considered a single assignment, the feedback/suggestions from both the TA and the professor should be carried forward from one version of the assignment to the next. Each version of the paper should be approximately 2800 Words.

You will write a persuasive paper based on a hiring scenario that will be presented by the Professor. (SEE SCENARIO POSTED ON BLACKBOARD) Students will be given a scenario and three resumes of potential candidates. The students will review the scenario, review the resumes, and then form an argument (persuasive dialogue) for one of the candidates. Course concepts should be integrated as a basis for the dialogue.

Students are also required to integrate an additional writing prompt that links the organizational perspective on hiring and one of the course topics such as values, diversity, culture, etc. For example, organization ABC values diversity of thought and experience in all of its new hires. Create questions for the candidate to answer that will address diversity of thought. Integrate the responses as part of the essay.

**NOTE-Your paper should include a convincing dialogue supported by the theoretical literature in the textbook and beyond. Additional references must include a minimum of 3 outside peer-reviewed sources. Real-world examples from your personal experience are required as part of each discussion — the application can be carried forward from one topic area to the next.

**Note- The expectation is that the feedback provided by the TA and the professor during each response paper version is reflected in the next. The goal for these assignments is to see defined improvement from one response paper to the next and a clear progression of improvement in the writing style, content, reference identification, etc.

Research Paper Scenario Documents

You are the Hiring Manager for ABCD Consultancy. You have a vacant position to fill.

For the paper, please read the job description posted below. Then review each of the three resumes of the final candidates for the position. Then write a persuasive paper convincing your CEO which candidate would be the best fit for the position and for your organization. Please use at least three references from the course material outside of the textbook to support your position. Please also integrate at least three organizational/personal examples that support your position.

we’re hiring sign

Job Description for Persuasive Paper (Research Paper)

Position: Data Analytics Intern for its Dupont Circle office.

About us:

ABCD Consultancy focuses on the creation of long-term value in the consultancy market.


You will provide critical support for our Business Development Team by:

Applying your data analytics skills to assist in generating insights from our contacts database to inform our business development process

Developing research profiles companies and organizations involved in the strategic management consultancy sector

Conducting outreach to past clients to gather information to refine our value proposition

Supporting the revamping of a long term strategy for business development for each product line

You will receive:

Experience interacting directly with senior staff

Insight into the infrastructure sector

Opportunities to meet industry experts and thought leaders by assisting with our Infrastructure Leadership Forums


Undergraduate student, with background in Computer Science, Data Analytics, Business, Marketing, Economics, or Political Science

High-level research and organizational skills

Experience with Excel, and other data analysis tools

Ability to work independently and in a group setting

Exceptional oral and written communications skills

Detail-oriented, self-motivated and able to work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment


Interns will receive a stipend to cover related costs:

Part time (20hrs/week) $500/month


3-1 Discussion: Intervention Strategies Writing Assignment Help

Using one of these mental health case studies, explain which intervention would be appropriate to utilize as a treatment intervention. Describe possible roadblocks that might hinder the effectiveness of treatment, and one or two methods to successfully address these roadblocks. Finally, discuss how the identified intervention would differ if used with a child or adolescent, versus an adult.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.



Ismail, a 25-year-old male, whose social interactions with friends and academic accomplishments started to decline over the past year. His mother started having concerns when Ismail started locking himself in the room, talking to himself, starring into space whispering, and felt like he was possessed. Ismail believed that his parents and neighbors were plotting to kill him and believed that his mind was being taken over by the devil. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Treatment for schizophrenia varies, but medication and psychotherapy is recommended. One of the biggest challenges for patients with schizophrenia is that throughout their treatment he/she might stop taking the medication due to side effects, or they believe that the medication isn’t working. Medication is essential in the treatment plan of schizophrenia, so it’s imperative to find a medication that works well for the patient (Tartakovsky and Grohol, 2020). It’s also important that the patient/client participate in psychotherapy or talk therapy which has proven to be beneficial in clients with mental illnesses. It can help with learning social skills, maintaining daily activities, and being able to complete the basic day to day necessities (Tarkovsky and Grohol, 2020). It might also be beneficial for Ismail to participate in assertive community treatment- ACT. It’s more of a multidisciplinary approach which includes a team of case managers, social workers, psychiatrists, etc. The client is seen once a week as well as providing community outreach/resources. The goal is to reduce hospitalization and assist clients in adapting in the community (Tarkovsky and Grohol, 2020).

