Annotated Bibliographies Humanities Assignment Help

Annotated Bibliographies Humanities Assignment Help. Annotated Bibliographies Humanities Assignment Help.

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I recently submitted another assignment that it is an argumentative thesis paper that is linked to this assignment so please make sure you use information accordingly. Additionally, yesterday, you completed an annotated bibliography (attached) that needs to be used on the argumentative thesis paper but I am copying it herein since the new ones requested in this assignment 7 of them in one document need to be like the attached.

I also attached instructions on how to do annotated bibliographies. FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT, I NEED 7 ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHIES FOR THE THESIS STATEMENT OF “Video games that promote violence are linked with teens’ angry feelings, aggressive thoughts and behavior.”

Please let me know if you have any questions about this assignment and how it is connected to the assignment I just submitted called, “Argumentative Thesis Paper”.

Annotated Bibliographies Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Evidence Based Program Review Health Medical Assignment Help

  • The purpose of this assignment is for you to become familiar with existing healthy eating/weight management
    programs that have proven to result in positive behavioral changes. You may use these programs as is, or as a
    starting point to develop a healthy eating program in your health ed career (Ch. 4&5; CHES Responsibility II).
  • Go to one of the Evidence-Based Program web sites listed in Appendix 5 and choose one program to review.
    *Note: Programs must be able to be implemented by a health educator, NOT only by an RD or physician. Type a
    1 page (550 word minimum) paper that includes the following info in 3 paragraphs: 1) the web site name and
    URL; the program name and developer’s name; a description of the target audience the program is intended for,
    the program objectives and a summary of the program content; 2) the results of the program evaluation (e.g.,
    why it was determined to be an ‘evidence-based program;’ what behavior(s) it changed); 3) your critique of the
    program (e.g., what did you like/not like about the program; how and when would you use it; etc.); and the
    value of this activity to you as a student. *Note: A web site with content information or general guidelines for
    effective healthy eating programs is NOT an evidence-based program and will not count for credit.


pathogenesis of disease -quick help in 24 hours. Health Medical Assignment Help

critical analysis of evidence based practice study

  • In this assignment you will be given an evidence-based case study and you are required to carry out a critical analysis of how the author of the case study has performed the EBP investigation.
  • The case study will become available on the module homepage during the semester
  • Identify good points and weak areas of how the investigation has been conducted and suggest modifications where appropriate
  • In particular comment on
    • The construction of the question
    • Search strategies employed
    • Critical appraisal of the evidence- has the author of the case study identified all significant strengths and weaknesses in the selected papers?
    • Appropriateness of the conclusions
    • Potential impact on clinical practice


2 Papers on Reverse Logistics Business Finance Assignment Help


3-5 page paper on the principles regarding product lifecycle, warehousing, and inventory management as applied to reverse logistics.

The project must be a minimum of 3-5 pages excluding the Title Page, Reference Page, and Table of Contents.

Submission Instructions:

•Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
•APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting.
•Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

2. Paper

Devise and design a reverse logistics program for a retail organization. You may choose any industry but you must include the following:

Overview of the organization (purpose, mission, vision, product, service, etc.)

Current forward supply chain/operational plan (is it effective, needs work, how do they fit into the supply chain)

How will they benefit from a reverse logistics program (what activities will be included and for what purpose).

What will the program include? Why?

What is the cost and benefit to the company?

How will you implement a reverse logistics program? What steps are needed?

The project must be a minimum of 8 pages excluding the Title Page, Reference Page, and Table of Contents.


Can you please respond to this post below – you need to provide your own credible sources as a response. Business Finance Assignment Help

Discuss how your SSM company strategy guides your company in Resource Allocation.

Resources allocation is essential to guide a company on the right path. According to Hendriks, Voeten, and Kroep (1999) resources allocation is vital for new projects as it provides fast changing results (p. 181). Carpenter and Sanders (2008) shared an excellent strategy helps managers make decisions as to how to allocate resources (p.255). Team Bravo initially decided to focus its resources on marketing, production, and vehicle enhancement. After the weeks (years) passed in StratSim, as a team, we noticed that we initially were allocating our resources a bit off. During the initial weeks, our primary focus should have been focused more on capacity, new vehicle production, and possibly opening new dealerships. By concentrating and allocating our resources in areas that could have waited a few weeks, we misguided the strategy and thus disrupted the resource allocation. Thankfully, a few weeks ago, we decided to revisit our strategy and were able to change our resource allocation and shift the focus. When doing this, even though it was minimal, we started to see a slight increase in our firm- Team Bravo.

Discuss the need for your Communicating with Key Stakeholders.

