Analyze how the Renaissance (1350-1648) solidifies the foundation for modern Europe. Writing Assignment Help

Analyze how the Renaissance (1350-1648) solidifies the foundation for modern Europe. Writing Assignment Help. Analyze how the Renaissance (1350-1648) solidifies the foundation for modern Europe. Writing Assignment Help.

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the foundation cornerstones for the modern world emerge in antiquity from Athens, from Rome and from Christianity. From the Athenians, we saw the value of the mind, both in the concept of intelligence and in the philosophical underpinnings of life. From the Romans we saw the highest pinnacle of the value of the written law, the preservation of law and building a civic system of government around law that provided inclusion for all citizens. From Christianity, we saw two things…first the idea that all human life had value (the woman, the slave, the poor, the outsider, the outcast) and second the idea that in deference to the first point, then government should be limited in power with a distinct separation of the power of the government away from, separate from, individual spiritual matters (so, in short, a separation of religion and the state).

Your work then should be done in four parts:

  • First, explain how the Crisis of 1300s set the stage for the coming Renaissance; this will be where you can explain the central essences of the Renaissance, why it starts (1-2 pages)
  • Second, you should demonstrate how the Renaissance revolutionized Europe as we have uncovered it during the last half of the course. You need to demonstrate how the Renaissance changed Europe as evidenced by the various topics we have covered (nationalism, government, language, economics, technology, culture, or exploration; other areas could be included here). (1-2 pages)
  • Fourth focus in-depth on one of the two big revolutions from the Renaissance: The Reformation or The Scientific Revolution. Explain the connection of your choice with the Renaissance, providing an overview of your choice, what it is, why it matters. (2 pages)
  • The final part should then link the Renaissance back to those foundations of Western Civilization. Explain where you see the foundations expressed, restored, and perhaps debated during this time. Conclude this final section with how you think this restoration of the foundation during the Renaissance will change and impact the future of Europe as time moves into the 1700s and 1800s. (1-2 pages)


This essay is dealing primarily with Course Outcome #4 on diversity & Outcome #5 on detecting patterns within history, while using the knowledge from Outcome #1 and historical method from Outcome #6 (and of course “college level writing,” Outcome #7). Consult the syllabus to read these outcomes in greater depth.

This essay is dealing primarily with Course Outcome #2 on historical influences & Outcome #3 on the role of the individual, while using the knowledge from Outcome #1 and historical method from Outcome #6 (and of course “college level writing,” Outcome #7). Consult the syllabus to read these outcomes in greater depth.

This should be a 4-6 page essay that demands solid writing based on good historical research (3-5 sources would be best). All citations must be done in the Chicago Style Guide, the citation type for History as a discipline. You SHOULD include a list of your sources on a separate page (that page is NOT part of the 4-6 pages). A cover page is NOT required. This assessment MUST be typed (11 or 12 point font; Times or Calibri is best), 1.5 spacing and possess good grammar, spelling, and a clear, organized thought-process.

Analyze how the Renaissance (1350-1648) solidifies the foundation for modern Europe. Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

In-house build lunch Business Finance Assignment Help

This is a synopsis of the CM8:

CASE MODULE CM8 • Go to MindTap Module 8: Appliance Warehouse (AW) Case, read the project manager’s (Carlie Davis) emails. Refer to the AW website, template library, and resource library to get more needed information. Make appropriate assumption(s) and use sample numbers on all designed screens and reports. Specify the assumption(s) if any. You may need to utilize the Resource Library (JAD session, Questionnaire Results, Service Records sample), Requirements List from CM 7, Database structure from CM 6, and emails to complete these activities. Make sure there are navigation buttons on the screens, the screens aren’t too busy, and company logo shows on menu screen, data validation is considered for user input screen.

• The SIM sample requirements list is provided below for your reference.