Some hindrances or roadblocks could be Ismail continuing to withdraw from treatment or not following steps within his treatment plan. He could be reluctant or in denial that he has a mental disorder. I think having him understand schizophrenia, treatment plan, and therapies needed could help with his reluctance. I think explaining that he can live somewhat of normal life can also help with his reluctance if he’s following the treatment plan. I think another hindrance could be parents/family members not being supportive of his treatment. Different cultural backgrounds are not receptive to outside help such as therapy.

Early-onset schizophrenia is rare, but it does occur in less than 1 percent before age 13. It’s estimated to occur in 1/10,000. I remember watching a documentary years ago about early-onset schizophrenia. I don’t remember the name of the documentary, but I am attaching a link to one of the kiddos that were in the first documentary. She is said to be the youngest to be diagnosed with schizophrenia. I think there’s some controversy around diagnosing kids with schizophrenia due to the overlapping of symptoms to other possibilities.

Tartakovsky, Margarita and Grohol, John. Schizophrenia Treatment. Retrieved February 5, 2020 from…


Li is an 18 year old high school student that went from being an honest and hardworking kid, to staying out late, recklessly spending money, and failing grades. His mother was concerned and suggested that he see a counselor. Li was not fond of this idea and refused to see anyone. Eventually a health worker visited Li at home and was able to get him to open up and talk about his problems after building trust with him. It was determined that Li was acting out because he had found a new group of friends and had starting experimenting with drugs. Li became dependent on heroin and was taking extreme measures to obtain money to pay for his heroin.

A family-based intervention would be beneficial for Li. Li said he wanted to get help but didn’t know where to go or how to ask for it. The family-based intervention would give Li some confidence in his ability to overcome his addiction because he would have the support of his family beside him (Schmied & Tully, 2009). Family-based intervention has been proven effective with adolescents that struggle with substance abuse problems. The family can serve as a support system and accountability system for the individual involved. Li will not feel like he is singled out or being judged for his poor decision. He will feel like he has people that love and support him as they stand beside him every step of the way through recovery. His family will help with withdrawal symptoms and staying strong and be there after his recovery to prevent relapse into drugs in the future.

Withdrawal Symptoms and Relapse will be Li’s two biggest roadblocks on the way to recovery. These two steps are typically difficult for individuals to work through in any case. As Li stays away from heroin, his body will undergo crude and difficult symptoms as it craves the drug but does not have the satisfaction of receiving it. Individuals will typically get very sick and have symptoms ranging anywhere from cold chills and sweating to vomiting and feeling like they are going crazy. Through the family-based intervention, Li’s parents should be able to learn some strategies to work with Li as he overcomes these symptoms. This might include not letting him out of their sight to ensure he does not find the drug and take it to calm the withdrawal. Once Li has been free from heroin long enough that the drug has cleared his symptom and he is no longer experiencing the withdrawal symptoms, relapse will be the next roadblock he encounters. This roadblock could continue to be an issue for years and years down the road. Each individual has their own triggers. Li’s triggers might include stress. Thus any time he experiences a time in life that is particularly stressful, he may wish to revert back to heroin in order to escape the reality and “relax”. His family will play an integral part in this event by providing Li with positive and healthy coping mechanisms for stress, or whatever his trigger is. The family will continue to support him and stand by him while he fights the urge to relapse into heroin again.

This intervention appears to be most effective with children and adolescents because the family unit is typically a strong and important component of ones life during this stage of life. The individual is most likely living with their family and already has some sort of strong bond with them. This can make the family-based intervention very successful by playing to that familial bond already in place. A family-based intervention may not be as effective with an adult because the family unit looks much different at that point. As an adult, you most likely are not as close to your parents anymore as far as relying on them and looking to them for help. An adult also most likely has their own family depending on how old they are. I’ve heard of a large number of marriages ending in divorce due to substance abuse. Therefore, even if someone was trying to seek help, it might be too much on the marriage and if children are involved, the other spouse might act out of fear for the safety of the children and leave before expending too much energy on trying to help the spouse end their substance abuse. Family-based intervention with married couples could still be effective, but I don’t think it is as effective as with adolescents and their parents and other immediate family members.

Schmied, V., and Tully, L. (2009). Effective strategies and interventions for adolescents in a child protection context. Retrieved from


Health services Health Medical Assignment Help

In this first assignment, you will develop a brochure and an email for your chosen organization, department, service, or product about its public reputation and how that impacts buying decisions. Choose a provider, service, or product that is located within 100 miles of your home. This may be:

  • A small health care organization (such as a podiatrist office, a physical therapy center, or a mental health clinic).
  • A department or service within a larger health care organization (such as a sports medicine department, hospice care, or diabetes management services).
  • A product offered by a health care organization (such as medical equipment, oxygen, or pharmaceuticals).