It is essential to understand that any firm must always communicate essential information with key stakeholders. The company where I currently work is run by stakeholders and more often than not, we share vital information with all stakeholders to ensure there is clear communication with each and every one of them. As discussed by Carpenter and Sanders (2008), there are four ways to persuasively communicate strategies which are upward, downward, across, and outward (p.257). The upward communication tactic is designed so that “someone or some group has championed the strategy internally and has succeeded in the convincing top management of its merits and feasibility” (Carpenter & Sanders, 2008, p.257). According to Carpenter and Sanders (2008), the downward tactic is designed to recruit the support of those that will be necessary to implement the strategy (p.257). Carpenter and Sanders (2008) also outlined the importance of across and outward communication as it involved the cooperation of people within in the firm (across) as well as people outside the firm (outward) (p.257). Carpenter and Sanders (2008) also shared the three “C’s” of strategy communication that is essential to ensure the correct people are in place to handle the strategy (p.258). The three C’s are contacts, cultural understanding, and credibility.

To communicate effectively, it is important to understand who, what, where, when, and why you are communicating what you need to communicate. Again, when we communicate with stakeholders from work, we very thoughtfully ensure that we use the appropriate language on emails, that the information is understandable and we try to ensure always to simplify information to ensure it is understood by all. For communication to be the most effective, both sides must be prepared for it. Peyrefitte (2012) shared “Effective communication and conversations create shared meanings and “enable people in a human interaction to be open, creative, and constructive” (p.31). This will be the case when relaying information to other stakeholders in either of the tactics shared.


Carpenter, M. A., & Sanders, W. M. (2008). Strategic management: A dynamic perspective—Integrated StratSim simulation experience. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.

Crane, A., & Livesey, S. (2003). Are you talking to me? Stakeholder communication and the risks and rewards of dialogue.

Hendriks, M. H. A., Voeten, B., & Kroep, L. (1999). Human resource allocation in a multi-project R&D environment: resource capacity allocation and project portfolio planning in practice. International Journal of Project Management, 17(3), 181-188.

Peyrefitte, J. (2012). The relationship between stakeholder communication in mission statements and shareholder value. Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics, 9(3), 28.



4 page essay (MLA Format) Writing Assignment Help

I need a 4 page essay (MLA Format) for my literature class. The prompt for the paper is as follows.

The paper is about empathy and how it plays with our fascination with the anti-hero tradition, with the “anti-hero” being defined as a person (usually very powerful) who acts badly but whom we root for in the end due to various narrative strategies. Pick THREE antiheroes (FROM EITHER MARVEL COMICS OR DC COMICS OR BOTH) and develop an argument for why they can be seen as evil etc., but due to certain narrative plot strategies become someone we empathize with.

Paper tips have been attached as well.

Please ensure the paper is MLA format.

4 page essay (MLA Format) Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Business Finance Assignment Help

The purpose of this assignment is for students to receive Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Executing DMAIC Six Sigma quality improvement (analyze, improve, and control) projects.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Microsoft® PowerPoint®

Use the same business your team chose and has been observing and collecting data for the Week 3 Learning Team Assignment.

Execute the analyze phase of the Six Sigma DMAIC project including the following:

  • Determine the most likely causes of defects.
  • Understand why defects are generated by identifying the key variables most likely to create process variation.
  • Identify necessary/unnecessary process steps.

Execute the improve phase of the Six Sigma DMAIC project including the following:

  • Identify means to remove the causes of defects.
  • Confirm the key variables and quantify their effects on the critical-to-quality characteristics (CTQs).
  • Identify the maximum acceptance ranges of the key variables and a system for measuring deviations of the variables.
  • Modify the process to stay within an acceptable range.

Execute the control phase of the Six Sigma DMAIC project including the following:

  • Determine how to maintain the improvements.
  • Determine how to monitor and control improvements.
  • Put tools in place to ensure that the key variables remain within the maximum acceptance ranges under the modified process.

Utilize all analytical tools available for Six Sigma as permitted or appropriate including, but not limited to: flowcharts, run charts, Pareto charts, checksheets, cause-and-effect diagrams, opportunity flow diagram, process control charts, failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA), design of experiments (DOE) and lean tools. Students can use templates located in the text or online sources.

Develop a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including talking points, highlighting your work on the three phases of the Six Sigma process improvement project.

Format your assignment as if you would be giving a presentation to senior management.

Compile the slides from the Week 3 Learning Team Assignment, “Improve and Control Phases,” with your Week 5 slides into a final PowerPoint® presentation to be submitted for final credit.

I only need to do the underline parts for the team project…


International Monetary Economics Economics Assignment Help

Assessment name: Executive summary Report

Length: 800-100 words and diagrams if necessary

CLOs 1 to 5

  1. Analyse the concept of a nation’s balance of payments to examine the economic importance of changes in a nation’s net foreign wealth position.
  2. Synthesize and evaluate theories of exchange rate determination.
  3. Assess the policy options available in an open macroeconomic environment.
  4. Evaluate the extent to which macroeconomic policy effectiveness is affected by macroeconomic openness.
  5. Assess the implications of a government’s choice between a fixed and a floating exchange rate regime

You will apply research and critical thinking skills to inform strategic approaches, solutions and options

Graduate Outcomes supported:

This assessment supports the following graduate outcomes.