1. Reminder services calls/messages

2. See technician’s availability

3. Determination of discounts for customers

4. Able to view own calendar

5. See availability of parts to schedule repair

6. Keep notes for each customer

7. Mobile access of scheduling
8. Can pull inventory requests every two hours.

9. Database of requested parts.

10. Reporting by time period, type of appliance, brand

11. Determination of discounts for customers

12. View service history

• Each team completes the following tasks so my work is :
1. SIM: In-house build:  Create a navigation hierarchical structure chart for the SIM website.  Create interface design examples of the following screens/webpages: a. Menu screen: can be an opening page or even a page to decide on types of reports to run. b. User input screen: can be one for any role of the users, such as the appointment setting screens, screens to input technicians’ availability or reporting screens. Ensure that you design to include the required validation rules on this input page. c. Informational screen: can either be a static page or results from a search (i.e. parts availability or schedule availability). d. Make sure that you include navigation buttons on each of these example webpages


Current Event Journal Entry Science Assignment Help

Analyze and evaluate a Human Ecology Current Events article. The article must be published during the term that the course is taken. Write an analysis and evaluation of the article, paying particular attention to the scientific accuracy of the material and focusing on how any problems addressed in the article could have been avoided in the first place or the lessons that can be learned and used to create a healthy future human ecology. Be certain to provide a complete Web Address (and citation) for the article in your post. Your Current Event Journal should be approximately 600 words in length.

You can get an article from science daily

The article can talk about the enviroment


You are tasked to design a secure network for a small used car dealership. The dealership has six employees of which three are sales persons, two are finance persons, and one manager. Science Assignment Help

You are tasked to design a secure network for a small used car dealership. The dealership has six employees of which three are sales persons, two are finance persons, and one manager. They have a Web server with a site to advertise cars for sale, a File Server to host and house dealership documents, templates, customer files, and other related items, and an Extranet Web server to share files with business partners, such as banks who upload new loan application forms, etc to the Extranet server. They also have free open wireless access for customers to use while they are in the dealership. Based on your design the dealership has to determine requirements for a IT SEC contract.

Using a network diagramming tool of your choice, design and diagram a network that includes the following endpoints, along with what you decide are the required security/networking devices such as routers/firewalls, switches, etc. Make sure to include NAT IP addresses for all interfaces of the internal network and DMZs, etc. In your diagram, include your best and most reasonable approach to implementing a Network Monitoring System (NSM). For the NSM devices, such as HIDSs and NIDSs, document the type of connection (TAP, SPAN, or in-line), software of your choice, agents/manager, etc. The objective is to create a manageable and secure, but functional network design. Label all icons, IP addresses, and include short descriptions to identify the role of each icon.

External connections:

Public Internet, the ISP provided you with IP address of as the external interface

Business-to-business (B-2-B) connection, the ISP provided you with an external IP address of


Wireless Access Point

Two end user computers in the sales department

Two end user computers in the finance department

Manager computer


Publicly-facing Web Server with E-mail services

Internally-facing File Server

Extranet Web server for B-2-B file sharing

Include your class title, name, date, and a title your on diagram.

At the bottom of the diagram, provide a short statement describing your justification for how you designed your NSM.



Into to database , build a database table Writing Assignment Help

After reviewing about JSON and XML from the provided URL or from Oracle (, then search for JSON and XML), as a typical Model, build a Database (DB) Table including Attributes (Fields) and one or two sample record (sample values for the given attributes). As you know in Table, the records are your Table’s Rows and Attributes are the Columns. In this Model the Attributes (columns) should be for a typical Bank Checking Account like First Name, Last Name, Middle Initial (MI), Account #, Bank Routing Number, Banking Action performed (like Deposit, Withdraw, Checking Balance, and etc.), Home Address, Phone Number, Account Balance and many other field. Just simulate a Bank Checking Account and include Attributes (Columns – Fields ) that you need for that.



PHIL 389: Philosophy of Foucault Humanities Assignment Help

How is Foucault’s questioning of the repressive hypothesis in The History of Sexuality, Volume One: An Introduction an example of what he argued for in “What Is Enlightenment?” published in 1984? How does he take an attitude of critique toward what we commonly think about sexuality and repression? To write this essay, compare and contrast Foucault’s argument with Kant’s troubling of this question two hundred years earlier with the publication of “What Is Enlightenment?” Remember, there are important similarities between these two essays, with the same title, as well as differences. How does Foucault’s understanding of power, and the role of authorities in confessional discourse, build on but augment and change dimensions of the earlier perspective on enlightenment?