Imagine you are the marketing director of your chosen organization or department. You are charged with developing a brochure for a specific service or product within your organization. Select a provider and create a brochure to market the service or product that the provider offers. The brochure should meet the following criteria:

  • Provide information to health care consumers who might be interested in this service or product.
    • Why choose this specific service or product?
    • What are the benefits?
  • Give information that markets the service or product while leveraging the provider’s education, credentials, certifications, fellowships, and professional reputation.
  • Include statistics regarding the patients served, quality outcomes, and other patient satisfaction information. You may use these resources to find that information:
  • Include images of your chosen provider. Include the organization’s logo, and utilize other suitable graphics or photos to enhance visual appeal. You may use these resources to find images:
  • Provide references (footnotes) for any statistics that you include.

You can use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Sierra Print Artist, or another software program to design a professional brochure. Here are some design resources to help spark your creativity:

Additional resources to help you complete this assignment are available in the assignment preparation study from the previous week.



summarize a research article Humanities Assignment Help

you need to read and summarize an assigned research article.

1. We will be using this guideline for our classes this semester.

2. The summary should not exceed 2 pages. Do not just copy and paste from the article. Read the guidelines, see the three samples they have on that page and follow a similar format.

3. All research article summaries are digital submissions. They are all due before Saturday Noon time each week. The need to be in PDF format and have cover page.

I attached the assigned article (SEE THE ATTACHMENT)

summarize a research article Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

assignment Humanities Assignment Help

Competencies Measured

By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies:

  • Competency 1: Explain types of psychological research methods.
    • Operationally define the variables that are being used in a research study.
    • Describe the uses of research methods.
    • Describe a sampling method that is appropriate for a study and available resources.
  • Competency 2: Apply research methods and psychological research findings.
    • Identify an appropriate measurement that matches a particular research study.
  • Competency 3: Design an ethically appropriate psychological research study utilizing psychological theory and concepts.
    • Explain the method that will be used to collect and analyze data.
    • Design research with respect to controls for variations in behavior related to individual and sociocultural differences that can influence research outcomes.
  • Competency 4: Conduct an ethically appropriate psychological research study.
    • Discuss how a measurement increases the reliability and validity of a research study.
    • Explain the procedure based on a chosen research design.
  • Competency 5: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for professionals in the field of psychology.
    • Incorporate feedback to revise a literature review.
    • Use APA-style formatting, citations, and references.


English 203 Humanities Assignment Help

  • Write a response that answers one or more of the following questions regarding today’s readings:
    • How does the Christian heroism demonstrated by Jesus in his crucifixion and resurrection (John 19-20) compare to and contrast with other models of heroism we have studied in this course?
    • What are the main themes of Jesus’ parables and the Sermon on the Mount? Give examples of what these teachings say about redemption and God’s attitude toward mankind.
    • The Parable of the Shrewd Manager in Luke 16:1-13 is one of the more difficult parables to interpret. What is your understanding of the message Jesus communicates through this story?
  • Requirements: Your response should adhere to APA formatting and be 350 words in length.


Week 6 Discussion Question Health Medical Assignment Help

Week 6:

Chapter 6: Education and Socialization to the Professional Nursing Role

After reading Chapter 6 and reviewing the lecture power point. Please answer the following questions. Each question must have at least 3 paragraphs and you must use at 3 least references included in your post. I uploaded the textbook of the class and the corresponding power point to help you answer the questions. You can use the textbook of the class as one of the references.


1. What do you think about the current image of nursing?

2. What factors facilitate professional role development in Nursing?

Please, I need zero plagiarism, this discussion questions will be submitted through a plagiarism check by the instructor. I will also upload the class textbook and the power points so it can be used to answer the questions and used as one of the reference to write the paper.


Nursing Case Studies 5 pages Health Medical Assignment Help

. Quickly skim the questions or assignment below and the assignment rubric to help you focus.

2. Read the required chapter(s) of the textbook and any additional recommended resources. Some answers may require you to do additional research on the Internet or in other reference sources. Choose your sources carefully.

3. Consider the discussions and any insights gained from it.

4. Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources, use APA style as required, check your spelling.


