Analyze challenges financial managers face regarding short-term

Analyze the relationships between capital structure, risk, and cost of capital for informing financial decisions that can optimize the value of corporations Analyze challenges financial managers face regarding short-term and long-term planning for informing decision-making Analyze the relationship between the value of corporations and ethically and socially responsible corporate behavior

for informing financial decisions Prompt Your risk management and ethical analysis should analyze the prevalent risks associated with your corporations, the challenges financial managers face in trying to attain short- and long-term goals, and the various considerations that must be made during financial decision making. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: I. Corporate Overview: In this section, you will summarize the industry and corporate overview you created in the first part of your final project. Be sure to focus on the industry trends and issues, as you will expand upon them throughout this report. II. Risks and Challenges: In this section, you will expand on several forms of risk and explain how each impacts corporate value and decision making. A. Describe the challenges financial managers can face regarding working capital management (WCM) in short-term planning. B. Analyze economic and political risk in relation to your chosen corporation for potential impact on shareholder value maximization. If there are no current risks related to economics and politics facing the industry or your corporation, analyze economic and political risk in general terms, discussing how they could impact shareholder value in general.

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