Introduction of History of Sexuality by Foucault

What Is Enlightenment by Kant

What Is Enlightenment by Foucault

PHIL 389: Philosophy of Foucault Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

please answer these questions Business Finance Assignment Help

1- Should the parent company of a foreign subsidiary be financialy liable for torts committed by the foreign subsidiary? Please discuss this relying upon the concepts you have learned in the text.

2- You have been negotiating with a representative of a government in South America to sell them products for a new state building in the country’s capital. The negotiations are final and there is a fixed price and delivery date set. The representative of the government suggest to you that you prepare an invoice at twice the price negotiated. The government will pay the full price through a foreign bank and your firm will pay the representative the difference as a commission paid in US dollars into the representatives personal bank account in New York. He aruges that this is cutomary business practice in his country. Should you make this payment? Does it matter that this payment is customary in his country? Is ther any real victim in this case. Please discuss these.

3- Why must corporations be concerned about human rights issues when doing business internationally?

4- Explain the concepts of jurisdiction and minimum contacts. What application do they have in international disputes?

5- Jurisdiction is often confused with concept of venue. Please describe each concept and distinguish on from the other.


For Each pictures that I will send example total of 18 example Writing Assignment Help

A number of the artworks we studied in this chapter seem to fall outside strict definitions of art. In the United States, we generally do not consider tattooing as art, nor body painting, or hair styling. Yet probably we have all seen examples of piercing, tattooing, hair cutting and styles of dressing that seem like artistic expressions. In some cases, the boundary between art and fashion is hard to determine. For this topic, you will have to take photos of people! Their “outfits”, hair, nails, tattoos, earrings, etc- IF it’s dynamic enough to be considered of aesthetic interest- you’ll know because it will catch your eye or seem out of he ordinary.

ART EXPERIENCE: photograph of a large selection of “body art” (NOT to be confused with just tattooing) in your daily life. Not from the internet. You must take photographs of the actual humans. The people can be your family, friends, or willing strangers.

After you have collected at least 18 examples, make a visual diary (tile images) of all you have found. You may include up to 3 “tiled” pictures.

Include this visual diary as a series of a few Instagram layout “tiled pictures”. Please describe the aesthetic decisions that you are identifying (the ways I’m which individuals choose to make “personal” art.

Each “tiled image” should have a several photos, that are all describing the same personal art form.

The “tiled image should be similar in layout to the last several discussion topic


Team Assignment : Leadership Skill Building Exercise 11-4 Business Finance Assignment Help

The title:The Importance of Creativity in Business

Work as a team to create a multimedia presentation as described in the assignment. The assignment is on the bottom of the last page of the chapter. Use an online tool such as (Links to an external site.) for this assignment.

Note: is only a suggestion because it is a really cool online tool for this topic. You can use the 14 day free trial – you do NOT have to buy anything for this assignment.

you need to create a multimedia presentation.


Write about your daily life on your typical weekday/weekend and some future actions. (Japanese) Foreign Languages Assignment Help

This writing assignment should demonstrate your understanding of what Lesson 3 covered as well as what the class has covered so far. Use words that we covered in class. (250 to 350 characters. No more than one page.)

Use a vertical げんこうようしand include the following:

  • Title まいにちのせいかつ
  • Location, ‘time’ information, AND/OR ‘frequency adverb’ for each sentence.
  • All the verbs in L3 vocabulary page (use ‘come’ in “I come to school—.”)
  • All the frequency adverbs in L3 vocabulary page
  • At least three locations for your action or event.
  • Use at least 4 kanji from L3. Use 私, too.
  • Use the following words: Homework, home, school, breakfast, lunch, library, everyday, at about, weekend, Saturday and Sunday
  • At least two words from the following: あさ、あした、きょう、こんばん、まいばん
  • でも、そして、and それから. でも is however, and you should use it at the beginning of a sentence. For example, 私はにほんじんです。でもすしをたべません。Both それから and そして are ‘and’ and ‘and then.’ Using those devises make your text more cohesive and have a better flow. Please study how I used それから and そして and as well as 私は in the sample.
  • Vertical Genkoyoshi Format For rule #2, since your name is not Japanese name, please write your first name first! Also, ignore the format rule #8.


Analyze how the Renaissance (1350-1648) solidifies the foundation for modern Europe. Writing Assignment Help

Analyze how the Renaissance (1350-1648) solidifies the foundation for modern Europe. Writing Assignment Help

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