1) Work ready

2) Global in outlook

3) Innovative

4) Life-long learner

Assessment Details:

Tasks- Part 1 – Executive Summary Report

“ANZ Research provides a wealth of economic, financial markets and commodity research.Regional economics teams provide macroeconomic analysis for our key geographies (Australia, New Zealand, Emerging Asia, Greater China and the G3 economies), while our strategists cover FX, Rates and Commodity markets.Together, our economists and strategists provide ANZ clients and staff with detailed economic analysis, forecasts, presentations and outlooks for our key regions, as well as timely, in-depth analysis and forecasts on financial markets.”

Imagine you are working for ANZ research and you have been asked to provide some current research on a particular market of your choice within their key geographies.

The overall task is to produce an assessment of likely changes in key economic variables for that market

Task 1 –

  • form groups and update details on Canvas
  • assign a group leader and group roles
  • set up a collaboration document on google docs canvas and add your group members–
  • Choose the ANZ market you would like to research
  • Provide a brief country specific market history. Have there being any significant social, cultural or political events in the last year that might influence international transactions / engagement with trading partners or buying or selling of assets across borders.

Task 2

  • Begin to identify data sources and collate information on the following variables such as:-
  • Consumer price index
  • Interest rates
  • Real GDP
  • Consumer sentiment indices if available (Consumer expectation)
  • Balance of payments (current account balance)
  • Budget balance (Government debt)
  • Net Debt
  • Net government borrowing

Task 3

Applying the data collated in the previous week assess:-

  • Is the country a net borrower or a net saver?
  • What does this imply about trading consumption across time
  • What can you determine from (real) interest rates on the return on domestic investment relative to foreign investment

Task 4

  • The big mac index – is the markets currency considered under or over-valued according to PPP
  • Consider the exchange rate and what is driving recent trends
  • Trade in assets?
  • Trade in goods and services?
  • Role of the central bank?

Task 5

  • Is the trade balance sensitive to changes in foreign prices for imports and exports
  • Estimate which quadrant of the SWAN diagram your country of choice may be operating in?
  • What might that predict about the role for policymakers

Task 6

Assess possible events that might affect these markets. Use the IS LM BP model to frame your analysis:-What if:

  • There was either expansionary fiscal or monetary policy
  • What if relative interest rate rise (fall)
  • What if social and political concerns impact trade

Task 7

  • How open is the economy
  • How exposed is the market to external shocks
  • How exposed is the economy to internal shocks
  • Specify the exchange rate regime and analyse the risks inherent in that exchange rate regime

Task 8

Draft and submit the executive summary

  • The purpose of the report
  • The methods used to conduct the research – eg literature reviewed – data accessed etc / course theory drawn on etc.
  • The results of the research
  • The conclusions drawn from the research
  • Recommendations for future actions.


Management Discussions Business Finance Assignment Help

3 Discussion posts: Initial Discussion should be 150 words 2 additional posts should be 50 words

Scenario: Imagine that you are a co-owner and/or executive-level manager of a medium-sized business. A group of business leaders from another country has expressed an interest in purchasing a franchise of your company and has invited you and your colleagues to their country to discuss this potential with them. You are interested and very excited about this opportunity for your business to enter the competitive international marketplace. A meeting has been arranged between you, one of your colleagues, and three representatives from the business group to discuss the details of the proposed franchise. You have agreed to travel to the business group’s country for the meeting. You realize that this is a very important meeting because it involves networking with key individuals who will heavily influence the outcome of this attempt to expand your business. You also realize that the values and norms in the other country could possibly be very different from your own.

For the purposes of this Discussion, choose a country other than your own and conduct an online search to learn about the cultural norms, business and meeting practices, and values in the country that you select. (Cite your outside sources.)

Prior to the meeting, what are some things that you need to know about the other country and the business group so that you can establish and maintain a good rapport and make the best of this opportunity to expand your business into the international marketplace? Include information about greeting rituals and nonverbal behavior as they apply to the protocol for your meeting with the group.


Supporting the Sugar Sweetened Beverages Tax Act Health Medical Assignment Help

3-4 pages plus resources in APA format answering the following questions using local/state health departments as the selected legislator’s constituency. (Portion of the constituency = local/state health departments) **Once paper is completed, also need a 1 page fact sheet. 1 page of information about why this portion of the constituency would benefit from the legislator’s support of your issue (Key points from responses to above questions). Information presented in a visually-appealing, low-text, persuasive manner. Be sure to list APA sources at the bottom of the fact sheet**

  • What are the characteristics of your assigned portion of the constituency (e.g. demographics, percentage of population, typical employment, etc)?
  • What are some of the specific ways that the legislator’s support of your issue will benefit this portion of the constituency?
  • What are the most convincing pieces of information about this topic that would influence this legislator and this portion of the constituency, and why would they be convincing?


Annotated Bibliographies Humanities Assignment Help

Annotated Bibliographies Humanities Assignment Help