Critical Thinking Exercises :

Case Study #1: McLanahan University

McLanahan University is an accredited university of approximately 28,000 full-time and 12,000 part-time students, offering baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral programs. It is located in a multicultural city of 1,200,000 inhabitants. There are five acute care hospitals, one of which is a 375-bed magnet hospital. Other health care facilities in the city include three chronic and long-term care agencies, numerous nursing homes, eight home health care agencies, a public health unit, physicians’ and nurse practitioners’ offices, and walk-in clinics.

Dr. Seranous Koupouyro is the director of The McLanahan School of Nursing, which comprises 10 masters-prepared and 11 doctorally-prepared full-time nursing faculty. Faculty have been meeting for four months to redesign the BSN curriculum. Part-time faculty have been regularly invited to join the curriculum work, but their involvement has been slight. The goal is to implement the revised curriculum in 18 months for a class of 125 students.

The Total Faculty group endorsed the existing humanistic-caring, feminist philosophical approaches. Core curriculum concepts, key professional abilities, and principal teaching-learning approaches were identified and the curriculum nucleus endorsed.

The curriculum committee has developed the outcome statements, and after these were approved, they formulated the level competencies. The outcome statements address the provision of evidence-based nursing care in accordance with regulatory standards, effective communication and management, ethical and cultural competence, and advocacy to enhance social justice. The faculty are now ready to consider the curriculum design.

  1. How should the curriculum committee proceed with the work yet to be done?
  2. What should the curriculum committee consider next?
  3. What resources would assist the committee in its curriculum design process?
  4. What should be included in the curriculum design?
  5. How will the curriculum nucleus influence the curriculum design?
  6. How could nursing and non-nursing courses be determined?
  7. What policies should be taken into account for the curriculum design?

Case Study #2: Philmore College

Situated in a small, non-industrial town, Philmore College was originally a “hilltop” college established in 1818 as a school for boys and later, for boys and girls. The school has evolved into a 4-year, privately endowed, non-sectarian, post-secondary institution. Since the 1960’s, programs leading to baccalaureate degrees in psychosocial and physical sciences have been offered. A decision has been made to offer a 12-month accelerated BSN program in response to the nursing shortage and the demand by applicants with prior degrees. This program will be additional to the upper division BSN degree that is currently offered.

The 9 master’s-prepared and 4 PhD full-time nursing faculty have combined nursing practice and teaching experience ranging from 4–18 years. The director, Dr. Agnes Philmore, a direct descendant of the founder, joined Philmore College in 1996. All nursing faculty, including the director, engage in classroom and clinical teaching. The practice experiences for the upper division BSN students are offered in one local 200-bed community hospital, a 224-bed tertiary care hospital in a neighboring city, and a 76-bed long-term and residential care facility. Students also have community nursing experience, which is coordinated and supervised by a primary care nurse practitioner with an adjunct faculty appointment. Approximately 85 students graduate annually and have been consistently successful in the licensure examinations and in obtaining employment.

The director, faculty, several students, and a local nurse practitioner, who comprise the curriculum committee, have been meeting to design the 12-month program. The curriculum nucleus has been determined and the curriculum outcomes written. The principal teaching-learning approaches are focused on active and constructed learning. Courses for the discipline-specific, accelerated 12-month program have been identified. The committee is ready to begin course design.

  1. What parameters must the curriculum committee consider when designing the courses?
  2. In what way will a commitment to active learning influence course design?
  3. Which components should be included in the courses?
  4. What classroom and clinical experiences could be incorporated into the courses?
  5. What would sample clinical and classroom courses look like for this accelerated baccalaureate-nursing program?

Required Textbooks:

Billings, D. M. & J. A. Halstead. (2012). Teaching in nursing: A guide for faculty (4th ed.). St. Louis: Saunders. ISBN: 9781455705511

Keating, S. B. (2011). Curriculum development and evaluation in nursing (2nd ed.). New York: Springer. ISBN: 978-0826107220

Iwasiw, C., Goldenberg, D., & Andrusyszyn, M. (2009). Curriculum development in nursing education (2nd ed.). Boston: Jones & Bartlett. ISBN: 978-0763755959


2. The summary should not exceed 2 pages. Do not just copy and paste from the article. Read the guidelines, see the three samples they have on that page and follow a similar format.

3. All research article summaries are digital submissions. They are all due before Saturday Noon time each week. The need to be in PDF format and have cover page.

I attached the assigned article (SEE THE ATTACHMENT)

summarize a research article Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]